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In The Night Ch. 04

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Weeks had gone by; neither Callie nor Casey had seen or touched each other. For the two months before that, the two of them had remained locked up in the bedroom every chance they got. Once Callie’s shift had changed at work, their time together had dwindled down to mere text messages, if that. Callie loved working in the emergency room. The rush of adrenaline is what she lived for; however, most of her nights were spent tending to sore throats and coughs. She would get the occasional deep laceration requiring sutures, but the true emergencies were always few and far between in a small town like hers. While she enjoyed working night shift, her time off was spent sleeping, more than anything else.

Casey would call or text Callie every couple days, wanting her to come and play. He began to wonder if their time together was coming to an end, since he never would get a response. Years ago, she would be the one calling and texting him… When did he lose control, he would think to himself?

Callie woke up from sleep to realize it was 1pm in the afternoon. She felt pretty good after only 3 hours of sleep. It was Friday, her weekend off started now. She rested in her bed, soft white covers pulled up to her chin, and grabbed her phone. She was surprised to see that Casey had only messaged her twice today. She contemplated responding back, but ‘then what’ she thought to herself. She had become bored with their routine and location. The same sex, same bed, same house; she was ready for something different. She decided the next three days she was going to play out her fantasies.

She jumped up from her bed and headed for the shower; she had some shopping to do. Walking across the room she stripped off her tank top and slid out her thongs. Her darkened nipples quickly hardened from the cool breeze circulating the room from the ceiling fan. “Watch out Casey boy, it’s time to play.” She giggled to herself as she started the shower, letting the small room begin to fill with steam. Her need for adrenaline had taken over.

Casey rolled out of bed around 5pm. Groaning with grogginess as he shuffled across the floor, he adjusted his plaid sleep pants, as they were tugging a bit due to his awaking wood. He managed to make it to his sink, where he ran some cold water; splashing it on his face. Looking down, he rolled his eyes noticing his hard-on was still present; typically the cool water helped with this, but not today. Casey decided to jump in a cool shower, in hopes it would settle down his prick a bit, when heard his cell phone chime. He left the bathroom in search of the phone, noticing the distraction was helping his member relax. He grabbed his phone and reviewed the message. He noticed it was from Callie and opened the message immediately.

“Damn it!!!!” he responded as his dick shot straight up in his pants; he stood there starring at a picture of Callie’s tight white ass. He could tell by the picture she was slightly bent forward as her pussy lightly peeked between her legs. He took a deep breath in, and headed back to the bathroom; tossing his phone on his bed, with an after-thought he picked up his phone. He whipped his phone open, pulled his pjs down and took a snapshot of his hard-on. His cock was like a rock still, he tried not thinking about her gorgeous picture, yet that was easier said than done. With water running in the shower, Casey threw off his pants, glaring at his dick with angry eyes, “damn her,” he thought, “all this time, and that’s what your gonna do to me.” He said aloud, stepping into the cold water. He howled at the coolness of the water, and decided to forfeit the cold shower, and quickly switched the nozzle to warm. His cock was beginning to pound as he began to lather himself with soap. Working the suds down his chest, his pelvis began to tingle, as his cock bobbed against his abdomen. ‘Oh what the hell’ he thought as he worked up slippery lather around his dick. Standing under the showering nozzle, he rubbed the tip of his head with his thumb. He slowly began to grind his hand up and down his firm shaft. Separating his legs for a better stance, he continued to pump his cock, squeezing his fingers tight as he glided them closer to his purple head. Stroking his cock harder and faster, he could feel his balls begin to constrict, as he grew closer to his finish. His motions picked up speed with relentless effort, knocking the shampoo bottle off the ledge. Without slowing down, Casey pumped his dick hard, shooting his white stringy load along the tile wall. He kept a hold of his cock and squeezed forcefully moving his hand from base to tip milking out the last bit of cum. Feeling slightly relieved, he finished his shower and got dressed.

