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How Friday Got A Reputation

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How Friday got a reputation

“Oh, my fucking God!” Sissy McDowell gasped as she reached into my boxer shorts. “That’s all you?”

I pulled my face back from her neck and straightened up. “Yes. What’s the matter?” I responded defensively, certainly unsure of myself and her reaction now that I had my hand on first base.

“You’re fucking huge!” She exclaimed with a sense of wonder in her voice as her fingers grasp my hard boner. “No way I’m putting that thing inside me!” Then she pulled her hand out of my shorts.

“Come on, baby! You know you want it!” I whined as my fingers worked their way under her bra and captured a nipple.

“Hum!” She moaned briefly then forcefully said, “No! No fucking way!” She violently shook her head and backed away from me just enough that my hand came out of her bra. “You’re too big for me! What size is that thing, anyway?”

“See for yourself!” I said more than a bit disappointed.

She twisted around on the old car’s bench seat, put both hands on the lump in my tuxedo pants and began tracing the hard lump that was my cock. It was longer than her hand and half of her upper arm combined and nearly as big around as a coke can. “I can’t believe it. You have been hiding that monster from us all the way through school? Holy crap!”


That was the beginning of a totally new phase of my life. That night was Prom Night, May 2, 2018, and Sissy McDowell had been my date for the night. We had been classmates and friends since sometime before the Third Grade and I had thought she was a rather short, petite and well-developed girl who always showed her modest, God-fearing personality. I had asked her to our graduation prom thinking she would be a fun date and that maybe I would get lucky in the sex department based solely on the recommendation of one of our mutual friends.

I had borrowed my grandfather’s classic 1956 Ford in anticipation of making all the other guys in my class jealous. I did not bother telling them of its lousy gas mileage and most of them were jealous but, of course, there were a few who wanted to show-off and had the money to rent a classy Limo and driver. We had fun dancing, getting pictures taken and talking, all typical high school prom stuff. Then it was time to go to the traditional “all-nighter” post-prom party. And, except for the episode just given above, it was a fun night.

Both Sissy and had been sharing birthdays for a lot of years. We were both born in February, only two days apart, and, in accordance with state law, were over eighteen and could now buy booze legally. We soon found out that was one of the reasons Chuck Gallagher invited us to party with his jock friends and their dates at his family lake house. All he told me was that only classmates who were eighteen were invited, that we could go swimming in the lake and that we would have to bring our own booze. That is where things started getting weird.

Lean and lanky and weighting only about one hundred fifty pounds, I have never considered myself a high school jock. I did try out and made the school’s track team as a long-distance runner, but Track and Field events were all I did. Sure, I got a letter sweater as my trophy, but it meant about as much as my participation in the school’s Speech and Debate Team or the Chess club. Long story made short, I did not really stand out in our school’s crowd like the footballers and basketballers did. I did not date anyone from our school before that night either. Sissy was the first classmate I had every dated and I thought she would be the last one, too! My sights were set on an aeronautical engineering degree or astrophysics, I had not quite decided which yet. I had already been admitted into an engineering school in a neighboring state, so I did not want to get emotionally tied to someone local and I thought of Sissy as a friend, not a girlfriend.

What inexperienced me did not consider was that women talk to each other almost as much as they talk about each other. After we got to Chuck’s lake house, I do not think it took more than ten minutes before my up-until-then secret trouser snake was a topic of whispered gossip between the girls in attendance. I don’t know how many people were there already but there were at least twenty guys and girls hanging around in the yard and on the old railed porch. Sissy disappeared into one of the bedrooms to change out of her prom dress and into a bathing suit with two of the other girls following her in there.

Meanwhile, I had also brought a change of clothes and was doing the same in another room. When I emerged in my board swimming trucks and favorite Hawaiian shift I went out to the car to put my rented tux, dress shoes, etc., there. We had stopped at an all-night liquor store where Sissy and I started making out in the parking lot and, after she had pulled away from me, we in the store and got a pony keg to take to the lake. Of course, we both got carded but we got the beer, cups and ice along with a lecture about not drinking and driving. Now, it was time to pull all of that stuff out of the trunk and carry it to the ankara escort house.

Chuck came out to give me a hand getting the keg in a big plastic tub and icing it down. Then quietly asked me, “What about you and Sissy?”

“What do you mean?”

