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His Wife, His Breeder Ch. 01

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This is my first story submission. Please leave comments. I would love to hear from other writers. Thanks so much to Snowbear for editing this piece. I really appreciate it.


I am standing in our kitchen preparing his favorite soup as I watch the snowflakes fall outside the window. It blankets the ground in a thick layer, as if it is trying to protect it from the ice storm to come. Protection, that brings about memories of him. I wasn’t always a breeder, I used to be a CPA in one of the top 5 firms in the country. However, this is the story of how I came to leave that life behind and become so much more than his wife.

“Honey!” I called as I entered our home. We had been married for 2 years and had comfortably settled into our new lives. “Marcus, where are you?” I called.

After I hung my coat in the closet I turned and saw him striding toward me. He looked as if he was angry with me, so I searched my mind to find what might be the cause of this, but came up empty. As I sat on the bench in the foyer to remove my shoes, he came to a stop in front of me.

“It is 7 o’clock in the evening, you were supposed to be off at 4, why did you work so late?” he asked me in a tone that suggested an argument was about to ensue.

“Marcus, I called you earlier and told you that if you wanted to have this weekend just for us, I was going to have to work late and finish up the bookkeeping on my accounts. Otherwise, my work would have had to come home with me, AGAIN! Why are you so angry with me? I just walked in the house!”

At this point I was barely controlling the anger that was bubbling inside of me. It had been a long day and I had already had enough bullshit to cover the next week. He was looking at me with such anger in his features, his breathing was ragged, and he was crumpling the paper in his hands. Wait… paper, what was that?

“What is that?” I asked, as I pointed to the now severely creased paper.

“These are our test results” he said as he shoved the papers in my face. “As you can see, my sperm count is high, your egg count is high, and there are no abnormalities. Apparently, there is no reason we shouldn’t have gotten pregnant already.”

Oh, for heaven’s sake. This argument again. I threw my hands in the air and begin to head towards our room. It seemed that getting pregnant had been our only topic of discussion for the last 3 months and I was tired of hearing about it.

We had been trying to get pregnant since our honeymoon and nothing had happened yet. So, we decided to get tested, and now, since the tests had shown that there was nothing to be concerned about, I was content to let nature take its course. As I reached our room, I begin to undress. Marcus had been talking the entire way up the hall but I had tuned him out. I had had a long, hard day at work and all I wanted was to come home and relax with my husband. It looked like I would be relaxing alone now.

“Are you even listening to me Marissa?”

His question cut through my thoughts and I snapped.

“No, Marcus! I am not listening to you. I have had a long day and just wanted to come home and relax. So I am going to take a shower and go to bed. I am utterly exhausted and since you can’t seem to understand that, I am going to continue ignoring you.”

I said all of this in barely controlled rage. I was almost screaming. I had no idea where this intense anger had come from, but I needed to remove myself from the situation. As I tried to escape the room, Marcus grabbed my arm and pulled bursa escort me to him.

“Let me go!” I yelled.

“You really didn’t hear a word I said, did you, Marissa?” Marcus asked in a suddenly soft and soothing voice.

By calming his voice, he was able to reduce my anger from about a 10/10 to maybe 6/10. “No Marcus, I explicitly told you I wasn’t listening. Now let me go take a shower. I need to calm down.”

“Angel…” Marcus used his pet name for me… taking my anger level down another notch. “Angel, if you had been listening to me, you would know that I was not fussing about YOU exactly, but about your JOB.”

“What are you talking about Marcus?” I huffed impatiently, putting my hands on my hips.

“Even though there is no physical reason we cannot get pregnant, there is a hormonal one. The results show that your Cortisol levels are through the roof. Apparently, this is a stress hormone and it is wreaking havoc with your body. Because your levels are so high, the embryos will not implant. Also, this is the reason you are having trouble sleeping.”

“How did you know I was having trouble sleeping?”

