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Making Her Grade

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Joseph Triggs was running late. His alarm once again did not go off when it was scheduled to. ‘Damnit,’ he thought to himself as he jogged to his destination, ‘I need to go out and buy a new clock. I can’t keep doing this, I’m not getting any younger.” That was true, jut two day’s ago Joseph had celebrated his 45th birthday, and for the first time in his life, he was beginning to feel old. Perhaps it was his profession that gave him that feeling. Anyone who did what he did day in and day out would feel the exact same way. In fact, all of his collogues agreed with him on it, but it was the nature of their beast. Spend your days amongst the youth and you could not help but feel old. Every year, the youth kept the same age, and he kept growing older and older. ‘I should have listened to my mother and been an accountant,’ Joseph sighed to himself. ‘At least they don’t deal with these kids.”

Breathing heavily, Joseph Triggs began to slow down and sputter a bit. As he approached the building ahead of him, he began to sprint up the marble stone steps that lead to it’s entrance doors. Entering into the front door of the building, Joseph waved to the guard sitting behind the desk right beyond the door as he ran by.

“Morning Vernon,” Joseph shouted to the guard.

“Morning Joe, alarm didn’t go off again today?”

“You know it, Vern, have a good one. Free for lunch today?”

“Sure thing Joe, I’ll see you around noon,” replied Vernon as he turned his attention back the crossword puzzle he was working on.

Joseph began to sprint down the hallway. Reaching the end of the long narrow hallway, he took a quick left and an immediate right, stopping at a large oak door. Sighing to himself, he pushed open the door quickly, walking into the lecture hall. Looking down at his watch, he saw he was fourteen minutes late. Smiling to himself he walked to his desk at the front of the auditorium.

“Good morning class, sorry for being late. As usual, my alarm did not go off this morning,” Triggs said to the class as he heard a loud unanimous grown from the class. He grinned to himself. ‘Ah the college students and their undivided worship of that forsaken 15 minute rule, he thought. ‘In my 15 years, have yet to lose one single class to that rule and I don’t intend to now.’

“Now everyone, if you recall, last class we were discussing the social ramifications of war on the growing of a country’s economy. Now can anyone please enlighten me on the importance of this?”

“Professor Triggs, why is it that we have to learn about the past, it’s happened and over with. We should be discussing what to do about our future not wasting our time analyzing information that has no bearing on today’s global status,” the question came from a young woman sitting in the front row of the auditorium. Professor Triggs sighed gently to himself. He responded to similar questions of that nature far too many times. Why is these children never learn to appreciate the past knowledge so that they can apply it to today’s problems, he always thought. Triggs cleared his throat and began to answer the question.

“Miss Sabane, if I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard that question, or any question along those lines, I wouldn’t be here today teaching you all.” Professor Triggs paused for a minute to allow for the laughter of his class to simmer down. He looked over at young Madison Sabane to see her slouch down and begin to blush in her seat. She truly is a beautiful young woman, Triggs thought to himself. Madison Sabane has that ravishing look of beauty about her. Standing at five foot six, her long, flowing brunette hair gently draped over her shoulders curling at the end of the locks, complementing her deep almond eyes perfectly. Her pear shaped face matched her persona perfectly, with her elegant high bridged nose protruding off the center perfectly. The smile of hers glowed wonderfully thanks to the dimples that appeared on her lightly tanned cheek. If her face wasn’t pretty enough, her body more than made up for it. She had the type of figure that most women would kill to have. Her slim build was lightly toned with just the right amount of muscle in all of those right spots. Her hour glass shaped torso was complemented by a voluptuous chest, the type of chest that men tend to droll over. It did not help that she had chosen to wear a tightly fitting, form exposing sweater to class. Triggs moved his eyes down to her well defined thighs and legs. Her silky smooth lightly tanned legs radiated out of her short gray skirt. If only I was as young as I used to be, the types of things I…

“Professor Triggs, is everything alright?”

Triggs broke out of his day dream. “Yes class, I’m sorry, my mind had drifted that’s all.” He looked over at Madison, who was still blushing from the embarrassment that he had caused her. She smiled at him roguishly and winked at him. Did she realize what I was focusing on, Triggs thought. No she couldn’t have, it was only for canlı bahis a second, he concluded. Gathering his composure once again, Triggs sat down on the edge of his old wooden desk. Clasping his fingers together, he continued on with what he was discussing.