“What did you say to Sissy? She’s in there telling some kind of weird story about you having a pet snake or something? You into snakes?”

“Ugh, no! I don’t have any snake. I don’t like snakes!” I mumbled. I was a bit confused as to what he was referring to at first but it didn’t take me long to understand.

“So, what took you guys so long getting here with the beer?”

“I had a little car trouble over by the Crossroads Store. You know how these old cars can be.” I lied. He nodded his head and let the topic drop as he hoisted the pony keg onto a table sitting on the wrap-around porch to the old house.

About then, a very pretty blond came out of the house and over to us. She was wearing a modest pull-over knitted jersey and walking shorts with flipflops and looked real nice, wholesome even. “Jon, this is my girlfriend, Laura. She’s a cheerleader over at Hickory High.” Chuck said as he put his arm around her shoulders and pulled her close to his side. “Laura, this is Jon Friday. He and Sissy brought the beer.”

“Oh!” Laura said as she extended her small hand. I shook it quickly. “Sissy was just telling everyone about you. Something about you having a snake or something.”

Embarrassed, I shook my head no and mumbled, “She’s exaggerating. I don’t have a snake.”

“Sissy doesn’t exaggerate. I’ve known her for a long time. We’re both Rainbow Girls.” Laura said before turning to Chuck. “Babe, will you get me a beer?” She turned back to me with a piercing gleam in her eye. “Are you up to going swimming later.”

“Sure!” I answered and reached for one of the Styrofoam cups we brought with the keg. “Why not, the night is warm!” Actually, the night was hot with the temperature around eighty, and I was looking forward to swimming at night. I love swimming. If my school had a swimming program I would have tried out for that team long ago.

“Good!” She answered as she took the offered cup from Chuck. “We’ll just have to keep an eye out for snakes!”

“What? There aren’t any snakes in the lake!” Chuck protested.

Laura rolled her eyes and turned to look up at him. “I’ll explain it later!” She said and pulled him away and they walked off.

I stood there, beer in hand and looking out over all the kids in the yard when Sissy came out of the house wearing a bikini swimsuit that looked to be one size too small. The thing looked molded to her and she seemed to be spilling out of the top. She had what must have been her prom outfit in a clothing bag folded over an arm so I couldn’t see much of the bikini bottom. “Jon, did you lock your car?” She asked when she was beside me.

“Ugh, yeah, I did.”

“Would you take this out to it and make sure its locked? My purse is in the bag, too.”

“Wait a minute. You want me to do you a favor? After telling your friends that I have a pet snake?”

She grinned at me as she thrust the clothing bag into my free hand. “Yes, a favor for a favor!” She laughed after she said that. “Believe me, I just did you a favor!”

“I don’t see it that way. I just had some strange girl ask me about my pet snake. What did you tell her?”

“I told her that you have a snake she wouldn’t believe. I didn’t say anything about a pet.” Sissy took my beer from my hand and began drinking from it. “Go put my bag in the car, please!”

“All right! Just don’t go telling any more stories!” I weakly insisted as I left the porch and started back to the old Ford.

I was in the act of locking up the car again when Tammy Brewster and Becky Holloway, two of the girls in our class, appeared beside me in the dark. Dressed in flannel shirts tied under their boobs and cutoff jeans, they could have passed for twins. Both Tammy and Becky were easily my size and weight, and as athletic as any football player! Tammy had always exhibited a pushy personality and, to tell the truth, had intimidated me from the sixth grade onward. Becky was her loyal follower, doing whatever Tammy wanted. Tammy had a pair of big mushy tits, too, and suddenly they were pushed up against my chest to the point where I was penned back against the car door.

“Sissy says you’ve got a real snake in your pants! Becky and I are going to find out!” Tammy said in a demanding voice. A pair of hands was already on the front of my trunks and there was no way I could control the growth of my erection. Another pair of hands, Becky’s, suddenly jerked my swimming trunks down to my knees. My erection was just as suddenly there, semi-hard at full length, and weirdly white in the dark night.

“Holy shit! Is that real?” Becky exclaimed as she firmly grabbed my erect cock and both squeezed and pulled it painfully. My hands tried to push myself away and I managed to get my back off the car door. Becky released her hold on me and both girls gave me enough space to stand but I still had four boobs escort ankara touching my chest and arms with my swimming trunks at my knees. That only lasted until Tammy took hold of my hanging balls in her hand.

