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Meeting in the Park

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I turned down the street. I was a bit uneasy, being in a strange place. I knew where I was, for the most part. I just didn’t know it at night. I looked around for any store that I knew, most were closed. Their lights off as it was after midnight. I reached a darkened park, decided it might be the park near Maggie’s house. Just off the path, I came across a young couple making out, he was speaking out loud to her.

“You are such a little whore. You want this dick don’t you?”

I only heard her moan, not answer.

“Take it out and suck it if you want me to bang you right here. That’s what you want isn’t it? For me to slide my dick in your slutty cunt in this public park. Do it now bitch!”

He grabbed her chin, kissed her full on the mouth as she unzipped his jeans. I backed up, hit a flickering street lamp. The lamp flickered on once again, then went dark. The young man’s dick was not very big as far as I could see, but she still seemed to be enjoying taking it in her mouth. For some reason, I wanted to join them. Not to be with them, just to watch and to touch myself too. The young woman was soon bouncing around on her lover’s dick, with no regard to anyone around. I couldn’t possibly be the only one in the park watching this. It was a big town, always busy. The girl started moaning, I knew that feeling. She was getting close to coming on him.

“Do you think he’s going in unprotected?”

I gasped at the whispered voice behind me.

“Shhh. I’m just watching, just like you.”

My voice wavered, warm steam rose from my open mouth into the cool air as I answered the stranger.

“I didn’t see him put something on, but who knows. What do you think?”

“True, plus there’s more than just a condom these days. Are you turned on watching this?”

“Are you?”

“I asked first.”

“I asked second.”

He laughed softly, he was closer now.

“It’s a little cold tonight.”

“They are probably warmer than we are. Body heat, plus…well, you know.”



I gulped. He was even closer now, I could feel his breath on my cold ear.

“Do you live around here?”

“No. I was looking for my friends’ place. She lives nearby, I think. I’ve never been to her place at night.”

“What street is she on?”


“Hmm, you’re close, but what’s the cross street? We’re near 8th.”


“Have to go far? My car is nearby.”

“She’s at 27th. But, I can walk.”

I felt his lips softly trail along my ear lobe, his hands run over my arms. I trembled, my voice shook as I answered his touches.

“I don’t know you.”

“That makes this more exciting, doesn’t it?”

“Maybe exciting, but also scary. Right?”

He laughed a bit louder. The couple we’d been watching had left, though my nipples hadn’t noticed that.

“I’m Ray. You are?”


“Like Sleeping Beauty?”

It was my turn to laugh this time.

“Afraid so. Friends of mine call me Ari or Rori.”

“So, are we friends then?”

I pulled the bag I carried further over my shoulder, it’d been slipping since I’d stopped to watch the young couple.

“That looks heavy. Staying at your friends awhile I take it.”

“I hope to.”

It was then the tears kicked in. The man I just met backed off.

“I didn’t mean to scare you that much.”

“Oh..it’s not. Not you. Oh, not you Ray.”

“I’ve been told I am a good listener. And I have a warm place for you to stay awhile. Maybe you could call your friend from there, have her come get you?”

Maybe that was better, besides, I wasn’t even sure she still lived here. Ray pulled the heavy bag from my aching shoulder, I followed as we walked down the path. He led me toward Main street, where the businesses were.

“Your place is here?”

“Oh. I don’t live here. My sister does. I am staying in a hotel on Main.”

I stopped, dead in my tracks.

“Hey, Ari. Nothing has to happen if you don’t want it to. The hotel room is a suite, there is a separate living room to the bedroom. The sofa in the living room pulls out into a bed.”

I sighed, followed him onto the brighter street. He pulled open a glass door of one of the nicest hotels in the town I’ve lived in for the last three years. We walked toward the bay of elevators, he waved to the one night person at the desk who was reading a magazine. He pushed the button for four, the doors slid closed and the car climbed the flights. I followed the taller man down the long hallway, pausing as he pulled out the room key from his wallet. The light turned green and he pushed the door open, gesturing for me to go inside. He followed me in, the room was much nicer than I’d anticipated. Most things in this town were run-down and cheap, but ever since the new micro-chip plant was built things slowly had been getting better. This hotel must have been one of the first investments, for when investors needed to stay.

“Ari, are you hungry?”

My stomach rumbled in answer. He pulled open a refrigerator, there was a small kitchen attached right near the front door.

“I got a pizza etimesgut escort when I came in last night. Root beer?”

