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Holidays in the Sun

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Public Sex

Lucy and Effie were on holiday together, in a resort-town, near the sea, their one break from work and life and endless winter rain. They’d been planning the trip for months, sitting in trains on overcast days on the way to jobs they didn’t really like, and now they were here, for a week, and all the saving and organizing almost seemed worthwhile.

It did for the first few days, at least.

After that, the holiday started to seem more just hangovers and bars and waking up in the middle of the morning, too hot from all the sun, like most holidays did once they were actually there. It started to seem like Effie complaining that they needed to do something else, and Lucy wanting to agree with her, except she was pretty sure that what Effie meant was she wanted a lot of sex, and Lucy did too, she really wanted sex, a holiday fling, just she didn’t know how to get it. Not like Effie did, anyway, not single-mindedly like Effie, and not as confidently with the part about making it happen.

So they kept going back to the beach, because that was where all the holidaymakers were, which really meant a bar near the beach, about as close to the actual sand as they ever got.

On their fourth day there, though, they picked up two guys, and then things started seeming better.

They picked up two guys, another pair, picked up as a pair. They drank together for a while in the afternoon, and all seemed to be having fun, so when Effie suggested going back to Lucy and Effie’s motel room, they all did.

The motel was a bit run down, and a couple of blocks back from the water, but it was the best they could afford and still have a place with actual separate bedrooms. Lucy had wanted separate rooms, because the whole plan for the week had been to score as much as possible, even though it really hadn’t happened.

But now she had. And she was having sex. And like the holiday itself, it wasn’t really all that she’d hoped it would be.

She was lying on her back, on the bed, watching the face of the guy above her, trying to decide if this was all worth it. The planning and expense and being here, going through all this, just to get a little oral and a stranger’s cock inside her for a few minutes.

She wasn’t sure it was.

The motel room’s walls were thin. She could hear sex noises through the wall. She could hear clearly enough to make out voices, and what was said, and what Effie wanted done to her. And the little gasps and squelches as it was.

Effie was confident. She was sure of herself. She said what she wanted, and usually got it, and then boasted about it afterwards. Lucy envied that because she’d never been able to. Lucy was lying there pretending not to listen, almost embarrassed she was here, while Effie was demanding she be fucked exactly as she wanted to be.

Lucy wasn’t sure why that upset her sometimes, but it did.

Through the wall Lucy heard Effie whispering, heard her and the guy talking softly, seriously, even while they kept fucking. Lucy assumed they were negotiating something kinky, that Effie was being talked into bondage or anal, or maybe Effie was talking the guy into it.

Lucy tried not to listen. She didn’t want to know.

She thought about something else.

Like the guy above her.

Like how long he planned to last.

However long it was, it probably wasn’t going to be long enough for her, with the mood she was in right now.

She almost didn’t care.

The sex noises in the next room suddenly stopped. Lucy was so relieved she almost got interested in sex again.

Almost, but then Effie tapped on the bedroom door. Tapped, and just opened it, without waiting for Lucy to answer.

“Hey,” Lucy said. “Fuck.”

She was lying there naked, under a man, and was a bit shocked Effie had just done that.

No-one else seemed to think there was anything wrong, though. The guy stopped moving, was still inside Lucy, was grinning at Effie like a smarmy show-off, proud of where he his cock was, waiting to see what Effie wanted. Effie was just standing in the doorway, looking back at him like nothing was wrong, wearing nothing except a sheet.

Mostly wearing a sheet, some of a sheet, only wearing it just enough to be covered.

Lucy wasn’t wearing anything, and she started to blush. She wasn’t sure why. She was covered by the guy, especially once she’d moved her hands a bit, but all the same, she didn’t want people seeing her only wearing a man.

“What?” she said, annoyed.

“Calm down, dude,” Effie said.

“Don’t just open the door.”

“I knew you were in here,” Effie said, like that made sense. Like the only reason to knock on doors was to see if people were inside.

Effie was just standing there, with her side and one of her legs pretty much bare. The guy was looking at her, and she was looking back at him. She was perving at a man who was still inside Lucy, and he was perving back. He’d stopped moving now. He wasn’t actually having sex with Lucy any more, but he was still inside her. And he was checking out Effie.

It was sort of rude.

“What do you want?” Lucy said to Effie. “Seriously?”

“Oh istanbul escort yeah,” Effie said. “We just wondered. Would you guys be into swapping around?”

Lucy looked at her, and didn’t know what to say. She had no idea what you were even meant to say, when someone suggested that.

“It’s just that this is a one-nighter,” Effie said. “Yeah?”

