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It Doesn’t Count

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Asa Akira

Chloe mingled with her friends, holding close to her the fourth glass of wine of the evening. She cradled it, not wanting to drop it on the ground. Her light pink dress was a sharp contrast to the reds, blacks, and greens that surrounded her. It was assumed that those were the colors of holiday parties but Chloe was never one to follow rules.

As the evening progressed she made a careful effort to avoid certain areas of the party. No one noticed that she was doing this and it was a relief that she was able to be so careful.

“I’m going to go downstairs to see their new sound system, want to come?”

Chloe grinned as her husband asked permission to go play with his friends. She laughed and kissed him on the lips. His lips were always warm and inviting and had she not been standing in the middle of the living room she would has reached down and groped him.

“You can go play with your friends baby.”

Chloe grinned and watched as Eric made his way to the den and down the stairs to the basement. They always joked around about things such as playing with friends but in reality it was the fact that they trusted each other with their lives.

Chloe knew almost everyone at the party. The ones she didn’t know where the new significant others to those friends who either had never settled down or had divorced. Chloe remembered the conversation that she had had with Eric regarding this. Both of them thought it strange that some people just couldn’t handle being alone. Of course for them they had always been together and had no plans to ever divorce.

“How’s the little one?”

“He’s good. Busy.”

Diane had been a close friend of Chloe and Eric for almost five years. She and her husband James had a daughter and had helped out the new parents deal with the struggles of parenthood.

“That’s always the way. Have you seen James around?”

“I think the guys went downstairs to play with their toys. Dave has a new sound system for the television.”


The two women giggled. Other then the trophy wives, everyone was over forty in their group of friends. It had seemed that as they got older and had more disposable income, the number of toys and gadgets increased.

“There he is.”

It took everything in her body to not respond to what she saw. There he was in front of her. They had been doing quite well at avoiding each other but tonight was not one of those times. He would always make sure he was in the garage when http://www.izmirlitv.com/ she came to visit. She was always busy with writing when he came to visit. They never crossed paths and there was a very good reason. The longer Chloe stood there watching James, the less chance she had of acting normal.

“Hi Chloe. You look very nice tonight.”

James beamed, making sure to gaze into her eyes. He dared not glance down to her gorgeous breasts. They were huge and even just concentrating on not thinking about her breasts made his cock swell. She had always had his effect on him and there was little he could do about it.

“Thanks James. You look good too. You’re not downstairs with the rest of the guys?”

“I was about to go. Just wanted to say hi.”

Chloe gulped and watched as James gave his wife a peck on the cheek. He made his way towards the staircase. Chloe thought she was safe until at the last moment James glanced back and winked at her.

“James is already starting to talk about camping next summer. Are you guys going to come along again?”

Chloe heard Diane but blinked and then looked over at her. Her mind was racing and she knew she had to keep control of her emotions. She knew what her body was telling her to do but at the same time her mind was reminding her what was right.

“We’d love to come. Last year was so much fun but hopefully the weather will be nicer this year.”

“Yeah exactly. Oh I need to go chat with Roberta about the New Year’s Party. We’ll chat later.”

Chloe could have done a few things. She could have gone to the kitchen to get a drink. She could have gone over and chatted with any number of the women present. She could even have gone downstairs and watched as her husband talked computers with the two guys who also worked in technology. Instead Chloe walked towards the back of the house to the covered walkway that linked the main house with the guesthouse. She knew this pathway well but would never admit why. No one had noticed her leave and had they noticed they would have just assumed she was using the washroom. It had been a good five minutes since James had walked down the same pathway and was waiting for her in the usual spot.

She turned the corner and took a deep breath. She was making a mistake but she couldn’t help it. Every time she was around James she lost all common sense.

“Hi baby.”

Chloe grinned and walked over to him. He was sitting in one of the overstuffed chairs that sat in the guesthouse living room. It overlooked the pool although right now the pool was covered in a dark plastic liner with a thin layer of snow.

