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Mommy , Me Ch. 02

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All persons in this story are age twenty or older. It takes place in 1950 and involves my alcoholic mother. She is drunk almost every day and consumes a case of beer a day. That’s a lot of beer everyday She is beginning to need to piss frequently as her kidneys work hard to let the alcohol course through them. Her belly is also becoming distended from drinking so much beer. Because she has to piss so frequently, she hardly ever wears a girdle or garter belt to hold her nylons up. She relies on roll garters to keep them up on her thighs. She is also reluctant to wear panties or Directoire knickers because when she needs to piss, she generally needs to piss right now.

We had recently been to a lingerie store in a neighboring town and while sucking Pierre’s cock, she had nipped it with her teeth. Not once, but twice. He had warned her after she nipped it the first time that if she did it again, he was going to brand her ass with a branding iron. She proceeded to do it again and he fired up the brazer, got his branding iron red hot and branded the crack in her ass with a small letter “P”. The store owner, Joanne, cleaned it off, put some salve over it and told me to watch for any sign of infection. Now Margaret was branded for life with a letter that was about one inch high. It was in a place that daddy wouldn’t see unless he was snooping around her ass. After about ten days it healed nicely and the matter was all but forgotten.

I came home from my evening job about ten o’clock and as I parked the car in the driveway I noticed the light in mother’s bedroom was still on. I went inside and tip toed to her bedroom. The door was partially open and I could see her on the bed reading a magazine. I knocked on her door and she told me to come in and visit.

I got the surprise of my life when I saw what she was wearing. She was not totally drunk, but I knew she was tipsy. She was wearing a sheer yellow waltz length gown under which was a black garter belt with eight straps to held up the cinnamon colored nylons with black heels and seams over which was a pair of sheer golden colored briefs. They were so sheer I could see all the black hair on her belly and cunt. She wore no bra and her very full 38C teats were hanging off to either side of her chest.

Margaret made no effort to cover up when I walked into her bedroom. She just looked at me and then asked me to go get her two more bottles of beer. I could see four empty bottle on the nightstand and I told her I thought she didn’t need anymore for the day. She again asked me to be nice and get two more bottle, so I reluctantly went to the kitchen, opened two more bottles, and took them to her.

She smiled when she saw me with them and said. “I really have to piss darling. Will you help walk me to my chamber pot? If I don’t piss quickly, I’ll wet the bed.”

She sat upright and swung her legs over the edge of the bed and got her feet on the floor. She stood up and before we had walked three feet, I could sense she was already pissing in her panties.

I got her to her chamber pot and slipped my thumbs in the waistband of her panties and slipped them down to her knees. I looked at the gusset and as I had suspected, it was already damp. Margaret quickly sat down and the hissing sound began instantly followed by her piss hitting the pee that was already in the pot. As she sat there, she took her right hand and put it on my left thigh and slipped it up under my shorts and briefs so she was able to fondle my dick.

“When I finish peeing, I want you to slip you shorts and briefs down and take them off so I can suck your anteater cock.” she said as she continued to fondle my nuts and cock. “I need to have a good cock in my mouth and then I want it in my cunt. I need a good fucking tonight.”

She finished peeing and stood up. She really wasn’t completely done and dribbles of pee ran d her thighs and onto her stocking tops getting them damp. She took my right hand and swiped it through her wet cunt and said. “That will make me dry enough till you can fuck me.”

I helped get her back to the bed and she flopped onto the mattress giving me a birds eye view of her hairy cunt.

“What’s going on tonight that you’re all dressed like you need a good fucking?” I asked.

“Your father was in Chicago on business today and was supposed to be home by now. He wanted me to dress up for him so he could get a nice fuck from me after a long hard day of business. Unfortunately, he told me the meeting went much longer than expected and he would need to stay in the city until tomorrow. So I am here waiting for a nice fat prick to fuck me. Now slip your shorts and briefs off so I can see this piece of meat I’ve been fondling. Then I need a good swig or two of beer and I’ll suck your dick for you.” she said.

I pushed my shorts and briefs down around my ankles and stepped out of them. Mother just looked at my dangling prick and exclaimed. “Oh my God. I knew you had a foreskin but not one that is two inches long. Do you push it ankara escort back when you piss dear or do you just piss through it?”

