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Luscious Lesia

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction concocted entirely within my imagination. Any resemblance to real people shouldn’t be surprising since most of my stories are based on people I know. While I hope you enjoy this story and are compelled to provide feedback, I don’t expect the subject matter will appeal to everyone who reads it. As such, I discourage venomous, nasty feedback full of violent wishes against essentially fictional characters in fictional situations. If this story does not appeal to you, there is undoubtedly one somewhere on Literotica that will, so your energy will be better spent on finding it rather than on vilifying me.

From behind my sunglasses, I watched Lesia’s arrival at Sandy’s pool party. I was mostly submerged in the cool pool water, taking things in and, as I watched her chatting with Sandy and a few other guests, I was reminded of how I’d had a crush on her four years ago when we’d been freshmen. She was tall with light brown hair that had been really long four years ago but that she currently wore very short. She also had very full lips. Although I probably didn’t harbor a crush on her after freshman year, I still found her attractive so she had my full attention. Because we’d had so many classes together through high school, we’d become friends, though we didn’t see each other very often outside of school. Now that we’d graduated and would be heading off to college, we’d certainly see each other even less frequently.

She set her things down near the pool and my attention was riveted when she started to remove the cover-up she was wearing. I hadn’t realized just how long her legs were as they were fully revealed but when the string bikini she was sporting was exposed, I was glad to be hidden behind my sunglasses while the cool water worked like a cold shower on parts of me that suddenly were feeling additional blood flow. I thought I caught a quick smile out of her before she set her cover-up with her other things as I continued to devour her body with my eyes. When she started to walk toward me along the edge of the pool, I figured she must have just recognized who was behind the dark glasses. I figured I was still safe leering at her as she approached.

Although she looked fucking fantastic in her bikini, her body wasn’t necessarily perfect and I’m sure that the years that have since passed may have affected my exact memory of it. Regardless, she had the long legs and decent sized breasts that were by no means bursting out of the top. I knew that I’d be on alert for a look at her ass, too, but I was expecting it to be quite nice, as well.

“Hi,” she said as she dipped a foot into the pool, “how’s the water?”

“It’s really nice, once you get in,” I replied, “I’d recommend some sunscreen first, though.”

“Oh my God!” she said, “I completely forgot. I’ll be right back.”

I almost moaned out loud when she turned and I got a look at her ass. I was seriously contemplating the feasibility of a summer romance before we went off to college just to get my hands on her ass, if nothing else. It definitely didn’t help when she bent over to retrieve her sunscreen or when she started to slather it on her body, especially up and down those long legs while leaning forward and allowing me a look at her cleavage. I thought it was just good luck that she had decided to face almost directly toward me as she applied her sunscreen, maybe because we’d just been talking, but I also thought that I’d done a good job of not letting her know that I was completely enthralled by her figure.

She came back over near where I was in the pool again, but with her sunscreen and a towel this time.

“I can’t reach my back,” she stated, “Can you help me out?”

Realizing that there were people all over the place with dry hands, I was aware that her asking me was an excellent sign. I dried my hands on her towel and she squeezed some sunscreen into them then turned and sat on the edge of the pool with her back toward me. I ogled her ass from just inches away before starting to caress her back, continuing to rub the lotion in even after it already was no longer visible. When I finally managed to quit, she turned and asked if I needed a reapplication anywhere.

“I could probably use some more on my shoulders and upper back,” I replied, “and maybe I’ll put a little bit more on my face.”

I relished the feel of her hands on my shoulders as I took care of my face and wondered if she’d likewise relished the feel of my hands on her. When she was done, I turned to face her again and she smiled at me then leaned closer and rubbed in some sunscreen that I’d apparently done a poor job with on my face. I was acutely aware of how close we were at the moment and was fairly certain that she was, too.

“Okay, I’m coming in,” she said after giving me a smile.

