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Knockout Ch. 51: End

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Double Penetration



Janice and Tim are reaching the culmination of their anniversary adventure in dancing and fantasy role playing. Following the advice of Todd172 (“I learned the hard way to keep connected stories in the same category”, www..com/s/vodka-sting), I am submitting this final installment under Erotic Couplings to maintain its connection to the earlier installments. Some might feel it belongs more in Loving Wives, but what started with 2 lovers is ending with 2 lovers, so I’ll go for continuity.

Ch. 51: Saturday Night’s Choice Made

They headed first to their booth so Tim could retrieve his car keys from his jacket pocket. When they got near, however, they found D’Andre about to walk away. He smiled and stayed by their table when he saw them coming.

“I was hoping for another dance,” he said. “But you look like maybe you need a little break…or something?” He could see the energetic bounce in the beautiful woman’s step that indicated she’d be fine with turning right around and heading back to the floor, but Tim also seemed wound up, rather than ready for a break.

Janice spun into Tim’s arms, putting her back to D’Andre. She looked up into Tim’s eyes with the challenging question that had been underlying the whole evening. “Should we?”

“Center of attention?” he said under his voice as he realized the moment of truth was suddenly upon him. Her nostrils flared and she gave a brief nod.

“How about just a short break?” Tim said. Then over Jan’s shoulder to D’Andre, “Sit down and take the break with us?”

Janice spun away from Tim and over to D’Andre. “Yes, do!” she declared, before sliding into the booth and pulling the handsome black man in after her. Tim sat on the other side of the table.

“Do you know Lonzo and his friends Angie and Carla?” Janice asked to start the ball rolling.

D’Andre said that he did and went on to explain that Lonzo and Charlie were a couple of development and financing whiz kids who’d hooked up in college and now, at the tender age of 25, owned two of the properties in the airport development zone and had interests in at least four more.

The ever-efficient Justine picked up on D’Andre’s extended visit to Janice and Tim’s booth and brought over his drink from his own table along with two bottles of tonic and two of Perrier for the hot married couple to choose from.

“I didn’t think you were teetotalers,” D’Andre said after the cute Filipina had served them and moved away.

“No, just pacing ourselves,” said Tim.

“So, Charlie seemed a bit worse for wear,” Janice said. “That must be a bummer for Carla, she didn’t really seem ready to call it a night.”

D’Andre laughed. “Carla call it a night? Hardly. Charlie may be a light weight, who isn’t smart enough to pace himself,” he gave Tim a sage nod of the head, “but that just means he’s missing out on the fun. But don’t worry about Carla missing out; Lonzo will pick up Charlie’s slack if she doesn’t find someone else to.”

Janice had kept her hip pressed up tight against D’Andre’s from the moment they’d sat down and Tim could tell from the not-so-subtle movements of her left arm that she was stroking his leg. She kept the conversation going on the antics of Rick James and the Super Freaks, although, of course not using those nicknames.

She wasn’t leaving Tim out of things, either. She slipped off a shoe and had one foot up on her husband’s leg. Tim adjusted his seat so that she was between his legs and massaging the bulge in his trousers.

As for D’Andre, he was sipping his drink with his left hand, although Tim had registered earlier that he was a righty. It was quite clear that his right hand was busy copying Jan’s leg stroking. Of course, since the hot 28-year-old was wearing a short skirt and no stockings, D’Andre was having the extra pleasure of stroking her smooth, bare skin.

Janice regularly locked eyes with her husband, measuring whether he was still okay with things or if it was time to draw the line between fantasy and reality. So far, he seemed good, especially if she took the hardness of his cock under her foot as the truest indicator.

She watched Tim especially closely as her hand slid up higher, with no way to hide the odd arm movement, and began rubbing D’Andre’s own impressive bulge. Her husband gave her a small, crooked smile.

This wasn’t D’Andre’s first time in this situation and he played it as cool as ice. After it was clear that Jan was keeping her hand put and resolutely massaging the black snake in his pants, he once again returned the favor.