“You are my wife, my best friend, I have known you for 5 years. I know how you look after you have had a night of rest and when you haven’t.”

After hearing this news, my anger level slipped down to a cool 3 and I sagged into Marcus’ chest.

“I am sorry” I said. “I shouldn’t have yelled at you.”

“It’s alright. I shouldn’t have approached you the way I did. Go and take your shower. I’ll order in some Italian from the place you like and we will talk about you quitting your job when you’re done.”

As I started to walk away, I turned slightly, cut my eyes back over to Marcus and said, “The fact that I am your wife does not mean that I am yours to command. I will take my shower whenever I please and we can talk when I am good and damn ready.”

I saw his eyes spark with something that I had never seen before. Almost as if I had just issued him a challenge that he was more than willing to accept. As the look on his face intensified, I started to inch backward away from him. He looked like a predator, and I was his prey.

“Go and take your shower, now. You have 20 minutes to shower, lotion, and dress. In whatever manner I happen to find you after those 20 minutes, I will be taking you to the dining room for dinner. Do not complain, or argue or dally. It is of no use. You have 20 minutes and I will come back in here and drag you out kicking and screaming if I have to.”

With that last statement he walked out of the room and slammed the door. I stood there slightly shaken as the vibrations from the slam of the door worked their way across my body. Never in our whole relationship had he ever spoken to me in that manner. Had this been any other day, I would have snatched open that door and marched right out after him and told him where he could shove it. But just in that moment, my body took hold before my mind could overly analyze what had just occurred.

I finished removing my clothes and got into the shower. I let the water cascade down into my hair. It felt as though there were tiny fingers working their way through my hair, soothing the headache that had begun to play in the corners of my brain. As I stood there, under the cascading water, the door slid open. Before I could manage a peep, I was pushed against the opposite wall and pinned there, breasts mashed against the cold tile.

I was not afraid. I knew it was Marcus. I could smell his bursa escort bayan aftershave still lingering on his skin. I could feel the rough calluses on his hands as he pinned my own hands down at the wrists behind my back.

Marcus whispered in my ear, “I know I said I would give you 20 minutes, but I just can’t wait any longer. You were so angry, and fiery, and now… now I will show you where all of that belongs. You will no longer direct that anger and fire at anyone. No more will you use it to try intimidating people. All of these feelings are reserved for sexual activities only. You will only use them to fuel your passion. Is that understood?”

He began to lightly suck and nibble on my neck. He knows that this makes me nearly incoherent. But, I was able to summon up enough clarity to respond.

“Like I said Marcus, you don’t command me. I don’t know where this attitude has come from, but you had better fix it.”

As I tried to move away from him and his ministrations, he pushed me further into the tile. He slowly sucked and licked on my neck and ears. My body had become putty in his hands. His hands began to swirl down the right side of my body, stroking my hips and thighs as he began to whisper in my ear again.

“I do not have an attitude, Angel. This is who I have always been. Until now, you have been able to control your body and emotions perfectly and I saw no need to step in. However, now you have become overburdened and over stressed by this job and it is time for me to take over. From now on, I will be everything – the provider, the decision maker, and your keeper. You will obey me and I will take care of your every need. I do not want you under any more stress than you have to be. I told you when we were dating that I wanted my wife to stay home and raise the children. You agreed, and now it is high time that you actually hold up to your end of the bargain.”

At this point, I felt his hand trail further down my hip and he began to circle my clit as he finished expressing his commands.

“In the morning you will tender your resignation. As long as we are married, you will never again work outside of the home. Do you agree?”

My brain was trying, and failing, to process all that he had just said.

“I …I don’t know Marcus. Please, just stop and let me go. I can’t think.”

“You’re not supposed to think, just let go and say yes. Let me take care of you for the rest of our lives. You are my wife, my love and soon… soon you will breed for me.”

“I WILL WHAT!” I screamed. How could he say I will breed for him? I am not an animal.

