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Let’s Fall in Love Again…

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‘Who is Claire?’ Julie asked, as she scrolled through the text messages in the inbox of her husband’s phone.

‘One of my clients, sweetie,’ answered Brian, not taking his eyes off the laptop screen.

‘And why the hell is she texting my husband at bedtime?’ she probed, tossing the phone towards Brian and watched it land on the bed, next to him.

He looked at the device and frowned, before shooting an angry look towards her. Realizing that any further discussion on this matter would be futile, he went back to his work. Julie winced at his silence and walked up to him.

‘I am talking to you, dammit,’ she yelled, waiting for him to respond.

‘Stop screaming like a fisherman’s wife,’ he chided. ‘You know very well what kind of a guy I am, Jules,’ he remarked, squarely. ‘The mere fact that we are having this discussion …’

‘You will never understand how much I fear losing you,’ she confessed, interrupting him and voicing her insecurities. ‘And now, you are saying that I am behaving like a fisherman’s wife,’ she whispered, tears welling up in her eyes.

‘Shut the fuck up, Julie!’ muttered Brian, his anger surging. ‘You are acting like a bitch who doesn’t know when to shut her fucking mouth,’ he spat out and climbing out of the bed, walked out of the bedroom along with his laptop and phone.


Brian closed his eyes and thought about the baseless argument. Julie could be so childish and unreasonable at times. And right then he felt someone poke at his shoulder. He turned around on the couch only to find Julie standing before him, the duvet dragging on the floor behind her.

He winced as he realized how vulnerable she looked. She was wearing just his shirt and he could trace the tear tracks on her face in the dim glow of the night lamp. Damn him! He had acted like a first-class jerk and hurt her. It wasn’t her fault if she was insecure in their relationship and marriage. It was his responsibility to make her feel secure about him, their love and their bond.

‘Hey,’ he heard her whisper as she lifted the cover from the couch and climbing into the couch, snuggled into him; before draping the duvet over them.

‘Hey,’ murmured Brian and pulled her close. ‘What happened, sweetie?’

‘I don’t like us sleeping apart,’ she admitted, snuggling ever closer.

Brian stroked her hair and looked at how she had completely wrapped herself around him. She seemed to be scared that he would reject her and ask her to leave him alone. Fuck! What had he done to her? Wanting to prove her fears wrong, he dropped a kiss on her forehead and pulled her close, so that her head rested on his chest.

‘Even I don’t like sleeping away from you, love,’ he said, offering her a wry smile.

‘The bed was too big and lonely for me,’ she said, curling into Brian. ‘And I missed you,’ she whispered, wrapping his beefy arm around her slender waist. ‘I am sorry …’

‘Shh… Don’t,’ he murmured, cutting her short. ‘I should be the one apologizing,’ he whispered, ruefully. ‘I should have never abused you like that,’ he admitted and pressed his lips to her forehead. ‘I am so sorry, Jules. Please forgive me, baby,’ he apologized, earnestly.

‘Okay,’ she replied, with a nod and ran her fingers through his hair, knowing how much he liked it when she did that.

Brian thought about all that had transpired. He didn’t know what had come upon him that he had called her names and treated her like shit. Suddenly, he remembered what had started all the drama. The stupid text messages from Claire. He had to tell her that there was nothing going on between them. Julie had to know that Claire was just one of his clients and that she was the only one for him.

‘Baby, you need to know something,’ he began, ‘Claire and me, we are just …’

‘No,’ she interrupted him, with a shake of her head. ‘Can’t we discuss about all that in the morning? I just want us to sleep tonight,’ she suggested innocently, making him sigh.

‘You know very well that we just won’t be sleeping, if we spend the night like this, Jules,’ confessed Brian, stroking the soft curve of her cheek.

‘I don’t mind, lover,’ she answered, shrugging her shoulders.

‘You don’t play fair, love,’ he whispered, tipping her chin up and pressing a kiss to her lips.

