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Hotel Submission

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We had been chatting for more than a year, always naughty, sometimes wild, always ending in one or both of us cuming but we had never met, never touched, never doing to each other what we spoke about so often. It was my idea to meet. I chose a hotel near a shopping complex I knew well and spent the afternoon getting ready for our meeting. I would wear the black satin night dress ordered online, which I had never worn. I had gone for a wax, painted my nails with dark red, almost black nail varnish, stood in the shower for hours loving the feel of the warm water on my smooth pussy and legs. I imagined what it would feel like when he touched me.

I arrive at the hotel first and make my way up to the room. I am nervous and exited – my breathing is so shallow. Should I do this? Some wine would be nice, I laugh to myself, and I decide to order a bottle of the most expensive champagne.

I take my clothes off and neatly hang them in the cupboard. The cool air on my naked body tightens my nipples and I feel a shiver run down my body. I put the night dress on hastily and feel the lace and satin strain against my breasts. I am not wearing any underwear.

There is a knock at the door – it’s him. He has just come from a meeting at work and he is still wearing his work clothes but his tie has been loosened and his sleeves are rolled up. He looks dangerous and I love the way the colour of his forearms are contrasted against his white shirt.

He closes the door pendik escort behind him, walks towards me and kisses me whilst rubbing one of my nipples between his thumb and index finger – the lace feels rough against it and I lean towards him. I relish in his hard contours and how he feels pushed up against me.

There is a long rectangular mirror in the corner of the room. He fetches a chair from the opposite side of the room and places it in front of the mirror. He instructs me to sit on the chair and not say a word. I can hear him open the champagne behind me and after a while he hands me a glass. We finish the contents of our glasses in silence whilst he remains standing behind me; both looking in the mirror, both fixated on the other. He takes my glass and puts it on the table next to his.

He walks around me, stops and hunches before me. Slowly he leans towards me and whispers to me that I should open my legs as wide as I can. He plunges his fingers into my pussy – I am so wet and oh god this feels so good – please, please don’t stop I say to myself.

He gets up and walks to the back of me again. This time he puts his fingers in my mouth and I can taste myself. He lips are next to my ear. “Touch your clit darling” he says. ”I want to see you play with that clit of yours in the mirror.”

It is a strange, wild feeling to watch myself doing this but also to watch him watch me. By now he has removed his clothes and his cock is hard and I long to escort pendik touch it. He moves to stand in front of me and tells me that I am not allowed to stop rubbing my clit. He pushes my lips over his swollen cock. I play with his head with my tongue and lips and then he pushes his entire cock in my mouth. God! He is so long and thick – I need to feel him inside me. I suck and I lick and I play with his cock and balls until I can hear him grunting above me. The sound of him grunting and me gagging on his cock hardens my clit and I can feel the juices starting to drip from my pussy. Finally he picks me up and pushes me down on the bed at the same time removing my night dress.

He immediately starts sucking and licking my clit and the rest of my pussy, he pushes one, then two, then three fingers into my pussy and never stops licking and sucking. He leans forward and kisses my mouth, neck, nipples, and stomach whilst constantly moving his fingers inside me. I can’t stand it, I want to cum. Suddenly he removes his fingers. Please! Why did he stop?

“Ask me nicely” he whispers above my mouth. “Please darling, please – I need you inside me” I whisper back. He lightly pushes his cock into my pussy, gently, slightly…in, and out, in, and out. He is driving me mad, I need him now! It is as if he is reading my mind and he slams his cock into my pussy. Reality ends.

He feels amazing inside me and he starts to move faster and faster until I am aware of nothing pendik escort bayan else but him. He opens my legs wider and pushes them towards my head to gain easier access to my aching pussy – he rubs my clit and flicks my nipples. I can feel the orgasms build inside me, the spasms inside my pussy and down my spine. Suddenly he turns me around and I am sitting astride him. He is still inside me… so deep – I can feel his entire length inside me. “Don’t be shy honey” he says. “Show me what you want.”

I slowly lift my pussy and the grind it back down on him again. This feels amazing. I start to move up and down, swirling my hips, riding him hard until I cum again falling onto his chest screaming in pleasure.

I tell him it was wonderful and he laughs “I am not done with you yet darling”. My mouth goes dry. Ï haven’t cum yet – you do want me to cum darling don’t you?” He throws the bed pillows on the floor in front of the mirror. “Get on your knees darling – in front of the mirror.” I look wild and he looks like an animal behind me. “Lean forward darling” he grunts. He slams his cock into my pussy again and this time his pushes his fingers into my anus. He pushes me forward so that I am completely exposed to him and I can feel him move inside me in a now familiar and frantic rhythm. He wraps his fingers around my hair and pulls my head back so that I can see us fucking in the mirror. I cum again, and again. I am exhausted and don’t know how much more I can stand. Just as he is about to cum he throws me on my back and cums on my nipples and breasts. He pushes his cock in my mouth and I suck him clean. I am still shaking when he carries me into the bathroom for a long relaxing hot bath.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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