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For 12 long months you have been away. Working overseas. But now you are home and on your way here. As I quickly finish dressing I hear it. Your shovel head. The drag pipes sound off as you make your way up the street. I grab the bottle of Jack and head toward the front of the house. Everything is just as I planned. Candles burning, incense lit, and Bob Seger’s Traveling Man playing in the background.

I reach the front door just in time to see you walk in. Damn, is it possible that you are even more handsome and sexier looking than ever? Our eyes meet and my heart begins pounding in my chest as I walk past you and head for the kitchen to grab a couple of glasses. I feel your eyes following me, and I know you are pleased with what you see: black leather knee hi boots, stockings, garter, no panties. And you always loved me in the contrasting textures of leather and lace.

I look back and give you a knowing smile as you close the distance between us, and I can feel your hot breath on the back of my neck. I turn around and our lips meet. Your mouth is soft and wet, your tongue wildly probing mine. You move your hands to my breasts, and begin to caress them, my nipples hard beneath their tuzla escort touch.

I feel myself being led backwards until I have backed up into the dining room table where I lightly sit on it’s edge. My tongue, hungry now for more of you slowly begins to work it’s way down your salty skin, past your neck to your nipple where I tease it lightly and then surprise you with a gentle bite. My hand slides down and rests on your crotch, and I can feel how this excites you. I undo the buttons on your leather pants and free you from them. I drop to my knees.

Your cock is already hard, and I smile as you gently take the back of my head and bring it to you. You guide the head of your cock slowly past my lips, and into my warm, wet mouth. God you feel so good, and I love the taste of you. I begin to suck you but quickly stop. I move my tongue up and down over the head. I begin to suck you more, harder this time, and then I begin rolling my tongue from side to side, faster and faster. I look up and see how much you are enjoying this, and you begin to moan, as I begin to flick my tongue harder and faster, running it in tight little circles over the head. This starts to drive you wild so you grab the tuzla escort bayan back of my head with both hands now. You push in a few inches, but I want more so I grab your ass and pull you into my mouth. Again our eyes meet and I see how turned on you are watching your cock fucking and filling my mouth, sliding in and out, pushing deeper with every stroke. I want it all now, your entire cock to fill my mouth, to feel you in my throat. You must know this because you begin pumping harder. But I have waited a year for this night, to feel you deep inside me, so I don’t want you to cum just yet. My mouth gently releases it’s grip on your cock, and I pull back. You help me quickly undress, and gently push me onto my hands and knees.

I spread my legs and raise my ass so that I and my pussy are completely exposed to you. I feel your hand reaching under me and then your finger as it slides into my very wet pussy, pumping me. You pull out but quickly begin pumping me again, this time fucking me with two fingers, all the while you massage, and gently squeeze my ass with your other hand. You run your fingers between my cheeks, driving me crazy. You then slide your fingers out and slide them back escort tuzla up to my swollen clit. You begin playing with me, tracing small, slow circles with your fingertips.

My clit is throbbing now, and I am so wet. I lean my ass into you feeling how hard your cock is. You spread my cheeks and guide your cock into me. Slowly at first, just the head. You shift your position a bit for better balance, and you push into me a little further, moaning with pleasure as you reach under and rub my clit. Very suddenly you push in deep and hard, and I feel you go into me the deepest that I have ever felt before, pumping me harder and harder, fucking me like a man possessed…possessing.

Faster, harder, and with rhythm, we thrust and move together. A primeval need. We are both moaning now. My breathing quickens and you know I am going to cum. You feverishly massage my clit now, bringing me closer to orgasm. My muscles constrict and tighten around your hard throbbing cock deep inside me and I cum, my body shaking, shuddering. I hear you breath in deeply, and let out a loud guttural sound as you thrust deep one last time, shooting load after load of your hot cum deep into me.

Our hot sweaty bodies fall together onto the floor, and we try to catch our breath. Lying in each others arms I realize that not one single word has passed between us this whole time. Stroking your cheek, I smile and say “Welcum home.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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