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I Submitted Myself

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It was a Friday. I entered the Gymnasium in my apartment and saw this man. I noticed him because he was a foreigner. He had a very good physique and I didn’t understand why he had to come to a gym. He was in his shorts and he was very attractive. I would say he was about 5ft, 8inches tall, and he was a typical, handsome white guy. I stared at him for a while, but I withdrew my eyes when I saw him noticing me. Then I just went ahead and did my regular exercises.

My apartment is on the eleventh floor and the balcony opens onto the swimming pool. The following morning I got up and went to the balcony with my coffee. I slowly sipped my coffee and had a glance at the swimming pool. I saw the same man swimming in his trunk. I just could not take my eyes from him. He had an excellent body and he was so handsome. When he got out of the pool, I saw the thickness inside his underwear. It was huge. I could not take my eyes off of that portion and suddenly I realized that he was looking at me. I withdrew my eyes and continued sipping my coffee. I just couldn’t forget the sight of him coming out of that pool. I thought of him when I was in bed. I hugged my pillows and kissed them, imagining it was him. Quickly, I developed the urge to have sex with him, but I decided to control myself. I needed to control this urge, as I cannot get into bed with every sexy man I see on the street or at the pool. I tried to get him out of my mind, so I decided to avoid him.

A week passed by and I didn’t see him the entire time. I was happy to have avoided him. However, the next day I was coming home from the office. Normally I use the stairs, but I was so tired, that day that I decided to use the lift, so I went and pressed the button. When the lift opened, I saw the same guy. This time he was not alone, but with a girl who was maybe 22 or so. He was holding her by the waist and she was very close to him. He just smiled at me when they got out and I got in.

I decided to get him out of my mind, but the sight of him with another girl made me jealous. I was burning with envy, even after I entered my flat. I thought for a long while and decided to tease him and play with him. I worked out my plan to make him jealous. My idea was to make him crave for me and then not to get into bed with him. The next day, in the morning, I was ready and went to the swimming pool, even before him, and started swimming in my swim suit. When he came very near to the pool, I got out. I stood outside the pool and started wiping the water in my body with the towel. I was wearing a black swim suit, which was very tight on me and I knew that he could see my boobs popping out through the sides of the suit, and most of my ass was on display too, and I didn’t pay any attention to him at all. I stayed there for another 3 minutes and then walked away as I saw that he was about to come over to me. I was sure he was disappointed.

In the evening, I went to the gym. I was sure that he would be there. He was, and I sat opposite him. I was wearing a tight T-shirt. It was a Bermuda and very low cut. My cleavage was clearly visible and anyone could see my nipples erect and hard and pointing out. I started my exercise and pretended not to notice him. I could see that he was staring at me, but I didn’t pay any attention to him. I was wearing a pair of sunglasses and he couldn’t see what I was looking at. I saw that he had developed a great big bulge under submissive cuckolds porno his shorts. He got up and came close to me. When he was about to reach me, I got up and left the gym in a rush. I am sure he understood that I was trying to tease him. I enjoyed that feeling. The next morning I saw him in the swimming pool again, and it was very early. I didn’t go swimming that day and after an hour I went to the balcony with my coffee. The moment he saw me on the balcony, he got out of the swimming pool. This time I couldn’t take my eyes of off his body.

He saw me staring at him and he waved his hand to me. I couldn’t control myself and I smiled at him and then disappeared from the balcony. I felt a sudden urge in my body and I went to the bathroom. I removed my gown and looked at myself in the bathroom mirror. I was happy to see my curvaceous body. I slowly got out of my panties and rubbed my fingers over my clit. I unclipped my bra too and I was pleased to see my boobs bouncing out freely. I squeezed at my nipples and opened the shower. I spent 15 minutes under the shower and wished he was with me. I really wanted his presence there. A foreigner with whom I had never spoken; I didn’t even know his name!

I didn’t go to the gym that evening, but the next evening I met him in the lift. He smiled at me. I wanted to ignore him, but I couldn’t help smiling back. He started the conversation.

“Hey, I am Patrick Peter. You can call me Peter,” he said.

“Hi,’ I relied, ‘I’m Reshma.”

The lift reached my floor and I stepped out. He was about to say something to me, but I just breezed out and entered my apartment. His introduction made it clear to me that my teasing had worked and he had noticed me now. He was dying to get acquainted with me, but I wanted to tease him more.

Two more days passed without us meeting each other. Then, on the third day, when I got off of my bus and was walking to my apartment, it suddenly started raining. I was wearing black pants and a formal, white blouse. I started running and then I saw a car stopping in front of me. I saw the apartment sticker on the car and got into it when the driver opened the door.

After I had sat in the seat I turned to see the driver and was shocked to see that it was Peter! He just smiled at me and his smile brought goose bumps to my wet body. He parked the car in the parking lot and accompanied me. We didn’t speak even a single word. We got into the lift and when we reached my floor and I got out, he got out too.

Then he asked

“Won’t you offer a coffee to the man who gave you a lift?”

I just raised my face and looked at his eyes. He had highly seductive eyes. I replied without much thought

“Yes, you are very welcome.”

We entered my apartment and I asked him to sit in the drawing room.

“Peter, I will change my dress and then I will come back,” I told him.

I entered my bathroom. I undressed and wiped my body with the towel. I put on my sexiest bra and panty set. It was a laced set, and its colour was red. I put on a tight top and I wore a skirt which was just covering my knees. I entered the drawing room and saw him sitting in the chair with his shirt removed. He had also got wet in the rain, but not to the extent that I had. Telling him that I would get his coffee quickly, I went into the kitchen. I made the coffee and took sex parties porno it to him. He took it from me with that seductive smile, and his fingers touched mine when he took the coffee. It sent a shiver down my spine. I sat opposite him, staring at his broad chest. He was staring into my eyes and I was sure that he could read my mind. He gave me a mischievous smile and then he came over to me. Looking into my eyes, he asked

“Reshma, do you like me?”

