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Homeward Bound

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Eric settled into his seat at the back of the plane. After being bumped, he and Tess were finally on their way home. The red eye flight was mostly empty. It wasn’t the four o’clock flight liked they had planned, but at least it was a flight. He looked at Tess and smiled. It had been an interesting week. Eric chuckled has he thought about the look on Max’s face. “Served him right,” he thought. Max had been trying to get Eric to hook up with someone every time he was in town, but Eric refused. Maybe now that he had met his wife, he would drop the idea.

“What’s the matter?” Tess asked.

“Nothing. Just think about this week,” Eric replied as he rested his head against the side of the plane. “I better get some sleep. This late flight kinda screwed me. I’m going to have to go straight to work from the airport.”

“Do you have to?” she asked disappointedly.

“You know I’m going to be further behind after being out last week. I’ll be home as soon as I can. But right now, I’ve got to get some sleep.”

Tess shivered as she snuggled in close to him. “It’s a bit cold on here. Can you hit the call button for the stewardess? Maybe she can get me a blanket.”

“Yes, my love,” Eric said sarcastically as he reached for the button. “Anything you want.” He chuckled as Tess slapped him playfully.

“Is there something I can get you?” the stewardess asked.

“It’s a bit chilly. Would I be able to get a blanket? ” Tess asked.

“Sure thing,” she said with a smile as she turned to retrieve a blanket from the overhead compartment across the aisle. As she stretched to reach the blanket, her short skirt rode up slightly exposing the tops of her stockings and the clasps of the garter belt, which held them up. Eric quickly took notice and his cock began to stir.

“Anything for you sir?” she asked as she looked over her shoulder.

“No, thank you. I’m fine.” Eric smiled as he quickly turned away. He knew she had caught him staring. The stewardess flushed realizing she had been giving him a bit of a show. She quickly straightened her skirt, flashed a smile and headed back up the aisle.

They were the only ones in their row, the only ones in the last four rows for that matter. Tess let out a heavy sigh as she laid her head on his lap and covered up with a blanket the stewardess had given her. It was only a matter of seconds before they both drifted off.

Eric’s mind raced as he slept. His dreams all seemed so real. He had images of Tess’s crimson lips sliding up and down his hard cock, her tongue swirling around the tip, her fingers caressing his tightening balls. As he stirred in his seat, Eric felt something he hadn’t felt since he was a teenager. The feeling that he was going to explode in his pants. The feeling roused him from his sleep even more. He tried to shift in his seat as the feeling intensified but Tess was keeping him from moving, her head still in his lap, her face partially covered with the blanket. He knew he was seconds from cumming.

“Sir, would you please wake your wife, we are about to land.”

Eric froze as the first jet of cum exploded from his cock. He opened his eyes to see the stewardess just two rows in front of him. His cock continued to spasm spewing out a massive load. He dared not move.

“Sir, you need to wake your wife. We are about to land,” she said as she started closer.

“Yes, ma’am,” Eric stammered trying to keep his composure, hoping she wouldn’t come any closer.

“Thank you,” she replied as she smiled coyly and gave him a wink as she walked away.

Eric waited a moment before shifting in his seat and pulling the blanket back. Tess looked up at him and smiled, a small bit of his cum stuck to the corners of her mouth. Tess sat up, his cock still in her hand and kissed him full on the mouth her tongue intertwining with his. Eric could taste the bitter saltiness of his seed as she broke their embrace.

“Jesus Tess, what the fuck are you doing?!”

“I was hungry. I wanted more of what I got last night,” she said nonchalantly as she continued to stroke his softening cock. “Ooh,” she squealed as she managed to milk one last drop from him. “Looks like I didn’t get it all!”

Tess sucked the last drop off the head of his cock and cleaned up what had escaped her mouth. “Mmm, that should hold me for a while,” she giggled. Tess tucked his cock back into his pants where she had found it and sat up just as the plane touched down. “Besides, it would have been a shame to let that hard cock go to waste.”

The plane rolled into the gate and they collected their things from the overhead.

“Hope you enjoyed your flight,” the stewardess said to Eric as he exited the plane. “Please fly with us again soon.”

Eric flushed a hundred shades of red. He knew she knew what was happening at the back of the plane. He was grateful she let it go without incident.