He nibbled at her lower lip and drew it into his mouth before sucking on it. She moaned her appreciation into his mouth and he absorbed the sound. Her tongue peeked canlı bahis out to trace his lips and he gave her all the access she needed. He held her head in place and took control of the kiss, pouring every bit of his soul into the kiss.

Breathless he pulled back gently from the kiss. Her passion-glazed eyes met his and he ran his gaze over her body. He realized that she wasn’t wearing anything beneath his shirt and only one button held the lapels of the shirt close. The shirt was pressed to her curves and he could trace out the shape of her breasts under the glow of the night lamp.

Lowering her back onto the couch, Brian rose on his elbows. He inserted a couple of fingers between the lapels of his shirt and pulled them apart with all his might. The button popped free and the lapels give way to expose the milky white mounds of her breasts topped with wine-red colored nipples.

He couldn’t help but stare at her breasts in awe, as soon as they were exposed. Unable to resist the temptation they presented, he lowered his mouth and drew one of the nipples into the heat of his mouth. He swirled his tongue around the engorged bundle of sensitive nerves while playing with the other breast with his left hand. Julie shrugged off the shirt giving him all the access he needed.

‘You are going to make it sore,’ complained Julie, watching him bit down on the hardened bud in his mouth.

‘Maybe then you will remember how much I love you,’ he whispered, after releasing her nipple with a pop. ‘They are the most precious, softest and delicious things in my world,’ he complimented, tugging at the other nipple with his fingers.

‘Oh! Brian! Gentle, lover,’ requested Julie as he bit down on her nipple with his teeth. ‘You are going to leave a mark,’ she said, as he sucked the skin of the underside of her breast.

‘And is that a problem, doll?’ he asked, squarely. ‘I am the only one who gets to see them and I like seeing my marks on your skin,’ he remarked, with a smile.

‘You don’t limit yourself to just my boobs,’ she pointed out, wryly. ‘You work your way up and keep marking my shoulders.’

‘So?’ he probed, with a frown. ‘Your body is mine, Jules,’ he declared. ‘And as far as I remember you leave marks all over my body,’ he said, with a wink.

Julie rolled her eyes at Brian’s statement. She felt his lips again suck at the skin of her neck. Shit! Not her neck! She tried to pull away but Brian only tightened his hold on her. She felt her skin crack and he soothed the sting away with his tongue. He moved his lips back to her breasts. He plucked at her nipple with his fingers and observed the little bud harden further.

‘Please! Suck it!’ she pleaded, as he blew over her nipple and watched it pucker.

‘You are a demanding little thing,’ chuckled Brian and sucked her nipple, before biting slightly on the bud and soothing away the sting with his tongue.

‘I didn’t know a guy could be this obsessed with them,’ whispered Julie as Brian cupped her right breast in his hand and weighed it.

‘They are worth worshiping, love,’ he answered, before flicking the nipple with his thumb. ‘You mind?’ he asked, pinching the now hard nipple softly.

Julie shook her head in answer and curled into him. She moaned softly against his ear as he traced the shape of her nipple with his fingers and squeezed it. Wanting him also to feel the pleasure that he was subjecting her to, she raised her head and captured one of his flat, brown nipples into her mouth and sucked on it.

He rewarded her a groan which made her pussy wet. She raised her hand and found his other nipple and traced it out with her index finger.

‘Jules …,’ he bit out and pulled away from her touch. ‘Stop you little minx,’ he murmured, drawing a deep breath.

But she didn’t want to show him any mercy. Reaching between them, she lowered the waistband of his boxers and cupped his erection into her soft hands. She felt him grow in her palm as she ran her thumb over the head. With a groan, he hauled her on top of him and dropping his head onto the arm rest of the couch, allowed her to explore him as she pleased.

He braced himself for her touch as she climbed down his body and settled down between his legs. He couldn’t stop himself from groaning and bunching the duvet beneath him into his fists as her tongue licked the pre-cum from the head tentatively. His hips bucked from the couch and he willed himself to remain still as she ran her tongue bahis siteleri along the underside of his cock, her soft lips exploring the sensitive skin of his cock.