“My favorite.”

“Mine too.”

He poured two tall glasses, sliding over a slice of sausage and pepperoni cold.

“Oh, I didn’t ask. Do you want it heated? There’s a microwave.”

“Cold is better.”


I bit down and he smiled, taking his own bite. I ate another slice, he ate a 3rd, offering me the last. I shook my head no and he put it back in the refrigerator.

“Did you want to call your friend?”

“Honestly. I don’t know her number.”



“You don’t have to tell me. Not if you don’t want to. And you can stay the night here. There’s plenty of pillows and blankets.”

“Is there a shower, or bath?”


He smiled and I followed him into the bedroom. He flipped on the brighter lights, I got my first real look at the kindest man I’d ever met.

“Oh, Ari. You’re bleeding. Or you were.”

I lifted my hand to my cheek, the scrapes were sore as I touched them. Ray pulled a white cloth from the pile, wetting it with cool water. He gently patted my cheek, I winced at the pain.

“Did someone do this to you?”

“My brother. I left…tonight. Final straw.”

I pointed to my cheek, and lifted the hem of my shirt where he’d sliced my stomach with a knife. I’d bandaged that one before I left, the scrapes on my cheek had come as I’d left the house when he’d thrown a glass picture frame at my face.

“Oh, Ari. That needs to be looked at love. Let me get my kit, it’s in my car.”

“Are you a doctor?”

“I am. Stay here.”

I waited, kind of pacing around the suite of the hotel. He came back, almost seeming surprised at my still being there.

“You’re still here.”

“You said to stay here.”

“I know. But I wasn’t sure if what’s happened scared you. Or if I did.”

“Ray, I’ve only known you a little bit. But you are one of the kindest men I’ve met in my entire life.”

He smiled softly down at me, he’d pointed to the couch for me to sit down so he could get a better look at the cuts on my stomach. I lifted my shirt, tucking the edges underneath the band of the bra I wore. I could tell by the look on his face he was getting a good glimpse at some of the bruises and other scars my brother had left these past 2 years.

“Good news is I don’t think these need stitches or staples. I’m going to use some surgical glue and then tape to bind the skin back together, especially on this bigger one. What did he cut you with?”

“This time? A carving knife. I don’t think he’s ever gone so deep before, except when he did this one.”

I pulled up the sleeve on my right arm, the 1st scar he’d given me. I let out a shuddered breath as Ray gently cleaned the wounds on my bare stomach, wincing as the solution stung slightly. I shut my eyes tightly, gripping the pillow in my hand until he was soon taping a plastic sheet over my recently bandaged stomach.

“What’s the plastic for?”

“Still want that shower? Or bath might be better for those muscles.”

“How did you know I was hurting?”

“Honey, I can see it. I barely touched your calf and just the muscle twitched. Means you didn’t pull away from me, but your muscles did.”

“Oh. Always on alert, I guess.”

“Ari, how old are you?”



“Yes. I have a license, it’s not valid cause it expired, but it still says my birthday. How old are you?”

“Older than you.”


“I’m 39.”

“Are you married?”

“No, I’m guessing you’re not since you were living with your brother. Unless I’m completely wrong.”

“Not wrong, I’m single. I was married, he cheated on me not even a year into our marriage. I moved back in with my Dad and brother. Dad died 2 years ago, then it was just my brother and me. Sorry.”

“No, I’m sorry. For all that’s happened to you Aurora. You don’t deserve that, didn’t deserve that.”

“Thanks. But somehow, I already feel better. I just needed to get away. Now, I am, away that is.”

“You are, but not too far away.”

“No. He could come looking for me, he probably won’t. I’ve run before, only to end up back there. I don’t have any money, or an education to get a job. I wanted to complete school, but then I got pregnant and had to get married.”

“You have a baby?”

“No. I miscarried.”

“Oh, damn. I’m sorry babe.”

“Thanks. I’m not. I was, at first. But I think about how that baby would have grown up.”

“You are quite right. A baby should grow up in a loving family, or at least in a stable one.”

“Yep. Hey Ray?”

“Ask me anything.”

“You said you were visiting your sister. Where are you from?”

“Not too far of a drive away, about 6 hours by car. I live in New York. Not in the city, upstate.”

“I’ve never lived anywhere but here. I’ve lived in a few different places here, but never out of state.”

I yawned, watching Ray go into the bathroom. I heard him pull the tub to start and plug it a minute later. etimesgut escort bayan He called out to me.