His arm had been behind hers for the leg stroking, but now he pulled it out and took a momentary two-handed istanbul escort grip on his drink. When he put it back it down, he had it cocked in such a way that he could reach between the woman’s legs. He’d already worked her skirt up to her hips and now found just a thin slip of fabric between his finger and her vulva. The material was very wet.

Janice leaned back harder against the bench and put her left leg over D’Andre’s right, giving him even freer access to her crotch. He wasted no time taking advantage and quickly had her thong pulled to the side and his middle finger working its way in between her lips.

D’Andre said they could just call him D’ as they were getting to be such good friends and regaled them with more stories about Lonzo, Angie and Carla that included hints, but no specifics, that D’Andre had also taken part. Meanwhile, the man had opened Janice wide with two fingers and was now gently playing with her clit. She was hardly trying to hide the occasional gasp or groan from her husband anymore.

“Speaking of Lonzo and the ladies,” said D’Andre. “They were going over to another club we like near here to finish the night. Would you like to go meet up with them?”

J he saw her trying to pull the skirt of her dress back in place as she slid across the bench. She kissed him on the cheek before heading to the rear of the club.

D’Andre sat back down and took a sip of his drink, giving Tim a look that wasn’t threatening, but was intense and questioning.

The raw reality of what was happening suddenly hit Tim and he wondered if he shouldn’t put the brakes on all this. Instead, he took a gulp of his own drink and then said, “Look, we’ve never done anything like this before.”

“I figured,” D’ said soothingly. “I think we can have a good time, though.”

“Yeah,” murmured Tim. “But, shit, I think maybe some ground rules would be smart.” It sounded a lot lamer than when he and Jan had talked about rules at the restaurant.

D’Andre kept it cool, no reason to blow the deal now. “Ground rules,” he said. “That’s cool.”

Tim carried on, trying to think and speak in brand-new concepts. “I think we are going to have a good time,” he said. “But it’s really up to Jan; she could end up changing her mind when things get…real. If we get up to the room and all she wants to do is have a drink and maybe another dance, then that’s all there’s going to be. Are you okay with that?”

“Well, I’ll be disappointed, but yeah, I get it and it’ll be cool,” said D’Andre.

“The same holds true all night,” continued Tim. “Even if things go further, she still gets to say No and Stop and that’s that.”

D’Andre said, “I’m still with you. But, Tim, what about you?”

“Huh?” said Tim.

“Do you get to say No and Stop?” said D’Andre. “Even if Janice gets things started?”

Tim thought about it. “Fair question. Yes, but no. If I let it get that far then I’m just going to try and keep my mouth shut, even if I discover I made a mistake. If she’s having fun then I’ll let her go where she wants. At least, I’ll try.”

“Okay, that’ll work. But Tim? Try hard, okay?” D’Andre gave him a roguish smile.

Tim relaxed a bit and returned the smile. “Yeah, okay. Rule 2: Do you have rubbers?”

“Rubbers? Really?”

“Really,” Tim replied firmly.

D’Andre laughed, “No problem. I do have condoms and always wear them with unknown ladies. I have a feeling that Janice, however, is quite clean and I was ready to skip them with her. But I’ll stay dressed if you think I should.” Tim had to laugh at the way D’ had turned the issue around.

Then Tim thought of one more thing. “This last is more of a request than a rule, you can say no. We haven’t done this before and may never do it again. So, would it be okay if we took some pictures or video?”

“Cameras?” mused D’Andre. “That kind of thing has ended up biting many people in the ass.”

“Just for our own use, no publishing on the Internet or anything. I can even try to shoot as much as possible so your face doesn’t show if you want. I just think Jan would like the…souvenir.”

“Tell you what,” said D’Andre. “I understand where you’re coming from, so go ahead and make your wife a hot movie, including with my face. Of course, if you do decide to go public, I expect my share of the profits.” Tim laughed.

“Do I get a copy?” D’Andre asked.

Tim considered. “I’ll send you some clips where Janice’s face isn’t visible if you want.”

D’Andre looked disappointed, but said, “Yeah, okay, fair enough.”

Ch. 53: Saturday Night — What the Chauffeur Saw

By the time Janice came back to the table, Tim was settling up with Justine, telling her to put avcılar escort the remainder of their tab into her or the community tip jar and promising to call her soon about joining them at another dance club. Janice and Tim both kissed her goodnight warmly.