He raised his head and observed her lower her mouth to cup his testicles. He felt himself grow even harder under her tiny little ministrations. With a loud growl, he dropped his head back onto the arm rest and felt her kiss his balls and lick the skin between them. Fuck! He shouldn’t have taught her anything about a good blowjob… He felt her lips leave him and her hands cup his balls.

‘Aren’t you happy to see me?’ he heard her ask. ‘Aww! I missed you too, buddy,’ she replied, when more pre-cum oozed from his cock.

What the … wondered Brian as he heard Julie talk. Was she really talking to his dick? Holy hell! If only there were more women like her in this world… She was fulfilling what might have been every man’s unspoken adolescent teenage fantasy.

Julie licked away the pre-cum and dropped barely-there kisses along the length of his cock. And without any warning, she took the entire length of his cock into her mouth. She felt him shiver and shudder. She swallowed against him, forcing him to cup her head and work himself deeper into her mouth.

Her tongue swiveled around the head and she ran her teeth gently over the length, making him groan and writhe. He was close to the brink and he didn’t want to spend himself in her mouth. Reluctantly, he stroked her cheek and pulled himself out of her mouth. A heartbroken Julie looked at him and pouted. Shaking his head, he wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her up his body.

‘Some other time, baby,’ he murmured, kissing her soundly on her lips. ‘I want to be inside you and fill your pussy with my cum tonight,’ he stated, making her shiver at the intensity in his voice.

Brian lowered her onto the couch and rose on his elbows. Tugging down his boxers, he tossed them onto the floor. Stroking his erection, he looked at her hungrily.

‘I need you, Jules!’ he managed to say, his voice a rough whisper. ‘I need to fuck you fast and hard,’ he groaned and positioned himself at the folds of her pussy

‘Yes, please,’ encouraged Julie, wrapping her legs around his waist and drawing him close.

He looked at her for just a moment, his gaze locking with hers and then he drove himself into her with one slow thrust that almost made her scream. It took a moment for her body to adjust to the thick, hard feel of him. And then he was moving, pushing himself in and out of her, the sweet, slippery friction already blossoming into gold.

Brian’s mind and body buzzed with lust. She felt so good – hot, wet, tight and perfect. Sweet heaven! Her eyes were squeezed shut, her dark hair fanned out across the pale cushion beneath her. Little moans rolled from her lungs with each panting breath. The moans sounded like his name, like pain, like the raw ache of sex. Her scent and taste were all around him, on him and in his mouth. Her nails were cutting into his bare shoulders while her legs locked him tightly in place.

He balanced his weight on his left forearm and reached down with his right hand to cup her ass. He kneaded the rounded globe and unable to resist the temptation her soft skin offered, spanked it with his palm. He heard the sound reverberate from the walls of the room, her clit throb and her juices flow and coat his cock with them. So, his little girl liked being spanked. He tucked away that little piece of knowledge for future pleasure.

She moaned her approval as he plunged into her again and again. He was on the brink, the claws of an orgasm already dragging at him. But first he wanted to see her face again, wanted to watch pleasure dance across it as she came, wanted to feel her climax against his cock. Holding onto the tatters of his control, he buried himself deep in her heat and ground himself in circles against her.

‘Oh! My God! Brian!’ she responded immediately and arched beneath him, her moans frantic.

Julie gasped, delight like a sunrise on her beautiful face, her inner muscles clenching him like a vise as she came. With a groan, he rammed himself into her, his control gone. He couldn’t stop, couldn’t think but could only feel… Her! And then he exploded. Climax scorched through him, white hot and blistering, burning him to ashes that hung for a moment in the stratosphere and drifted slowly back to Earth.


Julie felt Brian’s cock still lodged bahis şirketleri in her pussy. He was still hard and she couldn’t help but moan as he grew harder in her.