Marcus furiously spun me around, and pushed my back against the wall of the shower, pinning me there with his body. Because he is very tall, his body was able to block the spray of the water from spraying me directly in the face. Then, he began to speak again.

“Didn’t I tell you that anger will only be tolerated through your passion during sex? Yelling is not appropriate for someone who needs to keep their stress levels down. So, apparently you need to be taught a lesson.”

Marcus shifted me into the back corner of the shower. The water sprayed above our heads, creating a mist that covered our bodies. He grabbed me around the middle of my thigh and placed it on his waist. Before my brain could comprehend what was happening, he thrust into me with a furry.

I screamed out in surprise and shock. Since one hand was holding up my leg, he used the other to position my face to look at him. He enunciated each word escort bursa with a thrust into my quivering pussy.

“You. Will. Stay. At. Home! You. Will. Have. As. Many. Babies. As. Deemed. Medically. Safe. And. Possible! You. Will. Begin. A. Lactation. Regimen. And. You. Will. Feed. Me. Whenever. I. Request! Do. You. Understand. Me?”

I held onto his shoulders as he pounded his demands into me. My body accepted each thrust with total abandon, needing the release that was rising from hidden depths inside my body. In the back of my mind, this was what I had always wanted, to be totally and utterly possessed. I wanted to care for him as a wife should. I didn’t want to have to think about it. He would take care of it all and I would be at his command. I may be a traitor to the women’s rights movement but, in this moment, I didn’t care. I wanted my husband, the man, the provider, the master. I was his to command and he would protect me.

I have no idea how my brain processed all of this in that short amount of time. Maybe deep in my heart, this was what I had always wanted and I no longer cared what anyone thought.

“Yes, Marcus. Yes. Yes. Yes. Whatever you want. Please just…ahhhhhhh.” I screamed as my orgasm overtook me.

Marcus continued to pump into me, continuing to plunge past the spasming muscles inside of me. He jammed into me one final time as his seed released directly onto my cervix. He slid us to the floor and sat so that I straddled his waist, still impaled, both of us breathing rapidly.

“Marissa, I love you. You make me so happy. And now, we will have the big family we have always wanted.”

“Marcus…” I began, out of breath. “How long have you had these thoughts? You have never mentioned them to me. I don’t honestly know if I can do this.”

“I have thought about this for a long time my sweet Angel. I will give you my protection, my love, and my sperm. You will give me your submission, your love, and children. It is the perfect relationship” he declared chuckling.

As I sat in his lap and contemplated this, the water began to run cold. Marcus helped me up and guided me out of the shower to help me towel off.

As Marcus was drying my legs and feet, I was still contemplating all that he had told me.

“Stop thinking so much, Marissa. Everything will be fine. From now on, your job is to take care of the house, yourself, and when the time comes, our children. Leave everything else to me.”

When I looked into his eyes I saw the love that he had always shown me. I saw the man I married, the man who always promised to protect me, I saw my forever.

“Ok, Marcus. I agree.”

He stood up and held me to him for a soul searing kiss.

“The next several weeks will be very intense Marissa. And since you are so stubborn, there will be times when I must punish you, if only to remind you that it is I who holds the key to our happiness and what I say is the best for everyone. I do not intend to make you do anything that you are uncomfortable with, but I am going to push your boundaries. You will no longer work outside of the home. Your life will be as stress free as possible. Essentially, you will be my wife, and my breeder. You will have my babies and continue to produce milk so that I can feed on your luscious nectar. You will be mine, and I will be yours, always.”

Marcus stepped away from me and said, “Meet me in the kitchen in 5 minutes. You need to eat something before going to bed.”

“Yes, Sir.” I jokingly replied, sending him a mock salute. However, he apparently didn’t find it all that funny. I saw that challenge in his eyes again and he began to harden again. He winked at me before walking down the hall.

Oh lord. What is he going to do with me now?

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