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Meet Me For A Drink

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I’m a little late to meet my boyfriend, so I’m hurrying and digging in my purse at the same time. It’s dark in the hotel bar compared to the late afternoon sun, and I stumble a little, and strong arms reach out to steady me. I’m embarrassed, but I look up, blushing, and into dark eyes and a half smile.

“You ok?”

“Yeah, I am, I’m so sorry, I’m supposed to meet someone here and I got lost and now I’m late and … shit.”

He laughs a little at me, motions to the empty stool beside him and asks me what I’d like to drink. I’m not sure I should, really, I don’t just drink with just anyone, but looking into his face, I decide to take a chance. I sit down gratefully, order a Jack & Coke and drink it a little too fast, trying not to let on that I know he’s staring at me. Order another drink, knock it back and I’m a little more relaxed.

We talk a little, and he moves closer, I pretend I don’t notice, but lean forward just a little and catch the slightest trace of his scent and breathe deeply. Damn he smells good. I sincan escort have another drink, and it’s catching up to me – I can feel my face getting hot. His hand is on my arm, then on my thigh and I’m getting a little wet. I realize I’m flirting with him, flashing my best smile, leaning over when I don’t need to to see if he looks down my dress (he does) and sucking on my index finger to see if his eyes follow (they do). I hear him groan ever so softly and catch myself – what the hell am I doing? I excuse myself, and I walk unsteadily to the bathroom, splash water on my face and lean on the sink for a minute.

The door opens, but my eyes are mostly closed and I don’t look to see who it is. The lights go off, and I panic slightly, not sure where the light switch is in here, or if I should walk right now with trembling legs. I hear footsteps behind me, and feel arms around my waist, lips and teeth on my neck and a voice telling me roughly to be quiet. One hand on my back, pushing me down, the other up under sincan escort bayan my dress, yanking down my panties – legs in between mine, pushing them apart, fingers spreading my pussy.

I hear a zipper being yanked down and feel his cock, already hard, rubbing against me and then being pushed in all at once, so fast it hurts a little and I let out a little scream. He puts his hand over my mouth and tells me to shut up and take it and I’m a little scared and surprised to find I’m wet.

He fucks me hard and fast, reaching around to twist my nipples through my clothes, and I’m breathing hard, his fingers digging into my hips, pulling me back against him and pushing me away, pulling me back again. I can’t hear anything but our ragged breaths and the wet sounds of him sliding in and out of me, he slaps my ass and I can’t help moaning out loud. I can feel myself tightening, gripping his cock, and I know I’m going to come.

He knows it too, and he thrusts in and out faster, harder and escort sincan I can’t hold it in, I’m coming and screaming at the same time. Before I’m done, he pulls out, forces me on to my knees and sticks his finger in my mouth, then pulls it out and shoves his cock in so fast I almost gag on it, but I can taste myself on him and it turns me on even more. He tangles his hand in my hair and fucks my mouth, pulling my head back and forth on his cock, groaning, and I feel him getting bigger, I know he’s going to come and I’m ready, but he pulls out, reaches down and yanks open my dress, strokes himself a couple times and comes on my tits.

I can hear him getting dressed, zipping up, belt buckle jangling slightly, then footsteps walking away and as the door opens, the light flips back on… I’m slightly blind, it was so dark, but I can smell his come on me, can feel the soreness between my legs and I stand up and clean myself off, legs shaking the whole time.

I walk out, and back to the bar and see him – you – sitting there, smiling that half smile at me and when I get close enough to you, you grab me by the hips, in exactly the same place your fingers were five minutes ago, pull me close to you and kiss me softly, “that what you wanted, baby?”

“Oh hell yeah it was – you just wait until we get to the car…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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