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Memoirs of an English Student

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Hi I am Annie and these are some memoirs of my time at University in Manchester England.

I shared lodgings in a rental 4 bedroom Victorian house after my initial 1st year in the dorms, I lived with Beth, Ben, James and Mishka.

Beth is my very best friend, I wouldn’t call her my lover and I certainly don’t own her, but she is my soul-mate and we kiss and play often, snuggle up in each others beds and share everything, especially after a few drinks!

Ben and James are friends of ours from the dorms, Ben is not often here preferring to stay with his girlfriend on the other side of town. James and Mishka were together and shared the 4th Bedroom. Both Beth and I didn’t like or get on well with Mishka, she was very protective of James and it was obvious to her by Beth’s over the top flirting and the fact that I blush no- stop in his presence, that we both fancied him. He is a great looking guy, athletic, charming and great fun!. Other stuff has gone on too in the past and may-bee I will tell more stories later.

This story happened 3 years ago in spring, Beth and I both nineteen and second year university students are strolling back to our house after playing tennis in the park. It is a mild day and we are both dressed in pleated gym skirts, I am wearing white Nike high tops and Beth is in low navy “All Stars”, Beth has a white vest top and I am wearing a grey mottled hoodie as I always feel the cold. We both have pale skin, white like ivory, I keep my blond hair in a short bob cut and Beth is a brunette bordering on black, hair scraped back into a ponytail, rucksack over her shoulder with my racket in, she is swinging hers in her hand. Beth is very attractive with slim red lips and pale silver grey eyes, she looks leggy but isn’t overly tall, with a cute apple bottom and perky breasts. I am slightly taller skinny and gangly with tiny boobs.

Beth talks non-stop and I mean constantly, she is talking about some guy that she was flirting with in the local bar last night. There is always some guy who is flavor of the moment. I am amazed by her confidence and guys flock to her like moths to a light bulb but she is a tease and loves attention, she loves to kiss me deeply on the dance floor which drives the guys insane and has mixed reception from other girls. She rarely dates as she finds that all guys turn weird after a couple of dates, she has lots of sexual encounters but usually one night stands and she did have a “Fuck Buddy” named Julian but she hasn’t mentioned him lately. I am awkward around fellas and have had a couple of drunken fumbles in the dark with clumsy boys. I had been sleeping and fucking with Beth since we shared a dorm and I will tell the stories of our exploits together another time.

We hadn’t played with each other for over a week, this plus the fact that I was energized from the tennis meant I wanted her badly. She was still talking nonstop as I stooped a little and gave her bum a cheeky pinch! She gave me play-full shove giggling and told me to “keep my hands off the Goods”. I bit my lip gently and held her free hand as we walked slowly along the street.

Nearing home we were talking about our housemates and I had found that we would be spending the weekend home alone with everyone else having left for the Easter break. Bursting through the front door and I am kicking off the hot Nikes, Beth is putting the tennis gear and rucksack into the under-stair cupboard, dashing behind her I grab her by the hips and shove bursa escort her along into to the living room. I squeal as letting go of her hips I push past her giving her arse a loud slap as I go by. She is dashing up behind and soon we are playing an arse slapping game where you must try and slap your opponents arse whilst avoiding getting slapped yourself. We are both laughing and squealing loudly as we spin around and around in the middle of the living room, I get a few good slaps in but my bottom and left thigh are burning from the slaps that Beth is raining down on my posterior.

” Quits! quits! ” I scream and looping my arms around her neck I drag her towards me and I fall down backwards lenthways onto the sofa dragging her on top of me. Instinctively she pushes my knees apart and we land with her hips on mine and my legs spread. Beth uses her right arm to pull my hands from behind her neck and she holds them both in one hand behind my head, she is kissing me hard as her other hand slides up my hoodie and finds my hard right nipple.