She didn’t jump right in, but walked back around to the steps while giving me another chance to admire her figure. I don’t think I did it consciously, pendik escort but I was moving from the deep end toward the steps as she reached them and started to descend. Again I appreciated the dark sunglasses as her nipples suddenly announced their presence by trying to pop right through her bikini top. I was trying very hard not to picture her without her bikini as she made her way into the deeper water and I made my way into the shallower water. It definitely made a difference when she was submerged up to her neck and we started to catch up on what we’d been up to since graduation, but there was unquestionably a very palpable chemistry between us.

We hung out a lot together during the course of the party and I was pretty aware of where she was when I wasn’t with her but I don’t think that anyone else was really aware that something was happening between us. After the sun had gone down and we were back in the pool up to our necks once again, I took her hand under the water at one point and we shared our first kiss.

“I was going to have a party at my house tonight because my family is out of town,” she started to tell me when we stopped kissing, “but I’m glad I accepted Sandy’s invitation instead.”

“So am I,” I assured her and kissed her again.

“There still remains the issue of me returning home to an empty house, however,” she continued after some thoroughly enjoyable kissing, “Would you be available to see me home safely and make sure there are no boogeymen?”

“Absolutely,” I replied with a smile, “though I do think we’re going to need to make sure that we get all of this sunscreen and chlorine off of our skin before we call it a night. We might need to assist each other with that.”

“Of course,” she said with a smile and suddenly we weren’t just kissing but were making out passionately.

We stuck around long enough to help Sandy clean up a bit then innocently just happened to leave at the same time. I followed Lesia back to her house and parked on the street once she’d pulled into her driveway. By the time I was heading up her driveway, she was waiting for me behind her car. I kissed her again in the dark there, my hands on her hips feeling the bows in her bikini bottom through the material of her cover-up.

“Do you want me to wait here in the dark until you can get inside and turn off the porch light?” I asked, concerned about her neighbors.

“No,” she replied defiantly, “I’m eighteen and I have no problem with parading you into my house right in front of anyone nosy enough to be spying on us.”

She took me by the hand and led me up to the back door where she kissed me again under the porch light before unlocking the door and letting us in. She turned off the porch light and locked the door behind us, then led me through the house and up the stairs. The bathroom was right at the top of the stairs and she led me directly into it then pulled the shower curtain aside.

“Don’t turn the shower on yet,” I requested and she turned back toward me. We started to make out and I raised her cover-up, pulling my mouth from hers as I pulled it up over her head. With that cast aside, I caressed her ass through her bikini bottom before bringing my hands up to her tits. Her nipples were hard, trying again to burst through the fabric, so I decided to free them and reached up to untie the bow at the back of her neck. Before her top could fall away, I also untied the bow at her back, then stepped back and slowly exposed her tits. They were nicely highlighted by tanlines from her bikini top and her nipples were thick and hard, surrounded by puckered areolas. I lowered my head to lick and suck one while I caressed the other with my hand. She ran her fingers through my hair as she moaned.

I alternated back and forth from one nipple to the other before starting to kiss my way down her ribs and across her abdomen. My hands ended up on her hips, so I started to untie the bows there simultaneously. I pulled my head back as her bikini bottom started to drop away and her trim, light brown bush was revealed. She leaned back against the sink and spread her legs a bit more as I ran my tongue up her slit and tasted her copious juices. She moaned and grabbed my head again while I licked her pussy and caressed the area surrounding it. I just wanted to taste her as much as I could at first, but gradually brought a hand around and slipped a finger into her. Her pussy was so snug yet so slippery that I could not wait to slip my cock into her, but I also wanted to make her cum first.

I started to lick and suck her clit while sliding my finger in and out of her as she continued to moan louder and longer. I glanced up beyond her perky tits and impossibly hard, thick nipples to her face, which wore an expression of raw passion. Her eyes were closed but she had a big grin on her face when it wasn’t contorted with pleasure. I was still feeling pretty incredulous at the way this day had progressed, from first realizing maltepe escort how hot she looked in a bikini and progressing to having my face buried in her pussy as she loomed naked over me. I was surprised that I hadn’t exploded in my swim trunks already.