Callie swung into the gas station parking lot, needing to make one last stop before she headed home. Standing in line, waiting to check out, she silently listened to the couple standing beside her. Some young girl was babbling on to her boyfriend about her day at work. Callie turned and offered a sympathetic reality kings porno smile to the poor soul; he obviously did not have much care in regards to how to properly dress a display mannequin. Luckily, Callie was distracted by the chirping of an incoming message. She dug threw her purse and pulled out the phone, swiping the screen. She giggle aloud as she viewed the picture of Casey’s hard on. ‘What a pretty little cock that is,’ she smiled and thought to herself. As she starred at the picture, she heard someone clearing their throat next to her, she quickly looked up, assuming it was her turn in line, only to see the ditzy brunette with a bad dye job rolling her eyes at her with a disgusted look. The girl obviously had seen the picture on the phone as she responded with a “humpf…”

“What?” Callie asked the couple sarcastically, as she stepped forward in line and to the counter.

Callie threw a box of condoms on the counter, and just to annoy the nosey girl, she asked the attendant “Do you happen to sell any KY jelly?”

The attendant blushed and shyly answered her while placing the condoms in a bag, “um…no…sorry!”

“Too bad,” Callie said as she turned around, offering a flirty smile to the poor boyfriend and strutted off. She laughed as she walked to the door, watching in the windows reflection the unfortunate guy getting smacked by his ditz of a girl, as he eyed Callie’s swaying ass.

Callie pulled into her drive, and grabbed her bag of goodies she had purchased for her soon to be wild weekend with Casey. It thrilled her knowing he had no idea what he was in for. She headed for the bathroom to shower up and ready herself for the night. Stepping out of the shower, she grabbed a towel and dried quickly; following up with a scented layer of moisturizer. Bending over, she wrapped her hair up in the towel and strutted across her room, body open to the air. She picked up her bags and began to sift through them, trying to decide what items would be used for tonight’s play date. She laid each toy out along the bed. “What will it be?” she asked herself as she eyed the handcuffs, the anal beads, some random oils, and blind fold.

Callie already knew she wanted to avoid the typical location of Casey’s house for their rendezvous; therefore the oils were out…for tonight at least. Thinking more, she dropped the blind fold back in the bag, knowing the place she wanted to play would not allow for him to be blinded; leaving the small black string of beads and cuffs the objects of choice. Callie became excited, feeling her pussy throb in anticipation. She picked her outfit, and returned to the bathroom to finish getting ready; snapping a quick shot of her pussy with her phone and sending it to Casey.

Casey headed into work. Most nights he wasn’t too thrilled to go in, but tonight he was looking forward it, knowing Callie was going to ‘swing by,’ as she put it, and see him. His phone chirped; trying to keep an eye on the road, he grabbed his phone and flipped up the screen, only to see Callie’s pink shaven pussy exposed for him. “Fucking tease!” he said as his truck veered off the road, blowing up dirt and dust, as he swerved his way back on the street. ‘What the hell is she up to’ he thought to himself, as he steadied his grip on the steering wheel.

Hours went by as the bar began to fill with its usual Friday night crowd. As the thirsty partiers crowded his counter, it became more difficult for him to eye the room, trying to locate Callie when she arrived. The music boomed, vibrating the bar top on occasion. Casey became consumed with eager customers, never noticing Callie had arrived. Callie remained hidden in the crowd, ordering her drinks from another bar, watching Casey from a distance. She smiled as she took down her shot and sipped her beer. ‘Oh my, you have no idea what you’re in for’ she thought to herself. She weaved her way through crowd, moving closer to the restroom entrances, allowing for a clearer view of Casey, while offering him a chance to see her. She watched as he hurriedly moved from one end of the bar to the other, engaging in light hearted banter with waiting customers. She knew he had been waiting for her; watching him constantly looking up and scanning the crowd. ‘Don’t worry Casey, you’ll find me alright!’ she thought as she leaned seductively against the wall.

As guys passed by, she would give them a flirty smile, occasionally licking her lips, getting off on their reactions. She glanced back in Casey’s direction and for the first time, made eye contact. She smiled and sipped on her bottle of Bud Light, slowly licking her lips as she starred at her hunky piece of male meat. He looked so sexy standing behind that bar dressed in a tight black T-shirt sculpted with a skull across his chest. His arms flexed tightly as he shifted his weight forward placing his hands on the wooden top, his lips perked with a pleasant, but hot ass grin. His hair trimmed, yet standing in sexmex porno all directions with a wind-blown look. His jaw line tightened from his grin exposed his nicely grown go-T that lined his chin so perfectly. Casey slid across the bar line and whispered to his bartending cohort, Joe, and left from the counter; heading her way. Callie shifted her stance and lightly pulled her small clutch closer to her side, becoming slightly damp below.