“Wow, you two do know how to make friends, don’t you” D’Andre chuckled as they made their way to the rear exit.

“Would you believe I’m actually an introvert?” laughed Tim.

Janice was walking ahead of them in the narrow corridor and D’Andre gave an appreciative gaze at her strong ass and legs. “But I bet she had no problem shaking you out of your shell.”

“No problem at all,” Tim agreed in a low voice as he joined D’ in admiring Jan’s rear.

Outside in the parking lot, Tim said, “We’re parked just over there. Do you want to ride with us or follow us?”

“Ride with us,” Janice said quickly, taking D’Andre’s arm in hers. “Tim can drive while we continue getting to know each other.”

“Okay,” said D’Andre. “Just let me get something out of my car.” He shared a look with Tim that Tim took to mean D’Andre had his condoms in his car.

Tim walked Janice over to their SUV. “‘Continue getting to know each other?'” He pressed her back up against the side of the vehicle and put his hand up her skirt. He raised his eyebrows when he realized her panties had gone missing during her last restroom visit.

He pressed his fingers inside her dripping pussy. “Well, make sure you sit in the middle so I can watch in the mirror. I couldn’t really see how he diddled you in the booth, but from your expression I take it he knows what he’s doing?”

“Oh, he does too,” she moaned. “And I’ll be sure my voyeur husband gets a good show.”

D’Andre walked up, wearing a jacket he’d had in his car.

“I guess I’m the chauffeur,” Tim said and got into the driver’s seat. In the side mirror he saw that Janice was still leaned back against the car and D’Andre was kissing her deeply. Tim leaned over, opened up the glove box and took out his cell phone. While the other two were distracted outside, he turned on the phone’s video recording function, set it to low light, and mounted it in the car’s charging cradle. The cradle was on a flexible arm that allowed for easier hands-free use and he aimed it back between the front seats.

The rear door finally opened and D’Andre handed Jan into the car. She slid across to the middle seat and Tim repositioned his rearview mirror to her crotch. But after D’Andre got in behind Tim and pulled the door shut, Janice suddenly moved to her right and pulled their guest with her, putting him in the middle seat.

Instead of Janice’s black skirt hiked up around her waist, Tim’s mirror showed him D’Andre’s stylish black chinos, with a black paisley shirt hanging loose out of his pants.

“Home, James,” Janice drawled in a posh English accent. “But slowly.”

Tim turned on the ignition and slipped the transmission into Reverse. Before he’d finished backing out of the parking spot and getting the car pointed down the aisle, he heard a zipper going down and a man’s low groan.

When he could take a look in the rearview, he saw that his wife had worked the man’s penis out of his underpants and had his balls cupped in her right hand, while her left held the dark shaft. Tim forced his attention to the front; this really wasn’t the time to hit a pedestrian or a parked car.

By the time he made it out of the parking lot, grateful for the smoked rear windows that kept the attendant from seeing what was going on in the back seat, he heard the wet sound of sucking and a louder groan from the stranger he had let into that back seat with his wife.

Tim fiddled with the lighting controls until he got the rear dome light to come on. It wasn’t helping him all that much in the mirror, but he hoped it would be enough to allow the cell phone camera to pick up the taboo action.

“Damn, that feels good,” moaned D’Andre. “Your wife sucks one mean dick.”

Janice whimpered and Tim saw her head bob up and down faster. It was as if D’Andre knew the dirty talk would escalate rather than spoil Jan’s excitement.

Finally, her head came up out of his lap with a wet slurp. “I bet it looks good too,” she gasped. “I wish I could see your big, black cock sliding into my slutty white mouth.”

“I got my phone right here in my jacket pocket, baby,” said D’Andre. “Do you want me to take a picture of you sucking my big black cock?”

“God, yes!” declared Janice. “I want to see this beast in my mouth.” With that, she dropped back down on him, getting within an inch of his root in the first plunge.

Tim had a mini-moment of panic up front and then said, “Yo, D’, use my phone, okay?” He quickly pulled şirinevler escort it out of the cradle, turned off the low light mode and turned on the video light before handing it back over his shoulder.

