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You’re an ugly bitch whose only worth a charity fuck! Tears entered my eyes from my ex-boyfriend’s words. I’d found out Ian was cheating on me last week, reading the sexts he was sending another girl. We’d fought, he dumped me, and he’d spent the last three days heaping abuse on me.

“Come on, Amanda, stop staring at your phone,” Tyler placed a hand on my shoulder. “Not going to do you any good reading your ex’s texts.”

“I guess you’re right,” I reluctantly shut off my phone, slumping against the couch. Much as I tried to cheer myself up, it hadn’t done any good so far.

“So are you coming to the party?” Tyler sat next to me, repeatedly poking my knee until I responded. His blue eyes bore into me.

“I… I don’t want to bring everyone down,” I looked away, but Tyler refused to stop poking me until I made eye contact with him. I held back the urge to scream at him. Annoying as he could be at times, he was still my best friend. “Can’t believe your parents are letting you use the house.”

“They figure if I’m going to get in trouble anyway, best to do so in a controlled environment. Something like that.” Tyler hugged me gently, laughing. “Besides, it ought to cheer you up, though not as much as the honor of my presence.”

“You’re an ass.”

“If it gets you out of your funk, damn right.” Tyler hopped off the couch and began texting his friends. After a couple minutes, he put on his earbuds and started whistling.

“Are you looking at porn?” I had my doubts, but couldn’t help teasing him. If anything, I looked at more porn than Tyler did. Now that I was nineteen years old, I didn’t see the harm in it.

“No, of course not, Amanda!” Tyler put his hand against his heart. “Besides, don’t you know how concerned I am for the message porn teaches our youth? Do we really want to teach them the repairman will show up when he says he will? That’s just setting them up for disappointment.”

I couldn’t help myself and laughed. Tyler had a way of getting through to me when no one else could. “All right, all right, I’ll see what I can do.”

“If you don’t show up to the party, I’ll just have to drag you. My dad said to get off your ass, stop whining, and find a guy to fuck. Doubt you’ll have any trouble finding someone.”

“What about you?” I doubt he’d have much trouble, with his chiseled jaw, muscles, and addictive smile.

“I’m in between relationships right now, but we’ll see.” He gave a teasing grin to my chest and tank top, his jaw opening in a comical fashion. “Can’t stop… looking at boobs.”

“I can hit you.” I punched him in the chest, though not hard enough to hurt.

“Worth it.” Tyler’s voice turned serious. “I’m sorry, that prick doesn’t deserve a girl like you. Could always kick his ass if you want.” He’d taken kickboxing classes for three years, so I expected he could.

“No. Like you said, he’s not worth it.” Much as I hate admitting it, if Ian wanted me to take him back, I probably would. “I’ll show up to the party. Besides, you won’t shut up about it.”

“Party starts at eight; see you then.” Tyler gave a salute and walked out of the apartment, leaving me to my own devices. My older sister and mother wouldn’t be back until late tonight.

With little else to do, I watched Netflix for a couple hours, getting wet at the sex scenes. My friends loved teasing me about it, but I really did enjoy sex, whether it was getting myself off or another person. I saw no reason to be ashamed of it, but I still wanted to wait until I met the right person before I gave myself to someone else.

At seven, I brushed my hair, which went down to the middle of my back, black as my eyes. Considering my D-cups, I didn’t expect to have much trouble attracting men. They got me enough negative attention when I was in school, demonized as a slut even though I didn’t have sex until Ian.

Enough! Try and have fun, forget about that asshole! I threw my hairbrush against the wall, imagining it to be Ian’s face. My phone continued to go off, all texts from my ex saying the same thing he always did.

This time, I didn’t bother responding and blocked him. I never wanted to hear from or even think about that bastard again. A bit odd, considering I would have taken him back hours ago, but Tyler was right. I deserved better than that.

By the time I finished getting ready, it was 8:02, but I wasn’t planning to show up at the start anyway. “Have fun and relax,” I kept repeating to myself out loud. I sent a few brief texts to other friends I hadn’t talked to, apologizing for disappearing for so long.

Tyler’s house was not difficult to find, with a handful of cars already parked outside. It was easily twice the size of my apartment, reminding me of the income gasp between us. I took a deep breath and locked my door. Parties weren’t my scene, having only gone to a couple of them in high school, but anything was better than staying at home and sulking.

