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Megan Ch. 02

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Judy moved to the end of the exam table and sat on the small stool. “Just lay back and relax, I’ll be finished in a few moments.” Judy took a warm moist wipe, and started to wipe the oil and juices that seeped out of Megan’s pussy, revealing her body’s reactions to the doctor’s exam.

Megan’s hips lifted a little, trying to get more of Judy’s attention, a small subtle moan escaped from her opened mouth. “Feels good, doesn’t it. I can’t show you how good it can feel now, but enjoy the next few moments.” Judy finished cleaning up Megan and couldn’t resist leaving something for Megan to think about. Her finger slipped into the beautiful pussy, splayed out before her, to the second knuckle.

Judy was just touching the upper inside portion of the tight virgin, and got the reaction she hoped for. Megan’s pussy was begging for more, but Judy smiled and pulled her finger out. She really caught Megan by surprise when she planted a light kiss on her clitoris.

The feeling was electrifying, but the kiss was so brief that Megan wondered if it really happened. “We’ve got work that needs done,” Judy said. Uncuffing her ankles and lifting the end of the table. Judy’s thoughts went to her first exam on this table. She was no virgin at the time, but her reactions were about the same. Dr. Walker’s ex wife, his lead nurse at the time, cleaned her up. She was jolted back to the present, as Megan sat up.

Judy picked up Megan’s panties from where Dr. Walker laid them and slipped them up over her ankles. Megan was still in a bit of a daze, “Felt good didn’t it?”

“I’ve never felt anything like that my whole life!” Megan said taking a deep breath, thinking of what just happened in the last fifteen minutes. “Am I weird for leaving that happen?”

“No you’re quickly becoming a young lady. Those feelings are normal; you were pretty intense though. I’d think you were a little weird if it didn’t happen.” Judy replied.

“Does this happen to all the girls, during their exams?”

“No but not every Doctor is as gentle, caring, and loving as Bob, Dr. Walker. Let get you dressed, we have to get to work.”


For the next hour Megan cleaned and wiped everything with a disinfectant, it was explained that this was an unending job. Kim, one of the nurses, gave her a small stack of gowns, “These need to go to exam room number one. Always knock before going into any room.”

Exam room one, the room she’ll never forget. Dr. Walker was there, and Megan became instantly embarrassed. She stuttered, cebeci escort “Dr Walker, I was, was asked, to, to bring these back here. I’m sorry I acted like I did earlier.”

“Put them in that cabinet and quit worrying. I’d be concerned if your body didn’t like what happened,” he said softly, knowing where her thoughts were. “We’ll talk later, and call me Bob when no patients are around.”

Judy was anything but embarrassed! She was hot and horny! She texted her fiancé Jason, “I need your cock tonight, a lot of it!”

When Jason got the message he knew it’d be a wild night. Judy seldom talked like that and he loved it when she did; she knew he liked it. Jason was an intern at the hospital. He had two more years to go before he became a full-fledged doctor. Jason and Judy began dating three years ago, and plan to get married next summer. He would be done at 3:30 and decided to surprise her at the office to give her a ride home.

After an elderly patient left, Bob asked Judy, “how’s Megan doing?”

“Good, she’s a good worker; wants to do more but, understands it will come with time.”

“I was afraid that I scared her.”

Judy replied, “No, she enjoyed it! She’s still not sure what happened; after you left, her pussy was begging for more.”

“I saw you give it a little kiss, you tease.” he grinned. “Her pussy was a wiggler for sure, and a very pretty one. She is much like her mother.”

About four in the afternoon Jason showed up at the office. “Thought you might like a ride home, and not have to take the bus.”

“Thanks,” Judy said and greeted him with a kiss. “The last patient is gone. I have a few things to finish up, then I can leave.” Then Megan walked around the corner. “I want you to meet Jason; he’s my honey, sweetheart, and fiancé all rolled into one. I’m about done and your first day is over, see you tomorrow.”

“Where did you find that little chick?” Jason asked eagerly.

“She is John and Joan’s daughter. She’s shy, innocent, and a virgin, so behave your self! I’ve a few things to finish; then we can go. Come back with me and we talk while I work.”

Judy walked into exam room one with Jason following; closing the door behind him. He wrapped his arms around her from behind, and started kissing her neck. “Umm, that’s feels so good,” Judy said, pushing her butt back into his groin.

