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Lovers and Friends Ch. 01

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Series 4 Lovers & Friends Chp. 01

It was a warm summer day, so I decided to stay at home instead of going to a party my college friends were throwing.After closing my front door I headed straight up to my room.

As I walked toward my desk to check my messages I heard my cell phone ring, but I ignored the call. The first message I heared was Mi’Shandra, apologizing for how she disrespected Mercedez when we went out. I erased it right after she said she could make it up to me by taking me out to dinner, but after the way she talked about Mercedez at my party I was not going to speak with her for a while.

Mercedez is my off and on girl friend; we’ve been dating off and on since high school. Our relationship is just like a roller coaster, one minute we love each other to death the next we’re yelling and arguing with each other. I’ll admit I can’t stand her bossiness but the girls had me hooked ever since the day we met. She and I both know I would do anything for her even if she doesn’t ask me, if I know I can give what she wants I will.

The second message that came up, was Mercedez saying, ” Hey baby, you didn’t answer your cell so call me when your parents have left town.” As the message ended my 2way went of so I opened it and I realized it was my cousin, letting me know my parents were gone.

After getting the message that my parents had left I, text Mercedez. Le’Ana: Vanilla Bear they’re gone

Cedez: gr8t now get over here so we can celebr8te r B-Day

Le’Ana: i can’t w8t until we move n the apartment 2gether

Cedez: me either i want 2 have more pl8ces 2 play

Le’Ana:I’ll b over there n a few minutes

Cedez: izmir escort bayan itz a date

After packing my overnight bag I grabbed the gift I’d gotten Mercedez for her birthday. As I came out of the house I saw my old friend Gregorio across the street.

” Hey Le’Anna.” Gregorio walked across the street trying to act smooth but I could sense his nervousness.

” Gregorio how many times do I have to tell you that is not how you pronounce my name.”

“Well how do you pronounce your name?”

” My name is not Le-Anna it’s Le-Ona with an ‘O’sound.” “Well why is your name not spelled with an ‘O’ Le-Ana?” Gregorio was grinning from ear-to-ear from his satisfaction of realizing he was aggravating me.

” Because you annoying asshole my mother didn’t want to spell my name that way, and my name happens to be a mixture of my culture.”

” Oh sorry didn’t mean to offend such a beautiful woman.” It was always intriguing how men try to compliment you after they’ve annoyed the hell out of you.

” Look Gregorio I already told you I’m not interested in you.”

” You know I am just so curious about that statement why is it you aren’t interested in me we both like the same things.”

Oh yeah we like the same things all right. -Uhh why are men so persistent with their attempts of going out with me? But Gregorio is kind of cute and sweet and he seems so romantic. ‘Le’Ana’ snap out of it your in love with women not men; men do nothing for you. But women are the same as men most of them cheat, lie, and break your heart.

” Excuse me Le’Ana you have not answered the question.”

” Okay Gregorio escort izmir I’m going to be honest with you.”

” Okay I’m a big boy I can take it.”

” Gregorio I’m gay.”

” You…your gay WOW…but I thought you were in a relationship with a guy?”

” Yes but that was in my freshman year of high school.”

” When did you… become gay?”

Okay you little twerp your getting a little too nosey.

” In my sophomore year.”

” Well are you willing to be BI-SEXUAL for today.”

Hugh typical guy statement always trying to be included in Lesbian action.

” Sorry only I can touch my girl.”

” I don’t want to touch her…I want to touch you.”

” I don’t know Gregorio I don’t think my girlfriend would like that.”

Don’t say anything just think of the insults you wanna say to him right now.

” Why don’t you call her and ask her.”

And why don’t you fuck off you asshole. Why in the hell am I still talking to this little dickhead?

” Gregorio I must be going, my friend is expecting me to be at her place by 2:00.”

I threw my over night bag in the passenger side of my car and I got in my car and sped off, leaving Gregorio standing on the sidewalk.

I got to Mercedez apartment at 2:45 and I was mad as hell at Gregorio for delaying me.

” Cedez I’m here.”

” Your 45 minutes late Le’Ana, why is that?”

” My charming neighbor was asking me questions.”

Knock-Knock. Just as I finished my answer someone knocked on the door.

” I’ll get it Le’Ana.”

” Hello may I help you?”

” Yeah my name is Gregorio and I’m wondering if Le’Ana is here?”

Oh izmir escort my gosh that jerk did not follow me here.

” Hmm Le’Ana you have a visitor.”

” Please come in Gregorio.”

” Gregorio we meet again in the same day you’re smothering me.”

” Hi Le’Ana could you introduce me to this beautiful woman standing next to me.”

No instead I’ll introduce you to the door you sneaky little creep.

” My name is Mercedez Gregorio and I’m Le’Ana’s girlfriend.”

” Oh your Le’Ana’s girl.” I began getting angry because I saw Gregorio’s eyes explore Mercedez body but I began to laugh to my self because I knew he couldn’t have her.

” Gregorio keep your eyes away.” I grabbed Mercedez and we began kissing and I could feel his eyes on both Mercedez and me.

After Mercedez broke our kiss gasping for air Gregorio gave me a devilish grin.

” Mercedez may I ask you something?”

” Yes of course.”

” Would you mind if I were included in your fun?”

Mercedez looked at me with her seductive hazel eyes that gave me the impression that she was finding Gregorio’s topic interesting.

” Cedez no… No.. No”

” Aw Le’Ana come on it could be a game of who’s the best pussy eater .”

Mercedez flashed her hazel eyes at me and put her arms around my waist.

Damn why do you always flash your sexy eyes at me when you beg you know that always work?

” Okay but I’m only doing this cause it’s your Birthday.”

” It’s your birthday too Le’Ana, that’s why I wanna do this.”

Mercedez led me into her bedroom by my hand and Gregorio followed with the biggest grin I’ve ever seen on his face.

You stupid asshole you just had to follow me over here why you have to be so persistent, why couldn’t you just forget about the idea. I know why… the bulge in your pants tells me everything I need to know.

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