I walked into the backyard where benches, beanbag chairs, several types eryaman escort of chips, Pepsi, vodka, whiskey, and beer awaited me. A few had already arrived, though nobody did much of anything. One guy helped himself to the booze, relaxing on the bench. A couple girls were there, so I wasn’t the only one.

Tyler spotted me immediately, a giant grin on his face. “Hey, Amanda!” He pulled me into a tight hug while I sunk into it. “Glad you decided to make it.”

“You didn’t give me a choice, remember?” I walked in with his arm around my shoulder.

“Meh, whatever works. Go ahead and enjoy some food, soda, or alcohol. Just… don’t go overboard, all right? I don’t fancy holding your head again while you vomit into the toilet.”

“I’ll be careful.” I kissed his cheek. I’d only ever gotten that plastered once and after the hangover, I promised I’d never do it again.

Just because I don’t plan on having sex doesn’t mean I can’t have a bit of fun. Maybe some kissing, making out, even go further if the guy was cute enough. I smiled at a couple guys standing on the corner, arms crossed and appearing indifferent. I pushed my breasts up to see how they responded. Nothing.

With half an hour, almost thirty people had arrived. I looked down towards his parent’s bedroom, wondering how they could possibly sleep. “Don’t worry about it.” Tyler shrugged when I brought the topic up. “Mom could sleep through a gunfight.”

Unfortunately, I soon found none of the guys had even a bit of interest in me. With as many girls as guys at the party, I struggled to compete for their attention. On the beanbag chairs, two couples made out with each other, one of whom was already half-undressed, not caring they had a crowd around them.

I gulped a shot of vodka to steady my nerves, resisting the urge to cry again. “All right, girl, if they’re not going to approach you, you’ll have to do the hard work.” A man and woman stumbled away, presumably to have sex.

I stopped next to a guy almost six feet tall, strong abs and dark eyes, similar to my own. “Great party, isn’t it?” I ran my hand down his shoulder, feeling him. If this turned into a bit of fooling around, I wouldn’t mind. Perhaps I’d even show Ian to make him see what he was missing.

“Nice to relax for a bit before mid-terms,” he stayed friendly but showed no sign of returning my internet. He wore a baseball jersey, so I asked him about that. Again, friendly, but not taking any interest in me.

With a lowered head, I walked away, unsure of what else to do. I saw other girls doing fine, getting attention, having guys flirt with them. A couple of them had already wandered off to enjoy themselves. And here I was, completely alone.

Unlike most, Tyler had yet to touch any alcohol, currently chatting to a woman I didn’t recognize. Tempting as it was to get his attention, I decided against ruining the party for everyone. After all, I was supposed to be cheering myself up, not falling into a deeper funk.

I approached two more guys over the course of the night, getting the same response. One of them didn’t even bother responding to me, preferring to talk to some bimbo in a see-through top. He hadn’t even pretended not to stare at her breasts.

Shouldn’t even have bothered coming here, I sat down on the bench and buried my face into my hands. No one noticed, not that I expected them to. Every other woman here got attention, provocative clothing or not. What did they have that I didn’t? Much as I tried telling myself it didn’t matter, that their lack of interest didn’t matter, I couldn’t so much as muster a small smile.

To distract myself, I pulled my smartphone out, seeing forty-three unread messages. Forty of them were from Ian, all the same bullshit I expected. Except for one. “Shared your pics to my buddies; all said you were an ugly, fat fuck LMAO” I repeatedly slammed the phone against the bench, cracking the frame. I ran into the house, secretly hoping Tyler, at least, would call for me. Nobody did.

The back door was unlocked, allowing me to wander into the house. Even in the darkness, I’d been inside often enough to know my way around, fleeing into the bathroom where I could cry myself out in peace.

I couldn’t understand what was wrong with me. Okay, I didn’t intend to have sex with anyone, or a relationship, but nobody so much as looked at me. Knew it was strange, because I’d complained about men lusting after me, but the lack of attention hurt even more.

I kept the light off, sitting down on the toilet, and crying silently. I shut my phone off, not wanting to deal with any more of his abuse. I never should have come to this damn party. Being at home would have been better, where maybe I could have talked to someone who gave a shit about me.

An unknown amount of time passed, all energy leaving my body. I stopped crying only when I ran out of tears, feeling around for toilet paper to wipe my eyes with. At least here, I could be left to my own misery.

