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Imogen’s Double

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Once, while under the influence of too many glasses of giggle juice, Imogen had confided to her two closest friends that her greatest sexual fantasy had always been to be taken by two men at once in a double penetration, but that she’d never had the nerve to actually do anything about it.

‘But would you, if the chance came along?’ Kelly had asked her.

‘With Michael working away so much, yes I think I probably would.’ Imogen had replied. ‘I don’t get enough of one cock, let alone two.’

That could have been as far as it had gone, and the confession might have been forgotten if it hadn’t been for a chance encounter by Helen, the third member of the group. She had been at a party a few months later where two men had lewdly suggested to another girl that she might like to have them from both front and back at the same time. The girl concerned had been greatly offended, but Helen had heard the commotion, and, on impulse, had cautiously approached them with the idea of fulfilling Imogen’s fantasy. With their surprised and enthusiastic agreement she then told Imogen that her fantasy might actually become reality, but then to her dismay Imogen had rejected the idea out of hand.

Once again that might have been an end to the matter, but a few days later Imogen changed her mind and rang Helen asking if the two men would still be interested. They were, and all that was left then was the mechanics of how to actually arrange things, and she and her two friends sat down that same afternoon to discuss her concerns.

Her main worry, as a married woman, was how could she avoid Michael, her husband, finding out, and also, how could she be certain of her own personal safety while in an intimate and very vulnerable position with two strange men. Trying to figure that out had taken most of an afternoon, but between them all they thought they had come up with a workable solution.

Firstly, Imogen picked a date when Michael would be working away, but just in case a nosy neighbour noticed strange men calling they arranged that Kelly and Helen would bring the two men, the four arriving together as if they were all friends. Then if anyone happened to notice and mention it to Michael, it was just a couple of old college friends who had dropped in unexpectedly with their partners. Hopefully the darkness would hide their actual identities.

As for the second problem, Kelly and Helen would simply stay there and wait to take the men away again, and just to make sure Imogen was safe Helen was loaning her a couple of mini cameras that she had used to spy on a doubtful baby sitter one time. Nobody thought they would be needed, but it just added to Imogen’s sense of security, and give her an extra buzz at the same time. They would be set up and connected to a couple of laptops in the dining room from where the other two women could monitor proceedings, with the only stipulation that what happened mustn’t be recorded for obvious reasons.

Now the days had passed and the appointed date was tomorrow, and Imogen was as keyed up as a kid waiting for Christmas.

‘You know they’re a bit younger than you, don’t you?’ Helen reminded her suddenly, remembering that her prospective lovers, Richard and Ben, were aged eighteen and nineteen to Imogen’s twenty-eight.

‘And why is that a problem?’ Imogen asked. ‘I’m going to fuck them, not marry them.’

Helen threw her hands up. ‘Okay, no problem, just making sure you knew.’

Of course Imogen knew, she’d chatted to them via webcam several times and knew their similar dark good looks could only belong to teenagers. Helen was really just checking on her commitment.

‘Sorry.’ Imogen apologised. ‘I guess I’m a bit defensive, and anyway I’m thinking that being younger they’ll be more likely to let things happen my way,’

‘How are you going to start things off?’ Kelly wanted to know. ‘I mean you can’t just take your things off and get right to it. Can you?’

‘God, no! I’d be as dry as a desert from nerves. No, it’s down to them to get me going. But if they can’t turn me on enough, then nothing else is going to happen, I’ll tell you that much. I want to enjoy it, not endure it!’

‘Do they know that?’ Helen knew that Imogen had chatted with them over the internet when they were setting things up, the good old anonymous internet.

‘They must. If they don’t know that women need getting going, then they’re no bloody good to me, are they? But we’ll soon find out, won’t we?’

‘True.’ Helen agreed, and changed the subject. ‘Now, just to double check. We pick them up at the train station and try to arrive at yours as close to seven-o-clock as possible? And we’ll try to look like two couples for the sake of the neighbours.’

‘Yes. Thanks. It would be good if you could.’

‘No problems. Here’s to it.’ Helen raised her coffee mug in mock salutation.

The following afternoon Imogen rang both Helen and Kelly just to check that everything was on track. Really it was to sooth her own ragged nerves.

‘You will be illegal bahis there to pick them up, won’t you?’ She asked them both.

Satisfied that they both would and not hearing the note of amused exasperation in their voices, Imogen set about getting ready. She had bought some lube, and this now went by the newly made bed along with tissues and a towel, although she wasn’t sure why she needed the towel. Best be prepared she thought.