Overheating and out of breath I turn by head away to get her lips from mine, she moves on to the side of my neck and is pecking up to behind my ear with tiny kisses, I take a few deep breaths and relax more, I can feel her pubic bone against mine and I lift my foot up off the floor and twist by leg over the back of hers raising my pubis towards hers. I break her hold on my hands and lower them to the small of her back then down to her skirt covered ass which I claw at trying to get to her panties underneath. Dragging the skirt up I begin to squeeze and nip her ass cheeks, I try to work towards her pussy but I am out of reach.

Beth always likes to be the one in control and I let her take the lead, I usually copy her actions or just act all submissive. It was her that seduced me at the start and initiated me into girl love acting almost as a mentor, taking great pleasure in teaching me these new sensations.

Raising herself up I lift up my arms above my head and she lifts my top over my head, throwing it onto a chair in the corner, then she removes her vest and lowering herself back down she places a foot on the floor and pushes forward, her right thigh rubs up against my gusset heating my whole pussy and her left nipple enters my lips. I flick my tongue around her erect little bud, kissing and nibbling gently. She pivots back on the leg resting on the sofa taking the weight on her knee, her thigh leaves my pussy and her boobs slide down onto mine. She is kissing me hard again and I am scratching her back gently with my nails. Beth is breathing deeper now and reaching down towards her thigh with her hand she begins rubbing my hot pussy through my panties. Her fingers are trying to get past the tight fabric and she eventually gets inside, her fingers opening up my wet slit and using one finger to dip into the entrance of my cunny she then slides it up and around my clit then back down and in again over and over. My body is in rapture and she is staring into my eyes smiling softly, she knows that what she is doing is enough to drive me wild but not enough to make me come. After I few minutes of this she climbs off me and squatting at the side of the sofa drags off my panties. I now pull my knees up towards my chest and grabbing one ankle in her hand she leans over and kisses by pubic patch then her tongue slips down teasing my clit and again the entrance to my pussy is being assaulted. Watching my face and staring me bursa escort bayan in the eyes she reaches up with her free hand and pinches my nipples, first one then the other.

Suddenly as if realizing that I was getting too much action she stopped and got up, I was about to protest but tuning her back on me came backwards and throwing a leg over my head sunk down along me head downwards. As her body lowered onto mine her hot mouth once again found my aching pussy. This position also found me with my face buried in her ass and pussy which was still trapped inside her blue cotton panties with pink polka dots. I jam my open mouth against her gusset and breath out heavily, this has the effect of super-heating the area, my chin then begins grinding against her pubis and clit through the fabric, I kiss the area of her pussy hole and inhale the smell of her arse through my nostrils, after only a few moments I need to get to her pussy so I claw at the cotton pulling the gusset area out then away from her sex and stretching it to one side over her ass cheek exposing her pretty cunny and ass. I attack the area with my tongue, spinning the tip around her clit bud then up and into her entrance, a couple of times I even lifted my head off the cushion and use the flat and tip of my tongue on her sweet pink bum-hole feeling it twitch under my touches. Beth then keeping her tongue on my clit pushed a finger deep into my flowing pussy and pushing the next finger into my bum ring it was becoming too much to bear. I copied her actions and used my tongue to flick her moist clit, she began wriggling that cute arse of hers especially after I pushed my two fingers into her pussy and arsehole. I couldn’t hold back any longer and moving by mouth from her pussy and keeping my fingers stiff and still inside her I came hard.

“Oh god Beth, Fucking Jesus” I was screaming out with every wave rushing up my body and I could feel myself wetting Beth’s fingers.

The insane orgasm was subsiding and I was about to resume fingering Beth when suddenly and without warning the door into the living-room opens. Oh god its fucking James, I am just gonna die.

“SHIT BETH GET OFF!” I call out but she isn’t moving, she has her hands on my thighs and I am all exposed, Oh god no man has seen me naked, I am burning up now blushing from head to toe.

“Well well well what’s going on here” said James “I’ve fantasised that you two were at it, and now here we are” He is wearing only his boxers and his cock is causing them to bulge out at the front.

