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Monday Morning at the Office

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This is the fourth part in a continuing series that started with “Show and Tell Dinner”, “Job Interview with a Twist”, and “Shoppin at the Mall”. If you like this story, please read the others, and feedback is always welcome.

* * *

She cursed the morning weather under her breath as she maneuvered around other drivers in the torrential down pour. She had woken up to a beautiful stream of sunshine. Expecting another glorious spring day she had dressed in a light cottony dress that was still a little too cool for this early spring. She didn’t care about being cool, she was hoping that by dressing for summer, she could force the season to arrive that much sooner.

Again she cursed as an unobservant driver cut her off. She had expected sunshine, instead she got this rotten spring rain. And be damned with the May flowers. To top it off, the rain was coming down in sheets, and had been ever since two minutes after leaving her house. Aggravated at the Monday morning weather’s lack of cooperation, Katie pulled into a parking spot farther from the office door than normal. On a brighter note she saw that Kyle’s rain sensible pickup was already in its usual spot. At least he was already there.

She paused with her hand on the door handle. Her dress really was quite thin. With the rain coming down like it was, her dress was going to be soaked by the time she got to the front door. Not that it was a major concern, except that it would also probably be see through by that time. Once again, that wouldn’t be a problem, except Kyle’s office was in a building with six others, and somebody other than Kyle might see her before she could sneak into his office.

Vainly, she looked into the back seat, hoping that somehow she had left her umbrella in the back seat since last fall. Of course, it wasn’t there. Looking at her dashboard clock she considered waiting. She was early enough that she still wouldn’t be late, but she doubted the weather would clear in the few minutes she had left. She’d driven in it from her house all the way here, and looking up there didn’t seem to be a break in the clouds anywhere. Not that she could really see the clouds through all the rain.

Sucking in a deep breath to brace herself for the inevitable she pulled the latch on the door. Somebody was just going to get a lucky peek at her drenched body and there was nothing she could do about it, so they’d better enjoy it. She ducked her head reactively as she slid out into the rain and began sprinting for the front door of the office. Sprinting as best she could in three inch heels, anyway.

Half way there someone called out to her. She looked up and saw Kyle dashing towards her, a coat in his hands. He met her on the sidewalk and threw the coat over her head, shielding her from the driving rain. He sprinted ahead of her and opened the front door, letting her dash inside into the relative dryness of the interior. She slipped the coat from her head to her shoulders where she was able to wrap it around herself.

Looking down she saw that she had been right. The short time she’d been unsheltered in the rain had been enough to drench her dress and make it stick to her like a second skin. She was thankful that Kyle wore long coats and was taller than she, or otherwise her panties would be seen by everyone they ran across in the hallways, and she didn’t want them to see the panties she had selected to wear to work. As it was, his coat hung well past her rump and more towards mid-thigh.

“Sorry about that,” Kyle apologized. “I went upstairs and unlocked the door before I realized you hadn’t arrived yet. I thought I’d come back down and make sure you got in okay. Guess I was a little late.”

“You were right on time. My hero.” She batted her eyelashes at him and earned a bright smile. His smile warmed her through her wetness and made a tingle down low that threatened to make her wet from the inside out.

The walk to the elevator was swift and uneventful. She always took the elevator, but Kyle liked the stairs, using them as an extra edge to keep his fitness. Luckily no one was about in the hallways on the dreary Monday morning, so she could relax her guard. They were probably in their offices huddled around a heater trying to dry off. As soon as the elevator doors were shut and carrying them to the third floor she slipped the coat from her shoulders and shook it out. She knew Kyle would be able to notice just how sheer her dress had become in the rain, and she hoped he’d like it. Maybe some good could come of the rotten weather, anyway.

“Sorry about your coat,” she told him. Katie looked up and noticed for the first time that he, too, was sopping wet. His own dress shirt clung to his naturally tanned skin while rivulets of rain water ran down out of his hair and into his collar. Her breath caught in her throat at the sight. He looked like a swarthy riverman straight from a stormy sea to snatch her up. If he did snatch her up, she didn’t think she’d be able to resist.

