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In From The Cold

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I knew a Michelle once.

We were high school sweethearts.

And we made love like we invented it.

Our home was not far away, I walked when the weather was nice.

Like you, she had curly hair

that painted her face with the pastels of blonde.

She also had big breasts that I loved to kiss.

She went crazy, though. Ran off to college

with my best friend from my school and got married.

They did not last very long. She was crazy with him, also.

In high school she was a cheerleader. She was very sexy in her short skirts.

But she is gone now, somewhere in my very colorful past.

You remind me of her, but with black hair that wraps around your face and falls to your shoulders.

I don’t know you more than that. But I fantasize.

You have affected me the same way Michelle did – which is why the character in my story is Michelle.

That way I can do to her what I wanted to. And the same goes for you.

Richard sat across the street and watched where Michelle used to work. She would be getting off soon and he would wait for her. He began to think back, to the day to when he and her first worked together and when they first fucked. She was teaching a group of nurses at the local hospital. He was one of her students. As they moved down the wing she discussed various procedures. Richard watched her as she spoke. She looked back with green eyes. And then she caught him looking at her. She continued talking about the catheter. “It has to be removed like this.” Her hands danced around in front of her. The students watched her as she taught. Richard watched her eyes. Her eyes moved from her hands to her students to him. They looked at each other, their eyes fixed. Everything was normal until that moment in time. She knew and he knew. They finished their rounds

When they finished their rounds for the day the group disassembled. As they broke up part and went their separate ways, Richard migrated to Michelle, as if to ask her a question about the class she was teaching.

“Excuse me, Michelle, can I ask you a question?”

She looked around her to see where the voice was coming from. She looked over her right arm and then her left. Her eyes locked on Richard. He was not a large man, average size but well-built and very toned from what she had seen of his arms. The muscles rippled there when he reached for something. She thought privately of what his back must feel like. She bit her lower lip and said “Yes, what can I do for you, Richard?”

“I have a question about catheters. Don’t patients sometimes wear a condom catheter?”

“Well Richard, yes they do. When a patient has to have one for a long time they will sometimes have the choice of using a condom.” She grinned at the word as she was saying it to. That is not very professional, Michelle, she said to herself. She continued “A tube that attaches to the head of the condom, known as the extension, and runs down the leg to the urine bag and, in turn, needs to be emptied. And the condom catheter should be changed daily. At the same time, you should start a bowel regimen for obvious reasons. Are there any other questions?”

He thought for a minute and then said, “Yes ma’am. Would you like to go for a cup of coffee.” He did not ask sheepishly but with confidence and surety. Michelle looked around to see who might have heard. “There is a rule that teachers will not fraternize was students.” She said with her voice lowered.

“Who is fraternizing? I only ask you to go for a cup of coffee to cover a couple of other questions.” His eyes were innocent, like a puppy dogs.

“Tell you what, Richard” she looked around again “I’m going to run upstairs and get my stuff to leave for the day. And I will come across the street to the Starbucks. Is that okay?”

“Absolutely.” He said with a smile.

He waited for the 30 minute he had planned for it to take Michelle to get there. He began looking around at the people who came to Starbucks. There was a college student working on her computer. A grown man was doing something on his phone, probably texting. The baristas were busy with a long line of people. There was soft music playing. The store was very relaxed, everyone enjoying their time to wind down from work or school or whatever. A few minutes later, Richard saw Michelle running across the street. He got up to get in line. He knew Michelle liked cappuccinos from watching her in class. He was going to order two as she was coming in. That would be now. Unfortunately he was not able to move up the line that fast. She was already coming through the door.

She walked up behind him and tickled his ribs. He feigned being surprised and turned around and smiled at Michelle. She laughed back at him. In his mind she was giggling like a little school girl. “Hello Michelle, I was just about to order, cappuccino, right.”

“Why yes. However did you know?”

“I’ve been watching you in class.” He did not even look her way. He just kept looking forward at the barista, waiting his turn.

“Well then, I’m going to find us a table.” czech taxi porno Richard watched her walk away, seeking out the right table. She was a tall girl with a very nice ass, he thought.

