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Massage Relaxes Her Tightest Place

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“I have a pretty bad headache” she complained.

“Typical…” he responded with dejection. “Well, at least let me give you a back rub, see if that helps.”


He slid her flannel pajama top – a paradigm of sexiness – up and revealed her porcelain bare back. He worked her knots for minutes at a time – kneading, rotating in firm, circular patterns, slowly squeezing her shoulders and working his way down to the small of her back, rubbing and massaging along her spine, then down her beautiful backside, ultimately reaching her feet. After 15 minutes she had relaxed and rolled onto her side, in the small spoon position.

Sensing the now-or-never of it all, he reached over and gently pressed his lips to the back of her neck and slid his hand swiftly up her shirt and found an eagerly erect nipple awaiting his grasp­. He worked his lips on her neck, soft and wet, as his tender tweaking of her bountiful breasts was eliciting enticing moans. It wasn’t long until she rolled to her back and he slid her shirt off over her cropped red coif.

Flickers of candlelight played off of her ample bosom as she lifted her ass off the bed and he swiped her pants down and off. She was laying totally bare, contrasting wonderfully in the dim light against the chocolate colored sheets.

He quickly dispatched the rest of his clothes and took a modicum of satisfaction in his candlelit appearance in the dressing mirror, his gently-curved cock swelling with anticipatory delight.

Taking both her wrists in his hands and pulling her arms over her head, he straddled her decisively and began sliding his shaft between her mountainous chest, pre-cum glistening and dripping from the tip. She stuck out her tongue until he slid high enough for her to lick the drip of slippery, salty fluid from the tip of his swollen head.

“mmm…” she sighed genuinely.

Knowing that the secret to keeping her interest piqued was a combination of early and often orgasms, he deliberately released her hands and slid between her legs, propping her legs pendik escort on his shoulders, granting him gratifying access to her beautiful, swollen pubis. Her lips were engorged and dripping with moisture. He took a loose bit of labia and sucked it into his mouth, just building tension. He did the same on the opposite side until he plunged his pointed tongue directly into her tight, tangy pussy. She gasped in a mix of surprise and pleasure and after tongue-fucking her briefly, he slid his flattened tongue up to her quivering clit. He lapped the topside aggressively, slowing to build her climatic potential. He reached up and took a nipple in each hand and teased them, alternating with full breast grabs and massages. Her fluids began to trickle faster, and her body tensed. He kept at it methodically, persistently, only shifting between vertical and horizontal strokes of the tongue. Her whole body stiffened as she built up to climax. He steadied himself and opened his mouth wider, awaiting her treat.

Then she let go. And a torrent of salty-sweet syrup erupted from her slit, filling his mouth so much he had to swallow and go back for more. She gushed for 4-5 seconds and writhed with pleasure as he tried to catch every drip. His dick throbbed. He loved swallowing her squirt and it got him so hard knowing how hot he got her and the physical manifestation of her satisfaction saturated his face.

She laid their paralyzed with pleasure for a few moments until she roused herself and ordered him to kneel in front of her face. All 6.5 of his inches slid deliciously into her mouth. Slowly, deliberately, carefully. She reached between her legs and swept her fingers through her moisture, then brought her finger back between his legs and teased his ass with her fingers. She knew he loved when she teased him and slid a finger inside, milking and massaging. She let his shaft spring out of her mouth and took his right ball in her mouth, sucking hard, making him tense and moan, while she kept her finger making the “come here” inside him.

As soon as she tuzla escort took his thickness back into her mouth, he knew he’d have to switch It up soon or he would send a salvo of seed straight down her throat.

“How else do you want me to please you?” he whispered.

“Just do whatever you want, I love being your sexy slut.”

“Okay, you know what that means, right?”

“I don’t care, just take me, make me do whatever you want.”

He withdrew from her succulent mouth quickly and pulled away, her finger snapped out of his ass. In one swift motion he flipped her over, onto all fours. He repositioned himself directly between her legs and used his own feet to spread hers further apart, her cheeks starting to tease open. With one hand on each side, he spread her open and hardened further at the site of her tight balloon knot. He’d only had it a few times before but the thought of how tightly her ass gripped his cock made him surge with stiffness and desire.

A drip of spit rolled down his tongue, into her crack, down to her tight hole. He followed with his probative tongue, penetrating lightly, licking intently, garnering sounds of satisfaction. He licked her a bit to invite her relaxation, and took note of the distinct – but not unpleasant – musk that radiated from her gorgeous ass. With another drop of saliva deposited on her sphincter, he slowly slid in his middle finger. He felt her tightness grip him firmly and his cock jumped with expectation. With one hand occupied, he reached over to the nightstand and pulled out the bottle of super-silky silicone lube. He squeezed a generous portion down her crack until it reached his finger – still inside her. He withdrew briefly to allow the lube to pool in her asshole and then slid both his index and middle finger back inside.”

“Here’s how this is going to go” he started “I’m going to get you relaxed and worked up. Then I’m going to trade out these fingers for my dick. I’m going to roll you on your back, and slide my thick dick inside your tight ass. You’re going to take your kartal escort vibrator and rub your clit till you cum. I want to feel your ass spasm with my cock inside of it and see you squirt cum from that perfect pussy.”

“mmm hmm!” she moaned urgently. And with that he rolled her over.

After positioning her ankles on his shoulders and bending her legs back, her anus presented a perfect target. He slathered some additional lube on his shaft and pressed the tip of his dick against her puckered backside until he felt it slowly start to relax. He proceeded with caution until her tightness drew him and he was up to the hilt inside her magnificently tight ass. It was trying to squeeze the cum straight from him immediately.

He began to thrust gingerly until she acclimated and then put her pretty pink vibe to her pussy. He made shallow strokes, wanting to both draw out his pleasure and allow her second O to build. The persistent buzz complemented the fullness she felt with his tumescence in her ass and after a minute her tension released with a quick flash flood of cum. The sight was almost enough to blow his load but he composed and returned to his quick, shallow penetration. She began pressing her ass against him, forcing his whole shaft inside, moaning mildly with pleasure while she put the vibe to clit for one more go.

While he did his best to enjoy every tight, taboo second, she managed to build herself up one more time. After a distinct tensing and tightening, he saw a sweet little stream of cum trickle down her labia and onto his cock while her sphincter spasmed rhythmically. He knew that was all he could take and he told her “that’s it, I’m going to pound your ass for a second and fill you full of a huge, hot load.’

She bit her bottom lip and nodded acceptingly. He cocked back and buried himself inside her, the warm, tight depths of her ass coaxing the cum out of him with every stroke. And then it happened. A deluge of sperm shot out of him into the dark depths of her perfect ass. He convulsed 7 or 8 times until sliding out and collapsing next to her – the room just ripe with the scent of sweat, sex, and spunk.

“I expect the house to be nice and clean when I get home tomorrow,” she said and then rolled over and went to sleep.

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