“It’s just like my grandpa used to say, when you got them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow!” And believe me, I did, as fast as those trunks would let me walk!

Fortunately, it was only a few feet over to the edge of the grass lawn where I tripped and started to fall. Becky caught me by the shoulders and eased me flat on my back. Tammy, meanwhile, was down on her knees, her hand once again wrapped around my sausage and jacking me to full mast again. I lost sight of Becky momentarily and then she was lowering her naked crotch over my face. I had just enough time to mumble a “No!” in protest before she had her hair-covered pussy on my mouth. She was rubbing her smelly pussy over my mouth and nose before I could understand what she was doing. The only defense I had was to try and bite her but she was moving too fast for me to latch onto anything.

I was also aware that a hot mouth was closing around the head of my cock while something big, soft and almost as warm was encasing my cock shaft, too. With Becky’s thighs clapped over my ears I barely heard Tammy say, “I got to have this dick!” The cold air suddenly on my dick was next replaced by Tammy’s hot pussy pushing down on my cock. It was a struggle for her but she managed to impale herself on about half of it. I heard her say, “Oh, my God!” before she started bouncing on me.

“Bitch, you better save me some of that!” Becky said just before I managed to take one of her pussy lips between my teeth. “Ow! OH! Oh, shit! I’m coming!” Then her legs really clamped down on my ears. I guess the bitch really got off on pain cause I was trying to draw blood with my teeth. Then she was off me, laying on her back in the grass and breathing hard.

Tammy was still bouncing on my hips, though, so, while I could now sit up and immediately did, she still had me underneath her. But not for any longer than it took for me to push her off me. Somewhere during all of the struggle, both girls had shed their tied flannel shirts and cutoff jeans leaving their big white bodies exposed to the moonlight. Becky was laying beside me, reaching for me with one hand while Tammy was sitting on the grass with her legs still spread. I got up on my knees and moved between those legs, dick first. Tammy reached to guide my cock back into her pussy and, while it was still tight, I penetrated her easily up about halfway. Her hands reached up to my chest to stop me from entering her further but I ignored them and speared her with my hips. I heard her grunt as my cockhead entered something inside her and that sent her into a violent climax.

“Ah! Oh, oh, oh my God! Ah!” Her legs closed against my hips so tight that I though she would break something. Then she went limp and fell backward with her mouth open and arms limp.

I stood up, my anger just as rampant as my cock was hard and I was willing to swing both like a baseball bat. I turned to Becky. “You want some of this?” I demanded harshly. “Get on your hands and knees, bitch!”

To my surprise, she scurried to turn over and do exactly that, even presenting her open pussy to me by arching her back a little. I dropped to my knees behind her big ass, lined my dick to her open slit and pushed into her. I got an immediate gasp of air from her as my dick slip in and a groan as it passed the halfway point. Once again, I felt the head of my dick pass into an internal organ. That brought a small cry from her throat but I kept on pushing until I felt my balls being tickled by the hair around her pussy. She was gasping for air as I began fucking in earnest. Not three seconds later I felt her reach another climax that tightened around my shaft to the point where I could barely move. She gave out a few more pig-like grunts and a wordless cry between gasps of air but no words. After a couple seconds of being frozen in place, her inner muscles relaxed and I started pumping my cock into her. Again she whimpered and began shivering as another wave of ecstasy coursed through her. She clamped my cock to where I couldn’t move then her legs went limp and she dropped onto the grass with me still in her pussy.

I pulled my dick out of her and let it rest on the crack of her meaty buttocks. I was worked up, both anger wise and sex wise and I was still rock hard but right then and there I decided I wasn’t going to give either one of the bitches the satisfaction of me ejaculating in or over them. I stood up, found my swimming trunks, put them on with some difficulty over my cock and left them sprawled naked in the grass.

I went straight to the keg of beer and poured myself a cup full and chugged it down. Then I poured another cup full and started walking toward the edge of the lake, drinking it slowly as I went. My anger was still strong but, fortunately, my hard-on softened remarkably once I left those two bitches. The beer helped put me in a better mood, too.

There was a wooden ankara escort bayan dock that went about twenty feet out over the water and I walked out there on it to get some privacy. I sat on the small wooden bench there and was taking in the view of the moonlight on the black looking water when I heard light footsteps behind me.