She had long black hair like a stallion. It fell down her back towards her ass. And he thought for a moment about that her around her pussy — if she had any. He got to the front of the line to the barista.

“Can I help you, sir?”

He held up two fingers and said “Two cappuccinos, please.”

“Coming right up, sir.” The young man seemed happier then he should have been serving coffee in the evening of a beautiful night. Richard thought he was happy just to have a job. Richard knew the feeling. He watched as the barista filled two coffee holders and put them into the machine that would make the espresso. He watched as the coffee dribbled out into the cups. He then foamed the milk and spooned it out decoratively on top of the coffee. Richard smiled. He walked

the drinks over to the table.

“Here you are ma’am, a dry cappuccino.” He took the chair across from Michelle.

“Why thank you, sir.” She smiled at Richard and was so glad he was sitting with her. She watched him sip his coffee and began to think of him naked before her. Her mind was shady and he stood before her with his cock hard. “How is it?” He interrupted. She was just running her tongue around the head of his cock. “Oh it’s good.” She cleared her throat. “Yours okay?” She grinned. She couldn’t get the thought out of her head.

“Mine is just fantastic.” He was admiring the way she looked out, daydreaming. “Are you thinking about, Michelle, if I can ask?” Why was she laughing? “Be careful or you’re going to shoot it out of your nose.” He smiled at her.

“Oh I was just thinking and I promise to share one day…” Michelle said to him, rather coyly.

“Well, I wanted to ask you if you like cold weather?” He asked her somewhat nervously.

“I do.” She said. “But I like the beach more. Why do you ask?”

“Well I had an idea would take a few days off and go to the mountains and spend some time clearing my head. Would you like to go with me?” She was flabbergasted and his brazenness. But she was also turned on. She felt herself be again to heat up and get wet between her legs.

“I would love to.” Richard was overjoyed. He had no idea she would say yes. But he had every intention showing her a good time. Indoors and out.

She thought of having sex with him on the couch in front of the fire. Little did she know, he was thing the same thing.

“Well,” he said. “Why don’t we shoot for a week from this weekend, that should give us the time we need to get our work done and get the time off for the Friday and Monday. How does that sound?” He waited for her response.

She took the last sip of her cappuccino and said, “Sounds good. I’ll take care of things on my end and we will leave a week from Friday.” She said happily. They exchanged phone numbers and then she had to go. “See you soon and hopefully talk to you sooner.” With that, she right then walked out the door. He watched her as she walked across the parking lot, paying special attention to her ass and the way she walked.

There really wasn’t very much going on for the next couple of weeks. Richard went back and forth to work, sales at a telecom company. Michelle did the same at the hospital. The only time they saw each other was in class twice a week. Richard could not wait. Michelle could not wait, either. They were both looking forward to their weekend away. At work, Michelle talked to her friends about her new boyfriend. There was a lot of giggling and smiles. Everyone had their opinions but no one knew it was Richard. Conversely, Richard talked to no one at work. Normally, he would not have anyway. He was a manager and did his job with no real conversation with others that was not work related. On the night before they were to leave, Richard called Michelle.

Michelle’s Caller ID identified Richard and she answered the phone giddy with excitement. She had not felt this way for some time, towards anyone. In turn, neither did he.

“Hello Richard, what are you doing?”

“Packing, girl. What you doing?”

“So Richard, is it okay if I don’t pack very much?”

“Well baby, we are going be there for a few days. You will need enough clothes for that.” He was amazed at how comfortable she was with him. He was amazed at himself.

“True. But I don’t plan on wearing very much. Do you?”

“I guess I agree with you. I did not want to assume anything.” He had to work hard to hold the smile back. Oh, it was going to be a great weekend.


“Yes ma’am?”

“Is it okay if I refer to you as my boyfriend?” She didn’t know how he would react to that.

“Well, is it okay if I am your boyfriend. I mean after all, I am your student.”

“Oh yeah, that. Okay, so we have to keep that on the DL at school. Okay with you?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Well, I am ready when you are.”

“I’ll be there first thing in the morning Michelle. By you defloration porno have to send me your address via email. That cool?”

“I guess you will need that. About 9 o’clock?”

“Yes ma’am, the drive will be about three hours, maybe four.”

