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Her Hotel for the Wrestler Pt. 03

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It is a freezing November on Saturday afternoon inside the college gym. Snow has fallen for the last 7 days. The wrestling meet is still scheduled after the out-of-town college team arrived on campus.

Sampson (20 yrs.) stands at 6 feet and weighs 230 lbs. He competes in the heavy-weight division who is a champion college wrestler. He has big muscles from head to toe, including his 6-pack abs.

He wears his college sweats and walks over to Sofia (21 yrs.) who is a writer for the college internet-blog. She (38-24-34) sits on the ground floor wearing a college sweater and a black skirt. Her long red hair is bundled up under a stocking cap.

Sampson walks to her chair and kneels down on both of his knees.

Sofia says, “You got my message.”

Sampson replies, “Yeah I did. I can be interviewed after my wrestling match.”

She smiles, “Okay, I’ll be… Oops.!”

She deliberately drops the pen she was holding. He quickly reaches down to grab it. When he comes back up. She had opened her legs to show him her dark-red pussy. His eyes stop for a second looking at her thick bush. The pen drops from his fingers and he quickly catch’s it.

She quickly closes her legs.

Sofia smiles, “Thanks Sampson. I’ll message you about our interview. Okay?”

He answers, “S-Sure.”

Sampson stands up and jogs away. He tries to shake off what he just saw because he has to compete. He stumbles over his feet.

He whispers, “Goddamn. She’s thick.”

Later… Sampson walks onto the wrestling pendik escort mat fixing his head gear. He keeps shaking his head and doesn’t want to look at Sofia.

He mutters, “Don’t fucking look at her. Concentrate on winning.”

The wrestling meet is over and Sampson jogs out of the locker room. He drops his sport bag to the floor who wears jeans and a heavy college jacket.

His hand pulls out his iPhone and looks at his text messages.

One text says, “University Hotel. Room 110. Sofia”

Later that night inside the hotel room. It stopped snowing outside. The long curtains are closed at 90% as fog runs up the window. The heater below runs on high. All of the lights are turned off except for the TV screen which plays ESPN News. The volume is down to a whisper.

The TV light reaches the naked bodies of Sampson and Sofia who are on the king size bed. Both are in the missionary position. She is laying on her back with her legs spread open. Her head pushes against a pillow. He is leaning on both knees in between those legs. His hands are placed on each side of her massive tits.

Both of them are looking into each other’s eyes. Her right hand grips his muscular right shoulder. Her left hand pushes his black hair from the face.

His 6 and 3/4-inch cock is buried inside of her thick-red pussy. His hips have been moving from side to side after each thrust. He’s powerful too because of his solid 230 lbs.

She looks up at him, “Hunnh… Sampson… You’re… So-Strong… S-Strong.!” maltepe escort

He looks down at her, “Thanks baby.”

Her huge tits jiggle with those larger than normal areoles.

She says, “Hu-Hunnnh… Hunnh… Y-You… Saw-My-Pussy… M-My-Pussy.!!”

He replies, “Yeah-baby… I-Did-Baby… Ohh-Yeahhh.!!”

Thrust.. Thrust. Thrust.. Thrust.

Her left hand moves down to push against his muscular chest. He then looks at his shaft pushing in and pulling out.

She says, “Unnnhh… Uhh-Hunnhh… Gawd… Sampson… Hunnhh… G-awwdd.!!”

He keeps watching his stiff shaft.

He replies, “I-Saw-It… Saw-Your-Pussy… It… Was-Damn-Fast… Thick-Pussy.!!”

Thrust.. Thrust.. Thrust.. Thrust..

She replies, “Uunnh.. Uunnh.. You-Like… That..? Do-You-Sampson.?!!”

His hips continue to move from side to side.

Thrust.. Thrust.. Thrust.

Sampson stops and explodes, “Uhh-Yeahhhhhhhhhh.! Y-Yeahhhhhhhh.! My-Gah-Yeahhhhhh.!!”

He keeps his cock inside of her as she reaches up and kisses him.

25 minutes later. The heater still plays on high as the fog spreads over the window. The curtains are opened at 80%. The TV still plays EPSN News. The lights are turned on this time and they shine over the naked bodies of Sampson and Sofia.

She is laying on her back with a large pillow positioned under her buttocks. Both of her legs are lifted into the air. He’s pushing those legs over her body as they rest on each side of his head. Both kartal escort of his hands are placed on the bed. Her butt-cheeks are lifted into the air by that pillow.

Sampson looks down in-between her legs at his cock which is buried inside of her red pussy. He’s been thrusting short, slow, deep and easy. The sensations shoot through her body as his solid body dominates.

He asks, “You okay baby?”

She answers, “Yess… Your cock feels… Soo-Good.”

Thrust. Thrust. Thrust. Thrust.

He closes his eyes in ecstasy, “Damn.. You’re-so hot.. Damn-Hot-Pussy.”

With each thrust. His cock pushes her buttocks up and down on the pillow.

She replies, “Ohhh-Gawd.. Sampson.. Hit-It.. Right-There.. There.!”

His shaft pushes into her thick-red pussy.

Thrust. Thrust. Thrust. Thrust.

He grunts, “Gawd.. Damn.. My-Fucking.. Gawd.”

She says, “Sampson.. Sampson.. You-feel.. So-Good.. So-Damn-Good.!”

His eyes are still closed as he feels her hotness.

Thrust. Thrust. Thrust. Thrust.

Sampson’s body stops and he explodes, “Uhh-Yeahhhhhhhh.! Uuuhh-Yeahhhhhhhh.! Gawd-Yeahhhhhhhh.!”

His body twitches as he keeps his eyes closed and mouth still dropped open.

He grunts, “G-Gawd.. That.. Was.. Incredible.”

It is the next morning. Samson wakes up under the bed covers. He lift’s up his head and looks around the room. Sofia is gone. The TV is turned off and the curtains are closed. He leans over and reaches down to the floor for his clothes. They aren’t there and he throws off the bed covers. His naked body climbs off the bed and searches for the clothes. They are gone and so is his sport bag.

Sampson sits down on the bed and smiles.

He chuckles, “At least it was one great lay.”

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