Lucy couldn’t bring herself to admit that while she was still doing it. The guy above her nodded.

“So all casual and shit,” Effie said. “No fuss, no complications. No-one is going to get upset by anything later. No-one’s falling in love.”

Silence. Lucy was still startled. The guy, she thought, was thinking about it. Thinking about it, in between staring at Effie’s legs.

“So the thing is,” Effie said. “No-one cares who’s in which room, right?”

Lucy didn’t answer. It was probably true, but she didn’t want to say it.

“And it’s not like we spent ages picking which of them we wanted, did we?” Effie said to Lucy.

Lucy opened her mouth, but still couldn’t think what to say. Yes was pretty rude to the guy above her.

“And you didn’t either, did you?” Effie said to the guy.

He shook his head.

“So not being impolite and shit. Not saying anyone’s not good enough. But it seems like something we could try.”


“That’s all,” Effie said. “Sorry to barge in. We just wondered.”

Still silence.

“Um?” Effie said. “Luce?”

Lucy was still too stunned to think. She looked up at the guy, back at Effie. “You’re serious?” she said to Effie. “This isn’t a joke?”

“I’m serious.”


“So do you want to? Swap around?”

“I don’t know,” Lucy said.

“Come on. Different men on the same night. It’s kind of hot, don’t you think?”

Lucy didn’t answer.

“He thinks it is,” Effie said, and looked at the guy, and grinned at him. Grinned at him, and Lucy too, being Effie, being all clever and confident.

Lucy looked up at the guy. He did look like he wanted to. Like he was into kinky, or into Effie, one or the other. He was grinning too much, all full of himself because this was being talked about. Then, while as Lucy watched him, he seemed to suddenly remember where he was. Where a part of him was. Right then, as she watched, he changed his face and made himself stop smirking.

“Do you?” Lucy said to him, thinking she should ask because Effie probably wasn’t going to. Not now she’d decided. Not now she’d talked the other guy into doing what she wanted. Which explained the whispering next door, Lucy suddenly realized. That was what had been going on.

“Do you want to try this?” Lucy said to the guy. “Are you interested?”

“Yeah,” he said, pretending casual. “Sure. But only if you want to. No big deal.”

That was obviously a lie. He was harder now, inside Lucy, just from thinking about it. She could feel him harder, feel his breathing different against her chest because he was more turned on. He was looking over at Effie too, all pleased and happy, the way you looked at someone you’d already pulled, someone you were about to fuck. Not how you looked at your pickup’s friend who was actually with your mate.

Lucy still wasn’t sure. “You really want this?” she said to Effie, stalling.

“I really do.”

“And him? In your room?” Lucy couldn’t remember his name. “He does too?”

Effie nodded.

Lucy thought. About what Effie was suggesting. And whether this was a terrible idea. She supposed it might actually be fun.

Effie was right that they didn’t know these guys, and wouldn’t care in a couple of days what had happened with them.

She cared so little she couldn’t remember their names. Not Effie’s one’s name, and now she thought about it, she couldn’t remember her one’s name either. She’d always been bad with names, but still. That seemed wrong. Fucking someone whose name you hadn’t bothered to remember, that seemed wrong.

Almost as wrong as what they were talking about doing.

Suddenly, that idea, that comparison, made Lucy feel better. As if fucking one person whose name you didn’t know was only a small step from fucking two of them at once, and your best friend.

Because she supposed that was what they were talking about, now she thought this through. An orgy. A fourway.

She decided she ought to make sure.

“So what,” Lucy said. “Like an orgy? All of us?”

“Nah,” Effie said. “They apparently can’t fuck in the same room.”


“They don’t want to be in the same room with each other’s cocks,” Effie said. “Apparently. So just swapping.”

Lucy looked up at the guy on top of her. Effie was looking at him too. Judging him, almost.

“Seriously?” Lucy said, curious enough she forgot to be embarrassed.

He shrugged.

“You won’t,” Lucy said. “Even if her and me want all of us to?”

“I’d rather not.”

“And your friend?”

“Probably not either.”

Lucy was surprised. Not so surprised it distracted her, but it was kind of funny.

“Okay,” she said. “So that’s weird. But do you want avcılar escort to, one on one? Like swapping in the different rooms?”

He shrugged again, but that shrug wasn’t reluctant, and neither was his grin. He was being polite again, not wanting to agree too enthusiastically, right away. Like he’d suddenly decided he ought to be talked out of Lucy’s pussy, and not just run away.

Which was nice.

Lucy suddenly quite liked him for that little bit of politeness.

