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How Do YOU Do It?

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How do YOU do it?

As a healthy adult male I’ve learned one thing about masturbation .. everyone has done it, and probably still does. For most men, the onset of puberty is also the onset of a very serious relationship of their hand with their penis. The occasional explorations of a child become a full blown (sorry) love affair of the penis and whichever hand is favored for daily (usually several times a day at that point) attentions to this intense love affair. This will generally be a lifelong arrangement with many side-roads and meanderings with opportunities for others to interact with the lovers, but for most of a lifetime, digital manipulation will remain the bedrock of a solid (sorry again) relationship.

I’m told by my female friends that a similar variant of this lifelong intimate involvement begins at puberty in about the same way for the distaff branch of the species . The techniques and opportunities will vary, but the goal of achieving that deliciously naughty overwhelming feeling is an entertainment that virtually all of mankind comes (sorry) to love. So if self-pleasures of the intimate kind are nearly universal, we must therefore celebrate them as one of our most cherished activities … right? NO! We most assuredly do not, choosing instead to hide these universally shared acts in solitude (mostly). While there is a favored and shared alternative to self-relief that has social acceptance, albeit still generally private among the participants, the more universal masturbation is confined behind a closed door (so to speak). And in doing so, we must find our own individual way to all the variants of self-pleasure that can possibly exist, even though, as the saying goes, there is nothing new under the sun and moon. (or in the dark or in a bathroom or under a lamp in your bedroom)

So in the service of broadening the horizon of shared human knowledge, let us discuss some of the ways that we have “done it” … purely for the sake of expanding (sorry) our understanding of the human condition, of course. As previously noted, most men find that the hand is ideal for the purpose of self-enjoyment. Indeed, logic dictates that the evolution of these useful appendages must have included their mutual compatibility as a major factor in the arrangement of arm length, central placement of the penis, the relative relationship of hand to penis, and the generally ambidextrous handling afforded the user. (are you a leftie? Or a rightie?) While each individual finds his own most effective and comfortable pathway to the goal self-pleasure provides, the most frequent method is for a hand to stroke the length and head of the penis in a pattern that its owner finds enjoyable. Those bursa escort patterns vary in minute detail by as many sessions and owners as exist, but every one of these participants would find familiar each of the other’s pattern.

But while hand-stroking is the dominant pathway to self-pleasure, let us not fail to recognize a seemingly endless array of other ways Man can achieve his desired results when driven by that intense need and a vivid imagination. Beginning with a child’s (well, pubescent male anyway) curiosity, and an overwhelming need for release, most boys find early in their masturbatory explorations a plethora of means to release. The average modern household has many objects that, in a fertile imagination driven by hormones overflowing, seem designed for a hard penis to conquer. Bottles, storage containers, desk accessories, cabinet handles, objets d’art, knickknacks, sewing implements, furniture, musical instruments, kitchen tools have all been mentioned as sources of exploratory adventures. Any place at home, school or work can provide inspiration for a sudden urge expressed by the thoughts ” will IT fit? And what would THAT feel like?” An empty toothpaste tube suddenly looks like an adventure awaiting if I just cut off the bottom and … Tools on the garage workbench, a school-desk, a sink drain, any opening of approximately the correct size can take on sudden urgent alternative meaning. Wow! A vacuum cleaner! Of course, many of these are mere fantasies of the moment, never actually explored. But, medical records show that someone, somewhere did actually pursue that avenue, however outrageous to the calm (satiated?) mind.

Among other common human daily activities, food has been a popular choice for explorations, probably as long as Man has been masturbating and eating, not necessarily in that order. Texture and temperature have been mentioned as factors affecting the choice of the moment when food is employed as a source of release. Food is often easily modified for the purpose … for example, fruit is usually a desirable consistency and is easily cut allowing for insertion . And jokes provide truth as in many human activities … ya ever hear the one about Jimmie’s visit to the watermelon patch … he don’t carry that pocketknife for nothing, ya know! And humor often tells us of the foibles and misguided efforts of men including their affairs of the hand. Stand-up comedy, adolescent jokes, even Shakespeare and Chaucer include masturbation and its flaws, and we all can laugh in familiar discomfort. And now that modern technology is available, so are a plethora of electronic devices to free the hand, at least partially, to turn the page or direct the mouse. Sleeves, bursa escort bayan vibes, dolls and “massagers” offer easy solo release, as long as there are fresh batteries.