Most of the times I push it back although I’ll bet you want to watch me piss through it and see how it looks.” I replied.

“You know I had quite a battle with your paternal grandmother when you were born. She wanted you circumcised. She told me all males needed to have their peters whacked when they were born. Your father told her we had decided that we were not going to have your peter cut, so you still have your foreskin. Now i want to play with it a few minutes, then I’ll suck it for you.” mother said.

She took hold of it and wanked it a few times, then pushed the foreskin back over the helmet letting her see the red head. Then she pushed the foreskin back and forth over the helmet until I began getting an erection.

“Did you wash your peter today dear?” she asked.

“Yes mommy. I washed it just before I went to work a few hours ago. I haven’t pissed through the foreskin since then.” i replied.

With that, she bent down, put the head of my peter in her mouth, and began sucking gently on it. I thought I had died and gone to Heaven as she gently played with it and sucked on it. I think my peter was as hard and as long as it had ever been.

She stopped after about two minutes and said. “Now I want that big long motherfucker in my cunt and I want you to give me a good fucking with it. Splatter my cunt with your baby batter and breed me. I haven’t a prick this long inside me in years. Even Frank’s prick isn’t this long.”

With that she got further onto the bed and laid down. She spread her legs wide open and grabbed her nether lips and pulled them open. “Now stick that big long motherfucker in my very wet cunt and fuck me silly with it darling.” she said.

“Do you want the foreskin pulled up over t helmet or leave it like it and see what happens when I shove my peter in your cunt?” I asked.

“Leave it like it is. I want to feel your cock way up inside me and when you erupt I want to feel you shoot your pollen in me.” she replied.

I got between her legs, looking right at her hairy cunt and shoved my erection into her cavity. She was so wet it slide right in up to my belly. Her cunt was not only very wet but also nice and warm on my cock.

I thrust my cock into her vagina nice and hard getting it all the way up to her cervix.

“Oh honey. That feels so good. Your prick is much fatter than your daddy’s and is stretching my cunt wide open.. When you erupt and pull out slip my briefs back on me so your baby batter leaks out into the gusset. Now fuck me good so I can climax a few times.” she told me. Margaret wrapped her nylon clad legs around my back to keep my fat cock completely inside her wet cunt. I kept thrusting my turgid prick in and out fucking her good.

Suddenly I felt myself getting ready to shoot my semen in her cunt. She must have felt my prick getting longer and or fatter because she hollered.

“Get that fat motherfucker deep inside me and erupt. I want all your sperm filled semen inside me and hope you breed me darling.” she said.

I suddenly erupted sending five or six ropes of pollen splashing against her cervix. She wiggled and squirmed in ecstasy as my warm cream flooded her vagina. I don’t know if the head of my cock was touching her cervix or if it was my anteater foreskin, but I know my cock was banging against it as I unloaded my semen inside her cunt.

“Oh you big motherfucker. You have flooded me and I’ll be leaking all night. Your prick feels so good inside my pussy. I’m going to need you fucking me a couple of more times tonight. You’ve got my cunt stretched so big and it feels so long and so fat inside me. I’ll have to suck it clean when you take it out.” she said. With that she released her legs from around my back and I could feel my dick beginning to shrivel up.

“Now slip my yellow briefs back on me.” she said as I pulled my peter out of her. The foreskin had already slipped back over the helmet and I was dripping semen out the end of my foreskin. I picked her brief off the floor, slipped her nylon covered legs into the openings, and pulled them up to her thighs. I could see my fluid already beginning to leak out of her cunt and knew her briefs would be soaking wet in a short time. Mother finished puling her panties up until the gusset was snug against her cunt.

“Now get up here and let me clean your anteater cock off. I want to taste your pollen as well as my juices. I’m going to suck your foreskin like it is a straw so I get all your semen out of it. Then I’ll peel it back and suck the head of it till it’s nice and clean. After that I’ll need another beer darling. Then I’ll probably need to take a good piss for myself.” she said.

Mommy popped my prick in her mouth and sucked on my long foreskin like she was drinking from a straw. Then she peeled the foreskin back so she could suck the head of my cock and can it off. She sucked gently escort ankara and fondled my nuts as she sucked me off. She also tried to slip her tongue in the slit of my cock, but couldn’t get it in.