He looked at her marmaris escort with the same eyes she gave him. “Don’t worry about it. If I didn’t want to get it wet, I wouldn’t have given it to you.”
Just then the elevator stopped. Katie just managed to get the coat back around her before the doors opened. There was no one outside the elevator, but she hugged the coat close anyway. Kyle motioned her through the door, holding the sliders to make sure the door didn’t close on her. She smiled a thank you and stepped out into the corridor. Her second step into the tiled corridor landed wrong. The water on the bottom of her shoe skimmed against the freshly waxed tile and flew into the air ahead of her. Trying to catch herself with her other foot, the high heel betrayed her, rolling her ankle and sending her plummeting for the ground. She braced herself as best she could for the unforgiving impact, but it never came. Instead she was swept up into the air, embraced in Kyle’s arms. She was about to thank him when the pain in her ankle came crashing through her senses. A small cry of pain slipped from her lips, earning a concerned look from Kyle.

“Ankle?” Kyle asked. Being in the martial arts and wrestling for as long as he had, he didn’t really even need to ask. He’d already seen her go down and knew exactly where she was hurt. She nodded, biting her lip against the pain throbbing in her leg. “Well then, lets get you inside and see just how bad it is.”

He carried her all the way to the office. Katie was impressed, even through the fog of pain. He wasn’t that big of a guy, but still he carried her in arms that never dipped or swayed. Not only that, but he wasn’t even breathing hard under the added exertion when they reached the door, a testament to just how much attention he paid to his physical fitness.

Reaching out with a hand he unlatched the door, then kicked it open the rest of the way. Once again Katie was impressed that Kyle had been able to balance on one foot, kick the door, and step through all in one smooth fluid motion, even with her added weight. If her ankle hadn’t hurt so bad, she would have jumped out of his arms right then, wrapped her legs around him, and rubbed herself on his pole until his knees gave out with the pleasure.

“Alright,” he said, laying her on the couch in the confence room. “First the ankle, then the wet clothes. Sit up for me, please.” He helped her sit up before kneeling and taking her foot into his lap. He slipped her shoe off her foot and began twisting her foot different directions and asking her if it hurt. Of course most of it did, but she managed to stay polite about it. He slipped her other shoe off and stood her up, asking her to take a few steps for him. He held his hand out to support her as she hobbled about, putting as much weight as she dared on the foot.

He sat her down again and walked over to the freezer. He filled a ziplock bag with ice and returned to her with a dishtowel in his hand. He wrapped the towel around the baggie once, then placed it against Katie’s ankle. She inhaled at the sudden chill, but didnt’ move back. “Ice it for about twenty minutes, then we’ll look at it again. It’s probably just sprained, but we can take you to the doctor anyway if it’d make you feel better. Although he’d probably just give you a few aspirin and the same advice that I could give you.”

“What advice is that?” She’d been acutely aware of Kyle’s hands on her legs and feet. Even through the pain, his touch had sent a special shiver of delight down her spine.

“R.I.C.E. Rest, Ice, Compress, and Elevate. So I would suggest you avoid wearing high heels for the next week or so, and even then make sure they’re low heels.” She watched his body move under his rain soaked clothes as he brought a chair to rest in front of her. “Here set your leg up on that. Feel better?”

She smiled an affirmitive. Katie was quite happy and content to let Kyle fuss and care for her. His attention brought a warm glow from within her. He looked at her and a lopsided grin spilled across his face. “You look like a drowned rat.”

Her lips tried to frown at him, but she simply couldn’t repress the smile. “You don’t look any better.” She knew it was a lie, and her voice quivered just enough that she thought he might be able to pick up on it.

“I don’t, huh? Looking at you, I find that hard to believe. Give me a sec to find us some dry clothes.” She watched his slim rear as he glided from the room. Kyle never seemed to just walk, he either swaggered or glided. In public, he tended to swagger a bit, not enough to be macho, but enough that people knew he had the confidence to walk the way he did. In private, he tended to glide, like a cat after a mouse, and just as silent. She couldn’t even begin to count the number of times he had scared her by unknowingly sneaking up on her. Kyle must’ve already worn a year off of her life with all the jumping he had caused her.

Katie didn’t waste the time that he was gone. She wanted him, needed him, but she marmaris escort bayan wanted him to feel the same way. It was strange, in a way, that after only one weekend she almost felt like she loved him. She wasn’t going to repress her feelings, though. Life was too short to hide true feelings.