I don’t want to leave the impression that I’m ignoring the female efforts toward expanding this important human endeavor. As a male though, I’d find my explanations of a woman’s experiences in this field (well, maybe not literally out in a field, though that sounds intriguing) would be a bit voyeuristic and therefore lack the proper substance (not that! Get your mind out of the gutter!) for a meaningful discussion. I will say that every woman I know who would speak about this matter, acknowledges her interest and participation in masturbating exploration. And women, too, find a common methodology with shared roots. The hand is again involved, although stimulation of the clitoris often takes an indirect form since the longer, slower arousal pattern of the female differs significantly from the quick one of the male. And while the urgency displayed by an adolescent male’s worldview seen through his penis may differ from a young woman’s teen experience, hormones have a very distinct effect on a woman’s interest in self-pleasure that usually lead to the same solitary satisfaction her male counterparts are seeking.

Interestingly, woman can explore various options for self-pleasure with the same vivid imaginations as the male, albeit with different physical needs leading to very different choices. Men love to hear of a woman’s desires leading her to “explore” her solo urges since it feeds a male desire to find for a receptive and eager female sexual partner. He’ll believe that any woman who feels the same overwhelming hormonal drive that he does must be desirable. So erotic literature and folklore alike abound with examples of women finding desire and release with vegetables, tree roots, tools of all kind, doorknobs, bedposts and any object that mimics the penetration of a penis. Women, however, report choices that more frequently are not penetrative but rather stimulate the clitoris and labia. Rubbing goes a long way to the arousal that self-pleasure is all about. For obvious reasons, a pillow is a frequent early aid for many woman when they first find self-release. And any object affording similar opportunities may be employed … an armchair, a stuffed animal (how cute!), and often a foot conveniently curled under in just that certain way. Riding a horse has been both a longtime fantasy and reality and don’t think that the sidesaddle prevented Milady from “enjoying” her morning ride. Of course, the age of electronics has particularly benefited a woman’s opportunities for maximizing self-pleasure. Massagers, escort bursa vibrators, dildos,and fucking machines of endless form and ingenuity have become commonly available, even in the corner drugstore. Programmable wearable devices like remote control clit stimulating butterfly panties, double ended vibrating dildos, rideable machines that can bring orgasms endlessly from any woman are available at costs that may seem steep until one calculates the value per orgasm … and without the hassle of a relationship with a MAN. Hmm, a bargain!

How many women participate? Like all men … 90% admit it and the other 10% are lying. Masturbation in some form is nearly universal to adult humans. Frequency and form vary, health issues may lead to changes, but virtually everyone does IT. Do some people suffer for their “sins”? Of course! The other universal of the human is his/her ability to complicate nature with values that deny reality. Ideal behavior has its place, but acceptance of some personal flaws always leads to a better person than outright denial of any flaws. For those who choose to forgo self-pleasure, it is the knowledge of that choice that improves them, not the act of denial. And flawed individuals can both benefit and suffer for their experiences. I knew a woman who suffered sexual molestation from an uncle from the age of 6 until she was 12. As an adult she went through years of therapy to deal with issues arising from that experience. Interestingly though, it was not her sexual life that gave her trouble. She recalled enjoying most of the sexual activities of her early experiences, which were not violent, and her only lapse of self-pleasure came in a year at a Catholic middle school when the nuns were quite adamant about the dangers of puberty. As an adult, she always enjoys a variety of sexual activities and exercises her daily self-pleasures including exploring with food (carrots and sausages!?) and, while not at all promiscuous, was happy when she found a partner who shared her enjoyment in frequent sexual activity. Her psychological issues were never a hindrance to her acceptance of sex as part of her humanity, and self-pleasure was a meaningful outlet. (To clarify her situation, security and trust were issues. Molestation is always damaging and is NOT a benefit to anyone!)

While I would never encourage abandoning shared sexual pleasure with willing and compatible partners, masturbation is both nearly universal and beneficial. Learning oneself including our sexual personality and preferences leads to better relationships with those around us, particularly our intimate partner. If you know your level of sexual arousal, what are your “hot buttons,” what turns you on or off, whether you enjoy finding new experiences that excite you, all these when communicated to your partner make a delicious shared experience better. So, find comfort in the universal need to “wack off” and go forth and do it!

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