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Here Cums the Bride Pt. 03

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As Christi left the garage, I had to sit down and wonder what could possibly make this day any better. I had just had a great blowjob and then awesome sex that turned into anal, and now Christi tells me the bride will be back to finish payment.

Just then there was a tentative knock on the side door to the garage, and Ashley asks if she can come in. I tell her to come on, and turn to look at the doorway. Ashley has changed out of her bridal gown into a shorter white dress that hugged her baby bump and generous tits. But she was pulling one of the bridesmaids along with her. Ashley introduced her as JP, and said she overheard Ashley talking to her mom, and wanted in on the action.

JP was maybe 5′ 1”, about 115 lbs and stacked like a Victoria’s Secret model. Her gown had a low plunging neckline that her tits were trying to break free from. She had a smile on her face as she pushed Ashley through the door and entered behind her. As the door lock clicked, I moved to take both girls into my arms and led them over to the couch. I glanced in the corner to make sure the camera was still running, as I wanted a keepsake of this crazy wedding gig.

Ashley pulled JP’s zipper down and helped her step out of her bridesmaid gown so she istanbul escort could place it on the back of the couch. JP then undid Ashley’s zipper, and as her dress fell to her ankles I was pleased to see both girls had on garter belts and stockings but nothing else. I reached up and took a breast in each hand, rubbing nipples between thumb and forefinger and hearing both girls moan. Ashley grabbed the back of my head and lowered my mouth to JP’s breast as I kept pulling on both girl’s nipples. JP shuddered as I suckled harder.

JP then leaned over and started sucking on Ashley’s free breast, and Ashley’s knee went so weak she sat down on the couch. JP eased down with her and parted Ashley’s knees as she rubbed up and down her stocking clad legs. JP then leaned forward and kissed Ashley’s right thigh up to and past the end of her stocking. She then started on the left knee and licked all the way up to Ashley’s fine blonde-haired cunt. As JP doubled her tongue over to go deep inside, I laid down and crawled under her and started licking her bald pussy. I plunged two fingers into JP’s cunt, had my thumb on her clit and my other hand caressing her ass. Both girls were moaning avcılar escort faster.

As JP started to finger Ashley’s ass, I inserted my forefinger into her ass. Ashley was leaking juice at an increased rate, and JP was close to her own orgasm. The girls peaked together and their screams filled the air. I was concerned someone would hear them and come investigate. but Ashley assured me the rest of the wedding party were drinking and wouldn’t know what was going on.

As the girls started coming down off their orgasmic highs. I helped them sit upright on the couch. They grabbed my belt and undid my zipper, pulling my pants down and off my body. Ashley licked the head of my cock and JP started licking my ball sac. Then Ashley moved down one side and JP licked up the other side, meeting in the middle. Ashley told JP to kiss her around my cock, and as the girls extended their tongues to kiss one another the feeling was incredible. I knew I would not last long, so I had JP suck my cock as Ashley sucked my balls. Five minutes later I came down JP’s throat and Ashley licked the cum leaking out the side of JP’s mouth.

As I stood there recovering, I had the girls kneel on the couch with their faces on the back şirinevler escort cushion. I had my fingers up both their pussies, finger fucking them as I inserted my thumbs up their asses. Neither girl resisted, so I place my now hardening cock into JP’s pussy as I kept fingering Ashley. Ten deep strokes and I switched girls, bouncing back and forth driving all of us closer to the edge. JP was begging me to fuck her ass, so I obliged her. Ashley said she always wanted to be fucked in the ass, but never had the nerve to try it. I assured her she would get hers before the night was through. I pounded JP until she screamed into her third orgasm, then pulled out and wiped my cock clean on a damp washcloth lying nearby.

I pushed Ashley down, telling her it was time to become my three hole slut. She begged me to go slow, and I assured her I would not hurt her in any way. At this, JP laid down under Ashley and suckled on her tits again, drawing Ashley’s attention away from my cock as it laid on her ass crack. I gently pushed just the head in and allowed her to get used to it. Ashley moaned and pushed back against me, begging to go deeper. After a few minutes I was balls deep in her ass and she was begging for it faster and harder. As I felt my climax approaching, Ashley came on my cock as JP came from sucking her best friend’s tits. We all collapsed on the couch in a sweaty heap.

As we washed up in the back room and got dressed, I was thinking I might need to redo my payment plans for future wedding gigs. This could be a new barter system.

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