Leaning forward she unzipped her dress. Lifting her butt enough to get the skirt out from under her resulted in some brief discomfort, but was worth it. Kyle returned to find her clad in only the bra and panty set she had bought for him the day before. He paused in the doorway, his mouth agape with startled lusts.

He finally managed to mutter a, “Wow” before recollecting his wits. “Here, I found these old sweatshirts and shorts in my office. The sweatshirts are going to be a little big, but the shorts have a drawstring so they should fit alright. Sorry I couldn’t find anything warmer for your legs, but that’s all I have.”

“That’s fine, I feel comfortable the way I am.”

His eyes traveled up and down her figure. “I see that. Here, I fetched a clean towel for you, too.”

She took the offered towel and pressed it to her hair. Kyle watched as her breasts bobbed against the restraint of the dark blue, half cut bra with each raise of her arms. He could already taste her sweet flesh. He shook his head to clear it. “Ummm…I guess I should get to work. Feel free to hang out in here for as long as you need to.”

He turned to leave when she stopped him. “Wait, you’re still in your wet clothes, too.” His hands unconsciously smoothed the damp shirt against his skin, trying to remove the wet wrinkles. Katie licked her lips as his nipples stood out under the fabric. “Come here, I’ll help you take it off. I’m sure its sticky by now.”

“Give me a sec,” he told her, heading out of the conference room to lock the front door. Before returning to the room he removed his pants. He’d done a little shopping of his own over the weekend, and hoped she’d like what he bought.

Katie grinned ear to ear even as her pussy muscles squeezed tightly when he reentered the room. He was naked from the thighs down, which was where the dress shirt left off. He had unbuttoned his shirt down to his navel, exposing his hard and scuplted chest, while leaving his waist and groin a mystery.

“Now you’ve spoiled it,” Katie pouted. “Now I don’t want to take your shirt off.”

Kyle grinned at her, moving between her and the chair. He kneeled before her and gently placed a soft kiss against the inside of her thigh. She let out a long breath, her body tingling from the touch. “I’ll just have to spoil you, then,” he told her in that voice that only he had. A voice that oozed sexiness and promised lustful satisfactions.

She only smiled warmly at him as his mouth once again descended to her taut skin. He hovered above her, letting his hot breath wash over her bare skin. Just when she thought he wasn’t actually going to kiss her, he placed his lips against her smooth thigh. Gently he pinched his lips together and sucked her tender flesh into his mouth. He sucked at the morsel longingly, like it was a sweet dreg of wine meant to last.

Katie’s flesh was alive and tingling when he released his lip lock on her skin. She had no time to regain her breath before he did it again. It felt wonderful, and her body reacted to it intensely. Katie could feel the heat in her pussy increasing to a boiling intensity. She thought if she looked down she’d be able to see her cunt juices rising from her in a thick cloud of steam. But she didn’t look down. She only kept her eyes closed and let Kyle please her as he thought best.

Kyle never increased speed, taking long moments to pull each inch of flesh into his mouth, only to be released and replaced with another long pull. With his nose so close to Katie’s groin, he could smell her increasing lusts as her juices flowed in her warm love canal. He had to practice his own restraint to not simply dive into her snatch and bury his face in her hot folds.

When his mouth finally did hover inches from her wet pussy she squeezed his head between her hands. She pulled his head up from her thighs and huskily whispered to him, “Uh uh, doctor. You took too long in your treatment, I’m going to need a much bigger pill.”

His hands slipped under the waistband of her panties and began pulling them down her thighs and off her legs. He stared into her magnificent pussy, torn between licking the sweet nectar and plunging his hard length into her. Instead, he rose from between her legs to stand towering over her. Unbuttoning his shirt he finally revealed his new purchase.

Katie stared at the briefs he was wearing, her mouth open with lust. The black briefs were dark against his skin, bringing out his natural tan. The briefs themselves were high hipped, making her wonder if they had a full back or just a thong. In front, his manhood stood massive and erect under the thin material, bulging the bikini briefs outward and displaying the head of his cock where it poked escort marmaris above the flimsy briefs.