Then a coffee while she read the instructions and figured out how to set up the hidden cameras. The thought of being spied on was both reassuring and, in a strange way, quite stirring. Although it wasn’t really ‘spying’, was it? After all, she knew they were there. Video instructions finally understood she went to find hiding places for the cameras, concealing one within a stack of clothes to view from the foot of the bed, and the other on top of a wardrobe to the side and looking down. The two laptops, one hers and one her sister’s, were left side by side in the dining room, on a central table but carefully facing away from both door and window. She didn’t want any unauthorised spectators, after all. She would feel safe now and, even though she wasn’t sure why she wanted to, she would be able to prove to her audience that she had actually had two men at once.

Preparations made, she went for a shower, paying more attention than usual attention to her ‘bits’, and then made herself a meal, which she picked over rather than ate. She read a book, rereading the same page, in fact the same paragraph, numerous times before giving up and listening to music. Rock suited her pounding, excited heart, but she felt the need to calm down, but then, soft classical seemed to bring her too low. A bit of country finally suited her needs, until “Your cheating heart” came rather too close to home for comfort, and the television was switched on.

If some one had asked her later what she watched, she wouldn’t have known. Her eyes watched it but her brain didn’t. Inside her head she was thinking about what she was going to do, yearning for it, dreading it, scared silly of it, elated to be doing it, and not a little guilty about it. Her mind was in turmoil, but above everything she determined that she was going through with it. She’d thought about it often enough, dreamed about it, longed to feel it, and now it was definitely going to happen. Unless, of course, something went wrong. She picked up the phone to ring Kelly, but then put it down again, berating herself for her nerves.

Finally, at six on the dot the phone rang and she answered it with trepidation. It was bound to be one of the men saying they weren’t coming, or one of the girls saying they couldn’t pick them up, or…. Or anything!

It was Michael making his nightly call to make sure she was all right and to tell her he loved her. Guilt grabbed at her heart. She had completely forgotten him. She managed to get through the call, but when he finally blew her a kiss down the phone and hung up she sat cradling the receiver for long minutes and fought with herself over whether or not to call it off. How could she do such a thing to him? But then, she told herself, she wasn’t really cheating on him. She wasn’t having an affair, only scratching an itch. One that had irritated for years and one which, left unscratched, might well brew up into something more harmful later – she told herself.

The phone rang again. This time it was Helen confirming that she and Kelly were on their way to the station. Imogen nodded down the phone, her heart pounding again, but now for a different reason.

‘Hello? You there?’ Helen hadn’t heard her nod.

‘Yes, sorry. Just getting a little overexcited here.’

‘And so you should be. For a moment I thought you’d changed your mind and Kelly and I were going to have to have them instead!’

‘Not a chance. You just get them here and I’ll handle them.’ Imogen was back into anticipatory mode, looking forward to her fantasy.

‘Okay. Assuming the train’s on time we’ll be with you about seven. Bye for now.’

‘Byeee!’ Imogen tried to sound more casual than she actually felt.

Another shower, and a change into a simple short brown skirt and beige top, their plainness disguising the skimpy black underwear they hid. Imogen didn’t want to come across as a slut but she did want to feel at least a little bit alluring, and her two layer method was her compromise. She was ready. Ready to commit adultery with two strange men. She forced that line of thinking from her mind. She was ready, in more ways than one.

The doorbell rang.

It was them, Helen and Kelly escorting Richard and Ben.

‘Oh, hello. Well this is a surprise, come on in.’

‘Well, we were passing and we hadn’t seen you for a while, so we thought…’ Helen gave a shrug and let her voice tail off.

‘You don’t know our fellas, do you’ Kelly asked loudly, dropping her voice to a whisper before adding, ‘But you soon will!’

The pantomime for nosy neighbours was probably wasted as none illegal bahis siteleri seemed to be around, but it felt necessary to Imogen. The door closed behind them and the farce ended, but then Imogen’s nerves cut in once more and she shivered as if cold.

‘Let’s all have a coffee, yes?’ Helen took charge, pointing the way through to the lounge and then heading for the kitchen, followed closely by Imogen.

‘I don’t think I can.’ She began.

‘Yes you can, just put it in a cup and drink it.’

Imogen gave Helena withering look. ‘You know what I mean.’

