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It’s Just a Fantasy

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I park my little Toyota Matrix in front of the house, open the door, and slide my stocking clad legs in 4″ heels out from under the console. My job as an EA requires that I look professional so as to present the right image for the organization I work for, but the heels are all mine. My concession to wanting to look sexy and add some height to my 5′ 4″ frame.

I close and lock my car door and make my way to the steps. Home at last! It had been a long day and I was so ready to start the weekend. I had been chatting with my sexy IT vendor again, and again was left feeling horny and frustrated. Of course, we don’t say anything overt. It is a chat on a work computer after all. But at this point even his oblique references can get my juices flowing and my imagination running wild. These days it wouldn’t take that much anyway. I always seemed to be on the edge. It has been too long since I had a man.

I had teased him earlier that he had “awoken the dragon”. He has no idea how apt that description is. I can’t remember a time when I hadn’t had a voracious sexual appetite, but that has been repressed for the past couple of years. Firstly because of the very sad lack of physical intimacy of my last relationship which was a major reason why it hadn’t worked out. And secondly, my not knowing how to go about finding a potential partner without joining an online dating site (not going to happen) or going to a bar (also not an option).

I unlock the front door and bend to give my dog a hug.”Hello furry face, how was your day”, I coo. She wags her tail and pushes her nose under my skirt, thankfully only catching my inner thigh. Anyone with a large dog will understand this is their normal mode of greeting. I yelp and push her head and cold nose away. I wonder if she is smelling my arousal from this afternoon. I close the door and lock it, drop my keys into the bowl on the console table, kick off my heels and make my way to my bedroom. I can’t wait to get my work clothes bursa escort off and step into a hot shower.

I start to remove my clothing, standing in front of the mirrored closet doors. The blouse, a deep forest green that clings to my large breasts is the first item to be dragged over my head and placed into the hamper. My skirt, a tight grey sheath, soon follows leaving me in my black satin bra, boy shorts and thigh high stockings with the lace trim at the top.

I stand in front of the mirror and consider my reflection, skimming my hands over my curves and cupping my breasts. I think that I look pretty good for my age. My figure maybe a little more curvy than what is considered beautiful by todays standards; my ass more rounded, providing a nice handful if cupped. My breasts, although large, still retain some pertness, the erect nipples currently straining against the satin fabric of my bra. I may not be young anymore, but I still have it, I think to myself.

My panties are wet with my juices from my earlier fantasies this afternoon, and I can feel the pulsing between my legs of my still engorged clit. I trail my fingers over my tummy and hook them under the band of my panties to pull them down. I stand up and look at my now exposed mound with its neatly trimmed curls glistening with moisture. The lips are swollen and rosy with my arousal.

I slowly reach behind my back to unhook my bra and allow my breasts to spill out of their satiny confinement. The nipples are already hardened peaks that beg for attention. In my imagination, I can picture Mr. Sexy IT man taking them in his mouth, slightly nibbling them and it sends an answering throb to my drenched sex. I imagine his hands kneading the creamy, smooth expanse of my breasts while laving my nipples with his tongue and slowly squeeze them, plucking at my rigid, dusky pink nipples. My core throbs in response to the pain and pleasure, releasing more evidence of my arousal.

I lift first one, then bursa escort bayan the other, stocking clad leg to slowly roll the material down my thigh and calf, feeling the silky smoothness of my legs as I remove the stretchy nylon. I am completely naked now, my body flushed with desire. I grab a towel, quickly wrap it around my body and head to the bathroom for a long, hot shower.

I turn on the tap, adjusting the water temperature before turning on the spray. The hot jets spew steam into the room as I step into the tub and underneath the pulsing liquid. “Ahhhh”, I sigh. It feels heavenly to have the heated water sluicing over my sensitive skin. I have the nozzle set on the massage option, the pulsing jets working to soothe the tense muscles.

I pour a small amount of soap onto a puff and work it into a lather. I begin to massage the suds into my breasts, the puff scraping against my dusky nipples sending delicious electric shocks through my core. As I scrub the puff on one breast, I use my other hand to roll the other nipple, pulling it gently, the soap bubbles making my skin feel slippery and soft. I can feel my pussy clench and release more cream between my legs.

I close my eyes, picturing my sexy vendor kneeling in front of me, opening my legs to expose my blood engorged clit and vaginal opening dripping with the essence of my arousal. To feel his mouth there, sucking, pulling on the clit lightly with his teeth, lapping at the sweet musky effluence while he impales me with his tongue.

I slowly trace the puff down over my belly and hips, carefully avoiding the area I want to touch the most. I lift a leg and circle the puff over my thigh and calf, before setting it down to attend to the other. The skin on my legs still feel smooth from shaving them earlier that morning. I can picture those legs flung over the shoulders of my fantasy lover, as he plunges deeply into my centre, driving us both to heights of ecstasy. My body is starting to escort bursa tremble from the need for release.

I add more soap to the puff then lightly brush it over my mound, coating it with the dense bubbles. I have been waiting for this all afternoon. I drop the puff and use my soapy fingers to stroke the slit between my folds. I feel the sticky results of my earlier fantasies as well as my current ministrations. I lightly touch the hard bud of my clit poking from its sheath. I start to rub small circles into the sensitive button, eliciting a sharp intake of my breath. I apply more pressure and my circles become more insistent as I quickly climb the heights towards release.

With my other hand, I squeeze my breast and pluck at my nipple causing my pussy to clench spasmodically. I insert a finger into the channel, keeping pressure on my clit with the side of my thumb. I’m so close, just a little more. The pressure builds, my whole body tensing. I drive my fingers into my slick hole faster, feeling my pussy tightening, the heat building until I can’t stand it anymore. I explode, my orgasm gushes from my core and down my inner thighs, quickly disappearing under the warm spray.

My body has softened from the release, my legs feeling like they are made of rubber. I bend and collect the puff, add a bit more soap and do a quick wash of my body before allowing the spray to rinse me all clean.

I turn off the shower and step out onto the mat. Using the towel, I pat myself dry. My body has a warm rosy glow. I sigh, and wish that I was not having to pleasure myself, that my sexy IT vendor was the one that was pleasuring me.

He was going to be in my neighbourhood later on tonight and suggested we meet. Should I? I don’t really trust myself around him at this point. I was liable to just forget any pleasantries and drag him, dragon-like, into my bedroom, my lair.

He mentioned he was in a happy relationship so that was not a line I was willing to cross, morals and all. I don’t think I could remain immune should we meet, so I will have to keep my distance. Nothing wrong with fantasizing though. What hot-blooded male wouldn’t want to be the object of a sexy cougar’s erotic fantasies?

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