Once Casey spotted Callie, he quickly told Joe he needed to hit the men’s room, and headed her way. She was so fucking hot, he thought to himself as he never took his eyes off her. She stood leaning against the wall, beer in hand. He couldn’t help but notice her ass, as she only offered a side view, but what he could see was amazing. She had a great ass, tucked tightly in her jeans, pockets decorated in beads or glitter, or whatever it was, all he knew is that he liked it. She wore a tight black top; with deep V-cut that nicely exposed her delicate cleavage, pulling in at the sides, nicely dressing the curves of her hips, falling slightly short of her waist. Her jeans sat low, exposing a small bit of her tan, lower stomach. Casey had to slow his thoughts, as he began to feel his cock fighting for space in his pants.

Callie loved how he would undress her with his eyes. Her panties were becoming moist. Not ever doing anything this crazy, her insides were riveted with electricity at the thought of what was about to occur. As Casey drew closer, she raised her brows and smiled as she turned the corner and walked straight into the men’s room. As she disappeared from his view, she could hear Casey calling after her. She giggled to herself, as the men present in the small forbidden room jumped at her presence.

“Hey boys,” she said smiling; slowly eyeing each of them from head to toe. She was surprised not one of them asked her leave, or even asked why she was there. They merely smiled back, and finished their business, and drifted out the door.

She made her way to the back stall, and closed the door half-way. As she waited for Casey to enter, a younger, fairly handsome guy opened her stall door. Startled he stepped back, “what the hell?”

The guy remained standing in the opening of the door, saying nothing else.

“Sweetie, do you mind?” Callie said with a smile, stepping toward him until she was mere inches away from his face. Hunky college kid smiled as her eyes drifted down towards his package, noticing a small bulge forming in his jeans. “Oh, how cute, but sorry sweetheart, not tonight,” she responded as she gave him a quick peck on the cheek, close enough to tease the young soul, making him think she was actually going to kiss him. She placed her hand on his chest, and helped him back out of the stall. He finally got the hint and moved to an unoccupied stall to complete his business. As she stood in the opening of the door, her arms braced against it, Casey walked in.

“What the hell are you doing in here Cal?” he said hurrying over to her. She placed a finger over his lips, grasped his shirt in her hands, and pulled him in the stall; closing and locking the door behind her.

“Shhhhhh, you don’t want anyone to hear us do you?” she said smiling, leaning in to kiss his sexy lips.

Casey couldn’t back away from her kiss, he had been waiting too many weeks to see her again, but still his nervousness overwhelmed him. “Come on, we need to get out of here.”

“No way,” she retorted, “don’t you want to play?” she said followed with a seductive pouty face.

“You know I do, but not here!”

Callie couldn’t help but notice the erection starting down below, she knew there was no turning back; she had him right where she wanted him. She stepped forward, closing the gap between them. Her hands placed on his tight pecks, she pushed his against the wall. Once he was secured, she rubbed his cock aggressively, feeling his thickness filling his pants. Making sure she could get him horny enough, she kissed and teased his neck, as her fingers worked his belt buckle loose, and began to unzip his pants.

“Wait! Stop, not here, you want to get me fired?” he managed, trying to resist her hands as they made their way down the front of pants.

“Of course not, you will be back to work very soon…promise!” she whispered in his ear as she held his cock in her hands.

She clasped her fingers around his head and squeezed slightly before gliding her hand down his stiff cock. As her hand continued to manipulate his throbbing dick, she managed to get his pants and boxers to the floor. She knew he was becoming a bit resistant as he placed his hands on her upper arms applying pressure to move her away. With that, she quickly dropped to her knees and wrapped her mouth around his tip. As she sucked hard on his pulsing head, he threw his head back, his body betraying him as he could no longer resist her foreplay.

As Callie hungrily sucked and licked his cock, she knew she needed sindrive porno to get him to the opposite side of the bathroom cubicle. Knowing he was excited and ready for fun, she pulled her head back, causing his dick to slap against belly, slick with her moisture.

