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Jessica: The Next Day

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I awoke in the morning, spooning Jessica, with my hand cupping her perfect 36C breast and her ass tight against my cock. I slowly roll her onto her back and woke her with some light kisses on her shoulder and neck.

I explored her firm naked body, starting at her breasts and nipples then working my way across your smooth flat tanned stomach down to her pussy. I begin to kiss and nibble her neck, then shoulders, while working my way down I suck and nibble her nipples, as I insert my two middle fingers deep inside pussy and begin to finger fuck your pussy and play with her clitoris with my thumb. Then just as Jessica begins to moan louder I pull my wet fingers out of her and slip them into her tight asshole. I begin working them in and out exploring her oh so tight shithole while rubbing Jessica’s swollen clit with my thumb, she quickly surges towards and through orgasm.

I roll onto my back, to let Jessica catch your breath, but instead, she sits up and kneels beside me and grabs my semi-erect cock and begins to stroke and suck it till it’s hard again. When she seems satisfied that it’s good and hard, Jessica stands up, straddles my hips, then plunges down hard impaling yourself fully on my rigid twelve inch cock, slapping her ass against my thighs, and starts grinding back and forth. She then grab the top naughty america porno of the headboard and begins bouncing up and down pounding your ass against my thighs. I raise my hips to meet her thrusts. I then grab her firm ass bend my knees and begin pounding your pussy hard and fast. As Jessica begins to cum again, I roll her over on her back, and without missing a beat, continue to pump her cunt through her orgasm. Then I slipped my cock out of her pulsating pussy, pushed her legs up, with one hand, grabbed a pillow and shoved it under her ass. I grabbed my rock hard cock and began to lube her asshole with the cum dripping from your pussy.

I then positioned the head of my cock at the tiny opening of Jessica’s tight asshole and begin to force it in. Jessica began to protest that my cock is way too big and won’t fit, then she told me she has never had anal sex before. I assure her that it will fit and that I’ll be gentle and only put the tip in to start.

I add a little more of her natural lube and slowly force my massive swollen tip in. I watch her tiny hole stretch to accommodate and welcome my fat cock, as promised, I stop just as the bottom rim disappears. Then slowly pull it out. Re-lube and repeat. I do this a several times, as she clutches the sheets, stretching her nubiles porno tight shithole a little more each time. I re-lube my entire cock by plunging it deep in her drenched pussy a couple times. I re positioned and started to slide it back into her asshole, in and out a little deeper each time, I slowly bury my cock. Then as I start to increase my speed, Jessica begins lifting her hips to meet my thrusts forcing my cock deeper into her ass. She then begins to rub her pussy, then finger fucking herself, as I increase the speed of my thrusts. I grab a hold of her waist and begin slamming her against my cock…Jessica whimpers a little and her body goes rigid as cum squirts out between your fingers onto my stomach. She screams at me to fuck her harder, I do told. As I pound her shithole harder I feel the cum building in my cock again, I ignore it and continue pistoning in and out until I can’t hold out anymore, and yank my cock out of Jessica’s throbbing ass, grab her by the hair, pull her head down to my cock and shove it straight into her throat. She gags. I give her face a few quick pumps then blow my hot load deep down your throat. We lay back exhausted.

After resting for a bit we get dressed and head down to the kitchen for some coffee. While the coffee is brewing, I am admiring how beautiful olgun porno Jessica looks while looking for something to make for breakfast. Mean while we are chatting about last evenings events, my cock starts to get hard again. I leave the stuff on the counter and as I walk up to Jessica, I release my cock from my track pants. I tell her to open your mouth. I then shove my cock into your mouth. With both hands on the back of your head I fuck her face, Jessica’s nails are digging into my thighs and she gags as I pound the back of your throat. Just before I’m about to cum I pull out and lift her off the chair, spin her around and bend her over the table, push her dress up, pull her panties aside, she grabs the edge of the table, as plunge my cock hard and deep into wet pussy.

As I pound her pussy she tells me, between gasps, to pull her hair. I grab a fistful of and yank your head back as she begins to cum. I then yank my cock out, rip her panties off, grab a handful of your dress in one hand and my rigid cock in the other ploughed it straight into her tight asshole and continue to pound her hard, I feel the cum working its way up from my balls again. I slow down my thrusting to grab two fistfuls of her hair. Jessica is bucking like a bronco as I’m pulling her hard against me with every thrust, I pound my throbbing cock deep in and out of her stretched out shithole. I can feel her cum splashing on my balls and thighs as I dump loads of cum deep in your ass.

After breakfast we fuck in every room. We make plans for dinner next week before she staggers out to her car that evening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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