‘Well, you don’t have to, I know. But it would be a shame to miss the chance, and these two guys seem really nice. In the car Ben was telling us that he’s terrified of not pleasing you.’

‘Was he really?’ Imogen perked up at the thought of a considerate lover.

‘Yes, really.’ Helen assured her, lying through her teeth for the sake of encouragement.

They settled in the lounge and, after about a half hour of random chat and a refill of their coffee cups, Imogen took a deep breath and committed herself.

‘Are you two still up for it?’ She asked. ‘Because I am if you are.’

‘Oh yes.’ Chorused the two men. ‘For sure.’

‘Can’t say for Ben, but I’ve been looking forward to this all week.’ Richard added, a wide smile splitting his young face.

‘Then you’ve got to take things really steady.’ Imogen told them. ‘Because I’m petrified.’

‘No problem.’ Ben pushed his dark hair away from his eyes. ‘Nobody’s in a rush, are they?’

‘Definitely not. I told you, take things very easily.’ Imogen looked from one to the other. ‘I’ve never done this before, so you must be careful. I mean it. It’s got to be at my pace.’

‘We’ve not done it before either.’ Ben told her ‘So we’ll all need to take things nice and slow.’

‘Good.’ Imogen drew a breath of pure relief. ‘Have you any preference about who goes where? And you know exactly what I mean.’

Richard smiled. ‘We figure that’s your choice.’

‘Then let’s get started.’ Imogen stood and waited for the men to do the same and then she led them into the hall and gestured upstairs. ‘Take the first door on the left and get ready, I’ll be there in a minute, I just need to talk to my friends.’

With the two men safely out of the way Imogen quietly called Helen and Kelly through into the dining room and booted up the laptops. As far as the men were concerned, they were going to watch soaps on the telly while they waited, but a couple of mouse clicks later and they were looking at Imogen’s bed from two different angles. The drama they were expecting to see would be far more exciting, they were sure.

‘Look.’ Imogen told her friends. ‘I don’t mind you watching, because I’ll feel more secure. But please don’t take the piss afterwards will you?’

‘Don’t be silly.’ Kelly assured her. ‘Why would we want to do that?’

‘I don’t know.’ Imogen admitted. ‘I know that having you both watching will add spice, but it’ll get spoiled if you take the mickey later on.’

‘We won’t, we swear.’ Helen promised. ‘Now, go and enjoy yourself, and if anything starts to go the slightest bit wrong just shout for us and we’ll be there in a flash.’

‘I’m sure it won’t, they seem nice enough lads.’ Imogen smiled suddenly. ‘And don’t you start doing things for yourself, hands on the table at all times.’

‘Go!’ Helen pointed at the door. ‘Go get yourself double fucked.’

‘I’ve gone, I’ve gone.’ Imogen raised her hands in surrender and headed for the stairs, leaving Helen and Kelly to turn their attention to the pictures on the laptops.

On the screens they could see Ben pulling his shirt over his head, and Richard sitting on the edge of the bed to remove his socks, both of them following Imogen’s request to get ready.

‘Do you think she’ll be all right?’ Kelly asked Helen. ‘I don’t mean safe, I mean will she enjoy it do you think?’

‘Yes, she’ll have the time of her life.’ Helen glanced across at Kelly. ‘When you’ve longed for something for so long and then it happens, it’s the biggest thrill you can imagine. I know when I let Brett spank me after wanting him to for ages it was so much hotter than I expected. I was really scared before we started, but god, he made me come like you wouldn’t believe. So yes, Imogen will be fine, you watch.’

‘Since when were you into spanking?’ Kelly asked all of a sudden, her eyes still carefully glued to the laptop screen. ‘You never said.’

‘You don’t know everything about me. I have to keep a few secrets you know, especially the bedroom ones.’

‘So it seems. Ah, here we go.’

Their attention was drawn back to events in the bedroom by Imogen’s voice coming from the laptops.

‘You’ll have to get me going before we try anything heavy. If I don’t get turned on enough there’s no way we do it, ok?’

Imogen was standing at the end of the bed, her back to one camera, undoing her belt. The two men were now both naked and sitting on the bed, one to either side.

‘That’s canlı bahis siteleri telling them.’ Helen grinned at Kelly.

‘Don’t blame her, you got to set the ground rules.’ Kelly smiled back, her friend’s frankness echoing her own from a few minutes before. ‘I just hope she doesn’t frighten them, they’re only young.’