“Uhhhh…” he muttered as her mouth left his dick. Before he could get his hands on her, she quickly stood and moved toward the porceline chair, being sure to clean it quickly with toilet paper; she sat down on the seat, placing her purse behind her. Spreading her legs she teased, “Come and get it sexy.”

Casey continued to flinch each time he heard another person enter the restroom; each intrusion softening his dick a little more. He really wasn’t one who liked the idea of an audience. She knew Casey was about to protest, so she continued to tease him, as she slid her hands down the front of her jeans and began to masturbate in front of him. She knew all too well he loved it.

“Damn it Callie…” he groaned as he headed toward her. Placing his hands right where she hoped he would, he leaned over her as she sat with his legs straddled over hers. As he remained standing over her, she leaned up and kissed him, their tongues playing eagerly.

“Oh! Wait, don’t move, almost forgot something.” She said as she turned half-way around opening the purse propped behind her. She smiled, knowing he probably thought she was grabbing a condom. She secretly pulled out the handcuffs, and quickly cuffed his left wrist to the silver, slightly rusted pipes.

“What the fuck Callie?” he said, trying not to yell. Her only response was a smile as she cuffed his other wrist just below the first.

“Callie, seriously what in the fuck are you doing. Take these off.”

“Oh settle down, it will be over in a minute.” Callie said as she slyly slipped out from beneath, leaving him bent over and cuffed. As she freed herself, she gripped her bag and moved behind.

“Mmmmmmm, I do love this view sweetie.” She said as she slowly squeezed his ass. She tangled her fingers through his belt loops shimmied his jeans and boxers down to his ankles.

“Callie…Callie?” He pleaded with her quietly, as he heard a few people enter the bathroom. He began to get a little pissed when she wouldn’t answer him.

“Callie?” he tried again.

“Don’t worry, I’m still here baby.”

Callie already had the small string of beads pulled from her bag, lubed and ready!

Callie stepped closer to him, leaning over his back as he remained bent over, cuffed to the pipes. Callie reached one hand around and began to massage his cock in her hand again, “I will let you go right after this…” she whispered as she ran her tongue down his ear, causing him to shiver in response.

The men’s room was beginning to fill as the remaining stall doors opened and closed more frequently.

“After what?” Casey asked, nervousness filling his throat, and beads of sweat forming on his brow.


“After what, Cal?”

Callie never responded as she placed the cold lubricated bead against his ass. Quickly, as expected, his ass clenched tight, denying her access.

“What the fuck, CAL!!” he said slightly louder, his heart racing now.

“Shhhhhh, you want someone to hear you?” She said teasingly.

“No Callie, NO!!” he said in the loudest whisper that he could.

Callie remained standing behind, slippery beads dangling from her fingers; she began to jack him off harder. The friction from her palm and the skin of cock was making it harder for her to really manipulate his dick in her hand. She bent down and grabbed the lubricant from her bag and squeezed a generous amount on his cock. She immediately went back to fucking his cock with her hand. She knew he was starting to relax as she got him closer to blowing a load. As he began to thrust his hips into her hand, she tried again to push the bead past his clinching cheeks. Again, he tightened with rejection.

“Either you relax, or I leave you here.” She stated.

“Come on Cal, just let me go.” He pleaded

“No…like I said, relax or I leave.” She stated again. “Trust me you will love this.”

Casey never experienced this side of her before. Part of him was nervous, and yet the other was extremely turned on. However, there was no way he was having anything put in his ass. It just wasn’t going to happen. He couldn’t help but keep getting distracted as she continued to jack him off. She was definitely good with her hands. He really didn’t think she would leave him cuffed in the men’s room, but a part of him was actually scared to find out.

“AWWWW!!!” he cried out, suddenly caught off guard, as he felt a round, hard ball break past his clenched hole. He could feel the small bead sitting just inside his ass, his ring remaining tight. The feeling was slightly painful, stinging almost; surprising him as his cock bobbed and throbbed hard in response.

“Quiet, silly boy, I really don’t think you want anyone finding you like this.” She said with a giggle. Callie’s pussy throbbed as she managed to get the first bead passed his tight puckered hole. She continued to vigorously glide her hand up and down his thick shaft as she slowly started to introduce the second the bead.

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