He loved to hold her this way, and so did Judy. His hard dick was pressing into her butt, and his left hand had slipped up under her cebeci escort bayan blouse just above the waistband of her skirt. His right hand was on her boobs. “Better stop or we’re going to do it now.” Judy softly whispered.

Jason had no intention of stopping. His hand had now slipped down into her skirt, rubbing her panty-covered pussy. He could tell she was as ready. He slipped two fingers inside Judy’s panties looking for the moisture he knew would be there. His finger made a slow journey the length of her pussy lips. Her clit has been begging for attention all day since Megan’s exam. It took only a slight touch to make Judy want Jason’s cock now! She twisted in his arms and locked her arms around his neck and pulling his lips on to hers. With one step Jason maneuvered her to the end of the exam table and gently pushed her back on it.

He moved to the side of the narrow exam table where his hands could work on her cloths. His lips were working magic on her lips; at the same time his fingers were quickly unbuttoning her blouse. With her blouse opened, his hand caressed below her belly button but stopped before they got to where she wanted them so badly. It was his turn to tease. Her hips were lifting trying to find his fingers, but at the same time she wanted his tongue that was slightly invading her mouth.

Dr. Walker looked on through the mirror in his office; his hard cock was in his hand. It was not the first time his table was used to make love on; he and his wife often made love during the day. His wife liked it too much though. One day she tried a pharmacy rep who had a huge dick; she found out size did matter with her. When the rep was transferred to another state, she moved with him.

He was amazed at Jason’s ability to hold back. He was now lifting her skirt up revealing Judy’s tiny yellow panties. They had two small roses that went different directions from the crotch, but theirs stems met where his fingers were rubbing. Jason turned his attention to her matching bra, with a rose on each cup, with the short stems ending at her nipples. He unhooked the front clasp, and freed her breasts.

Judy loved to have her nipples sucked and licked but this time she wanted all of his attention between her legs. She pushed Jason’s head down, and he was glad to do what she wanted. His sights were on the same place. He gave her a kiss on her panties. She put her feet in the booty styled stirrups, and pushed the button that lowered the end of the table.

Jason escort cebeci was still on the side, and Judy reached and unsnapped his pants. She was not holding back; she pushed his pants and underwear down. His dick was hard and as big as she’d ever seen it. Normally she would have kissed and sucked on his love stick, but she wanted it inside her now! “Move to the end of the table, get it inside me,” Judy groaned.

He did as she wished. He hooked his fingers into her panties, and started pulling them down as Judy eagerly lifted her hips. To finish the task Judy took her feet out of the stirrups. He looked at the blond haired pussy as it came into view. He could wait no longer; he quickly finished removing the panties. With her feet back in the stirrups, he could not resist giving her gaping pussy a few licks. His tongue dove into the opening between her legs. Jason spent only a little time fucking her with his tongue before made a slow journey up her pussy lips to her clit.

When he stood at the end of the table, his dick was positioned perfectly at Judy’s love tunnel. The head slipped in so easily, it went in all the way on the first push. Judy was on the verge of cumming; her cunt was trying to suck every bit of his cock inside her. Judy was oblivious to anything but, her pending climax, moaning loudly, bucking her hips, and begging for more.

Jason reached down between their legs and rubbed her swollen clit. She loved it when he played with her clit while his dick was inside her. With her eyes closed, her body started to shudder, her hips jerked, and loud groans of pleasure came from her mouth. At the same time Jason cum shot out of his dick, into the depths of her pussy!

A few minutes pasted before Judy could only say, “Wow!!”

“What turned you on so much?”

“Megan’s exam,” Judy answered him. “We’ve done hundreds of exams, but she was different. She’s so beautiful without trying to be. She is so innocent, shy, and she was a little scared but still had such an intense orgasm. One that many girls only dream of.”

Bob came before Judy and Jason, he just couldn’t hold back any longer. He felt guilty about watching them, but he would do it again if he had the opportunity. He left his office through a door that opened into another hallway. He timed it just about perfectly. When he turned the corner he met Judy and Jason leaving the exam room.

“I thought you left awhile ago,” Judy said.

“No I’ve been in my office doing some paper work,”

Judy knew she was caught, and knew that most probably he was watching. She was embarrassed but turned on by the thought.

“If you’re done, I’ll lock up,” Bob said.


About the same time, Megan was home on the phone in her room. “Angie, can I come over and talk?” she asked in an excited voice.

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