My ears perked escort ankara at the sound of the door opening. I froze, the unexpected light blinding me. As my eyes struggled to readjust to the light, a voice rang out. “What are you doing in here?” Robert, Tyler’s father, looked down at me.

“Nothing.” I prayed he didn’t notice I had been crying. It took me a few seconds to notice he was standing there in only his boxers, raging hard-on concealed underneath. He had a small gut, but a muscular chest and his smile made his face very handsome.

“Shouldn’t you be enjoying the party with everyone else?”

“I wasn’t having a lot of fun.” He either didn’t notice I was crying or pretended not to, probably the latter. I got to my feet and made eye contact at long last.

“Bet you’ve broken a lot of hearts with a body like that.” Surprised me a little Robert was so bold, since we’ve known each other for years, but the compliment made me feel a little better.

“Yeah, right,” I scoffed, telling myself not to cry again. “None of them were interested in me even when I approached them. Thought guys liked women to make the first move.”

“Hell with them. Odds are half of them won’t remember anything about the party anyway.” Robert moved toward me, and I noticed his erection had yet to disappear. I glanced down at it, wondering what it would feel like, before snapping myself back to reality.

“Then why have I been completely ignored? What, are my breasts too small, my face? What is it?” My fist pounded the bathroom counter.

“Perhaps you should show them to me, then.” Robert raised an eyebrow.

My face broke out in a furious blush, unable to look him in the eye, yet unable to keep them away from his crotch for more than a few moments. I stammered, knees weakening, yet I found myself taking off my top, revealing my bare chest.

If possible, the tent in his boxers grew even bigger. “I got to say… I didn’t expect you to actually do it.” Robert looked at the ceiling for a few seconds before finally settling on my chest, making no effort to turn his eyes away. Nor did I try and hide from him. It was the first time anyone had noticed me since Ian.

“So what do you think?” I approached him, glancing at his lips. Any hesitation I had disappeared at the lustful stare he gave me.

“They look amazing. I can’t believe no one was interested in you.” He teased my nipples with his thumbs, making me moan. My legs could hardly support my weight. He kept his touches gentle, yet firm enough to send the sensations deep into my skin.

“Won’t… won’t your wife be angry?” Much as I didn’t want him to stop, I couldn’t forget about her.

Robert leaned down to give me a brief kiss. “We haven’t had sex in two years, and I gave up trying a year ago. It’s actually why I went into the bathroom.”

“To… take care of it yourself?” I felt him through the fabric, his brief grunt sending waves of pleasure through me. “I’m sorry to hear that, but… if you want, I could help you out.” My sympathy for him was genuine. Being married and still not having sex? Certainly not something I’d ever want to experience!

He picked me up, our lips locked together as he sat down onto the couch, my arms wrapped around his shoulder. Our tongues fought for dominance, my body sinking into his, grinding against his erection.

Robert continued teasing my breasts, pushing my skirt aside to feel the thong underneath. He brushed two fingers against my pussy, feeling how wet I’d already become. “You are a horny little thing, aren’t you?”

“Yes.” I couldn’t muster up the mental ability to say anything else. He lowered his lips to my chest, rubbing me through the fabric. I buried my face into his shoulder to prevent my cries from becoming audible.

I screamed nonetheless when Robert pushed my thong aside and put a finger against my clit, making tiny circles. My body trembled while I held onto him with all my strength. I bit down on my lip, remembering his wife in the other room. If she discovered us, I was dead, but the thought only made me wetter.

Robert alternated between my breasts, his tongue teasing every inch. I pressed them against him, mentally begging him to continue. Ian had never given me any pleasure like this. He pushed two fingers inside me, brushing against my folds, forming a puddle on his boxers.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop,” I urged him, doing my best to keep my voice to a whisper. Robert’s fingers alternated between fast and slow, overwhelming my body with sensations. I pushed his face between my breasts, pulling on his hair. His cock popped out from his boxers, allowing me to feel his bare skin.

When relief came, it took everything I had not to scream. I forced my mouth shut as my orgasm hit, Robert’s fingers going in and out as it did so. I closed my eyes, Roberts pushing my face into the couch, since I was no longer able to keep my moans quiet.

“Been a long time since someone’s screamed like that for me,” he chuckled, sincan escort me looking him in the eye when my orgasm was over. I looked down the hallway to see if his wife was still asleep.