“First of all, let me apoligize Ms. Sabane, I did not mean to embarrass you in front of your peers. It was bad judgment on my part.”

“It’s quite all right professor. I’m a big girl, I can handle most jokes,” she paused for a minute to gather her thoughts and continued on, “and pretty much anything now a days,” Madison Sabane replied, almost coyly, adjusting her seat allowing for herself to expose even more of her tan legs, which in turn allowed her to show off her chest even more to him. She smiled again at him, this time giving him a very noticeable wink.

Professor Triggs cleared his throat once again, sure now of the fact that she had noticed what he was doing while he had zoned out in front of the class. Oh well, it’s not like there is much I can do about it now, he thought. Triggs however was intrigued by her response and actions . Another time he thought, time to get back to work.

Two hours and fifteen minutes later, Triggs finished up his lesson for the day. Dismissing the class, he sat down at his desk and began to prepare his notes for his evening class before he was to leave to have lunch with Vernon.

“Professor, do you have a moment,” a voice called from in front of his desk.

Joseph looked up from his work, and was surprised to see Madison standing over him. Putting his pen down on top of the stack of papers he was currently reviewing, he looked at her in the eyes.

“What can I do for you today Ms. Sabane? Couldn’t get enough of my droning on and in during the lecture that you came back for more,’ he asked jokingly with a smile.

“Oh you know it professor,” she replied rather seductively “I just can’t get enough of that charming voice.” With a smile on her face she gently placed her hands on the edge of his desk, shifting her weight on to the front of her heels, leaning slightly over the desk. “I have a question about my grade. I don’t think I’m really getting to understand the work that is involved with this class…and I want to see what you recommended for me sir.” As she spoke, Madison began to lean over a bit more, pushing her chest forward.

Joseph cleared his throat for a moment. “Wel…well Ms Sabane…” he started stuttering slightly. “Excuse me a moment, I have something caught in my throat, he said as he reached for his glass of water.”

“I think you’ve mistaken yourself with the wrong person,” Madison said underneath her breath.

“Did you say something Ms. Sabane?”

“Oh no sir, I didn’t say anything,” came her reply quickly.

“Well as I was saying, you seem like a very smart young woman, but your attention span just seems to be lacking during class. And it not just your class work, your homework is also lacking in substance and clarity. Frankly, barring a miracle, I don’t see you passing the mid term next week.

Standing there, her resting arms began to quiver slightly and Madison began to shake. Tears were forming in the corner of her eyes. “Sir…please I can’t fail this course, I’ll lose my scholarship and will have to go back to home and just prove to my father that I am nothing but the failure he always says I am. There has to be something I can do to pass this class. I NEED it Professor Triggs. I truly, truly need it!” With that tiny outburst Madison dropped to the floor, resting her legs underneath her and began to cry into her hands.

Joseph quickly jumped up from his chair and ran around his desk and stooped down to his knees and put his hand on her shoulder. “Ms. Sabane,” he started, only to be interrupted by her loud sobs. “Ms. Sabane…Ms. Sabane….Madison, please calm down for a moment. I’m sure we can work something out with this. Please calm down for a moment so we can talk this over. We can’t get anywhere with you sitting her crying, I mean…”

At that moment, Madison sat up quickly and pushed Triggs against the back of his desk in one quick motion. Taken by surprise, he started to speak in protest and anger before he was interrupted by her voice talking.

“Shut up Professor, don’t say a single word,” she demanded to him as her hand reached down to the crouch of his slacks. With a single motion, she pulled open his belt and ripped down the zipper of his fly. From there, her prize was at hand. In one swift motion, she pulled from the edge of his boxers, his rapidly hardening penis. Looking up into his surprised and shocked face, she moved her head down to the tip of its head and engulfed her mouth around it. She quickly moved her mouth all the way down his seven and one half in shaft until her nose hit his stomach and moved it back up again. Taking her mouth off his now throbbing member, she moved her right hand down to it and wrapped her fingers around him tightly bahis siteleri and began to vigorously stroke his shaft up and down. “Mmm Professor, you are a bit larger than I expected from you, not that it will be any problem for me. And you shave…my kind of man.”