D’Andre took it and in the rearview mirror Tim could see the camera light illuminating a scene he’d occasionally imagined, but had never really thought he would see. His beautiful wife eagerly swallowing a long, hard, black cock. The bright light of the camera made it even more glaring. Her skin looked extra pale and his looked extra black as it shined brightly with her saliva.

When Tim pulled into the hotel parking area and shut down the engine and lights, he didn’t make a move to open his door. D’Andre’s breathing was growing faster and shallower and he didn’t know if D’Andre, or Janice, wanted D’ to finish before they went upstairs.

Then the fact that they had stopped appeared to register with Janice and she raised her head from the man’s lap. “Are we there?” she asked in a thick voice.

“Yes,” Tim answered.

His wife sat upright and moved her face close to D’Andre’s. “I do want to taste you,” she purred. “But first I really need you to fuck me.”

D’ took a moment to assess if he could wait and after taking in and then releasing a long, slow breath, he said, “Yeah, I really need to fuck you too.”

The three of the them got out of the car and made their way into the hotel; D’Andre and Janice holding hands, Tim bringing up the rear.

When the elevator doors closed behind them, Jan suddenly turned to Tim and gave him a deep, tongue-probing kiss. When she broke it off, she said, “I love you, baby!” and then turned back to D’Andre for an even longer, sexier kiss.

Ch. 54: Saturday Night Video Review

This time, Tim did fumble a bit with the key card, but he finally got them inside the room.

Jan and D’ began making out again.

“Anyone interested in a drink?” Tim offered half-heartedly.

“Show me the video,” Janice said.

Tim took the phone out of his pocket and called up the video. He skipped the secret part he had filmed at the beginning and cued it up to when D’Andre had taken over. He handed the phone to Janice.

She took it and sat down on the edge of the large L-shaped sofa. The back was still folded down from when she and Tim had made love there earlier that day. She took D’s hand and pulled him down to sit next to her.

The cell phone had been so close to the action, that Tim could easily hear the wet slurping noises of Janice’s eager cock-sucking from where he stood. At random times he could make out D’Andre, either groaning in pleasure or urging Tim’s wife to be even sluttier.

Said wife suddenly dropped to her knees in front of the foul-mouthed Black and handed him the phone. D’Andre balanced it on the sofa, to the side of his hip, with the screen facing Janice so she could still watch herself violate the vow of ‘forsaking all others’.

D’s zipper had never been done up after the driving blowjob, so all she had to do was unsnap the top button and then she was hauling pants and briefs down his legs, just as she’d done to her husband that afternoon, in almost the exact same spot.

She impatiently yanked off his shoes so she could get the pants all the way off. Once she did, she again cradled the heavy balls in one hand, took the dark rod in the other and held the large, soft-skinned head up against her lips as she stared at her slutty image on the smart phone.

Tim was entranced, but shook himself awake and hurried to unpack his real video gear. He’d already recharged the camera since yesterday’s outing at the arboretum and put in a new memory chip, so he was back to the action on the sofa in under a minute.

He got the lens zoomed in just in time to catch his wife slowly pulling her mouth all the way off the black cock and pausing two inches above it. A thick strand of spit connected her full, red lips to the eggplant-colored head. Her spit-slickened hand was slowly stroking up and down. The contrast of the midnight black of his cock and the moonlight white of her cheeks was mesmerizing.

Tim realized she was still staring at the cell phone video from the car and he circled around to include its image in his frame. When the car slut began dropping her mouth down over the shiny black cock in the back seat, the hotel room slut copied the action with her black cock on the sofa, only her eyes were wide open. The drastically different lighting of the two scenarios made it look like two different women with two different men.

D’Andre had no idea what was going on with the video, he just sat with hips thrust forward and watched his beautiful dance partner slide her hot mouth up and down his pole.

Ch. 55: Saturday Night’s Unveiling

Once again, Janice proved that the woman with the cock in her mouth was actually the one in the power position. She pulled her mouth off the BBC and sat back on her haunches. “I said later for that,” she smiled up at D’Andre, whose eyes opened wide with her departure.

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