“How warm do you like it?”


“Let me guess, used to taking cooler showers?”

I looked down at my bare feet, having pulled off my socks. He gently pulled my chin up with the tips of his fingers.

“Have it as hot as you want. I am going to work on some stuff in the living room, call out if you need me.”

He turned to leave the bathroom.


He turned back, raising his eyebrows at me.


I lifted on my tiptoes, brushing my lips against his gently. I wasn’t sure of what he would want, but was excited when he lowered his mouth into mine in another kiss, much deeper than the first. We parted, breathless as the bathroom began to fill with steam.

“I’ll be out there.”

“I’ll be out soon.”

“Take your time. I’m not going anywhere.”

I slid into the just too hot water, instantly soothing some of my aching muscles. The dirt of the past few days was rinsed away, soon to be swirling down the drain. I didn’t spend too much time soaking, just enough to rest a bit. I drained the tub and turned the water on in the separate shower, the same hot temperature. I used the hotel shampoo and conditioner, using both bottles to get my hair clean and tangle-free. I scrubbed my entire body, less the part that was taped on my stomach, and stood under the hot water, turning it just a tad hotter rinsing the bubbles. I stepped from the shower, realizing all my clothes were in the bag in the other room. I wrapped one of the bigger towels around my body and approached the door.


He was sitting on the couch, his laptop on his lap.

“Hey sweets. Need some clothes huh?”

“Yeah, I forgot them in here.”

“How was the bath and shower?”

“Soothing. And really hot.”

“Sure seems it. There’s still steam rising from your body. What do you want to wear?”

He began looking through my bag. I didn’t have much in there, a few worn shirts and pants, undergarments, most with holes in them. He pulled out one of the better pairs of bottoms, tossing them to me. I pulled them on under my towel and waited as he dug into his own suitcase. He tossed me a pair of gray pajama pants and a plain black tee-shirt.

“They are probably big, but better than what I saw in your bag.”


I dropped the towel, pulling the pants on and tightening the drawstring. I hadn’t noticed, but Ray had come closer as I’d been dressing.

“Though, I wouldn’t mind if you stayed undressed.”

I gasped, feeling his warm breath on my ear as I had in the park before.


“Oh, Aurora. I’m not going to push you honey, but you are so beautiful.”

His mouth met mine in a brief but passionate kiss and he pulled the shirt down over my head.

“You think I’m beautiful?”

“God, yes. Didn’t your ex ever tell you?”


“I hope you’ll always be honest. I will always be honest with you.”

“It was a one-night thing with him. I got pregnant, we got married. I was 5 months along when we lost the baby, 3 months later I found him in bed with our maintenance guy.”

I kept my eyes on Ray the whole time, watching as his eyes grew wide, especially the last part of it.

“Did you know he wasn’t straight?”

“I knew he was a bi-sexual. I had no issues with that. He was a friend of mine, my ex. The night we spent together, it was a drunken mistake. He’s happier now and much better off.”

“Do you still speak with him?”

“No. Not since my father died. My brother hated my ex, mostly because they used to…they were a couple.”


“Weird situation, I know.”

“Just a little.”

I smiled softly. He lifted my shirt, peeling the tape gently and pulling the plastic off the bandaged area.

“I’ll change the bandages in the morning before we go.”

“Go where?”

“Oh. My niece is in a dance recital tomorrow afternoon, then there’s a dinner at my parents’ place. I’d like you to come with me.”

“Would I be welcome?”

“Absolutely. My Mom says the more the merrier all the time. And don’t worry about something to wear. There’s a nice clothing shop down the street, we can go in the morning. Speaking of morning.”

His eyes drifted toward the nightstand, I followed with my own eyes. I glanced at the clock, it was almost 1.

“Oh sheesh.”

“Aurora. I am here until Wednesday. I’d like for you to stay with me until then. And after, I don’t know yet. But, at least give me until then to figure something out.”

“Figure what out?”

“Figure out if it’s lust or love.”

With that he scooped me up in his arms and carried me into the bedroom.

“Ray, I…only once.”

“I figured that out love. Just let me care for you, let me show you how it should feel.”

He shut the overhead light off, leaving just one on by the bed. I pulled the top bed covering down and he pulled the drapes shut. I watched as he set the alarm for 10, the recital wasn’t until 2 in the afternoon. escort etimesgut Within minutes, he had me fully undressed and lying back on the bed. He was still clothed, his face between my legs. I writhed beneath his skilled tongue, calling out in ecstasy as I came harder than I’ve ever come in my life. He kissed me gently, with a happy and sleepy look on his face.