After three or fur minutes she let go of my cock and said she needed to piss. I helped her off the bad and as she sat up and spread her legs apart I could see very clearly that h gusset of her briefs was already soaking wet from my semen leaking out of her cunt. I helped her stand up and guided her to her potty.

She stood in front of it and I peeled her wet briefs down to her knees. She sat down and was peeing almost immediately. She must have really needed to go because it was a hard stream splashing against the piss that was already in the potty. She pissed for almost a minute, then stood up and told me to pull her panties up.

“Now I’m going to finish my beer, then we’re going to get a little sleep. I want you to nurse my teats when we get back into bed. I was going to have your nurse me before you fucked me, but I was so horny I just wanted your prick inside me.

I walked her back to the bed and helped her sit down. I went to the other side and got in bed as she laid down. She turned on her right side so she was facing me, kissed me full on the mouth, sticking her tongue in my mouth as she did so, then pulled my face down so I was looking as her nice fat nipples.

“Now nurse my teats gently you motherfucker. Like you are a baby nursing from me. I’ll probably fall asleep while you suckle me, but I’ll want you to fuck me again when I wake up.” she said.

So I put her left nipple in my mouth and gently nursed her. Her nipple grew larger and got pretty hard, so I knew I was making her horny again. Suddenly she just began snoring lightly and I knew she was asleep. So I dropped her nipple and turned on my back and fell asleep too.

About three in the morning I felt a hand squeezing my cock. I turned to face mother and said she needed to piss. I asked her if she needed help getting to her potty and she told me she did. I got out of bed and went to her side and helped her sit up. As she stood up I slipped my hand into the crotch of her panties. They were soaking wet and sticky so I knew she had leaked a lot of pollen out of her cunt.

I walked her to the stairs, slipped her wet briefs down to her knees and helped her sit down. She was pissing before she ever sat on the pot and I could hear a strong stream of piss flowing into the potty. She finished pissing and when she stood up, I slipped my hand in her crotch and wiped all the semen that had leaked out around all her cunt hair making it even stickier than it was.

“There you fucking whore. Now you’re good and wet.” I said as I pulled her wet briefs up to her cunt. “Now do you need some more cock or do you want another beer first?”

“Get me another beer first. Then I’ll play with your peter and masturbate my clit with it. Then I’ll want you to mount me again and fuck me good shooting your baby batter in my cunt. I may have you slip a different pair of briefs on me as these are pretty wet. I want to see what the gusset looks like when it dries and see how stiff it will be.” mommy replied. “Now go get my beer honey.”

I went to the kitchen, grabbed two bottles of beer, and went back to her bedroom. She took one o the bottles from me and began chugging it down.

“Whoa. Slow down. You’ll be fucking drunk in five minutes if you keep that up.” I said.

“No I won’t. I want to wet my whistle then I’m going to play with your dick while you piss and then suck it some more. It tastes really good and I like sucking your anteater foreskin darling. Now go get my black briefs so I can slip into them and won’t leak all over the o=place when I get up.” she said. With that she finished the first bottle and grabbed the second one and began drinking it too.

I went to her dresser, found her black briefs, held them up and asked her if these were the ones she wanted.

“Yes. bring them over so I can put them on and get the gusset all fucked on them too.” she said. I took them and she slid to the edge of the bed. I put her legs into the openings and told her to squat so I could pull them up to her crotch. She did and I pulled them tight against her cunt. She sat back down, took hold of my flaccid prick and popped it in her mouth. Her mouth was nice and warm on my cock and I knew I was going to get a woody quickly. She pushed my foreskin back over the head and began sucking on the helmet. I got an immediate erection.

“If you aren’t careful I’ll give you a taste of my pollen rather than fucking you.” I said.

“Then I’ll stop, you can pull my briefs down, and stick that long prick of yours back inside my cunt.” she replied. “I want another good fucking from you and have you erupting all over me inside.”

“By the way mommy, where is your mother tonight?” I asked.

“She’s spending the night at the rectory with Fr. Leo. You must know he’s fucking her and she loves it. She tells ankara escort bayan me his cock is nice and fat when he has a hard on and his foreskin is long too. She also tells me he eats pussy quite well and loves to watch her pee. She has stopped wiping her pussy when she finishes peeing and lets her Directoire knickers get all wet from dribbling.” mommy said. “Fr. Leo gives her whiskey and lets her get pie eyed after he’s fucked her. When she wakes up in the middle of the night to pee, she wants to suck his cock and make him get a woody. She also told me he likes to dress in womens lingerie sometimes.”

