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Julie Searches for Romance

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Tip can’t do the Job, but Julie Discovers Love with Russ.

This is a true story from my hidden past. Like most girls I have a secret past. I was naive, but it was fun. I was a cute gal, finishing in fourth place for Miss California. Now it is all a memory. Enjoy.

This is my first story. I hope you like it.


I was dating Tipper, a very handsome guy a couple of years after high school. We had some passionate moments; I was eager and in love but Tip never pushed the ‘go all the way’ button.

Tip joined the Army to become a parachuter with the famous 101st Airborne. I left home to become a stew for United. We kept in touch and I found out he was coming through New York when I was going to be there. I am excited when we made plans to meet. I also elected to have a three-day layover after Tip left to shop and see the city with my housemate Sherry.

Sherry is a very pretty girl, always with guys on her mind. We are in the galley preparing meals for the first-class passengers.

“I am really ready to see Tipp,” I tell the story of our past and how Tipper is not bold enough to pursue ‘love’.

“Maybe we will have romance. You can’t believe how good looking he is.”

“Good luck Julie, he is a lucky guy. Prepare the situation. Be bold! I hope to see Johnny, an old friend. Maybe we can both get lucky.”

We arrive in New York and go to our hotel: The St. Moritz. I put on a sexy negligee in my room, waiting for ‘the phone call’.

Finally the phone rings, I rush to answer it.

“Hi Tipp. Take a cab to the St. Moritz! Hurry!”

“Hey Baby, I can’t wait to see you.”

I wait in anticipation and finally the knock on the door.

There he is, a gorgeous 6-3 in his uniform. He came in, I jump into his arms, hugging and embracing.

“Baby, I need to take a shower.” He kisses me on the cheek and hurries to the restroom.

I go to bed, waiting for my handsome warrior. In bed our passion began anew. I want him. He got between my legs, put a rubber on and pushed towards me. He gasped. He is coming before getting all in!! I can’t believe it, but pull him to me and kiss him while he comes.

Tip is embarrassed, muttering, “Lets go to lunch.”

We stay out all day, and came back to the hotel at 11pm, crawl into bed and he is quickly sound asleep.

The next morning, we have breakfast and I saw him off in a cab.

I walk to Sherry’s room and told her the story of a failed romance.

“Your in luck. My friend Johnny is coming today and has a friend. They both have poolside rooms. Let me telephone.”

“Sherry, wait a minute. I am not ready to jump into bed with everybody. I am not that kind of girl, actually I am a good girl.”

“Listen up Julie.” She looked me into my eyes. “All girls screw. You get to choose which guy is lucky. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. Also, so-called ‘good girls’ are the ones who don’t get caught. You are a good girl, but you like to screw, you have had your naughty moments too. You were hoping for a good time this weekend. You didn’t learn those things being a good girl kid.”

I laugh. “You’re too much, but there is a lot of truth in what you say.”

“Yes, just be discreet and choose, then when you choose, make it a major thrilling event for everybody. When I leave a guy, I want him to remember the hottest chic he ever had. Not just for him Julie, but if he remembers me, it is because I really let my self go and had a great time too.”

“I like your attitude Sherry, I bet there are some great memories for some guys.”

She laughs. ” Remember, you can pick any guy, because they all want to bed a beautiful girl like you. Make sure you like him, although some guys are very sharp and aggressive and will have you on your back in no time. Personally, I like a guy who knows what he wants.”

She picks brazzers porno up the telephone to dial the guys. They said we could have one room and they would share the adjoining room.

Sherry and I pack our suitcases and head for their hotel, The Mark. It is very upscale five star.

We see the guys and Sherry introduces her friend Johnny to me and to his companion; Russ is 6-1 and about 35 years old. He has brown, sexy eyes, which look into my soul. His body appears very athletic and he is smiling and charming.

We went to our room with the luggage.

“Do you have a bathing suit?” Sherry asked.

“No, I didn’t think I would need one.”

“Here take one of mine.”

I look at Sherry’s offerings, they are very skimpy.

Both are string bikinis, there is nothing to hide with these garments. Sherry and I have twin bodies: both of us are 5-2, 115 pounds with 34B boobs so it is a perfect fit. We make our entrance to the pool and sit with the guys.

“Sit down girls, relax and I’ll fix you a drink.”

They are pouring Black Russians, a drink that I had never had before. It is sweet chocolate flavor with no taste of alcohol. After about a half hour, Sherry and Johnny go to his room and leave Russ and I to become acquainted. I am less inhibited, feeling the effects of the drinks and am enjoying myself, flirting with Russ.