“Let me return the favor.” I hopped off him and yanked on his boxers, pre-cum already leaking from his erect cock. He raised his hips so I could pull them off. It was the first orgasm another person had ever given me, so I was more than willing to return the favor.

He stood in front of me completely naked, drool dripping from my lips. I wrapped my hand around the shaft, kissing the tip before allowing my tongue to make circles around it, taking in his taste. Robert placed a hand on the back of my head, partially thrusting into my throat before catching himself.

I wrapped one arm around his waist, the other teasing his balls, allowing me to feel how much cum was inside. He wasn’t huge, but his cock was a decent size, more than enough to want it inside me. My skin tingled, pussy aching for more of him.

I licked either side of him, nuzzling his cock, kissing his balls, grinning at the sound of suppressed grunts. Roberts stared down at me, his free hand teasing my chest again. I took him a little deeper each time, pushing more than half of him into my mouth.

“God, I’ve almost forgotten what this feels like.” Roberts kept the thrusts in my mouth gentle. I didn’t think I could take all of him, though I’d have a lot of fun trying. I increased my speed, suppressing my gag reflex, loving the way he looked at me. I had his absolute attention, and nothing short of being pulled off was going to make me stop.

“Then let’s change that.” I placed my tongue against his balls, pre-cum dripping onto my mouth. “And I promise, I’ll swallow like a good girl.”

He stopped talking after that, content to enjoy my ministrations. My pussy leaked onto the carpet, demanding I place him inside me. Saliva and pre-cum mixed inside my mouth, and I knew he was getting close. Robert lay back against the couch, legs spread and mouth covered.

All my previous sadness disappeared, with me on my knees in front of him. None of the others mattered now. I bobbed my head as fast as I could, wondering if I should place my cock between my breasts and finish him off that way.

It became a moot point when he came down my throat, my name audible even through the hand over his mouth. I couldn’t believe how much he squirted into me, my mouth filling up from him. As I promised, I took every drop and swallowed it, his cum still tingling on my taste buds. I pulled back and licked him clean, making sure I got everything.

To my delight, his dick showed no sign of going soft. “Damn, you really needed that.” I gave him soft licks, willing to continue if he asked me. My fingers wandered down between my legs, soaking wet within moments.

“As I told you, it’s been a long time for me.” I jumped back in his lap and resumed kissing him. Each moment he touched me, the pain of Ian’s words faded.

Robert picked me up and set me down on the kitchen table, looking down at the hallway to see if his wife heard them. I sucked on my finger, almost wanting her to notice, to see me give him what she wouldn’t.

“Are you going to fuck me on the table?” It was just level with his cock, my pussy trembling.

“Tempting, tempting.” He slowly pulled my thong off, throwing it on the floor. “But you and I both know what’ll happen to us if we’re caught.”

“Please fuck me, Robert.” I opened my legs as wide as I could, ignoring the strain in my muscles. I laid down on the table, a grin on my face so massive, I couldn’t have imagined it less than an hour ago. “I need to feel you inside me.”

“I’ve risked enough as it is.” I couldn’t believe he was getting cold feet now.

“Damn it, don’t leave me like this!” It took all my strength not to scream at him. I played with myself, lifting my skirt and whimpering. “Please fuck me, please.”

“You’re a horny little thing, aren’t you?” His fingers overlapped mine. “Promise you won’t tell anyone?”

“I promise, I promise.” I would have said anything to get him to continue. If he delayed any longer, I might have slid his cock inside me myself.

With a grunt, Robert entered me, sending my pleasure to new heights. He pinned my wrists against the kitchen table, grinning down at me while I moaned at his thrusts. I wrapped my legs around him, face trembling from the effort it took to remain quiet.

God, I needed this; just didn’t realize how badly until now. I wriggled underneath him while he pushed himself inside me as hard as he could, refusing to hold back. I met his thrusts the best I could, a mild pain coming from how tightly he held my wrists, but I didn’t care.

This was so much better than touching myself. I ripped free of the grip he had on my wrists and wrapped my hands around his shoulders, whimpering. My pussy juices soaking his cock, body demanding more, needing him to come inside me.

I never imagined it could be like this, someone with such passion. He teased my clit with his thumb while somehow thrusting into me at full speed. “Robert… Robert…” I prayed I didn’t call his name loud enough to wake his wife, yet the possibility only turned me on more.

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