“I’ll be right here in the morning.” She smiled at her new lover. She couldn’t wait to get where they were going. She was going to ravage him.

“Well then, I will see you tomorrow.” He smiled at their conversation. He could not wait to get to the cabin. He was so turned on. All he wanted was to be naked with her.

Richard finished packing. Few pairs of jeans, some T-shirts, and some good old flannel shirts. Mr. outdoors. He laughed at himself. And there was the pair of tie-up boots, like a construction worker. Just get some things from the bathroom and he was ready to go. That night, he settled out back with a couple of beers. The moon was heavy in the sky and stared down at him as if it knew a secret but it wasn’t going to tell. Richard sat on a lawn chair in the backyard contemplating the sky. He began to think of Michelle. What was she wearing while she packed her things? He bet that it was a T-shirt with nothing underneath. He could feel himself begin to grow hard. He was wearing a T-shirt and a pair of boxers. He watched as his cock began to swell against his leg and push against his boxers.

Then he saw Michelle. She sat on him and put his cock into her wet pussy. He was large and thick and she took him all the way inside her. She began slowly moving up and down on his cock. It felt so good he leaned his head back and looked up towards the stars. He was feeling everything all at once from his pelvis to his throat. He leaned forward and took a nipple and his mouth, gently biting down on the end. Michelle was breathing very hard but continued to move up and down on his penis. Richard grabbed her ass and supported her while she moved up and down. “Oh Richard, I’m going to cum, cum all over you!” She was talking in pants right into his ear and breathless words. He hoped she would. She was moving faster and faster. He grabbed her ass and put his finger right on her ass hole, pressing gently to gauge her reaction. “Oh yes, yes Richard, push it inside me. Do it now! Do it now!” Well you never a ignored what a moment calls for. He rammed his hand forward and his finger up her ass. “Oh fuck! God I’m going to cum, right now!” He pulled her to him and held her tightly while she had her orgasm. When she finished yelling and became quiet, moaning. He kissed her on the lips running his tongue along hers.

Richard came to and was sitting with cum all over his hands and his stomach. He had imagined the whole thing. He decided he would go upstairs, clean up, and go to bed. He was going to sleep well, tonight.

Michelle was already in bed trying to sleep but she continued to think about Richard sitting across the table from her at the coffee shop. He was so sexy all he had to do was look at her and she began to get wet. Like right now. She could feel the heat and the wetness between her legs. Her fingers crept down her stomach until they were touching her clit. He was down licking her pussy sinking his tongue deep into her. He pressed her thighs outward so that the pussy was more exposed. God, she thought, he could do this for hours. But there was already an issue rising, literally. She already felt like she was going to explode in her pussy and then her head. “Does that feel good, baby?” He asked her between his licks. “Oh yes, please Richard, I love that. Do that faster and faster and faster…” Her voice trailed off and became screaming. She yelled, “yes!” And held his face hard against her pussy. Suddenly, Michelle realized she was dreaming and playing with herself. And sadly, that Richard was not there. But tomorrow he would be. And they were going away for days. She went to sleep smiling.

The next day they both got up early and showered and got ready to leave. Richard got in his truck and headed to the address Michelle had sent. He drove slowly, somewhat nervous. But then he started to think about his dream while masturbating and sped up. Suddenly he was very anxious to see her.

Michelle stood up and looked out the window, looking down the road for Richard’s truck. All she could think of right then was being alone with him. As she was daydreaming he turned the corner of her street. Moments later he was knocking on her door.

“Richard, come on in.” She was so excited he was here. It was like the senior prom. “Can make get you something, maybe a cup of coffee?”

“Yes ma’am. That sounds good. But then we should go. Do you have some bags? I will get them in the truck.” He looked around her house and the decorations and the furniture. She was obviously very comfortable in this place. It looked like his sister’s bedroom. She was definitely young at heart. He hoped she was old enough to handle an NSA relationship. This weekend was all there could be.

She went into the kitchen, the room separated from the living room by a cut in the wall, making a window bar. She poured the fake agents porno coffee in a mug that read “slowly but surely my love does grow. I sure do love you, my escargot.” It had a picture of a snail that looked like it was moving with what looked like sheer determination.