He was being polite, when he obviously wanted to go and fuck Effie right away.

She decided to make it easy for him.

“So do you?” she said. “Just tell me.”

He nodded. “Yeah.”

Lucy looked at Effie, and saw her grinning. She looked at the guy, still politely waiting. She thought for a moment, then decided Effie was completely right, and it might be fun, and she didn’t have anything to lose. She didn’t know these two guys, and she’d never see them again, and it was actually quite a hot idea. Two men, one after the other.

“Yeah,” Lucy said. “All right, why not.”

Effie smiled, pleased. “Come on,” she called into the other room. “She’s up for it.”

The bed through the wall creaked, and the other guy appeared beside Effie, in Lucy’s doorway. He squeezed past Effie, into the room.

“Hey,” Effie said. “Manners.”

She was teasing, joking around, and the guy understood. He kissed her for a moment, kissed her and stuck his hand under the sheet so Effie gasped, then let her go and came over to Lucy, on the bed.

“Hi,” he said.

Lucy had no idea what to say. The other guy was still on top of her.

“Go,” she whispered to him, and Effie beckoned too. Beckoned, and kind of flashed her sheet open at him, so he jumped up. Got up in too much of a hurry, really, rudely fast, so Lucy gasped as he left her suddenly startlingly empty, and was a bit offended at his haste as well.

He went over to Effie, and that left Lucy bare.

Bare, but now the other guy was just standing there with a hard-on, and Lucy was about to fuck him, so she decided not to care.

Effie and the first guy left, kissing as they went. Lucy looked at the other one, her new one, and decided he had the right idea. “Um, hi,” she said. “Again.”

She wanted to giggle. Or something.

Giggle or scream or flush with embarrassment so hard she burst.

She was lying naked on a bed, still pretty sprawled from having sex, still probably wet, and smelling like sex, and sweaty, and he was standing there with a hard-on, and neither of them seemed to know what to do.

So Lucy decided to me more like Effie, and get thing started.

“Um, come on,” she said. “Get to it. Hop on. All the prep work’s done for you, I guess.”

He grinned at that, and got onto to the bed. He had a hard-on, was set to go, and Lucy had expected him to just fuck her. Instead he bent over and started eating her out.

“I said the work’s done,” she said, breathlessly.

“It’s cool,” he said, into her.

Lucy shrugged. “Okay then.”

“Your friend said you might need some head,” the guy said.

Lucy opened her eyes. “She said what?”

“She said she didn’t think you got enough. Because you don’t ask. So I should make sure I did.”

“Oh,” Lucy said, not sure if she ought to be offended. “Um, okay. So go ahead then.”

“Yep,” the guy said. “I am.” He and moved a little, got comfortable, spreading her open and moved her leg so he could reach, and went back to lapping.

A bit later, still thinking too much about being more bossy, Lucy said, “I want to get on top later, okay?”

A mumbled yes.

“When we fuck. I want to be on top.”

“That’s cool.”

“But do that a bit more first, okay?”

The guy looked up, and grinned, and said, “Sure.”


Lucy lay back, and let him lick her. And wondered why she’d never been demanding before.

A bit later they fucked, and she got on top, and told him where to put his hands, and she actually felt quite proud of herself. They guy didn’t seem to mind either. He kept grinning at her, like her bossiness was funny. Like it was good she was finding out about this side of herself with him, and he got to watch.

A little after that, Effie knocked on the door again. Lucy had forgotten to listen through the wall, now she was having fun. She assumed the knock was because Effie wanted to swap back, so she shouted, “Not now.”

She was still on top, and had been fucking hard, was sweaty and breathless and flushed with happiness, and she really didn’t want to stop right then.

Effie came in anyway.

“Fuck,” Lucy said. “Dude.”

She stopped, and let go of the bed-end, and sat with her arms folded over her chest, trying not to think about how much of her tummy was bare right then.

Effie was grinning.

“You really have to fucking stop that,” Lucy said. “Please.”

“Seriously? That, right now?”

“Yeah right now.”

Effie shrugged.

“What do you want?” Lucy said.

“Oh yeah. I just kind of wondered. You and me, we’re okay with each other’s bits in the room şirinevler escort together, right?”

Lucy looked at her. Naked. Not in a sheet, this time. While Lucy was naked too. “I guess,” Lucy said, because obviously they were.

“So it wouldn’t bother you if I was in here too?”

“I suppose not.”


Lucy looked at her. “What does that mean?”

“Want to work as a team?”

“You and me?”

“Yeah,” Effie said. “They won’t fuck with each other in the room, but that doesn’t mean we can’t.”