With that comment, her mouth went back down on him. As her right hand stroked his hard penis, her mouth worked up and down in unison with her hand, while her tongue circled around the tip. Bobbing her head up and down she began to suck harder and faster, tightening her lips around his now pulsating shaft. Joseph let out a stifled groan, “Madison…you can’t…do this…we can get…caaauuuggghhhttttttuuhhhhhhh”

Taking her mouth off his penis, she smiled up at the man, licking her ruby red lips. “Don’t worry professor, I locked the door to your classroom before coming to speak to you. No one will be here for hours.” With that statement made, she moved her mouth back down on to him, forming her lips into a tight circle and pushed her mouth all the way down, back to the base of his shaft. Her tongue began to rapidly circle around underneath the edge of the rim of the tip of his penis. With her now free right hand, she began to lightly caress his sac, gently tugging and running her fingertips over it.

Joseph began to breathe heavily. He was in an utter state of ecstasy at this point. Never in his 15 years of teaching had he ever been approached by a student for any sexual favors, let alone have one literally jump his bones and go to town on him. What Madison was doing to him was indescribable. No woman he had ever dated could compare to the feeling that she was now giving to him. ‘What have I been missing all these years,” he asked himself, as Madison continued to suck his hard penis like there was no tomorrow. By this point, Joseph began to feel the building sensation of his impending orgasm. He started to moan a bit louder and breath harder and heavier. Madison immediately picked up on that and abruptly stopped her oral movements and lifted her head off of his penis.

“Wha…wha..why did you sta sta stop Madison.” he managed to stutter out, his entire body practically shaking in pleasure.

“Simple Professor, I don’t want you to cum just yet. I want you to stay as hard as possible for me as long as possible and I know if you cum, it will be a lot more work on my end to get you back up to size, and we both know how much I like work sir,” she replied smartly, giggling loudly. “And besides, I am horny as hell sir and I need some attention too.”

Sitting up straight, Madison began to take off her sweater. After pulling the bottom edge of the trim past her chest, Joseph got his very first look at the pure voluptuousness that were her breasts. Pulling her sweater over her head, she tossed it to the side, and proudly displayed to her professor her braless breasts.

“Take a good look at ’em sir, they’re all natural. A 34DD chest is what I was blessed with and boy do I love them.” Taking the finger tip of her right pointer finger she gently traced down the edge of her milky white breasts, obviously a completely different contrast to her lightly tanned body. After completely circling the edge of her right breasts, she moved her finger up the edge of her areola of her nipple where she began to trace her finger around it in a circular motion heading inwards towards her nipple. Once at her nipple, she gently and softly ran her finger over her nipple. “Mmmm professor look at me, my nipple is so fucking hard right now. It needs attention!”

Out of nowhere she stuck her tongue out of her mouth and pushed her head forwards towards her breast and with her right hand, pushed the bottom of her breast towards her mouth. Her tongue immediately found her nipple, where she began to gently lick on it around the edge, much like it was the tip of a penis, before she finally pushed her lips over and wrapped them around the nipple, sucking on it gently for a moment.

As she began to furiously suck harder on her nipple, with her free hand she began to run her fingers down her stomach slowly and sensually, moaning softly through her lips in pleasure. When her fingers reached the waistband of her skirt, she quickly slid them underneath the edge. Madison stopped sucking on her nipple for a moment so she could position herself more comfortably. In one quick movement, she tore her skirt down her soft tan thighs and tossed them over to Joseph, revealing a very shocking surprise. She wore no underwear.

“You like it Professor? I find panties to be such a drag when wearing a skirt…limits my access to all the important areas of my body,” she said with a wink. “Wouldn’t you agree sir? Seeing the look of surprise on his face, Madison let out a giggle. “I think you do…well let’s see if you like what’s in store next for you.”