Irresistably she sat up enough to hook her fingers into the waistband of his briefs. She slowly pulled the material down, unveiling his beautiful manhood a fraction of an inch at a time. Her eyes drank in the sight of his glorious rod. When his cock and scrotum were finally freed of the encasing material her mouth descended on his stiff prick which was now pointed directly at her under its own weight. She kissed the head lightly, pushing his underwear down and off with her hands and uninjured foot.

Her kisses were as slow and methodical as his had been where she placed wet kiss after wet kiss on his shaft and soft mushroom head. Before she was done she could feel his cock throbbing hungrily beneath her lips. She was about to wrap her lips fully around his engorged cock head when he seized her head between his hands as she had done to him earlier.

“Nuhuh. This pill isn’t taken orally,” he chastised her. Leaning down he wrapped his arm around her waist. Lifting gently he turned her so they could lay on the couch together. Her foot slipped from the chair and might have hit the ground painfully, but he reacted quickly to catch it. “I thought I told you to elevate your ankle?”

He wrapped his hand around her other calf and lifted both of her legs into the air together, lifting and spreading Katie’s sopping pussy at the same time. She smiled and reached around her own legs, pulling her pussy lips open, inviting Kyle to enter. Kyle positioned his hips over her and pushed slowly downward, entering her pussy one straining inch at a time.

She gasped in ragged breaths as her vaginal walls were once again stretched. After a few minutes of work he was fully sheathed inside her steaming opening. “Ooohh yeah,” she moaned. “That’s the treatment every girl deserves. Give it to me.” And he did.

He lifted his hips, only to drive them back down onto her. She grunted her pleasure and begged him to do it again. Without hesitation he lifted again and drove down into her forcefully enough to bounce his ball sac against her anus. Reaching around her waist and under her legs, she placed a hand on Kyle’s sac, massaging his balls as he worked against her.

Kyle soon found a rhythm on her, driving himself into her wet hole. She bounced between Kyle and the couch with every thrust, caught between a rock and a soft place. He let go of one leg which Katie swiftly wrapped around Kyle’s body, pulling him harder into her with each breath stealing thrust. Katie’s pussy spread with every push, spread wider and assaulted deeper by each stroke of Kyle’s throbbing manhood.

Just when she thought she’d need him to stop so she could regain her breath, an orgasm hit her hard enough to make her scream. She cried out with the need the orgasm had for Kyle’s rigid pole. Tilting her hips she leveraged upward, forcing him even deeper into her. He relentlessly drove into her until his own body offered up a lustful groan that was swiftly followed by a hot spurting that filled her to the brink. She wiggled her hips, using her hot, pulsing cunt to milk his fetid sperm spewer.

When his cock was done spewing the last of its sticky fluid into Katie’s warm, recieving interior, they collapsed together in a hot ball of lust sated flesh. “Wow,” she muttered from under him. “That was one hell of a pill. I can’t even feel my ankle anymore. Or most of my body.”

His breath spilled warm and moist against her neck as he talked, “The best part is that you don’t need to go to a pharmacy to fill the prescription. It’s an over the desk drug. And it always cums in the same dosage.”

“Mmmm. And how regularly should it be taken, doctor?”

“Every several hours, depending on pain frequency.”

“With this kind of medicine on the market, I should get hurt more often.”

He was going to reply when the phone rang, reminding them that they were supposed to be working, not delving in personal pleasures. Kyle reluctantly pulled his softening flesh from Katie’s warm cunt, rose from the couch, and dashed out of the room. Katie watched his naked backside as it disappeared through the doorway. Seeing his naked form made another warm tingle in her loins. Even so soon after an orgasm, just seeing his naked body was enough to turn her on. Absently she reached down to stroke the refreshed tingle, and slid her fingers into the sticky mess that her and Kyle’s cums had made. She swirled her fingers in the mixed cums before raising them to her lips and sucking them down her throat. She had her fingers in her cunt again when Kyle returned to the room.

Katie openly stared at his cock where it hung limp and seemingly lifeless between his legs. Even when he was standing only a few feet away she didn’t look up at him, just his flaccid manhood, amazed that even now it seemed incredibly thick. He cleared his throat to get her attention. Slowly her eyes slid up his tight abs and smooth chest to meet his smiling face. “Don’t worry, it’ll be ready to give you another treatment in a little while. For now, I found this ankle wrap. I thought I’d put one in the first aid kit, but I hadn’t been sure. Have you ever wrapped an ankle before?”

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