“Come on over” says Beth “you might as well join us” Without changing our position I have to peer through the gap between Beth’s legs to see what is happening, Oh god no I don’t want him to fuck me. I see the side of Beth’s face, with one hand she is pulling his boxers down releasing his wonderful cock. She places it between her lips and strokes his shaft and balls and sucks gently on the end, I am still rigid but mesmerized by the actions before me. I have my hands on her arse cheeks and Beth reaches back with her hand , grabs my hand and moves it to her pussy, understanding what she wants I try to forget about what is going on with James and go back to giving her clit a tonguing and sliding two fingers together into her honey hole , soon she is giving a stifled moan and her ass is wiggling again. Someone is again playing with my pussy and my body is relaxing again. I must be open-minded. I must be more like Beth.

Around five minutes passes escort bursa and someone is still slowly and gently stroking my pussy which is still little sensitive. I hear James say that he needs to get inside and I panic but Beth is using her arm to usher him back towards the end of the sofa. I pull away from Beth’s pussy and I am starting to tense again. Next thing I know I am looking up at him from below and he is putting a hand on her back.

“Hey Annie, You having fun?” he chirps, I just manage a slight nod. My eyes are fixed on his amazing cock which he is holding in his other hand. I don’t know quite what is going to happen next so I close my mouth to make sure it doesn’t go in there and I pull my fingers from Beth’s sopping hole. He places a knee on the arm of the sofa and his cock is inches from my forehead. He places his cock at her entrance and rubs it slightly up and down and then to my surprise he then raises upwards and pushes it gently but firmly into her pink little bottom-hole. Beth gave a slight scream then I feel her breath and then her tongue on my clit. I get the impression that James and her had done this before.

I go back to licking her clit as my body relaxes again, I am watching intensely as James’s cock disappears into her bottom and reappears, his balls are so close that I cannot even focus on them. I place my left hand on her buttock, my thumb hooking her panties to keep them out of the way. Beth’s hand once again searches out my free hand and places it on her pussy and so I hook two fingers into her, I can feel James’s cock speeding up inside her rear passage. Beth is moaning open mouthed onto my pussy and snogging my clit with her lips, I can feel the vibrations of her moans on my juicy slit and feel her entering both my holes again with her fingers and grabbing my bottom cheek with the other hand.

Beth’s moans on my clit are getting louder and more frequent and moments later her arse stops wiggling and her legs are shaking slightly as she begins coming hard, I feel her pussy loosen slightly around my fingers and then tense, she is soaking wet and juices are running down my wrist. She jams her mouth around my pussy as if to stop herself from screaming the house down, she removes the finger from my pussy but pushes the other deeper into my bottom as far as it would go. This once again was too much and I am coming again. I slam my legs shut jamming her hand between my buttocks and locking my knees together as my body is ravaged by a second orgasm, more intense than the first. I Pull out my fingers. Beth is sobbing and kissing my bush.

Just as my orgasm was subsiding I hear a deep groan and open my eyes to see James withdrawing his spending tool from Beth’s bottom, his cum is spraying out onto her arsehole and is speeding down over her pussy lips. I lift my head just in time and his fluid lands on my chin and runs down my neck. As James stokes his cock I reach up and cup his hot soft balls in my hand.

Beth is climbing off, moving like a new born dear exclaiming that she will never be able to walk again. James is pulling up his boxers and his gorgeous cock is away but I decide that I must see it again.

We take turns to shower then we go out at dusk for a few beers and to see who we bump into. It isn’t long before drink is flowing and things are getting messy. James hooks up with Mishka and Beth is putting her tongue into my mouth and squeezing my arse on the dance floor to cheers and shouts from the guys and I feel absolutely happy.

The End

I have lots more tales to tell so please give me your feedback and if enough interest I will tell of my encounters during this exciting time in my life.


Annie Miller

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