Eric and Tess headed for the baggage claim to collect the remainder of their luggage. It was later than he pendik escort realized and the luggage was taking forever. Eric fidgeted as the last of the luggage appeared in the carousal. “Where the hell is it?” he thought.

“Damn it! I don’t have time for his! I’ve got to get to work; it’s 8:30 already!”

“Don’t worry about it honey. Go. I’ll take care of it.” Tess gave him a reassuring smile and peck on the cheek. “It’ll be there when you get home tonight.”

“Ok,” Eric sighed as he rubbed his aching forehead. The lack of sleep over the last few days had him on edge. He kissed his wife one last time and headed for the exit to catch a cab.


Eric fumbled through his day. His mind kept drifting to the events of the past few days. It was hard not to. The late flight had him drinking more coffee than normal and every time he took a piss, a red lipstick ring around his cock greeted him. He still hadn’t figured out what got into Tess. He didn’t think she would go for his little role-play fantasy. Their sex life had been failing and they had both acknowledged it. Both had agreed to try new things and talked about their fantasies. Surprisingly, this was one they both shared. Or at least Eric said he shared. His real fantasy was sharing his wife with another woman, but he knew Tess would never go for it. So to keep their sex life going, he agreed to a little role-play.

When Eric mentioned his upcoming trip, Tess suggested they use it as an opportunity to spice things up again. Eric had always talked about Max and how he would try to set him up with women at the bar. It wasn’t long before Eric and Tess had the idea for their role-play weekend…and a little practical joke for Max.

It was 6:00 p.m. when his cellphone buzzed. Eric looked to see who it was. It was a text from Tess. “Where are you? We need you!” the message read. Eric chuckled. He wasn’t sure how much more of his wife he could take. Her new found sexual energy was running him into the ground. But then again, who was he to complain! He quickly finished up what he was working on and texted her back. His phone buzzed again as he headed out the door. “We couldn’t wait any longer, we started without you ;)” it read. “We? I guess we brought the role-play home,” he thought.


The cab ride home took forever. “Twenty two fifty,” the cabbie said as they came to a stop in front of their house. Eric fumbled through his wallet looking for something smaller than a fifty. “Fuck it,” he thought as he handed the cabbie one of the bills. “Keep the change,” he said has he hopped out of the cab and hurried for the front door.

“Hey mister,” the cabbie yelled. “This is a fifty…”

“I said keep the change,” Eric yelled back as he rushed up the walkway. “I don’t have time for you to figure out the change,” he murmured to himself has he unlocked the front door. Eric rushed inside nearly tripping over their luggage. He could hear Tess moaning as she was about to cum. She definitely hadn’t wasted any time getting started. From the intensity of her moans, he could tell it was going to be a big one. Eric rushed upstairs to the bedroom. He stopped and stared in awe. His cock immediately sprang to life and ached to be released. But all he could do was stand there and stare.


Samantha was a late bloomer. She never really filled out until after school. She was lucky to find a job as a stewardess. It gave her everything she was looking for. A job that allowed her to travel and see new places. Unfortunately, it didn’t give her time for much else. She had few friends outside of those she worked with and holding onto a boyfriend seemed somewhat of a challenge. She found herself recently single having come home from work unexpectedly the night before when her flight was cancelled due to weather related issues only to find her live-in boyfriend in their bed with some girl that worked in his office. Samantha cried herself to sleep that night trying to figure out what was wrong with her. She eventually came to the conclusion it wasn’t her, any guy would be lucky to have her. Nonetheless, she was still a little down the next morning. Having a day off before her next scheduled flight, Samantha decided to do what any girl would do to cheer herself up…spend the day shopping and pampering herself.

Samantha had made an appointment at her local salon to get her hair and nails done, and to get some much needed therapy from her friends at the salon. The chatter was as she had expected. Everyone agreed her boyfriend was an ass. It made her feel better just hearing others say it. The general consensus was she need to do something special. Something to make her feel good now that she was back on the prowl. Samantha agreed. But what? She had already had her hair done and her nails looked absolutely beautiful painted in a pink and white French manicure. What else was there? Then a thought crossed her mind.

“Desi, do you…” Samantha stopped mid-sentence and blushed.

“Do escort pendik I what?,” her stylist/therapist asked.

