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Meeting My Favorite Author

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This is the story of my meeting with chineseslut, another writer here on Literotica and she even edited this story. Chineseslut approves this story. I didn’t think she would meet me. She told me many times she wouldn’t. But she was also fascinated by my biker lifestyle. I was just psyched that she was going to meet me for a weekend, but I wanted to push her and see how far she would go.

She told me that she dressed fairly conservatively, very little make-up and clear nail polish. I told her I wanted her to look like a cheap Asian whore: heavy eye-liner, bright red lipstick, even brighter red fingernails and silver toenails. I didn’t ask her to wear the tube top and Daisy Dukes that I initially wanted. But I wanted her to bring them and wear a short yellow sundress with spaghetti straps and the “fuck me” shoes with the five-inch heels.

I’m not sure what she told her husband to be able to spend a whole weekend with me, and I didn’t care. She told me that I had to let her call him regularly during our weekend. I agreed, although I had other plans. Ever since she told me his dick was four inches long, I started referring to him as “Tiny Dick,” which I knew irritated her. She said she loved her husband. I said we’ll see what you say after I get through with you.

Friday night.

I’m a punctual guy, and I’m there at the hotel at 7:30 pm, like I said, and I’m half surprised to see her there, too. Kristen is just as she described herself, a small, skinny Asian with very small tits. But she’s much prettier than I thought, maybe even beautiful. I had thought that she might be a bit of a dog, but she’s hot. Even with the make-up and false eye lashes and the bright red lipstick, she still doesn’t look like a whore.

In fact, Kristen’s appearance is a sharp contrast to me in my T-shirt, leather vest, jeans and boots. I’m sure people who see us meet are wondering what the connection could be. I pulled her close to me with my hand on her back. Like the upper class girl she is, she gives me a cheek to kiss. I give her one last chance to back out, but she shakes her head and lets me guide her by the arm to the hotel room.

In the elevator, I start to assert my control, touching her on her bare arms, and running my hand on one of her legs. She’s anxious, I can tell, by her nervous silence. She thinks she’s slutty because she’s slept with a lot of white guys, but those were mainly privileged rich men who know how to treat a woman. I know she’s never been fucked by someone like me.

Once in the hotel room, I stop her by grabbing her by the hair and pulling her back toward me. I want her to know I’m going to be in control this weekend, that it’s not going to be a picnic. I pull her toward me and I can see the fear in her eyes.

“Now, you’re mine, bitch,” I say, quietly. I pat her softly on the cheek, letting her know the pat could easily be a harder slap. I chuckle as she flinches at my soft touch.

I pull her toward the full-length mirror so she can see the two of us together, the high class girl in the pretty sun dress and the big bad biker. She gasps as I unclasp the dress and let it fall to the floor. She’s naked underneath as she’s followed my instruction to not wear a bra or panties.

“You stupid little chink,” I whisper in her ear. “You should’ve known better than to meet me.”

I look at her body, and it’s just as I had fantasized, just as she had described it to me. Short, skinny, flat-chested. Just what I crave. I want to see her spread eagle against my bike as I fuck her pussy with my thick cock, but that will have to wait, I tell myself. The other thing I notice is how brittle and fragile she seems. She’s nothing like my old lady, who is as small as Kristen, but tough as nails. I feel like I might break Kristen, and that thought makes me rock hard.

As a biker, you often find a bitch who just wants to have the thrill of fulfilling her biker fantasy. On balance, I prefer women who want to have sex with the real me, and don’t see me as just some stereotypical bad boy biker. But then, I’m not above taking advantage of these situations. Kristen is definitely just trying to check her fantasy boxes. I’m okay with that, but I’m also going to make her pay the price for it.

Kristen puts her hand on my crotch to feel my hard on, and gets on her knees. But she doesn’t understand that she’s not controlling the action. I take her over to the bed, and put her on her back. I can tell she thinks she’s going to get fucked in her pussy. As she rubs her pussy, I can see that it’s already wet, but I have other plans.

I pull my pants down just enough to release my cock. I watch Kristen as she focuses on my cock. She’s probably had longer ones, but not many as thick as mine, I bet. I put some spit on my cock. I’ve brought some K-Y jelly, but saliva is the only lubrication she’s going to get for now.