Russ sat on the side of the pool, kicking his feet into the water.

He reaches for my drink on the table and gives it to me as I stand in the pool in front of him.

“Here is your Black Russian.”

I am feeling no pain, and take the cup.

“Thank you.”

I glance at his brief swimming suit and there is a bulge in front. Embarrassed I look away.

“I see your gaze beautiful, do you like my suit?”

“Yes,” I lower my eyes.

“What do you like about it?”

“It’s pretty sexy.”

He chuckled. “What’s sexy about it?”

“Well, it focuses on your, ‘equipment’,” I couldn’t think of a better word.

“Your string bikini doesn’t leave anything to imagine either. You are beautiful with a very seductive chassis. Very seductive.”

I sip some Black Russian, thinking that I wasn’t too seductive with Tipper.

“Come on Julie, let’s go inside where it is warmer. ” He went to his door and reached in for a white towel bathrobe. I approach the door holding my drink.

“Let’s get you out of those wet clothes.” He stood behind me and put the bathrobe sleeve on my right arm and then the left one. It is warm and feels good.

Russ stands behind me, reaches under the bathrobe and up my back and unties the bikini top.

I can’t believe what he is doing. Before I can protest, he stands behind me and pulls the bikini panties down under the bathrobe.

“Tie your bathrobe, it must feel good to get out of those cold wet clothes.”

I step over them and into the room and sit on the coach. He reaches for the bikini parts on the floor and walks to the bathroom. Soon he comes out wearing a bathrobe and sits down next to me with his drink.

“So you are in the stew business, you do a lot of traveling?”

I notice a bulge in his bathrobe. It is hard to concentrate.

“Yes we travel, I don’t have enough seniority to go work international yet.”

“How old are you?”


“You have plenty of time to get your seniority.”

“You look athletic Russ, do you play sports?”

“I try to keep in shape I played quarterback in high school and at Michigan.”

Oh my God, poking up from his bathrobe is a huge shaft with a large purple head. My eyes are wide open and focused.

He nonchalantly pulled his bathrobe closed and continued talking.

“I work out everyday when I can.”

Russ got up and turned the light off after lighting some candles. He took my clip4sale porno drink and sat down next to me. The image of his manhood is exciting and frightening. He pulls me to him and we embrace. I put my arms around his neck, he kisses me and with a free hand unties my robe. He pulls it down over my shoulders. We passionately kiss me while he kneads my boobs. My hips are churning, he reaches under my legs and he carries me to the bed. The alcohol has helped reintroduce my eagerness for love, but I am wondering about the size of his hammer. Soon I find out. He enters me slowly and it feels large and glorious. I have never felt such pleasure before. I scream:

“It’s never felt so good.”

“You’re a tight babe.” He is giving me slow deep strokes and moaning. I cry ‘oh, oh’ with each thrust.

Then I felt it. “I’m coming.”

Russ looks down at this young beauty, fucking her hard. He speeds up, giving her deep thrusts again and again. She keeps moving her pussy and coming. Finally he finishes with several mighty moans. Russ looks over at this beautiful young chic. She has a gorgeous body, a beautiful face and the quality tight pussy of a young twenty year old. And, she wants to fuck. He got off of her and lay there admiring her beauty.

“God your good baby.”

“I couldn’t take all of you, I am sorry.”

You’re a beautiful girl. Thank you for your love. He kisses me gently on the cheek. I close my eyes thinking of the events of the last two days. When one day I get married, I would rather go to bed with a Russ rather than a Tip every night.

There is a banging on the door. Russ rubs his eyes and walks to the door. More banging. He opens the door. It is Sherry and Johnny. They have some fried chicken, French fries, and Black Russians.

“Hey you guys, we brought some nourishment you need after all that loud love making,” Sherry put down the tray.

“Sherry, you could hear us?”

“Yes, you were not vey quiet.” She poured me a drink and I put my bathrobe on. Everyone is smiles.

“Thanks for the food guys,” Russ says as he grabs a chicken leg.

Sherry turned on the FM and found some beat music. She pushes her head forward and back keeping time to the music. I join her in keeping time to the beat. She puts down her drink and walks over to me extending her hand. I get up and join her in a slow jitterbug dance. After the dance we receive a round of applause. We sit down, catch our breath and I gobble some fries and sip some more Black Russian, which I don’t need. Soon Sherry has her energy back and is gyrating to the beat, which is a little faster. She reaches for me and I join her. She puts her left arm on her waist and I put my arm through hers and on my waist and try to follow her lead. We look right and skip together three times, then stop and kick our right leg and then the left one, three times each. We look left and skip left keeping time to the music. We repeat the routine several times and the dance becomes coordinated and fun with a very appreciative audience. We take a break and Sherry takes my hand.