I closed my eyes and nodded my head. I could feel his finger touching my lips now. His finger travelled to my cheeks and came back to my lips. He parted my lips and I bit his finger. He withdrew his finger and then I opened my eyes. He kissed me on my forehead. Then he sat next to me on the sofa. He took my face in his hands and slowly kissed my cheeks. I closed my eyes again. He licked my lips with his tongue and slowly kissed my lips. I felt a shiver in my body. He was so tender and loving.

I caught his head and pressed his mouth to mine. He started to smooch me hard now. His tongue entered my mouth and started to explore it. Then he lifted me suddenly and placed me on his lap. His hands started running all over my body and he continued to smooch me. He started sucking my tongue and his right hand slipped inside my top. He began squeezing my left breast through my bra. I moaned. Then he used his hand to lift my skirt and started caressing my thighs. His hand roamed around my panties without touching them.

His lips started kissing my neck now. He slowly moved to my ears and his tongue tickled its inside. Then he began chewing my ear, only stopping for a moment to remove my top. I lifted my arms to help him. His tongue rolled down over me and began to lick my cleavage, and all the while his fingers continued to roam around my panty lines. He flicked his tongue under the edge of my bra, and I couldn’t resist him any longer, so I pressed his face to my full blossoming breasts. He hugged me with one hand and started sucking my boobs through the material of my bra.

I lifted his face up to mine and smooched him hard. My tongue entered his mouth and explored inside it. He pressed hard on my pussy and started caressing her through my panties. Then he lifted me up and carried me to the bed. We were smooching even when he carried me, and when he was holding me over the bed, he gently dropped me onto the mattress.

He removed his shirt. He had a broad chest with golden hairs. I got up and started kissing his chest. I sucked on his nipples and gently bit on them. I kissed him down his chest and over his stomach and unzipped him with my teeth. I pulled his trousers down and saw the bulge. He took me up and turned me over. He hugged me from behind and cupped my boobs and began to knead them. While he was kneading my boobs, he removed my bra and I could feel his hard cock pressing on my back. I tried to reach around behind with my hand and caress him through his underwear. As I did that, he inserted his finger inside my panties and then into my pussy and started exploring her. My hand went inside his underwear and caught hold of his huge dick. He pushed me to the bed and pulled down my panties.

He lowered his mouth and planted a gentle kiss on my pussy and then he started slowly licking on her. He used his left hand to pull my clit out and started sucking my clit as his right hand was spankbang porno squeezing my breasts one after the other. Then he came up and sucked my lips again. I could feel and taste my own juices in his mouth. They tasted delicious on my tongue. My hands went down to take hold of his underwear and pull it down. I was shocked to see his hard and strong cock. I had never seen such a great cock! I started stroking him and planted my lips on it. I rubbed my lips on his tip. I started licking his huge cock from top to bottom. I slowly started sucking the head of his cock: the cock I had waited for so long to suck. Soon I was sucking him greedily and caressing his balls. His hands were caressing my hair as I was enjoying his cock.

He then pushed me down and was ready to enter. He took his cock in his hand and started rubbing it on my clit. He then rubbed it on my pussy lips. Slowly he pushed his cock in. He started pumping inside me. He sucked my lips and was chewing my tongue. I used my left hand to caress his balls as he was fucking me hard. He then lifted my right hand up and licked my armpit. That was a sensuous and unexpected move from him and I shivered with pleasure. He continued to suck and lick my armpits for a while. His pumping started gaining pace. I used my hands to squeeze his ass and press him hard to my body. He was using his thumb to caress my clit and his lips were sucking my nipples one after another. I pressed him hard to my body as he ejected his cum load inside me. I had my fourth orgasm along with that.

We lay down in the bed in each others arms for an hour. I woke up and went to the toilet to wash myself. When I finished, I felt Peter’s hands around my waste. He whispered in my ears

“Reshma, you are too sexy!”

I got goose bumps in my body. His cock was up again and was pressed to my ass cheeks. He started kissing my neck and turned me over. He kissed fully on my lips. He lifted both my legs and wrapped them around him. He continued to suck my lips and took me to the kitchen. He placed me on the dining table and stared at me for a while. He kissed my neck and started licking my body down. He sucked both my nipples, and then came down my body, licking me and stopped just above my pussy.

He lifted his head up and was searching for something in the kitchen. He took a bottle of jam in his hands and started spreading it on my pussy. After spreading it, he started licking the jam off of my pussy. He was eating me wildly. He sucked my clit like there is no end. My clit was fully inside his mouth and it was as though he was chewing it. This was too much for me and I had three more orgasms.

Now it was my turn to return the favour. I got up from the table and asked him to sit on the table where I had been. I took the jam jar and dipped my fingers in and took a big lump of jam and spread it all over his balls and his cock. I started licking the jam from his balls first, and when I had finished licking and sucking all of the jam off of his balls, I took his cock in my hands, and I licked all of the jam off of is cock. Then I started sucking him off. My hands ran over his back bone and my thumb caressed the base of his ass. I sucked him vigorously and he started moaning with pleasure. I could sense that he was about to cum. He wanted to pull his cock out, but I wouldn’t allow him to. I sucked him deeply and he shot his hot load into my mouth. I tried to block the little hole at the tip of his cock with my tongue, but his cum pushed my tongue away, as it shot out. I drank the entire load and didn’t allow him to take his cock out of my mouth for the next two minutes. He was totally exhausted.

He lowered his lips to my ears and told me

“Reshma, you are the best fuck I ever had.”

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