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High Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 33

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My cell ringer woke me and as I grabble for it I knocked it off the night stand; by the time I retrieved it from the floor the call had gone to voice mail. I could see from the caller ID that Ginger was calling me. A minute later I got notification that I had a voice mail. Her message was. “Allen its Ginger give me a call when you get the message.”

When I disconnected from my voice mail box I realized it was one thirty in the afternoon. I’d slept all morning which isn’t normal for me even if I was up late. I giggled thinking. Staci must have really worn me out last night. I pulled on the boxer shorts that I’d removed before getting in bed and headed to the bathroom; took care of business, splashed some cold water on my face and headed for the kitchen. Normally I brew a pot of coffee when I first get up but since it was already afternoon I opted for a bottle of cold spring water.

Ginger’s cell phone rang twice before she answered. “Hiya Allen.” She greeted me.

“Sorry I missed your call.” I apologized without offering that I was still in bed.

I hadn’t seen Ginger since Kay and I visited her two weeks ago and I expected her to question me about why I haven’t called her.

“I met with Kay last night.” Ginger said.

“Yes I know she told me you two were getting together to talk about her shop.” I answered.

I wondered if during their time together the episode with Marshall was discussed, but I figured if Ginger knew about him she’d say something to me.

“We have somewhat of a problem Allen.” Ginger started.

When a woman says something like that I always expect the worst so I played dumb and replied. “We do?”

Ginger continued. “I looked over her books last night; and judging from her expenses and gross sales her business will be bankrupt within six months.”

“That is a problem; what can we do?” I asked.

“As I see it she needs to upgrade her inventory and her cliental. Selling used furniture used to be quite lucrative but today with the internet you have to offer customers something chic and affordable.” Ginger explained.

I waited to see if she was going to add something else but her pause told me she wanted my input. “I couldn’t agree more; that’s why I took her up north to buy some antiques. I think an advertising campaign might also help out.” I suggested.

“The problem is she doesn’t have the capital to buy more inventory and do an ad campaign too.” Ginger remarked. This time she didn’t wait for me to speak. “I offered to become a silent partner so I could give her an infusion of cash to keep the shop open while we transform it from a second hand furniture shop to a trendy home furnishings boutique.”

“What did she say?” I asked.

“She basically said that she was all for upgrading the shops offerings; but as far as taking on a silent partner she said she had gotten along on her own since she opened the shop after her husband passed and that somehow she’d find a way to handle the financial part herself.” She explained.

“She can be a little stubborn sometime.” I remarked.

Ginger acknowledged that statement with a defined. “Uh ha.”

“I was thinking maybe you could talk to her Allen.” Ginger suggested.

I knew that convincing Kay to accept financial help from Ginger would be a tall order but I was willing to give it a try. “I’d love to hun.” I replied.

“Great thanks; so what else has been happening with you?” She asked then added. “I was beginning to think you are avoiding me.”

“Not intentionally.” I quickly answered.

“I know I’ve been super busy at the office, but I could always make time for a visit from you.” She remarked.

I recall that she and I talked about fucking in her office and that’s something I’d love to have happen. “I wouldn’t want to just come strolling in and expect you to drop everything.” I said as a kind of excuse.

“You do have my cell number; all you need to do is give me a call. I can clear my schedule for an hour or two if I have a couple hours’ advance notice.” She suggested.

“Kay did tell me you’ve been very busy the last couple weeks.” I remarked.

She giggled then said. “Yeah if I wasn’t tied up with an evening disposition I’d have been the one joining Kay to fuck that monster black cock a couple nights ago.”

I laughed and said. “What we give up for our jobs.” I wondered if Kay had told Ginger about Fran and me joining her when Marshall came by.

“Mindy tells me that you haven’t stopped by Brewster’s lately either; have you lost interest in fucking her too.” She remarked with a rather sarcastic tone in her voice.

Her tone of voice kind of pissed me off so I replied. “What makes you think I want to fuck your daughter?”

She answered. “I’ve seen how you look at Mindy, and how she looked at you when we were in the hot tub. I know my daughter better than anyone and believe me she can’t wait to have your hard cock.”

Since Ginger was convinced that I’ve been avoiding her and clearly believes that I want to fuck her daughter I made pendik escort a suggestion. “Maybe you’d like me to come by later today and fuck you both.”

