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Her Parents Were Not Home

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Really, it was not a bad deal, dating a “nice girl” while living at home and going to the local college. I had figured it for a real “burger and a movie” evening, and I do mean only a burger and a movie, no sex. But the projector in the theater broke down and the manager gave everyone their money back and in our boring town there wasn’t much else for the eighteen to twenty one couples in the middle of the week.

Dianne took it in stride. Most of our dates included some time with either her parents or mine. But as pleasant as her company was, sitting on the front porch swing together while giggling little sisters made sure our clothes stayed on didn’t qualify as a wonderful time in my book. My hopes improved as we came into sight of her house. Her folks were not home!

Dianne pulled out her keys and we went in, alone together in either of our families’ houses for the first time. Her mom had left a note on the table with Di’s name at the top. Di scooped it up and started reading.

“‘Dianne: Mr. Armand called us over to his place. His freezer broke down and all that venison he had from deer season thawed out so he’s barbequing it. If you two get home before eleven come on to his place and join us. Signed Mom, 8 P.M.'”

I looked at my watch: 8:20 P.M. Plenty of time to get to the barbeque later. Di was obviously thinking similar thoughts.

“Well,” said Di, “we have plenty of time and the whole house to ourselves…” as she put a hand on each side of my neck and directed me toward her lips in a wet kiss. She pulled back and added “I don’t think this outfit is right for a barbeque. Want to help me escort ataşehir find something more appropriate?”

“Yeah” I whimpered as she broke the hug and started slowly toward her room. I was half a step behind her going through the door. I made up that half step before she got to open her closet door. I wrapped my arms around her waist and touched my lips to her neck. She responded with her right arm around my neck reaching backward, turning to step into a passionate full frontal French kiss as my hands moved upward pulling her blouse out of the waist band of her skirt. I could feel the contours of the bra under it and I started working my hands under the cloth, feeling for the clasp on her back. I wondered if this bra had two hooks or three, since I couldn’t see past her head. Suddenly, however many hooks there were, they were all open and I felt the elastic contract. I pulled my mouth off her tongue and said “May I, uh..”

She took her hands off me and quickly unbuttoned the blouse, showing me her beige bra loosely covering her 36 C’s. “Put your hands on them” she said, taking my wrists and directing me. I slid my hands to her chest and felt her breasts. The bra rolled up over my knuckles and I saw her nipples for the first time. I lowered my head and licked the left nipple, then took it in my mouth and sucked gently as she ran both hands through the hair on the back of my head.

I wrapped my left arm around her back as I dropped my right hand to the hem of her skirt and started working it up her thighs over her pantyhose. I never did like pantyhose, they make flesh feel, well, not kadıköy escort like flesh, but I figured they wouldn’t be in the way too long and I leaned her down onto the bed. I pulled back to admire my work thus far.

I can only begin to describe the wonderful sight that lay before me with her knees bent over the edge of the bed, her blouse unbuttoned and her beige bra loose above her breasts. Her skirt was around her waist revealing panty hose over bright yellow cotton bikini panties trimmed in pink. I smiled to see the word “Tuesday” embroidered on them, so childish and innocent looking. Oh well, I thought, they won’t be there much longer and I slipped my fingers into the waistband of the pantyhose.

She arched her butt up off the bed as I pulled nylon and cotton down to her ankles, just over the tops of her shoe straps and spread her knees as wide as I could with her feet so restrained. For the first time I saw her pussy, pink and wet under a thick fluffy bush of black hair and the scent made me more eager than ever. Gently I spread the outer lips wide with my thumbs and lowered my mouth onto the clitoris, bulging from the folds of her inner labia. She inhaled deeply and held the breath in as I began to suck on that little head with my lips, flicking it with my tongue as I moved my hands over her skirt to her exposed belly and on to her breasts. I squeezed one in each hand and continued my assault on her most sensitive spot, hearing her breath escape followed by the next breath, inhaled loudly as she pushed her crotch against my face.

I don’t know if it was just seconds or minutes that maltepe escort bayan I spent sucking her, but after one particularly deep breath she managed to gasp “Tha’s enough!” and pushed my forehead with both hands. I leaned away and rested my cheek on her thigh in a position where I could look up into her face. Her brown eyes smiled. “The room is spinning …” she moaned.

I stood up and started to unbuckle my belt, but she moaned “Wait” and pulled her knees up together, her feet still tied by her panties and pantyhose around her ankles. I figured she would take off her shoes and underwear to give me a better spread, but she rolled only enough to grab my hand.

“I can’t let you go all the way tonight” she said clearly. “I can’t take the chance on loosing you.”

I wonder what my face must have looked like to her. “Huh?” I managed.

“Everyone I know who went all the way either broke up or got knocked up” she said, rolling into a seated position and beginning to undo the shoe strap of her right shoe. She was no longer looking at me when she said “I don’t like either of those options. And if I don’t let you put it in me I’m sure you’ll come back for more. But don’t worry.” The right shoe was off and she was working the left strap loose now, knees up to her chin. She slid the left shoe off and cocked her head to look up at my face. “You’ll be satisfied when I’m through with you.” The panties and pantyhose were over her toes and dropping onto the floor. She reached for my belt and slid down to her knees in front of me.

As she opened my pants to free my penis I realized she was right. If I didn’t get everything I wanted it was for damn sure I would be back. As her lips closed around the head of my dick I knew she had me hooked. She held my ass with one hand and fondled my balls with the other and I could feel her smile around my dick. Oh yeah, I’d be back alright.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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