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High School Love

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Big Tits

I sat down at the table with my friends. To think, in a month, I’d be graduating from JFK High and going to the local college, also JFK. I looked over, and saw her walking by. Her name was Ali Wilson. Her small ass, her large breasts, walking with all of her friends in a pair of cutoff jeans and a tube top. I looked back at my friends.

“Yo, man, if you like her so much, ask her out! She’s only a month younger than you.” said Cory, taking a bite of his mashed potatoes. “It’s not that easy, man. She’s popular. Popular girls don’t go out with unpopular guys. She’s beautiful, and I’m just…” I started, not able to finish the sentence. It was true. She was tall and hot. I was tall, but not good-looking. She had a head of long, brown hair. Mine was short and black. She had friends, but I just hung with Cory, Jon, and Gary. It wouldn’t work.

“Not that I wouldn’t love to be with her. That would be great.” I said a few minutes later. “Okay, whatever you say.” said Gary, as the bell rang. We headed for gym class.

At least I had something good going for me: I was good at basketball and dodge ball. I stood at my side of the court, waiting to run for the dodge ball in the center. As the whistle blew, I ran from the line, my ball in my hand. Someone had beat me to the ball, but was bent over getting it. I threw and hit him in the chest as he stood up. The ball bounced from his chest, as I kicked the ball back.

We won, 4 games to 1. I had just got out of the shower, and headed to get my stuff. I dried my hair and got my clothes on. I sat against the wall talking to Cory and Gary until the bell rang, like I usually did. This time, however, Ali sat closer. I raised my head in a hello as she glanced at me, and she waved her fingers. Then the bell rang.

As I left, she cornered me in the hallway, next to the soda machines. “Hey, Joey, I was wondering, if…If you’d like to get some pizza later.” she ask. I was shocked. She was asking me out? “Sure. I’ll pick you up at seven?” I replied.

“Okay.” she said, winking, and sprinting off to her next class. I headed for Computer Apps, right after Cory and Gary, who stood outside the door.

That evening, I was getting ready to go pick her up. I bursa escort took a shower and some Binaca, and gelled my hair. I put a couple twenties and some fives in my wallet, and climbed into my Ford Mercury and drove to her apartment. She came out in another pair of shortcut jeans and a tube top, both different from today’s.

“Hey, you look nice.” she said, looking at my leather jacket and blue shirt.

“You too.” I said, helping her into the car. We had a good time, talking until we got to the pizza place. We talked, and laughed, and left.

“Hey, uh, Joey, you wanna go back to my place? Maybe get us a couple sodas and watch a movie?” she asked. My heart skipped a beat. Luckily for me (and trust me, I am very lucky) that I had slipped a condom into my wallet, hidden where it couldn’t be seen. “Sure.” I said, heading towards her place. My heart was beating a little faster. I’d always wanted to go with her, but I didn’t know it’d turn out like this. We pulled into the parking lot, and took the elevator to her apartment.

Ali came back from the kitchen, a bowl of popcorn and a couple cans of soda in her hands. She sat the popcorn on the coffee table, and handed me a soda. She took the DVD player remote and pressed a button, bringing up a movie, probably ‘The Usual Suspects’. A few minutes into the movie, she leaned over, putting her head on my shoulders. I put my arm on her shoulder.

About another half hour into the movie, she stood up. I stood up, too. She wrapped her arms around me, locking me in a tight embrace. Our lips met. We closed our eyes. She gripped tighter, as my arms gripped tighter on her back, pulling us closer together. We both thought of the same thing, and as we stopped kissing and loosened our grips, our eye contact confirmed.

“I bet you’ve heard the rumors, haven’t you? About everybody in the school who I’ve been with has popped my cherry? All of them are false. I’m still a virgin.” said Ali, as we rushed to her bedroom.

My heart sped up a little bit. As I’ve said, I’ve always wanted to be with Ali. But I never knew that I, Joseph Thomas Anderson, would have a chance to take her virginity. We got to her bedroom, a medium-sized room with a king-sized bed. She bursa escort bayan lay down on the bed.