“There you are!” I heard Laura’s voice behind.

“Yep! Here I am!” I answered without looking at her.

“Sissy was looking for you. Where did you go?” She asked as she moved to stand beside me.

“I put her stuff in the car. Then I got mugged!”

“What? By who?”

“Tammy and Becky!” I said into my beer. Then I chuckled. “But I’m the one that walked away!”

“You mean Tammy Brewster and Becky Holloway? Two of the biggest dykes in your school?”


“Wow! I’ve even heard of them over at Hickory High! They enjoy hurting people. They didn’t hurt you, did they?”

“I admit there for a little while I thought they would, but they didn’t. I left them both naked in the grass by the parking area.”

“What do you mean, naked in the grass.”

“They wanted a demonstration of what Sissy told all of you. They got what they wanted! It was more than they could handle!” I said with another chuckle. I was starting to see the humor in the situation.

“Really?” Laura asked with a laugh in her voice. “That’s funny! A skinny nerd like you taking on those two, laying them out in the dirt and walking away! That’s going to be the talk of every class of every school in our district for years!” Then her voice got serious. “You said “naked” in the grass! How did you do that?”

I guess it was the beer. I’m not much of a drinker and that fast beer had me feeling loose and carefree. The beer that I was still drinking help, too! I stood up without even thinking about it, hooked my thumbs into the waistband of the swimming trunks and pushed them down. They feel off around my feet and there I was with my semi-hard dick exposed to the moonlight. “With this!” I said. Then I grabbed hold of it at its base and waved it at her.

“Oh! That’s a nice one!” Laura said with wonder in her voice. “Sissy was telling the truth! Can I touch it?”

“Its just been in two dykes but, yeah, if you want to!”

She looked at my growing cock then up to my face and back down to it again.

“I got an idea. You can swim, right?” She finally said.

“Damn right! Like a fish!’ I replied and started unbuttoning my shirt.

“Good!” She said as she began peeling off her clothes. “This is going to be fun!” She added as her shirt went over her head. Her bra, shorts and shoes quickly followed and were piled around her feet and we both stood there looking at each other.

I really liked what I saw. She had smallish breasts but they were perfectly proportioned for her size and she only had a slender strip of G-string shaped, pinkish-colored panty cloth over her obvious camel-toe. Even standing perfectly still, I could tell she was the living image of grace and sensuality. That impression was confirmed when she did a graceful standing dive off the pier into the lake. I did my best dive, too, and broke the surface cleanly.

I came back to the lake surface a few yards from the end of the pier and treaded water as I looked around for Laura. I sensed water movement behind me then felt her hot body climbing onto my back. I was about to turn around and face her when she pushed me by the shoulders back under the water. I tried to take ahold of her as I went down but she was too slippery. All I got was a fleeting touch of one of her tits and then she was gone.

Once more my head rose above the water but I still didn’t see her. Suddenly, I felt her though. She had one of her hands on my hip and the other was searching for my limp dick. Then she rose to the surface in front of me. I reached for her and pulled her tight against me. She still held onto my shaft as I sought a kiss. That kiss turned into a passionate invasion of her tongue in my mouth and a stroking of my dick.

“You keep doing that and it will end up inside you!” I warned as I pulled back to breath.

“Yeah, I hope so!” She whispered in my ear just before she bit my earlobe. I repaid her by twisting one of her tiny nipples hard. She took a death-grip on my cock as she uttered a moan of pleasure. “Harder!” She demanded and I twisted that nipple again. “Oh, Yeah! I like that! Just like that!” She wrapped an arm around my neck while pulling on my dick with the other. Naturally, despite the cool lake water, my cock began to stiffen again and grow longer. “Yes, that’s what I want!”

As she said that I felt the water closing over our heads and a second later we both came back up spluttering water. “Let’s get out of the water.” I said and she let go of me.

We started swimming toward the end of the pier and I enjoyed the sight of her thong enhanced butt cheeks glowing a dull white as she moved up the short ladder. She was using her fingers to wipe water from her hair when I moved behind her, my hands seeking her breasts and my stiff cock sliding between those butt cheeks to nestle between her hot thighs. I put my head down and began kissing and lightly biting her neck. Her reaction was to lean backward into me. “Humm! Oh, this is so nice!” She seemed to purr as she said that.

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