“You know we shouldn’t.”

Chloe’s words were saying one thing but her body was saying another. As she walked towards him she slid her dress up until her matching pink panties were revealed. James grinned and leaned forwarded, his hands wrapping around her waist and pulling her down.

“I don’t care what we should or shouldn’t be doing. It’s been way too long and I want, no need your pussy.”

Chloe cried out as her hips rotated in circles. His cock was throbbing against his jeans and she wanted it just as bad.

“Fuck we can’t.”

Chloe lifted up and kissed him hard. He tasted like beer and peppermint. She felt him open his mouth wide and suck on her tongue. She was so lost in that sensation that she didn’t notice that he had undone his jeans and his cock was sliding against her silk panties.

“Oh yes we can. I made a mistake. I love Diane but dear god I need you.”

Chloe nuzzled his nose and gazed into his eyes. As he stared back at her a million thoughts passed between them. They remembered their first time, so many years ago. They thought about how they sneaked around and then had to pretend not to know each other when Chloe and Eric moved to the same city. Every moment together was like this and when James slid his thick cock inside her, she could not protest.


Chloe felt his cock slide deep inside her. He had never worn a condom with her and up until now it had never made a difference. She didn’t want him to stop. She wanted him inside her but then she remembered. She remembered the conversation that Eric and she had had a few months ago. They were both ready to have another baby and so that day she had stopped taking her birth control pills.

“I’m not on the pill anymore. You have to stop.”

Chloe hated to do this but one thing she had learnt from cheating all these years was to be practical. She could not let James cum inside her and she was taking the chance of his precum inside her.

“Damn it.”

James lifted Chloe up just enough so that the tip of his cock was against her clit. His facial expression told the whole story.

“I’m sorry. You can do my ass. Plus it doesn’t count as cheating, right?”

Chloe looked at James, trying to figure out what he was thinking. She knew her argument was weak but she was trying to rationalize her actions. Chloe waited. They both knew they didn’t have a lot of time.

“You fucking drive me crazy!”

That was all James spit out before he stood Chloe up and spun her around against the couch. He ran his cock up and down her hot wet folds, coating his cock with her juices. He then pressed against her puckered rosebud. She was squirming around but he just pushed his large body against her. He slid in and couldn’t help but grunt. He wanted to go slow but he couldn’t.

“God you feel good.”

Chloe was panting so hard and was already so close to cumming. She heard the slapping of his thighs against her round butt at each thrust. She looked back and saw James biting his hand. This was what drove her over the edge. The fact that he had the urge to scream and moan her name but knew he couldn’t. He couldn’t even hold back so had to bite down on something to muffle his screams.

Chloe’s whole body quivered as her orgasm ripped through her body. It was a different orgasm then she had with her husband but there was no way she could explain it. It was more intense, more sexual. Every part of her body needed James and the fact that her inner thighs were soaked told him how aroused she was.

“That’s it sweetie. Come for me. You feel so good.”

James buried his head in her soft golden locks. He was close to cumming and began to speed up. He grunted and then exploded. She was panting hard, reacting to his thick hard cock inside her tight hole. He was smiling, knowing that she would return to the party with his cum dripping out of her ass.

He pulled away and kissed the back of neck, sweeping her blonde hair away with his fingertips.

“I still love you.”

“I love you more.”

James left first, after tucking his cock back into his jeans and making sure that his hands smelled of hand soap, and not her pussy. Chloe cleaned up and then returned to the party. When they returned nothing much had changed. Most of the men were in the basement, including James who had snuck downstairs. The women were chatting and Chloe made her way over to the kitchen for a much-needed drink.

The rest of the evening she stayed away from both Diane and James. She and Eric left around midnight. Their son was staying with her parents for the night and so they were able to enjoy a restful sleep. As always neither Diane nor Eric suspected anything.

As both James and Chloe fell asleep, both of them remembered their enjoyable encounter and although they vowed it would never happen again, both of them knew that it would never be over.

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