‘They don’t look the sort to be intimidated that easily.’ Helen replied, watching her friend undress on the screens.

‘You know, for a big girl she’s got a nice bottom.’ Kelly remarked a minute or so later as Imogen bent down to remove her panties.

‘She’s not that big.’ Helen frowned.

In truth Imogen was more solidly built than overweight. She was certainly very attractive even with a full figure, large breasts, a slightly rounded stomach and heavy thighs. She carried her weight well, drawing admiring glances from a lot of men, and Kelly was right in one respect – she did have a nice bottom.

They watched as Imogen kicked her underwear to one side and climbed onto the bed, rolling onto her back and spreading her arms wide.

‘Come on then, you two. Let’s see what you can do for me.’

‘Wow.’ Kelly muttered as Richard sat beside her on the left and Ben on the right. ‘I expected her to be more nervous than that.’

‘Me too.’ Helen agreed. ‘She sure knows what she wants, doesn’t she?’

On the bed Imogen was spreading her legs for the two men to touch her, but both of them instead simply leaned over and planted their mouths over a large dark nipple each.

Helen giggled. ‘She’s not going to get it all her own way, is she?’

‘No.’ Kelly shook her head, smiling. ‘I think they’ve got a game plan of their own, don’t you?’

Imogen’s arms went around her partners’ shoulders and she closed her eyes, enjoying their attentions to her breasts. For a little while nothing happened and all her viewers could hear were Imogen’s breathing getting deeper and the occasional sucking noise of mouths on nipples, but then Helen noticed Richard’s hand slowly creeping down Imogen’s body. Imogen sighed quietly and wriggled her approval, trying to open her legs a little wider in readiness. She had, in fact, expected them to be less restrained and so things were going even slower than even she wanted.

‘Here they go.’ Helen giggled.

Imogen sighed again as Richard’s hand crept over her pubic mound and down onto her pussy, fingers finding their way between her labia to stroke her clit.

‘Oh, yes.’ She groaned, the sound coming clearly through the speakers. ‘I like that.’

Richard carried on playing there until Imogen was gripping tight onto his shoulder and her hips were gyrating slowly under the influence of her arousal, and then he moved down, finding her entrance and sliding two fingers straight into her. Her breathing was getting louder, interspersed with soft moans of pleasure. Through the camera Ben’s hand could be seen working its way unhurriedly down across her stomach to join Richard’s, fingertips skating lightly over her flesh.

Richard must have known what Ben was doing, for he moved his hand slightly to allow Ben access, so that both men were now busy with Imogen’s pussy as well as suckling at her breasts. Both seemed to be working to some prearranged plan, because without speaking they both steadily built up speed until Ben was strumming hard at her clit while Richard thrust deeply and forcefully in and out of her pussy.

Imogen was soon gripping tightly to their shoulders, her eyes squeezed shut and her pelvis lifting rhythmically from the bed, and gasping in time to their movements.

‘Slow down.’ She called out suddenly. ‘You’re making me come already.’

‘I don’t think they’re listening.’ Kelly whispered to Helen as they watched from the dining room.

Kelly was right, instead of slowing down both men redoubled there efforts, Ben’s fingers almost a blur and Richard slamming his hard and deep into Imogen’s vagina. Almost immediately she began to cry out, little gasping cries that became louder and more insistent until they merged into one long loud cry as her orgasm flooded through her. Imogen’s hips jerked and thrust and her clawed fingers drew furrows into both men’s shoulders as her head thrashed from side to side, but they had timed it perfectly and they slowed down just as Imogen’s orgasm declined, until they all lay still on the bed. Imogen was gasping for breath with Richard’s fingers still embedded inside her and Ben’s lying, stationary now, over the top of her pussy. It was a tableau that her audience savoured, gazing at the trio in a kind of awe that things had got that far so quickly.

‘You bastards.’ Imogen told her partners with a wry smile, her chest still heaving. ‘You were supposed to get me started, not finish me off.’

‘I’m sure you can take more yet.’ Richard raised an enquiring eyebrow and began to slowly push his fingers into Imogen’s tunnel.

She pushed him away and wriggled into a sitting position, closing her legs so that they could sit beside her. ‘Oh no! Not yet a while.’

‘You can come more than once, can’t you?’ Ben asked with a smile.

‘Yes, I can.’ Imogen answered. ‘But can you?’

‘Oh yes.’ Ben answered, still grinning. ‘How many times do you want?’

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