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Late Night Drinking…

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Sometimes, my evenings can take very unexpected turns. Last Friday was supposed to be a night in my local pub with a few pints and a bit of a girlie gossip with the bar staff. As you can imagine…the best laid plans always seem to go astray when you least expect them to.

There I was, sitting at the bar, quietly smoking my cigarette when he came over to order a drink. I don’t know if it was the deep, sexy voice or the tight leather trousers that turned my head, but once our eyes met I knew I’d found a kindred spirit. Ok, so he was quite a bit older than me, well built, with short, dark hair and a scruffy beard, but there was something about him that made my nipples tingle and my pussy wet just sitting there by his side. With his drink ordered, my mystery man went back to a dark table in the corner where a younger man was waiting patiently. Loving a good mystery, I thought I’d invite myself over to join them and was soon sat in between these two lovely, leather clad men. It wasn’t long before I learnt that the pair were father and son, and assumed that this was where young Troy had inherited his long dark hair, fantastic body and incredible good looks. The conversation soon came round to sexual fantasies, and the boys were full of questions for me…What was my favorite position, had I had a threesome before, had I ever been with another canlı bahis woman…as we talked about our experiences, I just couldn’t help myself, with one hand under the table I had pushed my dress up a little and was softly stroking the inside of my thighs. As my fingers found their way into the lacy fabric of my underwear it was all I could do to stop myself letting out a gasp of excitement.

Suddenly I could feel another hand on my thigh, cold and probing. As both men were sitting opposite me I had no idea which one was now roughly inserting two fingers into my soaking, tight pussy, and to be honest at this point I didn’t really care. Closing my eyes I felt his sharp fingernails deep inside me, thrusting violently, cutting flesh and making me bleed. The ecstasy was becoming too much to contain as I raised my hips slowly, drawing the pleasure deeper. Somewhere in the distance I could hear a bell ringing and someone calling for last orders at the worst possible moment. The fingers that had been teasing me so skillfully pulled away and I reluctantly eased myself out of the chair and headed for the bathroom for a bit of privacy.

Troy followed me into the cramped, little room, as I knew he would. As soon as the door closed behind us his hands were all over me, pulling at the top of my dress, exposing my breasts. He lowered his head and took bahis siteleri one of the erect, pink nipples into his mouth, using his tongue to tease the very tip and biting down hard enough to make me moan. As he pinched my other nipple firmly, I let my hands slide down his leg, feeling the rough leather under my palms. I could feel the outline if his huge cock, desperate to be released, and slowly unbuttoned his trousers to pulled it free. All I wanted to do now was taste him. Troy backed up, and sat himself on the large, metal sink to give me more room to manoeuver, as I bent my head down and began to lick the tip of his swollen cock. He held my head tightly as I took it all in my mouth, using my tongue to feel every inch as his breathing became faster and harder. My fingers gently massaged his balls and I could feel him inside my mouth getting even harder as his thrusts became more urgent.

I was so busy sucking cock for all I was worth that I hadn’t heard anyone else come in until I felt a cold pair of hands push the bottom of my dress up to expose my lace underwear again. Guessing that it was Troy’s father behind me, I arched my back as he pushed the lace aside and began to lick my pussy with rough, manly strokes of his tongue. Opening my legs further, I could feel him sucking on my clit, biting on it gently, using his tongue to probe bahis şirketleri deep inside me, tasting the pleasure he was giving me. I could feel Troy’s whole body shake as he pushed his cock deeper into my willing mouth, filling it suddenly with his warm cum as I smiled and sucked even harder, not willing to waste a drop.

The tongue in my pussy had been replaced by the older man’s ample cock, which he guided into my soaking wet pussy with ease. I cried out as he drove into me again and again with a violent passion I had never experienced before. Crushing my breasts in his huge hands as he slammed into my aching pussy I could feel the heat building deep within me, “Oh my God, don’t stop!” I screamed “Fuck me harder! Make me bleed!” as a came in wave of pure ecstasy. I had never been fucked so hard, so deep and so wildly before, he grasped my hair in his fist and pulled my head back as far as he could as I cried out with the sudden pain. All the noise I was making seemed to turn him on even more, and with one final deep thrust he groaned and I felt his warm, wetness filling my pussy and beginning to run down the inside of my thighs.

I had assumed that with all the noise we were making someone would have come into the little bathroom to find out what was going on, but I think the people in the bar knew exactly what we were up to because as the three of us walked back to the corner table for our coats everyone was silent and grinning knowingly to themselves. Well, I hope they enjoyed listening in…I know I enjoyed providing the evenings entertainment!

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