“Ain’t happening Allen; Mindy went to the beach this weekend with a couple girlfriends and I’m at the office reviewing discovery subpoenas.” Ginger explained.

“You’re at the office?” I asked.

Her sarcastic tone returned. “I think I just said that.”

“How long…” I started to say but was interrupted by her. “Long enough.” Ginger said.

I figured I might as well go for it and said. “Would you like some company?”

She giggled and replied. “What I’d really like is some hard cock.”

“I can be there in an hour.” I answered.

“Park on the side and use the employee entrance.” She said acknowledging she was totally alone in her office.

“Do you want me to bring anything?” I asked.

Ginger laughed again and replied. “Just what’s between your legs.”

“Okay I’m gonna take a quick shower and I’ll see you later.” I replied.

Ginger disconnected without saying another word.

I showered quickly and slipped on a pair of jeans; not bothering with under ware and a sport shirt that I didn’t tuck in my jeans.

Ginger’s flashy red Beamer was the lone car in the parking lot outside her firm’s office. It was parked beside the door marked employees only. I pulled in beside her car and jumped out of my sedan.

The door was unlocked and after going inside I thought about turning the dead bolt but figured we’d be in the privacy of her office and if anyone else came in we’d be safe.

I walked down the long hall surveying the name plates on each door, finally coming to an office with the door ajar. Ginger’s name was on that door. She must not have heard me enter because as I stepped into the doorway she was diligently studying the file open in front of her. I stood there silently watching as she read the file.

She wore a casual pullover sleeveless blouse but since she was seated at her desk I couldn’t tell what else she had on. Her hair appeared to have been brushed out without styling of any kind and I couldn’t detect any make-up as I watched her work.

She must have sensed that I was there because without making a sound Ginger looked up from her work and said. “Are you sneaking up on me?”

I smiled and replied. “Absolutely.”

She placed a pen on the page she was reading and flipped the file closed.

“Come in and close the door.” She said.

I stepped inside and slowly closed the solid wood door its latch clanging as it secured its self.

Ginger stood up and stepped from behind her desk. She had a pair of tight jeans on and to my complete surprise white tennis shoes.

As she approached she apologized. “Sorry about the casual attire.”

I smiled and answered. “Hey it’s Saturday and you had no idea you’d have company.”

She continued walking toward me stopping when she was within reaching distance. I placed my hands on her hips as she looked up into my eyes.

“I want to apologize for my sarcastic remarks when we talked earlier.” Ginger said.

I pulled her closer causing her to smile. “I deserve it; I should have given you a call to see how you’ve been.” I said letting her know her remarks were called for.

She smiled and offered me a light kiss on the lips which I accepted happily.

Ginger took my hand and said. “Come sit with me.”

She led us to the brown leather love seat along one side of her office. “I sometimes sleep here when it’s really busy.” She admitted.

“It doesn’t look very comfortable.” I remarked as we sat down beside one another.

“I always wake up with a stiff back.” Ginger replied.

I took her hand in mine and looked into her eyes. “We should talk about Mindy.” I suggested.

She pulled her hand from mine and turned to face me more directly. “Mindy is a big girl; if she wants to fuck someone there’s no way I’m going to be able to stop her. She’s had a thing for seducing men I’ve been with before.” Ginger offered.

“She is quite a flirt.” I admitted.

Ginger smiled and replied. “She learned that from me.”

I was about to suggest that I back off a little with her daughter when Ginger kicked off her tennis shoes and moved toward me straddling my legs and sitting on my lap facing me.

“Forget about her for now.” She offered as she leaned forward and covered my mouth with hers.

Our kiss grew more intense; quickly becoming a deep tongue probing dance of passion. She kissed along my jaw until her lips reached my ear. “I’m so fucking horny.” Ginger whispered.

Her mouth returned to mine and I offered my tongue which she sucked between her soft lips instantly. A low sensual moan escaped her throat as we kissed.

She crushed her body against me slowly moving her chest from side to side rubbing her tits against me.