I sensed that she was getting close to cumming not only by the random twitches that her body was experiencing, but also by how her already tight and slippery pussy was becoming more engorged while being flooded with more lubrication. Her moans were also getting louder and she was practically gasping for breath by the time I had her right on the brink of cumming. She tensed up and seemed to hold her breath momentarily before letting out a cry as her body shook while she experienced a long, intense orgasm. I continued to finger and lick her for the entire time she was cumming and stopped only reluctantly once she’d released my head and her body relaxed. I sat back on my heels and admired her naked body as she recovered until she opened her eyes and smiled down at me.

“That was incredible,” she gasped before helping me to my feet, “but now it’s my turn.”

She kissed me as she worked on the drawstring of my swimsuit while turning me around so that I could lean against the sink. Once she had the drawstring undone, she dropped to her knees and I pulled off my shirt. She slowly worked my swim trunks down until my throbbing tool popped out in her face. She paused for a moment, staring at it, then yanked my trunks the rest of the way down and, while I stepped out of them, she took my cock in her hand and stroked it. She raised it while stroking it and started to lick my balls while I moaned. Her tongue then traveled up the underside of my tool and her full lips wrapped around my shaft. I moaned again as she slid her lips down my shaft and my cock was engulfed in her hot mouth.

She was no slouch when it came to cocksucking, not that I had very much experience at that point in my life. I do know that it was the best blowjob I could ever remember experiencing. I ran my fingers through her short hair and watched as her full lips slid up and down my tool while she pumped the base with one hand and fondled my balls with the other. I was so fired up after spending the day with her in her bikini then stripping off said bikini then licking her nipples and eating her pussy that I’d been stunned that I didn’t cum as soon as she’d touched my aching cock. Being able to enjoy her cocksucking for even a few minutes was an unexpected but greatly appreciated treat. However, it didn’t take very long from the time she first slid her lips down my tool before I felt an orgasm building.

I relished the pleasure that I was feeling as she sucked on my cock but didn’t try to hold out as my orgasm drew closer. I appreciated the enthusiasm with which she was sucking me off and was feeling pretty confident that I’d have the good fortune to experience her talents beyond that night. As my cock swelled even more in anticipation of cumming, I couldn’t resist moaning louder and, as I exploded into her mouth, the pleasure in my cry of relief was unmistakable. She continued to suck me off until I was completely spent then let my cock fall from her mouth as she looked up at me.

“You fucking rock!” I told her, which brought a big smile to her face. I helped her up and kissed her hard despite her cum breath simply because I so appreciated what she had just done for me. I couldn’t help but drop my hands to her ass as we made out and I felt her hard nipples against my chest.

“Shall we shower?” she asked once we finally broke apart and were just staring at each other goofily. She turned toward the shower to get it turned on once I’d nodded and I just stared at her ass as she bent over to adjust the water temperature. She got the shower turned on then turned and beckoned as she stepped in. I followed her and watched the water cascading over her tits and down toward her pussy as she wet herself down. When she was finished, we traded places and I wet myself down while she grabbed a bottle of shower gel. We each took two handfuls and started to lather each other up. There certainly was no sunscreen or chlorine remaining on our skin by the time we’d finished cleaning every square inch of each other’s bodies. I know that I was familiar with every nook and cranny of Lesia’s body by the time she was rinsing off the lather I’d created. Likewise, she’d not only gotten me abundantly clean but had my cock fully erect again by the time I was rinsing off.

She turned off the shower and grabbed a couple of towels so we could dry off before stepping out. We were both completely ready to go again by the time we were dry so she led me to her bedroom, leaving the towels and swimsuits behind. Her bed was pretty big, a full or a queen, and she had me climb up and lay in the middle of it while she sought out something in her nightstand. I watched her tits swinging as she leaned over, digging deeply into the back kartal escort of one of the drawers, until she extracted a bag that was well folded over. From the bag, she extracted a box of condoms and tore it open. She pulled out the whole dozen and tossed one to me, looking a little sheepish.

