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It Gets Hot in the Sauna

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It had been a long hard week. Thirteen, fourteen hour days in the office every day and zero ‘me’ time. So come Saturday morning, Chrissie had been looking forward to spending a little more time at the spa than the forty five minutes on the treadmill each day she had managed so far this week.

She’d particularly been hoping to strike up a conversation with the hot looking new guy. He’d been working out most days she’d been in but her manic schedule just hadn’t allowed any time to dally and flirt.

Just her luck, of course, that today, with the working week over – the big presentation made – and with time on her hands and headspace to spare, that he was nowhere to be seen.

Still, she had managed to get in a relaxing swim after her spin class and now she is looking forward to a nice long session in the sauna and then a shower.

As she walks into the sauna with a towel wrapped around her otherwise naked body, she is pleased to see there’s plenty of room to stretch out. In fact there is only one other person in there. And Yay!, it’s him… the new guy!! He’s lying on his back, a towel around his waist and one rolled up under his head. His eyes are closed and when Chrissie says a friendly “Hi” in her sexiest voice, his lack of response suggests that he’s dozed off.

Chrissie tries again to get his attention, this time with a cough that even she can’t make sound sexy, but still no response. So she sits down on the hot pine slats and stretches her legs out.

Closing her eyes and letting out a long sigh she tries to relax and ignore the fact that her streak of crappy luck seems to be continuing after all as she finds herself alone and half naked with the New Hot Guy and he’s just lying there fast asleep!

After a few moments of concerted deep and slow breathing, Chrissie opens her eyes. Almost immediately they glance across at the front of the towel around Hot Guy’s waist. There’s a distinct bulge going on there.

She watches his face as he sleeps. He seems to be in quite a deep one. So, very slowly she parts her thighs and slips her hand between her legs. She is feeling olgun porno so fucking horny all of a sudden.

She strokes her pussy lips and parts them slightly with a finger. Then that finger finds her clit. She rubs it gently, giving it a little squeeze that makes her shudder, all the time her eyes on his face, checking that he doesn’t wake from his slumber, but secretly wishing he would. Imagining what would happen if he woke to find her with her fingers spreading herself in front of him.

Getting more and more turned on at the thought of being caught like this by this total stranger asleep in front of her, she brazenly spreads her legs wider, placing a foot up on the bench next to Hot Guy, her fingers moving faster now.

She loves the thought that her shaven wet pussy would be staring him straight in the face if he woke up now. Her other hand comes down to help the pleasuring she’s giving herself. Two fingers dipping in and out of her wet swollen sex as fingers from the other hand rub quickly at her throbbing clit.

Hot Guy doesn’t seem to be waking, though the smell of her sex is starting to fill the tiny hot chamber and it seems to be having quite an effect. He appears to be having a sexy dream as he starts to murmur slightly and Chrissie is sure she can see his cock thickening and stretching under his towel. She moves closer to investigate. Sure enough she can see the outline of his hardness, lying against his stomach. She reaches out and traces its contours through the towel with a single long fingernail.

Hot Guy murmurs and shifts, his groin moving instinctively in response to her touch. Her finger repeats the action and soon she is teasing her fingers gently up and down his cock through the towel, urging it to grow to its full length. Her other hand is busy now between her own legs.

She takes a deep breath and reaches for the corner of the towel across his lap and begins to peel it off slowly. Inch by inch she reveals first his toned stomach and then his pubes. Her eyes are on his face as she pulls the towel back to reveal more of him.

His eyes outdoor sex are still closed but his mouth is open. She gives one last tug as the towel catches on his cock, lifting it up, and then it pulls free and his hard cock falls back, slapping against his firm stomach.

Her fingers are back on his cock immediately, tracing those same lines up and down it but now her nails are running up and down the bare skin of his shaft, teasing his swollen knob.

Chrissie kneels up next to him on the bench now – one hand on his cock, the other frantically fingering herself. She takes her fingers from deep inside her sopping wet pussy and trails them across his lips.

Those fingers leave his open mouth and trace down across his chest and stomach, playing with a small pool of sweat that has formed on his chest as they go.

Bobbing her head, Chrissie gently licks some pre cum with the tip of her tongue as it oozes out of the swollen cock in her hands. Looking down at the beautiful cock that she is now wanking slowly, she thinks about taking it in her mouth. But her pussy is throbbing so much that she simply straddles Hot Guy and presses his knob against her pouting pussy lips.

She is so wet that she just slides down on to it taking him right in up to the hilt. He gasps and opens his eyes. For a second he flounders, waking from whatever dream he was having. His hands fly out to the sides as if to steady himself in a rocking boat. Chrissie stares him straight in the eyes though and doesn’t miss a beat as, hands on his chest, she raises her pussy off his cock, almost all the way off, before sliding herself right down again.

His eyes ar open as wide as they can be now as he takes in her firm naked body grinding on top of him. He looks down to see his cock appearing and disappearing as Chrissie rides him slowly. He reaches up and puts his hands on her hips and with this tacit approval Chrissie relaxes and her eyes close now as she savours the experience of being full with his cock, riding him with long firm movement of her hips back and forth.

He reaches up and public agent porno takes her nipples between his fingers, rolling them gently then pulling harder on them as Chrissie moans at his touch. Her rhythm quickens as she feels an orgasm approaching, she looks down at him. His eyes are on hers as he plays with her tits, helping her reach her climax.

All of a sudden he sits up and swings her round, so that his back is against the sauna wall, his legs dangling down over the side of the bench. His mouth is on her breasts now, biting, chewing on her hard nipples as she rides him hard. She feels his hands on her buttocks and then a few short sharp slaps on her arse. God she is close to coming.

Then she feels his fingers parting her ass cheeks, probing. They find her butthole, wet with her pussy juices and suddenly one finger and then another slip easily inside her. Oh fuck that’s it!! She can feel herself coming. Her hands are grabbing at his shoulders and his head as she cums.

Her pussy tightens its grip on his big cock as she continues to ride him and she hears muffled moans coming from somewhere between her breasts where his face is buried. A guttural grunt and a flood of sticky fluids gushing inside of her tells her that he is cumming too.

She slips off his lap and kneels in front of him. His cock is still hard, it being seconds since his eruption, and small drops of cum are still slowly pumping out of it. She starts lapping at his cock, licking both her pussy juices and his spunk from it. She grasps the shaft, at the base, in her hand and squeezes so that every last drop of his cum oozes out. She licks his cock clean, and then straddling him again kisses him hard and deep on the mouth. This is the first time they have kissed and their mouths are full of their mingled emissions.

“Chrissie.” she says quietly but confidently, smiling as she breaks the kiss.

“Kyle.” he replies hesitantly. He looks like he can’t quite believe what has happened.

“Well Kyle, best cover yourself up now, sounds like people are coming,” she says as she wraps the towel around her and ties it in place, then hops down from the bench and heads for the door.

The door opens and she exchanges pleasantries with a couple she is on nodding terms withas they enter the sauna and then she leaves for the shower, a huge smile etched right across her face.

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