“Oh, nothing, it was a crazy thought anyway. It was just something I had read about in a magazine,” she replied, blushing even more. “It was a stupid thought.”

“Honey, at this point, nothing’s stupid. Now tell me, what were you thinking?”

Samantha motioned her closer. “Do you do waxing? You know, waxing?” she said, her eyes motioning to her most private of areas.

“Of course we do,” Desi said with a laugh. “Have you ever had it done?”

“No…does it hurt?”

“Oh, honey, I won’t lie, it hurts like hell, but tomorrow, you will be in heaven. Well make you as smooth as the day you were born. But trust me, it will be worth it. You’ll wonder why you hadn’t done it before.”

“Let me think about it,” Samantha said, still a little unsure of the idea. “Let me think about it.”

Desi put the final touches on Samantha’s hair. “Honey, only a fool would mess around on you. Look at you!” she said tussling her curls as they both looked at the changed woman in the mirror. Samantha smiled. “She’s right,” she thought to herself. “Only a fool,” she repeated.

“Now follow me,” Desi said grabbing Samantha’s hand.

“Where are we going?”

“Just follow me,” Desi replied.

She led Samantha into a back room in the salon. “I’m not giving you a chance to back out on this. It’s my treat. Now strip and lay down on the table.”

Samantha blushed again. No one other than her boyfriend had ever seen her naked before. She hesitated as she started to strip. “Oh, honey, don’t be shy. I’ve seen it all,” Desi said with a chuckle. “I won’t bite!”

Samantha forced a smile. She couldn’t believe she was actually going through with it, but she was. “Why not,” she thought to herself. Samantha stripped down; her well toned body exposed for the world to see. Well at least Desi, that is. “Only a fool,” Desi said as she gazed over Samantha’s naked body. Samantha quickly tried to cover herself. “Sorry honey. I didn’t mean to embarrass you. Only a fool would mess around on this! Now lie down and let me work my magic.”

Samantha laid the table; her heart was beating a mile a minute. She couldn’t wait to get it over with. She could feel the warmth of the wax on her nether region. “Now just relax,” Desi said. Without any further warning, she ripped the cloth strip removing hair and wax. Samantha nearly jumped off the table. “This is going to sting a little.”

“Jesus, Desi, warn me next time!”

“Sorry, honey, it’s better that way the first time…”

The torture continued. Each pull of the strip hurt like hell, but not nearly as bad as finding her boyfriend in bed with another woman. Samantha closed her eyes and bit her lip to hold back the tears. What seemed like an eternity was really only a matter of minutes. The torture had stopped and Desi was rubbing her newly exposed pussy with oil. “This will soothe the skin. Use a little more tonight and tomorrow you will be in heaven!” she said handing Samantha a small bottle of oil. “I’ll leave you to get dressed.” Desi left, closing the door behind her. Samantha lay there for a moment afraid any movement would bring back the sting of the waxing. Finally, after a few minutes, she got up the courage to move. Desi was right. Whatever she had given her was helping. Samantha slowly sat up. She gazed at herself in the full-length mirror on the wall. Standing, she admired her body with its newly exposed skin. She was slightly aroused by what she saw. Fresh and bare as the day she was born. “Only a fool,” Samantha murmured as she smiled at her self, taking a moment to explore herself with her hands. A shiver went down her spin as she brushed her exposed pussy. She wanted to explore more, but now was not the time. Desi was waiting and she still had things to do. Samantha quickly dressed and headed to the front. Samantha reached for her wallet, but Desi stopped her.

“It’s all on us,” she said with a smile motioning to the other girls in the shop.

“Thanks!” Samantha replied. “But you don’t have too…”

“Enjoy your flight. Hope you find yourself someone who will appreciate you. We’ll see you in a few weeks.”

