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Lesbians and The Single Dad

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My room was so hot I had to open my window. ‘I can’t sleep with this nightgown on,’ I thought. I threw it across the room and hoped my wife would sleep on the couch all night. I wanted to sprawl across the bed like a starfish, shaved pussy catching a gentle breeze every now and then. The joint I smoked earlier started making my breasts ache, needing to be sucked, licked. Not happy with my wife, but so fucking aroused on this sticky night, left me torn about what to do. As I slowly put my fingers on my pussy, I heard a sound. From my open window stood my gorgeous neighbor, the single dad with warm whiskey brown eyes and black hair shot through with grey.

As we locked eyes my cunt started dripping I became so aroused. I hadn’t touched a man in 20 years but suddenly all I wanted was his dick fucking me hard. Slowly I dragged my hand through my curls, seeking my throbbing clit. When I heard him groan I grabbed my aching large breast with my other hand, wishing it was his hand squeezing me so. When did I start to think he was so hot? I was so fucking turned on, liquid spreading, wanting a hard dick desperately.

My fingers started pushing inside my hollow, weeping vagina while I stared at my intense neighbor. His face flushed, his eyes spearing me as I wished his dick could. His chest heaved and his arm muscles clenched on my canlı bahis window frame. ‘I wish you were fucking me Sam’, I whispered into the room where the only thing to be heard was the wet plunging sound of fingers fucking into flesh, and our mingled heavy breathing. Then I heard another noise, a metal screen sliding away from its frame. Sam pulled his body through my window, bulging muscles easily holding his weight as he levered himself down.

I stopped breathing as he rose to his feet, his shorts straining with a massive erection. ‘Give me that now,’ I said, finally able to think again. He slowly pulled off his shorts and approached me, yanking on his huge dick as he came over to me. ‘Open your mouth now,’ he said and before I could do more than nod, he was shoving himself down my throat. The smell of a man after so long without sent more liquid streaming down my legs, my body getting ready for his hard, thick penis. My lips closed on his massive dick and I sucked him down, saliva pooling on his dick as I slurped, licked and gagged at his frantic movements. Just when tears started leaking from the corners of my eyes and my throat felt raw, he pulled out and grabbed my long hair, kissing my mouth as hard as he’d fucked it. His large hairy hands molded my breasts and pressed them together, making me moan even louder.

His mouth bahis siteleri left mine and found my hard nipple. He sucked it like he’d fucked my mouth – hard and fast. I was about to come just from his hands and mouth on my breasts when he stopped to glare at me and ask if I was on the pill. He knew I was married to a woman and in my 40’s but still wanted to check. ‘I don’t have my period anymore, am clean, and deserve your naked dick in me now!’ ‘I am going to fuck you so hard you will feel this dick for days,’ he said. Then I finally got what i’d needed for so long, a heavy hot dick shoving its way into my pussy. I couldn’t keep quiet when he thrust forcefully, which was my mistake.

As he reared back and then plunged back in, sending shivers down my whole body and waves of bliss cascading over me, the bedroom door opened. There stood my wife, staring without sound as our neighbor fucked her wife into the mattress. Sam silently looked at her as he pulled out of me, the wet sound of me trying to hold him in reverberating throughout the room. Then Sam lifted my leg, saying, ‘I haven’t had a pussy this hot or thirsty in years so stay or go, but I’m not leaving until I’ve spread my cum from her ass to her mouth.’ Then Sam entered me again, hard enough to make my bed creak, and I almost fainted it felt so good.

As I watched my wife bahis şirketleri I noticed her nipples harden in her thin negligee. She was getting turned on from watching the neighbor fuck me! Slowly she approached the bed, breathing hard and biting her full lower lip. While Sam held me in place fucking my vagina into another realm, my wife climbed over my face, pushing her wet pussy over my dick fucked mouth. ‘Lick me slut!’ she demanded as Sam lifted my hips up to fuck me deeper.

I started thrashing as her juice started coating my tongue and my pussy clamped on Sam’s dick. Sam stuck his hand between us, coating his fingers in my wetness, and stuck a finger in my wife’s ass as I sucked her clit. She gushed in my mouth and pushed down on me harder, fucking my face with her wet vagina. Sam fucked her ass and my sopping pussy, his sweat hitting my hot body a steamy claiming.

‘Fuck fuck fuck!’ my wife started yelling as she lost all control, mindless on my mouth, face. I couldn’t last another second, having almost come so many times already. Just as I started spasming in the biggest orgasm of my life, Sam exploded inside me. He pulled out after filling my vagina and continued to spray his jizz all over my breasts, belly and wife’s ass.

My wife collapsed alongside me while I floated away, covered in my wife’s juices and the neighbor’s cum. Slowly I came to and turned to see Sam climbing out the window. Just before he shoved the screen back on he said in a deep, satisfied voice, ‘I’ll be by Friday. Keep your window open ladies.’ The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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