I hold her legs up, and the look on her face is priceless as she realizes I’m aiming my cock at her asshole, not her pussy. I see her biting her lower lip as I push into her. eryaman orospu numaraları Without lubrication, it’s tough sledding, but I keep pushing. I aim some spit in the direction of my cock and her asshole and a big loogie lands there, an action I’m sure she finds disgusting.

I’ve never fucked an Asian American before. Yes, I have a preference for Asian women, but before now, all the Asian women I’ve had were actually from Asia. There were women I fucked while I was in the military overseas, in the Philippines and in Indonesia. Even the Asian women I’ve fucked here were recent immigrants, including my old lady. They were women who led hard lives as poor farmers or worse in Asia and escaped for a better life here.

But Kristen is an Asian American princess, no doubt someone who grew up wealthier than me. Pampered and college-educated, and as slutty as she is, all of her sexual experience has been with other Asian Americans or rich white guys. Even the black guys she’s fucked were college boys, probably from middle class families.

I’m enjoying taking her up the ass. The little rich girl getting fucked up the ass–there is something delicious about that. When I fuck my old lady in the ass, I’m doing it for our mutual enjoyment. With Kristen, I feel like I’m getting back at those rich girls who looked down on me, and I want to make it hurt, and I want to degrade her. I hate those women with their comfortable lifestyles who like to slum it with a biker so they can get their kicks.

I can tell she’s pretending to be tough and take the pounding without complaining, but I can also tell she’s on the verge of crying. It’s a turn on to see her in this state of distress, my thick cock stretching out her asshole.

“You like it, bitch?” I ask her, as I pinch her nipples.

“Oh shit, don’t do that,” she replies.

I slap her once, but hard in the face. She looks stunned. She had told me that slapping was fine, and that she got off on it, but maybe her other boyfriends never really slapped her.

“What was that for?” she asks naively.

“You don’t fucking tell me what to do,” I say. “And when you’re with me, you call me ‘Sir,’ do you understand?”

She snorts out a laugh. I guess she’s a snotty little bitch, and she’s not about to take orders from a low-class biker. I have no choice but to slap her hard, this time twice. This time, I think she gets the message.

“Do you understand?” I ask her again. “You little piece of shit.”

“Yes, sir,” she responds, meekly. Well, at least she’s not stupid.

I can tell that slapping her has gotten her excited. She’s panting with her tongue hanging out, a little out of control with desire. She has a hand on her clit, now, playing with herself. I should tell her not to touch herself, but I want to watch her come while my cock is up her ass. I was just about to turn her around and fuck her with her face down and ass in the air, but first, I want to see her orgasm face.

First, her face contorts in that way girls get just before they come. It doesn’t take long for her to come, and she lets out a little cry like she was a little girl getting a puppy. I really want to take my cock out of her ass and shove it in her pussy, but I hold off.

She’s still breathing hard when I turn her around face down and ass up. I look at her ass and see that her asshole is gaping from the pounding I just gave her. This time, I put some lubricant on my cock before plunging it into her. With the lubricant, I can really piston in and out of her ass.

As I take her ass hard, she’s screaming bloody murder, which only causes me to pound her harder. Then the screaming turns to whimpering, and she seems to orgasm again just before I come in her ass.

I wasn’t going to do it, but I offer up my dirty cock to her because she did give me some lip. She hesitates before putting it into her mouth.

“Clean it off, bitch,” I say to her. “You dirty little whore.”

I imagine that getting a taste of your own ass isn’t any fun, and she looks pretty disgusted as she sucks on my dick. To her credit, she does a good job of licking it clean.

I lie on my back, and Kristen curls up next to me, one hand on my chest, the other on my cock. It isn’t long before I’m hard again, and she goes down to suck on my cock. After a few minutes, she lies on her back and spreads her legs, and tries to pull me on top of her. She assumes I want to fuck her pussy, but she doesn’t understand yet that she’s not calling the shots.

She looks disappointed as I pull her head back to my cock to return to the blowjob she started. I could give her the face fucking she deserves, but I’m content to let her do the work until I come. I do pull out just before I come so that I can shoot my cum on her face.

“Clean yourself off, bitch,” I say, and using her fingers, she wipes the cum off her face and licks her fingers clean. Then she cleans off my dick. As much as I want to fuck her pussy, I think this will do for now, and we go to sleep.


I’m awake before ankara escort she is in the morning. I look at her naked body and I am again consumed by a desire to stretch out her pussy and take her as hard as I can. But I tell myself to be patient.