I took off my clothes, and looked up at her. She had taken off her low-cut jeans and tube top, and threw them into the floor. Her shoes sat at the foot of the bed. She lay on the bed, pleasuring herself. I took the condom from my wallet and put it on the dresser. I got below her, running my fingers along her pussy lips, which I had spread. I leaned forward and began to lick, my tongue running up and down the pink slit. She moaned slightly with pleasure. I climbed up over her, my half-erect cock on her stomach. We kissed, our tongues wrestling.

She slid my cock into her mouth, moving up and down. I could feel the pleasure of her tongue, moving up and down the shaft, tickling the head. She removed her head and gave it a little handjob, then looked me in the eyes. I knew instinctively what to do. I lay on my back and slid the condom onto my 7-inch penis. Before I slid it in, I kissed her breasts, lightly biting her nipples.

I then slid in my cock to her pussy. I was touching her cherry after I thrust it in deep. I popped it, and she moaned. She moaned with every thrust, pleasuring from the cock. As I thrusted, I grew faster and more powerful. After about 4 minutes, she began to scream. “Oh God, Oh God!” she moaned, and then her juices flowed onto the bed. A couple more thrusts, and I cummed into the condom. We fell asleep, kissing while we lay naked.

I woke the next morning, expecting to be in my own bed, thinking, praying to God it wasn’t, a dream. Yet I woke up on a strange bed, which had red silk covers and sheets, with big firm pillows. I noticed I was naked, so I slipped my clothes on. I heard shower water running, so I went to investigate.

Naked, getting ready to climb into the shower, was Ali Wilson. She looked at me, and it all made me realize: I had just, a few hours ago, stole Ali Wilson’s virginity. The look was longing, hopeful. She blew a strand of long, brown hair from her eyes.

“There’s room for two in here, you know.” she said.

I immediately took the offer. I got undressed, and joined her in the shower. She could tell that I was ready, and so was she. escort bursa She took the shower head, and ran it all along her body. Then, she lathered the soap and rubbed it all over her body. Washing it off, she could see my erection. She motioned me forward, and I remembered I was wearing a condom from last night.

She turned the showerhead off, as I came closer. Her lips were partially spread apart, waiting for more pleasure. She laid down, and I ran my tongue up and down the lips, as they began to open ever so slightly. I slid my fingers in, pleasuring her ever so more. My penis erect again, she began to lick it, kiss it, and then suck it. A couple drops fell from it, landing in the water.

I lay down, and she climbed on top of me, sliding my cock into her pussy, moving up and down. She leaned over, and as I fucked her, I kissed her breasts, biting her erect nipples. She moaned as my cock slid deeper and deeper, until she orgasmed. I cummed a few thrusts later, and we cleaned ourselves up.

After breakfast, I drove her to JFK High. I came into the auditorium and climbed down to my friends, Cory and Gary. They looked at me, and I just looked ahead, smiling just a bit. They looked with a fiercer glare, and I just shook it off.

“What happened?” Cory finally asked.

“I’ll tell you during gym.” I replied, still looking ahead, thinking of last night and that morning.

Finally, gym came around. After a fierce game of dodge ball, I stood in the locker rooms, leaning against the lockers. They came over, looking excited.

“Well, I will tell you one thing. I expect that there will be NO more rumors about Ali’s virginity, no matter what anyone but I say.” I started out. They just looked, ready for a story.

“Well, I want anyone who says they’ve taken Ali’s virginity to come right here and say it to my face truthfully.” I said.

A few jocks walked over and said it.

“I will tell everyone here, in this locker room, that those rumors are completely false. I know for a fact.”

“How would you know, Anderson?” ask a particularly large jock.

“Because I have taken it.” I began, and told them the story, all about the date, a little information about the sex, about the whole shower scene, and about the date. Their mouths were wide open as I left the room to go to Computer Apps.

“This is not the only adventures of Joey and Ali. I plan to continue on, making High School Love a series.”

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