“The bathrobes are tough to dance in,” She says, let’s put on our bikinis if they are dry.” The alcohol has deterred any of my inhibitions. I agree. The suits are dry and we put them on. Sherry yells out of the bathroom “Ta Daa.” We start our dance routine.

About half way through, Johnny get up and goes behind us. We stop, wondering what he is doing. With his right hand he unties Sherry’s top and his left one takes mine off. Our boobs are on full display for the audience.

Russ claps in approval. “Now, let’s see the dance.”

We do our routine again and I can feel my breasts bouncing. The audience is riveted to our routine and our twin assets. The dance stops and Sherry runs and sits on Johnny’s lap her arms around his neck. They are in wild passion colette porno when he picks her up and takes her next door. Russ stands up and we embrace. His stallion is poking his head out from the opening in his bathrobe and I feel his warmth and size. I press my hips against him while our mouths are joined in passion. Then he pushes me to my knees.

“Suckcock baby doll.”

Eagerly I begin. God he is huge. I love my work and soon he is moaning. Russ holds my head and shoots his juice into my mouth. When he finishes, I wipe my face and lips off with his bathrobe.

He takes me to the bed and lies down. I am on top, caressing and kissing. He eventually responds and he puts me on my back.

“Raise your knees.”

“Oh, oh, fuck me, fuck me.” I scream.

He does. I enjoy his technique and thrusting as I come. I came twice screaming ‘oh, oh,’ at each thrust. Finally he sped up and finished.

“Did you like it?”

“I love it. How big is he?”

“Eight inches. That’s not so many, John Holms and those porno guys have twelve.”

“What the average?”

“Five and a half I think.”

“Your really sexy Julie. You are very beautiful, young and eager. I have never seen a girl hump like you do when you give a Blow Job. You are very tight lass too. Your perfect.”

“Well Russ, if you ever need an eager girl, give me a call.”

“I will.”

In the morning we made love, had breakfast and the four of us went into the city. We saw ‘West Side Story’, and had French cuisine.

Sherry and I shared conversations when we have a chance. We both promise to keep our naughty weekend a secret.

“Have you lost any of your inhibitions Julie, you used to be real prissy?”

“Most of them.”

“Well tonight, we can arouse the guys with our burlesque. Is Russ a good lover?”

“God yes. He has a huge tool and knows how to use it. Size matters. How about Johnnie?

“Oh wow, he is very good. He goes real fast and deep if you know what I mean.

Do you want to trade?”

“Sherry, no. No trading.”

“I thought you would share, but your selfish,” she giggled.

“Very selfish.”

“You should think of Russ, maybe he needs a change of pace.”

“You mean ‘change of piece’,” I giggled, then add,

“Thanks for the advice, I will change the pace. I will keep Russ.”

“Ok. Let’s get them ready with our famous dance and then split.”

We develop a sexy routine, not wearing our bikini top. Sherry announces: “Let the show begin.”

We do our normal routine, then turn our backs to the audience and shake our ass. Then we turn and smile and pull the suit down half way over our hips. We shake again. The ‘audience’ howls and claps. “More, more.”

We lower the suit all the way down our legs, and then shake our ass.

We turn around, stark naked and do our routine once more.

When we finish, Johnny takes Sherry next door. Russ and I make it to bed. He puts me in different positions as we enjoy each other’s body. During a lull, I whisper to him: “Will I see you again?”

“Julie angel, I am married.”

I raise my head and look at him in disbelief.

“How could you do this Russ?”

Russ hugs her, “I could marry you if circumstances were different.” He kisses and caresses her. “You’re a wonderful, sweet girl.” His hand rubs between her legs slowly. “You are the sexiest girl I have ever known.” Her hips start to meet his tender touching. He speeds up a little. She starts moaning. He gets between her thighs and starts fucking that young tight pussy. “I love you.”

She responds to his affection.

The next morning, Sherry and I had breakfast before taking the United limo to the airport.

“Julie, did you not enjoy the whole affair? You acted very sexy and if I am not mistaken you climaxed many times by the passionate noises you made. You did feel decadent and sexy didn’t you?”

“Well Sherry, when we get on the airplane, I’ll be a good girl again, looking for a chance to be naughty and remain anonymous. It was really wild being naughty.”

Sherry smiles, “I love it. Enjoy yourself when your not being good.”

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