“Pardon the mug.” She laughed it off. “I stole it from my father when I left for college.” She smiled.

Richard loved it. The mug and her smile. NSA was getting harder and harder. “Where are the bags?”

Michelle looked surprised and said “oh yes, right down the hall on the right. That’s my bedroom.

“One date and your already telling me to go into your bedroom. This is going very well, I must say. ” They both laughed at the sarcasm. He walked back to her room and grabbed the bag. He turned around to go out to his truck but thought for a moment about the size of her bed. He smiled to himself, thinking he would like to lay next to her in that bed. He continued out the front door to the truck and placed the bags in the back and went back inside to finish his coffee. When he was done he said “are you ready?”

“Ready for what?” She asked.

“Ready for a weekend in the snow?”

“Well, let’s go big boy”

He followed her out and opened her door to the truck, and they were off.

They talked for a little while, while driving to Virginia in the Shenandoah Mountains. They were in South Carolina and the drive would take about four or five hours. After an hour or so of driving, he turned to Michelle and asked her “do you want anything? Maybe some coffee or bathroom?”

“No thank you, I’m fine. I’m sort of anxious to get where we are going. Where is that, exactly?”

“Probably, straight to hell.” He smiled at her and she squirmed in her seat. “Remember, probably in high school, this song by Driving N Crying, I’m going straight to hell.” He sang along in tune.

“Oh my God, I totally remember that! Just like my momma said,” she sang.

“That is the one, Michelle.” Something in common, he thought. They were not far apart in age. “How old are you?” He asked her.


“Really, I’m 27.” He noticed she was eyeing him. Behind her the trees were getting thicker. When they crossed the state line in about 45 minutes, the trees would begin to show the cold weather with snow on the tops. They were almost North Carolina crossing over into Virginia. Within the hour they would be going through Roanoke in another hour and a half they would be in the mountains and almost there.

“So, when I was young my family had a good friend who had this place in the mountains and we would go and stay for a week in the winter. He’s dead now but the place still remains in his family. I call them and they let me stay there on occasion.” He told her. “So what do you like to do when you are not nursing?”

“I like to go to the beach during the summer time and curl up on the couch with a good book when it is cold. What do you like?”

“I like the beach too but during the cold I love to be close to someone, making love all day long. And get out and have coffee.” He let that sink in hoping he had not offend her.

“Well,” she looked out the window in put her hand on the pane. “It’s officially getting colder. ” He thought she had a funny sound to her voice, like she knew something she wasn’t saying. “Maybe you will like this…” She leaned over to the driver’s seat and ran her tongue across his ear. She did it again and flicked her tongue this time, breathing heavily. He was immediately turned on. Her hand was massaging his thigh and squeezing the rock hard cock that was beginning to show itself there. What do you say to a woman that does and says that? “Why yes, I do.” He decided.

She continued to kiss his ear and slowly began to unzip his pants. She reached in and grabbed his cock with very warm hands. It was very thick and her hand and pretty talk long too. She whispered in his ear, “how’s that baby?” She stroked slowly and gently.

“Oh yeah, that is good.”

“Well if you like that, how about this?” She leaned down and put her entire mouth around his cock, starting to move up and down. This spittle in her mouth made her lips slide up and down. Every once in a while she would start licking the head like a lollipop. She thought, God this tastes good. She lifted her head and whispered something in his ear while her right hand stroked him faster and faster. She was asking if he liked it and by the look on his face, he did. She continued to masturbate him while talking dirty in his ear. Richard was having trouble focusing on the road. Everything was happening in and below his stomach. It wouldn’t be long. Between her mouth and her hand, he was going to explode! She watched as he tightened his grip on the steering wheel. She stroked harder and harder. His knuckles were turning white. And for a moment his right foot pressed down against the gas pedal, hard. He is going to cum. And she was going to make sure every bit of it went into her mouth. She bent down and put his cock into her mouth again. She could feel his cock pulsing. And she moved her head down she knew he was going to cum. And he did. Cum shot into her mouth and she could feel it on the back of her throat. He was still cuming and she continued to swallow. It was an incredible feeling cuming inside her mouth. She still stroked him to make sure every bit was out and in her mouth.

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