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Missing You

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When you woke up this morning, I was too tired to show you how I felt. I’ve regretted that all day, while I dreamed and planned of exactly how I was going to make that up to you.

Before you came home, I made sure you wouldn’t be able to resist me. I wore a tiny black leather mini, and black halter, with thigh-high black leather boots. Underneath that, I was wearing my favorite black lace thong and garter belt, with fishnet thigh-high stockings.

I was sitting on the couch when I heard your car pull into the driveway tonight, and I decided to greet you at the door. As you opened the door, I leaned towards you and brushed my lips against yours, whispering in your ear “I love you darling.” As your hands made their way to my hips, and you pulled me against you, I ran my tongue lightly over your bottom lip and bit it.

As I heard you gasp, I pressed my body tighter to yours, and moaned softly. “I missed you today.”

I ran my hands slowly over your chest, and began to unbutton your shirt, as I slid my tongue between your lips. Drawing escort bostancı your tongue into my mouth I began to suck on it, tracing a pattern on the underside with my tongue. I pushed your shirt off of your shoulders, and began kissing and licking my way down your neck, until I reached the little hollow area in the center of your chest. I ran my tongue across the hollow to the area above your heart, and kissed it, then licked across gently to your left nipple. I traced my tongue in circles around your nipple, until it had hardened, and then I bit it.

Grinning at your moan, I traced my tongue over to your right nipple, and again, bit it.

Growing impatient, I grind my hips against yours, feeling how much you want me. The smile on my face grows, as I run my nails from your shoulders to your waist, watching the red lines begin to form. I run a finger along the waistband of your pants, slipping it under just far enough that you can feel it rubbing against your skin.

I feel you slide your hand under my miniskirt, as I fumble ümraniye escort with the button on your pants. Pushing your pants down around your ankles, I drop to my knees and run my tongue quickly across the top of your growing erection, enjoying the salty taste that filled my mouth. Hearing you moan again at this, I slid my tongue over your shaft, drawing it into my mouth. I run my tongue in a pattern around you, as I slide you further into my mouth, until my face is pressed against your skin. I continue to suck on you, as I squeeze and play with your balls, until I feel that you are about ready to cum.

With one last, long, suck, I slowly slide you out of my mouth. Taking you by the hand I lead you upstairs to our bedroom, where I push you down onto the bed. Slowly I run my hands across my waist, pulling my shirt up over my head, and throwing it to you. I then reach down and unzip my little black leather skirt, letting it fall to the floor, along with my boots. Now I am standing in front of you in just my underwear and stockings, which I kartal escort bayan also quickly remove.

Moaning myself now with desire for you, I walk the few steps to the bed, and climb up on top of you. As I slide my body across yours, I feel your hands grab my breasts as you twist my nipples roughly. I moan with the combination of pain and pleasure as I press my hips into you. I can feel you pressing against my ass as I slowly grind against you, moaning with desire. Before long, I cannot resist moving my hips up, and sliding you quickly into me.

The feeling of you filling me so deeply, after wanting you for so long, was almost enough to bring me to orgasm right there. When your right hand slid away from my breast and down to my ass, I rotate my hips against you, squeezing you deep inside of me. I moan loudly as your hand slaps down against my ass. I begin to move faster against you, as you continue to smack my ass, until I just can’t hold back. As I begin to scream and moan, you feel my muscles begin to squeeze you harder, until you too begin to cum.

Feeling blissfully filled with you, and your cum, I lean down and kiss you passionately, before sliding off of you. As you wrap your arms around me, I lay my head against your chest, and whisper again “I love you darling.”

“Never forget that.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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