“Where is his secretary when grandma is at the rectory?” I asked. “Surely she can’t be knowing Fr. Leo is fucking grandma and doing nothing about it.”

“Oh don’t worry about Sr. Rita. Sometimes the three of them get it on and sometimes Sr. Rita goes to visit the bishop so she can fuck him.” she replied. “It all works out for everyone. Now slip that prick of yours back in my cunt and pollinate me again. Then you can nurse my teats again and we’ll get some more sleep.”

She spread her legs wide apart and pulled her labia open. I guided my turgid prick to the opening of her cunt and inserted my anteater cock in and pushed it in her cunt as far as it would go. I had about six inches in her and I was pushing against her cervix.

“Oh you big motherfucker. You’re clear up to my cervix and your prick is so fat it is shoving the walls of my cunt way out. I can feel the tip of your foreskin against my cervix and I want you to just fuck me good again.”

With that she wrapped her nylon clad legs around my back and I probed her cunt very deeply with my cock. She wiggled and squirmed and called me a big motherfucker and told me to breed her again. Suddenly I felt something wet around my cock and knew instantly that she was pissing on me. She must have had to go pretty badly because she got my belly and my nuts soaking wet

That was enough to put me over the edge and I erupted inside her vagina with another big load of semen. Her cunt was soaking wet both from pee and semen.

“You big prick. I’m going to have to keep fucking you now that I’ve had a taste of your fat cock and long foreskin. When you ease out of me come up to my face so I can suck your peter clean.

She released her hold on my back and I eased my peter out of her sopping wet cunt. I decided to be a little naughty so I wiped my still dipping peter all over the welt of both stockings, leaving a trail of wet slippery semen and her juices. Then I got off the bed and went to her face so she could suck my cock some more and clean me off.

She grabbed my peter and opened her mouth. Took it and inserted it in her mouth and began gently sucking on it, pushing my long foreskin back so she could suck the helmet and get it clean too. As she did this, she also fondled my nuts and played gently with them.

Finally after about three or four minutes, she let go of both my cock and my nuts and said. “All finished. Now get me another beer then we’ll sleep some more.”

I went to the kitchen, grabbed a couple of bottles, and went back to her bedroom. She told me to put her navy briefs back on her so she wouldn’t have baby batter running down her legs. I picked them up off the floor and put her feet in the openings and told her to life her ass off the bed so I could slide them up her legs. She did and then finished pulling up to her cunt. She grabbed a beer and chugged most of it down, told me to have one, then we were going to get some more rest.

“Nurse me till I fall asleep honey. Gently but firmly like a baby would nurse me.” she said.

I got back in bed and turned to face me and said, “This has been a great night with you fucking me so good. I’m going to want more of your long anteater peter and when your daddy goes out of town and I can keep my mother occupied with Fr. Leo or Sr. Rita, we can play around. Next time I’ll have you eat my pussy and suck my clit some more. Now suckle me and let me fall asleep.”

As she began snoring softly, I let loose of her teat and turned on my back and fell asleep too. We slept for about four hours and finally Margaret took my peter and shook it waking me up.

“i need to piss honey. My bladder is bursting so help me get to the potty.” she said. I got out of bed and went to her side. She sat up and I helped her stand up and walk to the potty. She sat down and the hissing sound began followed by her piss hitting that water already in the potty. She spread her legs apart and I watched as her stream went out of her pee hole.

Suddenly the front door flew open and I heard Agnes, my grandmother exclaim “I’ve got to piss and right now.” as she headed toward the stairs and potty.

“Oh shit.” she said. “Looks like I’m a little late as my fucking daughter is pissing in it.”

Then I saw both Fr. Leo and Sr. Rita behind her. Grandmother was wearing a trench coat, which was wide open, and a pair of black Directoire knickers. Fr. Leo also wore a trench coat but also was wearing a black eight strap garter belt and sheer dark brown stockings. Sr. Rita wore a duster and a navy eight strap garter girdle and sheer black stockings. Her teats were hanging loose under the duster.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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