‘Let’s go somewhere this weekend, Jules,’ suggested Brian, lowering his head and capturing one of her sensitive nipples in his mouth. ‘Just you and me,’ he offered, pulling back his cock and thrusting it again into her pussy.

‘Ah! Brian!’ she moaned, as he kept thrusting into her already cum-filled pussy. ‘I … I can’t …,’ she wavered as his teeth bit down on her aching nipple. ‘I can’t think if you keep doing that,’ she whispered, before digging nails into the skin of his back.

‘Don’t think,’ he said and rolled his tongue over the now hardened bud. ‘Just say yes,’ he suggested. ‘I know your pussy wants to,’ he added, thrusting into her weeping core once again.

‘Please Brian!’ pleaded Julie, softly. ‘Just one more time,’ she said, feeling her clit swell against his thrusts. ‘Let me cum just one more time.’

‘Say yes and I will give you whatever you need,’ he whispered, pulling himself out of her pussy and running his thumb over the swollen clit and the tender folds.

‘Yes,’ she answered and nodded. ‘Please! Now! Fuck me!’ she screamed, wrapping her fingers around his cock and guiding it back into her pussy.

Brian chuckled at how wanton Julie looked and sounded. Shaking his head, he caught her hips and thrust into her pussy. He lowered his head into the curve of her neck and sucked the skin of her shoulder, leaving a mark. He felt her slick pussy get more soaked as he kept thrusting mindlessly into her. Her nails again dug into his back as her pussy convulsed and he felt her tiny pussy muscles milk his dick for cum. He groaned and bit down on the upper swell of her breasts as pleasure shot up his dick and he emptied himself into her shot after shot.

He felt the skin of his back burn as she pulled her hands away. Fuck! He didn’t remember for how long he lay on her. Her pussy still twitched in the aftermath and she moaned when he felt himself grow again in the warm confines of her pussy. Bloody traitor! With a sigh, he lifted himself on his arms and looked down at her.

Her eyes were closed but her face was flushed and he could distinctly see his marks all over her body. Her wine-red colored nipples were now standing erect and he complimented himself for a job well done. He tucked the wild strands of her hair beneath her ear and just then she opened her eyes and regarded him lazily.

He offered her a smile and pulling her into his side, settled down on the couch. He helped her turn around so that she faced him, all the while ensuring that he stay connected to her with his cock.

‘What is it?’ he asked, reading the troubled look on her face.

‘I am going to drip cum all over the couch if we make love again,’ she pointed out. ‘My pussy is already full with your cum,’ she remarked, with a satisfied smile.

‘Shit Jules! You are making me hard all over again,’ he groaned.

Reaching between them, she gently pulled him out of her pussy. Brian sat up to grab a couple of Kleenex from the coffee table and wiped her pussy clean. He tossed them into the nearest trash bin and dropped a kiss against her temple.

‘I need to use the washroom,’ she whispered shyly and he helped her stand.

Pulling her close, he lowered his head and kissed her pussy. She shivered and he tightened his hold on her, before swiping down the folds of her pussy with his tongue.

‘You spanked me so hard that you left a mark, lover,’ she complained, looking at the reddened skin of her ass cheek.

‘So sorry, Jules,’ he apologized and turning her around, pressed his lips on the reddened skin and tried to soothe away the sting. ‘Are we okay, baby?’ he asked, taking her hands into his and pulling her down into his lap.

His mouth found her nipple and he immediately sucked it into his mouth. Julie understood what the question implied. He was referring to their earlier argument. Not wanting to keep him hanging, she gently pulled her nipple out of his mouth and brushed her lips against his cheek.

‘Yes, we are okay,’ she replied and offered him a shy smile. ‘You coming?’ she enquired, when he cradled her into his arms and carried her towards the bedroom.

‘Yes, we are going to take a shower,’ he answered before adding, ‘Then we are going to count my marks on your body and maybe if you want, you could return the favor.’

Brian winked and Julie couldn’t help but giggle at his proposition. Oh God! The man could make her heart beat faster and skip a beat at the same time. And she couldn’t help but fall in love with him a little more…

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