“I think they were meant to be a gag gift for my eighteenth birthday a couple of weeks ago,” she explained, “I laughed along with everyone else, then hid them in there just in case. Now I’m really glad that I did.”

She dropped the rest of them onto her nightstand while I tore open the one she’d tossed to me and rolled it over my throbbing tool. She climbed up on the bed and straddled me, reaching for my latex-encased tool and guiding it to her pussy. She lowered herself slowly onto it as we both moaned. Her pussy was snug and hot and slippery all at the same time and I was soon fully embedded in it. She sat there for a moment as I once again admired her body before she started to slowly hump my cock. I reached up to caress her tits and brush my thumbs over her hard nipples as she rode me.

The bedside lamp was on so I was able to watch her face when I wasn’t admiring her tits and see the expressions of pleasure that were displayed there. Her eyes were closed but it was still clear that she was feeling a lot of pleasure as she rode my cock. Likewise, I was enjoying the feel of her hot, wet pussy as it slid up and down my tool even through the thin layer of latex. As she rode me harder and faster, she ended up leaning forward and bracing herself with a hand planted on each side of my head. As she rocked up and down on my tool, I was able to lick and suck her hard nipples again as her tits swung in front of my face. My hands gradually drifted down from her tits to caress her ass as it bounced up and down.

I could tell by the noises she was making and by how her pace kept increasing that she was in pursuit of another orgasm but knew that she was going to beat me to the punch. I was perfectly okay with just laying there enjoying the feel of her pussy on my cock, the feel of her ass in my hands and the feel of her nipples between my lips as she got closer and closer to cumming. It was good that we were in the house alone because the bed was squeaking like crazy and banging against the wall. I loved that Lesia was so enthusiastic in her fucking and knew that it boded well for our future encounters.

She slammed herself back hard and her body started to shake as she came while I watched the pleasure she was experiencing play out in her expression. My hands were on her hips and I could feel the gooseflesh break out as she sat there while her orgasm coursed through her. I was glad that I was able to provide her with so much pleasure since I was certainly appreciating the things that I was feeling thanks to her. She opened her eyes as she gasped for breath, then smiled down at me before leaning down to kiss me. I rolled her onto her back as we were making out and resumed fucking her, but much more slowly. Her arms were around me, holding me against her as I supported myself on my elbows.

While I thoroughly enjoyed the fiery passion we’d been sharing since arriving at her house, it was equally nice to make love slowly while holding each other close. I loved the feel of her skin against mine just as I loved the feel of her tongue in my mouth and the feel of my cock sliding in and out of her snug, slippery pussy. My goal was not necessarily to draw the pleasure out longer so much as to draw the experience out longer as I slowly fucked her. Naturally, however, the pleasure did continue to slowly build and I couldn’t help but pick up my pace the closer I was getting to cumming.

As I was thrusting harder with the building up of my orgasm, Lesia was raising her hips, which allowed me to penetrate her even deeper. The bed was squeaking and banging against the wall again as I fucked her good and hard right up to the point where I exploded into the reservoir tip of the condom. I continued thrusting with each pleasurable spurt until I was completely spent. I supported myself over her momentarily before slipping out and rolling off next to her.

“That was awesome,” she said, breathlessly, “I can’t believe I came again.”

“You did?” I asked, looking over at her. She smiled and nodded. I’d been so engrossed in my own pleasure that I didn’t even realize she’d had another orgasm at the same time. I reached over and caressed her face then caressed her tits again. She reached down and slipped the condom off my shrinking cock then wrapped it in some tissues from her nightstand and tossed it into the wastebasket.

“You should never play poker, by the way,” she said as she turned back to me.

“Really? Why?” I asked with bemusement.

“When you first saw me in my bikini,” she explained, “you actually mouthed ‘oh my God’ and I saw it. I was feeling a little bit self conscious about wearing it but you instantly gave me confidence…and made me a little bit horny because it was obvious that I was having an effect on you.”

“I didn’t even realize that I had done that,” I confessed, “and I thought I had been playing it so cool. I’m glad that my honest reaction betrayed me, though.”

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