Lucy sat there for a moment. She felt the cock inside her move, a little twitch of interest like she’d felt earlier, from the other guy, when conversations like this got started in front of him. She ignored it, and concentrated on Effie.

“What?” she said to Effie. “You want to join in, in here?”

“If you don’t mind.”

Lucy looked down at the guy underneath her and decided there wasn’t any point even asking.

She looked back at Effie. “Not us fucking though, right? Not you and me. Just taking turns. So not a threeway?”

Effie shrugged. “Whatever.”

“You do want a threeway?”

“Whatever you want.”

“Oh,” Lucy said, and thought about that.

“Only if you want,” Effie said quickly.

“What about him?” Lucy said, and pointed to the wall.

“He came.”


Effie shrugged.

“So that’s why you’re here,” Lucy said.

“No, I…”

Lucy grinned, a bit smug. “I’d kind of wondered if he might. Like, too soon.”

“He did.”

The guy underneath her seemed to be trying not to listen.

“He said he’d be okay later,” Effie said. “So if we both do this one, and go back in there later with him.”

Lucy wondered if they should be talking about the guys in quite that way. Quite so interchangeably, right in front of them. Although the one underneath her didn’t seem to care. He was listening carefully, and didn’t seem to care about anything much except her and Effie talking themselves into it.

“Only if you want to?” Effie said.

Lucy thought carefully. “You won’t get all weird about this tomorrow?” she said.

“Nope. Will you?”

Lucy shook her head. “I don’t think so.”

“So you’re in?” Effie said, looking really pleased.

“Yeah,” Lucy said. “All right. Come on.”

Effie walked over to the bed, looking at Lucy. Looking at her in a way she never had before.

“I’m not fucking you, though,” Lucy said quickly. “You perve. Not you by yourself. Just both of you at once.”

“Yeah,” Effie said, seeming a bit too pleased and a bit too smug. “Of course.”

“I mean it.”

“Me too. I don’t want to fuck you either.”

Lucy looked at Effie. She seemed to be telling the truth, but Lucy wasn’t sure.

“Maybe…” the guy said.

“Shut up,” Lucy and Effie both said together.

They kept looking at each other.

“Maybe a little,” Effie said.

“A little what?”

Effie didn’t answer.

“What?” Lucy said, half teasing. She liked this. Effie was uncomfortable now, Lucy was taking charge. Deciding things. She had some power she never had before, sitting here across a man, with Effie all kinky and desperate.

“I want to a little,” Effie said. “Yeah.”

“Fuck me?”

Effie shrugged.

“Just a little?” Lucy said.

The guy grinned. Lucy put her hand over his face, so she couldn’t see his expression.

“Yeah,” Effie said, a bit nervous. “But only if you do.”


Effie nodded. “Okay. Then we don’t.”

“Yeah right,” Lucy said. She knew Effie, and how she was pushy and demanding.

“I promise,” Effie said.

“You don’t mean that.”

“Yeah I do,” Effie said, firmly, but as Lucy half expected, she didn’t completely mean it.

She did at the start, and carefully stayed away from Lucy at first. She kissed the guy while Lucy fucked him, and touched his chest. But then, after a while, she said she wanted something too, and she looked at Lucy and the guy.

“Not me,” Lucy said, so for a while the guy fingered Effie.

Then Effie put Lucy’s hand on her tit, and then she wanted the guy to move and lick her, and then, later, she kept trying to take his cock out of Lucy and suck it, while it was still all shiny and wet from Lucy.

And from there she just started eating Lucy out, and Lucy, not completely unsurprised, said, “You’re such a liar.”

“I know,” Effie said, like she didn’t really care.

“You are,” Lucy said.

“Stop talking,” Effie said.

“I’m not doing you.”

“Don’t care. Someone will.”

Lucy supposed that was all she could really ask for. And Effie was good. She gave head pretty well, better than either of the guys.

They all fucked each other, but mostly the guys fucked Effie, or went down on her, while she kept eating Lucy out. Even though that didn’t seem completely fair to Lucy, since Lucy was only getting, and Effie was doing most of the work, Lucy decided Effie had started it, so it was her problem if she got worn out.

Lucy was still a little worried about what all this meant. She wasn’t completely sure what to make of this new side to Effie, but halfway through the evening, in a quiet moment when they were having a rest, and Lucy and Effie had gone out to the main room to get water, Effie looked at Lucy all grave and serious and said, “Don’t worry, it’s just tonight, okay? Not tomorrow, and it really doesn’t mean anything.”

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