Samantha left feeling more like a woman than she had when she started her day. She had one more stop before heading home and packing for her flight. A few doors down was her favorite lingerie shop. Although she had no one to “share” it with, Samantha still wanted to pick up a few things. And she knew exactly what she wanted. Feeling like a new woman, it was time for a change. She had always seen models wearing stockings and a garter belt. She had always thought to herself how sexy they looked but had never worn them herself, mostly because she thought her boyfriend would think it was silly. But it was time for a change. She headed for the hosiery section of the store and picked out some stockings and a garter belt that would go with her uniform. “May as well pendik escort bayan go all the way,” she murmured to herself as she walked past a display of satin panties and bras. After a short root through the piles, she managed to find a matching pair. Her pussy began to tingle. She wasn’t sure if it was from the waxing or the thought of her wearing her new lingerie, but she was sure she was ready to get home. The store clerk gave her an odd look as she rang up the articles. Samantha gave her a half smile and said nothing as the clerk cashed her out. Samantha quickly headed for home to relax the remainder of the day. Before heading off to bed, she massaged some more of the oil Desi had given her into her aching pussy. The slightest touch of her hand had her tingling. “I hope you’re right Desi,” Samantha said to herself as she finished up. “I hope you’re right.” Samantha pulled her nightgown over her head and headed for the bedroom. She couldn’t help but think about what she walked into the night before. She couldn’t bear to sleep in that bed. Samantha headed for the couch in the living room. There she cried herself to sleep.

Samantha was roused from her sleep by a constant beeping. She rolled over on the couch and grabbed her phone to shut off the alarm. “How can it be 5:30 already?” she mumbled as she rolled off the couch and headed for the bathroom. She was still in a sleepy daze as she showed. It wasn’t until her soapy hands made contact with her bared pussy that she remembered her antics from the day before. Desi was right. She was in heaven. The slightest touch was intensified one hundred fold. Fire shot through hear body as she her soapy hands massaged her pussy. Samantha wanted so badly to continue, but she knew it would have to wait. She couldn’t afford to miss her flight. She quickly finished her shower and fixed her makeup. Samantha looked at the bag of lingerie on the bedroom floor. She smiled remembering what she had bought. She carefully examined each piece as she took it out of the bag. Samantha had never worn a garter belt and stocking before. She was mesmerized by how much silkier the stockings felt compared to her normal pantyhose. Her pussy began to tingle again and she could feel her juices start to escape from her excited pussy. She carefully put the garter belt around her waste and fastened it. It fit her perfectly. Samantha fumbled with the clasps that held the stocking for a few minutes, struggling to figure out how they worked. She soon figured it out and she carefully slid the silky stockings up her legs. They were extremely sheer and her perfectly pedicured toes peeked through the material. After securing the stockings with the clasps, she slowly slid the satin thong up her long legs. The satin material against her bare skin sent shockwaves through her body. She could feel herself getting wetter. She again wanted to badly to explore her body, but knew she didn’t have time. After fastening her bra, she stood and admired herself in the mirror. The beauty she saw shocked her. She had never seen herself like this. “If only I had done this sooner,” she thought. “No!” she said out loud. “He didn’t deserve this!” she said with a smile. Samantha glanced at the clock. “Shit!” she exclaimed. “I’ve got to go!” She quickly threw on her uniform and stepped into her heels. One last glance in the mirror had her concerned that the skirt she thought was long enough to conceal her new lingerie was in fact not. “Oh well, it’ll have to do,” she said as she rushed out the door.

Samantha boarded the plan and went through her usual routine. She walked the aisles checking to make sure previous passengers left nothing behind. Although she was wearing heels, Samantha still had to stretch to check the overhead compartments. While doing so, Samantha noticed cool air against her thighs. It was only then she that she realized just how short her work skirts really were. The tops of her stockings exposed. Luckily, there was no one else on the plan at that time. She was going to have to remember to be careful or some lucky passenger would get a free show.

The flight out was boring as usual. This was her usual flight and Samantha saw a lot of repeat passengers, mostly married businessmen. She sighed as the plane emptied. She was never going to find another boyfriend, at least not on one of these flights. Samantha sighed again as she went about her pre-boarding routine. She couldn’t wait to get home and relax. The out and back flights were getting to be too much. But at least with it being a red-eye, she could possible get some rest.

Samantha manned the front and greeted the passengers as they boarded. “Usual crowd,” she muttered to herself as the last of the passengers boarded.

“Excuse me, Miss?” someone called as she turned from the door. “Please tell me there are seats open in the back. I was bumped from an earlier flight and was told I could get one on this flight.”

Samantha turned to face the late passenger. Her heart skipped a beat. There walking towards her was the man of her dreams. She knew it sounded cliché, but she was looking for a tall, dark, and handsome man, and here he was.


“Oh, um, sorry,” she stammered and forced a smile. “Can I help you?”

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