Instead, I decide to wake her up by slapping my cock across her face. Wordlessly, she opens her mouth. I prop her head on a couple of pillows, straddle her so I’m practically sitting on her chest, and proceed to fuck her face. I want to pound her face until her jaws hurt. Her eyes widen every time my cock hits the back of her throat, and that makes me laugh a little.

I’m ready to come after a few minutes, but I want her to work a little harder, so I throttle down, and more slowly slide my white cock in and out of mouth. She’s doing a pretty good job of keeping the saliva flowing, and I’m impressed with her overall oral skills. Only a few times does she push against me to keep me from going too deep.

I think to myself, yes, she’s probably sucked a lot of cock, and maybe even big cocks, but 99 percent of the time, she’s controlled the speed and the depth, but not this time. I hope that she understands that I’m treating her mouth as just another fuck hole. If I understand her correctly, my abuse of her mouth is probably getting her pretty wet. I know that with girls like her, the more you scare them, the more excited they get.

While I’m sliding in and out of her mouth, I can tell she’s getting excited because one of her hands has slid down to her clit, and she’s rubbing it. I’m tempted to tell her to stop and make her wait to get off, but I decide to let it go. But the image of this Chinese woman touching herself is too much for me, and I explode in her mouth. I’ve always had a lot of cum, and I can see her struggling to swallow it all.

After I come, I really wanted to lie with her a while, and then fuck her pussy, but I want to make her wait for it, too. So I tell her that we’ve got to get going. I tell her to go and put on some heavy eye liner and the false eye lashes I told her to buy. She says that she’s going to take a quick shower.

“Did I tell you to fucking shower?” I ask her.

“No sir,” she responds, casting her eyes downwards to avoid eye contact.

While she’s in the bathroom, I wonder what she’s thinking. It’s hard to read her. I know she enjoys being submissive, but she also likes to be in control. I want to take that control from her, and I don’t know if she likes that or not. I want to take her to a level she hasn’t experienced before.

When she emerges from the bathroom with the heavy eyeliner and false lashes, she looks like a different woman. The eyeliner accentuates the almond shape of her eyes, and together with the lashes makes her look a lot cheaper. More my style.

She puts on the tube top and Daisy Dukes I told her to bring. I’ve brought a few of my old lady’s things for her to wear, too. I help her put on a bandana, a thick leather collar that’s over an inch wide with the words “Bitch in Heat” written on it. She looks nervous as I put it on her. As soon as I put it on her, she reaches up with both hands and feels it all around, as if it’s something very strange and foreign to her.

She puts on the leather vest I hand her. The vest has a small patch that says “gook” and a larger patch in the back that reads “Property of Chief.” Finally, I hand her my old lady’s calf-high black leather boots with six-inch heels. When she gets up, she stumbles, but eventually gets used to walking in them. I’ve brought a butt plug to put into her, but I’m not sure she’s ready for that.

When I direct her to the mirror, she looks shocked to see herself. The transformation is remarkable. Although she’s about the same size as my old lady, and she’s wearing her things, Kristen seems different from her. She’s now both a biker bitch but still something else. I tell her she’s White Rabbit now, the girl who jumps from white cock to white cock. I told her I really wanted to share her with my biker friends when I was done with her, but she told me she wouldn’t meet me if that was on the table. Well, I agreed with her, but I’m still thinking about it.

“Alright, White Rabbit,” I say. “Let’s go.” And we go down to the hotel restaurant. With the heels, she has to cling to me in order to keep from falling.

Down at the restaurant, the hostess is Asian American, just like her. A young, respectable thing, probably a college student putting herself through school. She looks at Rabbit like she was a piece of trash, probably more disgusted by her because she’s Asian. Kristen is afraid of making eye contact with the hostess, probably ashamed by her appearance. The hostess seats us at the back by the kitchen. Kristen is probably used to getting the best seat in a restaurant.

“Don’t be shy, White Rabbit,” I say to her. “Be proud of being my bitch.”

“Sorry, sir,” she says. “Yes, sir.”

She picks up the menu, but I take it away from her and order for the both of us. This time, when the waitress looks at her in elvankent escort a sneering way, she doesn’t look away but stares back at her defiantly.