Playing on his shocked look, Madison took her left hand again and slid it down her flat stomach until it rested right above below her naval. Winking bahis şirketleri again at Joseph, she moved her fingers down a bit further, gently rubbing the smooth, freshly shaven skin “Yes sir, I shave as well. I find it to be rather…exotic on a woman, don’t you?” Smiling, she moved her middle and pointer fingers down a bit further, reaching her desired target, the top of the soft folds of her lips. Letting out a small moan, she took her pointer and ring finger and started to spread the two opposite lips apart, giving her room to gently slide her middle finger down the center between the two. Moaning louder, she continued to move them down, steadily approaching the glistening wet entrance which led deep inside of her. Letting all self restraint go, she closed her eyes and took her middle finger and slid it inside of herself. A deep moan escaped from her closed mouth. “Mmmmm,” was all that could escape from her.

Joseph just sat there in complete awe, watching this ravishing young woman sitting in front of him pleasuring herself beyond comparison. Watching her finger sliding inside and outside of her inviting vagina was a sight that will stay in his mind for years to come.

“Ohh Professor, look at me…I’m dripping wet,” moaned Madison. Stopping herself for a moment, she slid her finger out of her soaking wet vagina and brought it up to her mouth and slid it inside slowly, as if she was once again sucking on Triggs stiff, hard penis…a stiff hard penis that would be completely drenched in her own juices. Sliding it in her mouth, her lips tightened around her finger like a vice. “Mmm, I’m all yummy sir, I taste soooo good.” Taking the finger out of her mouth, she brought it back down to her warm, wet vagina. With her right hand, she began to spread apart the already damp lips again. The finger that was just previously in her mouth began its journey up the gap between the lips, searching for one particular target. A gasp escaped from her lips. Her finger found exactly what she was in search for, her now throbbing clit. Her finger began to rub gently across her small nub, gently working it hard to full arousal. Sighing, her eyes closed once again and moans came from her lips once more.

Joseph Triggs was besides himself. Words could not begin to even form in his mind. Here was this, this woman sitting there pleasuring herself without a care in the world and all he could do was just sit there and watch idly. Moans were escaping from her mouth over and over again. His hand reached down to his raging hard penis, his fingers beginning to wrap around it, moving up and down slowly, his eyes never straying from the sight in front of him. As her moans began to intensify in volume, he began to pump his hand harder and faster. Moans began to slip from his own mouth. Sitting there, the two of them were almost in a trance like state, mutually pleasuring their own selves to the point of ecstasy.

Abruptly Madison stopped the manipulation of her finger on her clit. This sudden stopping surprised Joseph, causing himself to stop stroking his own member and ask, “What did you stop for?”

“Professor, are you just going to SIT there and just WATCH me masturbate myself? And here I thought you were a man, not like all the boys and drunken frat guys that go here. If I wanted someone to just sit there and watch me get myself off, I would have stayed at home and got on my webcam. I guess I was wrong about you, you’re no better than all the other guys that walk through this campus. Little boys, not men. What I was hoping for was a man who could actually dominate me, not let me do all the work. Aren’t you a man professor?”

“Well…uh yes, I..ahem… a man. What is it you want me to do?”

“I think we both know what you want to do to me professor. At least I would up you know,” Madison said with a wink.

Taking no chances with losing this golden opportunity, Joseph began to undo his tie. The knot began to frustrate him so he then just ripped it off with one quick pull. Fumbling with the buttons on his shirt, he ripped each button out of its place, giving no regard to the fact he was destroying one of his most favorite shirts he owned. With all the buttons undone, he tossed it aimlessly to the floor and slid his already undid slacks down his thighs, taking his boxers with them. Kicking his pants to the side he sat there, completely naked and staring at Madison, with passion burning in his eyes.

“Mmmm professor, now that is the look that I expected from such a well endowed man,” Madison said as she laid down on her back. “Please do whatever you want to me, my body is your playground.”

On that cue, his head dove straight towards her thighs, spreading her legs apart with each hand. Within moments his mouth was on her warm mound. His tongue began to lick up and down the slit that divided the lips of her dripping wet vagina. His right middle finger found its way up to the entrance of her vagina and it began to slide its way in and out of her sopping wet hole. As he began to finger her furiously, his tongue began to work harder on her slit, trying to find its way to her clit. A loud moan coming from her mouth signaled to him that he had found it.

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