I moved my hands to the bottom of her blouse and lifted it up turning the garment inside out as I pulled it over her head. Ginger’s black maltepe escort lace bra covered her lovely petite tits. I stared into her emerald green eyes as I reached for the clasp between the cups which fell away as soon as I undid it. Her tiny dark nipples were already erect and after sliding her bra off her shoulders and tossing it aside I moved my hands to cover her tits pressing my palms against the erect nipples perfectly centered on her chest.

Ginger moaned again leaning back a little to give me full access to her upper torso. I caressed her tits for longer than I should enjoying the feel of her naked flesh beneath my hands.

Her hands moved to the button at the front of her jeans and quickly opened it, then moved to the bottom of my shirt. Like I had done moments earlier she turned it inside out over my head and dropped it behind the love seat.

“God I want you so badly.” She said.

My cock was rock hard and bulging the front of my slacks. Her hand moved to lightly slid along the shaft beneath the material covering it.

With an urgency I’d not seen in her before she undid my slacks and slipped her hand inside finding my naked cock. She smiled and remarked. “You come prepared.”

I abandoned one small titty and reached down to pull my zipper open. Ginger instantly uncovered my cock and began stroking the shaft and twisting her hand around the bulbous head.

“I want you inside me.” She pleaded.

She slid back off the love seat and stood before me removing her jeans quickly. As she did I lifted my hips and pushed my slacks down below my knees. Her eyes were fixed on my raging erection rising up from my loins posed for her to sit on.

She didn’t bother to remove the satin thong from her hips; moving to again straddle me and my rock hard cock.

“Fuck me Allen… Please fuck me.” She begged.

Her body pressed against me and as she rose up to position my cock head at the entrance to her cunt she slid her erect nipples through my chest hair.

“I want this big beautiful cock buried inside my horny pussy.” She exclaimed as she pulled her thong aside and lowered her loins toward my throbbing erection.

Once my cock head was safely inside she released her grip on the thong and wrapped both arms around my neck again crushing our bodies together.

A soulful moan escaped her lips as she slid down engulfing me in searing hot tight flesh. I thrust up banging my cock head against her cervix.

“YES!”! Ginger exclaimed as she finally got what she craved most a cunt filled with rock hard throbbing cock meat.

She was tight, wet and searing hot the flesh grasping at my cock as she lifted up and plunged down again. Ginger clung to my neck as she used my rock hard cock to pleasure herself. I just placed my hands on her hips and let them rest there as she fucked me.

“You’re so fucking wet.” I said; her dripping wet cunt bathing my cock in her juices.

Her moans of ecstasy grew more lustful as we fucked and she loosened her grip around my neck enough so she could again cover my mouth with hers muffling the sensual sounds coming from her throat. I moved my hands from her hips up to cradle her head guiding her mouth as I pressed my tongue against hers.

Ginger slowed the pace of her hips grinding her clit against my pelvic bone each time she plunged completely down on me.

Our mouths parted and she leaned back a little her passionate pools of emerald green staring back into my eyes. I could feel her moisture escaping the sopping wet flesh of her cunt soaking my scrotum and most likely leaving a wet spot on her leather couch.

Her raspy voice said. “I’ve wanted you inside me for days.”

We fucked at a slow meticulous pace for minutes; her moans of ecstasy becoming louder and louder.

As she bounced up and down on my rock hard throbbing cock I placed my hands on her chest again covering her petite tits fully squeezing them and pinching the tiny erect nipples at their core.

“God I love the way you touch my tits.” Ginger whispered.

I squeezed her tits harder and she squealed with delight.

I reached behind her shoulders and pulled her against me the sweat on our bodies mingled together as she again rubbed her hard nipples through my chest hair.

“Cum for me.” I said knowing her loins were on fire and she was nearing the point where her body would begin quivering as her orgasm slammed into her.

She rose up almost to the point that my cock slipped from her steamy wet cunt then plunged down pounding her clit against me.

“YES!” Ginger screamed her loins convulsing; her clit grinding into me, as her body surrendered to the sensation of climax.

Again and again Ginger gasped for air as she rode my hard cock through an incredible orgasm. Her cunt flooded with juices and I was certain the leather below us would be stained dark with her cum.

She slowly began to relax; the convulsing of her hips ceased, rather than grinding her clit against me she just pressed her loins forward. Her breathing kartal escort while still labored slowed her chest rising and dropping as she started to return too normal.