After breakfast, it’s time to ride. I know she’s never ridden on the back of a bike, and the idea of it is scaring the shit out of her. I give her a helmet. I mean, there’s a good chance the stupid bitch won’t know how to hold on and might fall off at 70 miles an hour.

We’re headed north toward where I live. I’m not quite sure where I’m headed, but I’m still thinking about making her blow a few of my friends, if not take a couple of their dicks up her ass. I know she really doesn’t want that, but I think this weekend should be about pushing her limits a little.

I’ve been thinking about putting off fucking her pussy until the end of the day, just to have it to look forward to and to make her wait for it. But now I’m thinking what’s the point of putting it off? Especially if I’m going to be sharing her with my buddies, I don’t want to have had her pussy at least a few times before they do.

So I pull off the highway and go down a dirt road to a place that looks deserted. The Rabbit looks a little scared, and she actually looks relieved when I tell her I want to fuck her. I pull her shorts off, and have her positioned over the rear wheel of my bike. She’s holding onto the seat to maintain her balance, and trying not to have her ankles twist in her high heels. The sight of the small Asian woman in this position is almost too much for me to take. If I hadn’t come earlier in the day, I seriously might have come in my pants like a teenager.

“Are you ready for my cock?” I ask her.

“I’ve been ready, sir,” she replies. “I’ve been wet since I met you, Chief.”

I get behind her and push my cock inside her. It’s tight but also wet and velvety. I can already tell she’s going to be a spectacular fuck. There’s a lot of resistance as I go in deeper. I wish I could see the look on her face as I stretch out her tight little muff.

“Oh my fucking god!” she yells.

“Shut the fuck up, bitch,” I tell her.

I hold her hips and push myself until I’m buried balls deep in her sweet little pussy. I almost can’t believe I’m finally inside her. I’d been dreaming about this since I first started talking to her. I find her writing to be so sexy, and to have her be just as hot physically is better than a dream.

“Oooh,” she moans. “So . . . fucking . . . big. . . “

I should be nice and gentle; I think to myself. A pussy this good deserves to be handled with care. But instead, I can’t help but slam my cock into her with as much force as possible. Every time I pull out, and then shove my fat dick inside her, she screams. I know I’m hurting her, but I want her to feel every inch of me.

She’s grunting as I start fucking her hard. I know she’s trying to stifle a scream. She’s holding on now to the seat for dear life.

“Uh . . . uh . . . uh . . . uh . . . “she’s panting.

And then she explodes in orgasm, shaking uncontrollably as she comes on my cock. I can feel her pussy spasming on me, and makes me shoot my load into her. My orgasm seems to go on for a while, and I feel my cock spasming long after I’m sure I’ve completely emptied my balls into her. It’s as satisfying as any fuck I’ve had in a while.

Kristen looks a bit stunned afterwards. She’s touching herself, I’m not sure why. I think she’s checking to see if she’s seriously damaged. As she does, cum drips into her hand.

“Go on and taste it,” I tell her.

She gives me a disgusted look, but she digs out a little more cum out of her pussy, then licks her hand. Then she finds her shorts and puts them back on. I pull her tube top down, so the only thing covering her tits is the unbuttoned vest. She knows better than to pull them up. I take a butt plug out of my bag, and tell her to bend over the seat. She gasps as it goes inside her. It’s the first time she’s had one of those in her ass.

As we ride, she clings closer to me, partly out of a fear of falling, and partly to keep her tits from being exposed since her top is pulled down. I imagine that the vibration of the bike together with the butt plug in her ass and the fear of falling is probably making her come as we ride. I imagine that I hear her moaning as she clings to me.

She told me that it was fear that drew her to me, the fear of being taken by a rough biker that was going to do dirty things to her. But I don’t think it’s the fear, or even the humiliation that she wants, what she hasn’t had before is the loss of control. Of being made to do dirty, humiliating things that she’s never even thought of before.

She thinks she likes being submissive, but really only in a controlled setting, as if she’s playing out one of her rape fantasies, except it’s really not. But with me, she’s not going to be able to control anything, and she’s not going to have any idea where we’re going or where she’s going to end up. She’s given up the power of the pussy.

I feel the pull of her pussy. As we pass a motel, I feel the urge to stop and fuck her on a bed. I want to spread her legs and shove my dick inside her. I want to bend her legs back against her chest while I pound her. I want to take her doggy style. But that would be giving her the power of the pussy, so I don’t stop.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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