“Sleep now my sweet. I will wake you soon enough.”

I slept, better than I’ve slept in at least two years, if not longer than that. Even being in the same bed as an almost complete stranger slept next to me. I heard his light snoring as I stretched luxuriously, waking some time later. I padded into the restroom and turned on the shower. I knew we had to get going around 10 and it was already 9:30. I used the plastic packing like he had shown me, covering the still sore area on my stomach. I was almost through when I heard him call for me.


“I’m almost through.”

I heard him sigh deeply. That pit in my stomach dissipated, he was happy I was still here.

“Did you think I left?”

“Yes. I went to kiss you good-morning and you weren’t there.”

“I knew we had to get going around 10 and you looked so peaceful sleeping there.”

“I was. And we do have to get going, especially if we want breakfast. I’m grabbing some clothes for both of us, I will change your bandage when you’re all set and then shower quick and we can head out.”

“Okay. And Ray?”



“Morning baby.”

His voice was lighter as he spoke the last words, I turned off the shower and pulled the excess water from my shoulder-length hair. I pulled a towel around me and found clean clothes ready for me on the bed. I dressed quickly and went into the adjoining room, my head wrapped in a smaller towel. He made quick work on my bandage, the area already looked better. At least there would be no infection. We kissed softly and he jogged into the bathroom and showered as I dried my hair. I left him to change in peace, we were soon on our way to the lobby. The hotel served breakfast until 11 every morning, so we had time to eat and talk a bit. I still had only known this man less than 12 hours.

“What are you thinking?”

“Just that I somehow already feel comfortable with you. It’s only been 12 hours, or about that.”

“Hah. I was just thinking the same thing.”


“Yes. What is your favorite movie? Or genre of movies?”

“Don’t laugh. I love all the Star Trek movies. I’m a little nerdy.”

“Why would I laugh at that?”

“I don’t know. Some people do. What’s your favorite?”

“I’m not really sure. I know I don’t like scary movies, or anything gory.”

“Me neither. Paranormal is not my favorite.”

“That’s ghosts, vampires and stuff, right?”

“Yes. Though, and don’t laugh, I loved watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

I did laugh, he joined me.

“Hey you promised!”

“I’m only laughing cause I love that show! She’s my hero!”

We laughed louder, the other people in the dining area looked at us strangely, but I had no cares. We finished up our breakfast, talking of our favorite episodes as we walked down to the clothing store. He walked over to one of the employees who was eager to help. She introduced herself to me and took my hand.

“Go with Rebecca. I am going to go run an errand, I will be back in one hour and then we have to get going.”

He kissed me gently and I was pulled into a dressing room. Rebecca measured me, taking all sorts of measurements and marking them on a small notepad.

“Rori, your boyfriend is totally cute. Where on earth did you meet him?”

“In a park.”

“Random, just like that?”

“I know, random. But one of the best things ever.”

“I wish I would meet someone that hot who would buy me stuff. I mean, I know that’s not the point of a relationship. But, it’s a sweet perk. Am I right?”

I only smiled. I honestly had no idea. Our chat moved onto clothes instead, I was thankful. When she kept pulling things off the rack, I would put things back, but she just added it back to the pile. She soon called another associate over, handing the clothes to her and she took them to the register. There was soon a small pile, just for me. Toward the end of the hour, Ray came back a bright smile on his face. He waved and handed over his credit card to the other sales person. She folded everything and placed it in half a dozen bags. I decided to go with the flow, following Rebecca back into the changing room. She handed me brand new undergarments, tags taken off and stepped outside as I put them on. She helped me adjust the straps on the bra and I slid the new dress over my head. It was soft, elegant but not over the top. Perfect for what we were attending this afternoon, or so Ray had explained to me. She handed me a pair of low heels, black to wear under my dress. They were nice, easy to slip on and off. She patted the wooden bench and pulled my hair down from its’ customary ponytail. She handed me a few bobby pins and small elastics.

“Ray asked if I knew something nice to do with your hair. I’d like to give this a shot.”

“Go for it.”

She smiled at me and began pulling strands of hair along the side of my face into a french braid. She ended it with a tie, duplicating it on the opposite side. She joined the two sides and pinned a few strays down with the bobby pins.

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