“You really did need a good fuck.” I whispered while she sat on me letting my cock soak in the depths of her cunt.

Beads of sweat glistened on her face and her eyes appeared to have glazed over filled with tears of ecstasy.

“I’ve needed that for days.” Ginger admitted.

I smiled at her. “Happy to oblige darlin.”

We sat there coupled at the loins for a while; my rock hard cock occasionally lurching inside her wet cunt.

I assumed that she realized that I hadn’t cum while she lap fucked me because she lifted up until my cock slipped from her sopping wet cunt allowing it to slide between our sweaty bodies. Ginger gave me a lustful grin before she said. “I want you to throat fuck me.”

“Love too.” I replied knowing that we shared a fantasy of engaging in oral sex in her office.

“Do you remember when we had phone sex?” Ginger asked with a smile on her lips.

“I do and as I recall you left me with a huge erection when you had to disconnect that call.” I reminded her.

Ginger slid backwards off my lap and stood before me. As she spoke her eyes were fixed on my raging hard-on. “Do you remember what I said just before I had to hang up?”

While she spoke I was taking time to again study her body which was still glistening with our combined sweat. Ginger is a beautiful woman her soft complexion highlighting those incredible green eyes. Her petite tits are perfect for a woman her size and the tiny dark nipples contrast nicely with her milky white flesh. She has a slim waist accentuated by her slightly larger hips. And her sleek legs look even sexier because there is separation all the way up to her loins. She is without doubt a very fuckable woman.

I didn’t recall exactly what her last words were before she disconnected our phone sex call so I answered her saying. “I think you were sucking my cock.”

“Yes that’s correct; I was on my knees pleasuring your cock as you sat on my desk chair.” She said as she turned and slowly walked toward her desk.

“I remember.” I said as I studied how her ass moves when she walks.

She walked behind her desk and stood there with both hands resting on the surface.

“The last thing I said was that I couldn’t bend your cock to enter my throat.” Ginger reminded me.

“Oh yes I remember now.” I said wondering where she was going with this discussion about that call.

Her sexy smile told me I was about to find out.

Ginger used both hands to push the items on her desk aside then turned around and sat on the edge. As she began to recline across the desk she said. “I was going to tell you to stand up and fuck my throat.”

Her shoulders touched the surface of the desk and her head dangled over the edge. “So do it.” She urged.

I stood up and walked toward her. She pulled her hair out from under her shoulders so it would hang sexily down. As I neared her reclined sleek form Ginger opened her mouth inviting me to enter the straight line to her throat.

Grasping my raging erection with one hand I placed the other against her cheek.

“Shove it all the way in.” She pleaded just before she extended her tongue.

I moved forward and touched her tongue with the tip of my bulbous cock head then inched forward sliding it over her tongue until I reached the back of her mouth. Her lips closed around the shaft and she sucked her cheeks inward touching every part of me with her wet mouth.

My cock head easily slipped through and entered the smooth moist flesh of her throat. As I impaled her I watched the flesh of her neck bulge outward stretched by the rock hard cock imbedded there. My balls came to rest against her nose and eyes and I moved my hand from her cheek to cover the thick bulge in her neck.

I pulled back enough so the bulge disappeared but immediately drove my cock deep again this time letting my fingers feel her neck swell as I impaled her.

I continued jabbing at her throat watching the flesh of her neck rise and fall with every slow stroke; probably for too long because Ginger’s body lurched as she gagged on the invading hard cock.

As I pulled my cock from her mouth Ginger gasped and spit wads of salvia which cascaded down covering one eye and ran across her forehead into her hair. She gasped again and urged me. “Give it to me deep again.” She filled her lungs with oxygen just before I did exactly what she wanted. My balls slapped against her face as I ground my rock hard cock into her throat.

I moved my hands to her firm tits and pressed her hard nipples into my palms before I tightened my grip digging my fingertips into the soft flesh.

I pulled my cock back enough for her to breathe and more thick salvia ran down her face. “Fuck my hot wet mouth.” Ginger begged.

I started mouth fucking her; my throbbing cock sliding across her tongue through thick pools of saliva and just bumping into the opening to her throat. More and more spit escaped her lips covering her sexy face with thick strands of saliva. I reached further down her sleek body and curled one finger over her hard clit and into the steamy confines of her cunt.

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