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Mother and Daughter

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I slowly descended the stairs. Feeling the soft carpet brush the bottom of my feet my dark brown hair drift away fom my neck as I moved. It tickled a little and I could smell the scent of waffles and coffee drifting from the kitchen. It was warm enough in the house for my loose tank-top and tight, black shorts. I was so hungry and knew that mum had been up early and cooked me breakfast. It was a sleepy Saturday morning, dad wasn’t home, so i knew mum and I would finally get time together. Turning the corner into the kitchen, I saw mum in her red housecoat by the stove with her dirty blonde hair resting on her shoulders, showing that I had my father’s hair. Counter on the right had a high stack of waffles and the stove mum faced had a pan with omelettes cooking.

“Is there anything I can help with?” I asked. As she turned to face me when she heard me enter. Her rectangular glasses sitting on her nose gave her more a look of a strict librarian than of the fun, lively mother she was. Even with the glasses though, her shining smile gave away her happiness.

“You can turn the temperature up a bit honey.” mum suggested. I left the kitchen to turn the heat up. When I returned I noticed her golden tanned legs poking out from the bottom of her housecoat. I always loved seeing her long smooth legs when we went swimming. Her legs were always tan and stretched on forever. I could hardly keep myself from Sliding my hands or feet up and down them. I just wanted to feel them, moving my hands up her calfs to her silky thighs. Mum lifted her arms above her head to stretch and the bottom of her housecoat lifted up slightly, revealing the bottom of her round ass.

“Honey, can you take the food to the table?” Mum asked.

I walked up close to her to grab the food from the counter, when she turned. She tilted her head slightly, with her loving eyes gazing into mine, she pressed her soft lips against mine. Parting my lips with her tongue. Swirling her tongue in my mouth, I could feel myself getting dizzy. It felt great and I rubbed my tongue against hers. Sharing our saliva and moving tongues from my mouth to hers. After a while, she broke the kiss off. She smiled, said that she liked the taste of my tongue, but she wanted to taste other places.

I smiled and said, “As long as i can taste you too.” My mum was beautiful. There is no doubt in my mind to make me think differently. Now I knew she was a wonderful kisser and that with that kiss she had managed to force my nipples to stick into my shirt leaving them visible to any who even glanced at my chest.

She said, “Breakfast first, we’re going to need to eat and get your energy up, we have a lot of work today.” She slapped my ass before picking up our dishes and carrying them to the table. I follwed her and sat down next to her without saying a word, but the grin on my face probably spoke for me. We ate breakfast and drank our tea.

We cleared our dishes, then she said, “you really did turn the temperature up didn’t you?”

I said, “yes it is getting really hot in hear”

She smiled and said, “we should just take off some unneeded clothes then, don’t you think?” Standing, she undid halkalı bdsm escort the tie that held the crimson housecoat from showing her body. Opening it, she revealed that as well as not wearing panties she had no bra. She was thin and tan all over. I knew she took care of herself, but seeing her waxed smooth body surprised me with how young she seemed.

I was standing in my tight short-shorts, with my nipples getting harderer as i looked at my mom. She was completely nude. Showing her smooth and tan body. I love her legs, they’re so smooth and long and sexy. She sat down on a kitchen chair, looking up at me. I wasn’t sure what to do next. It was really warm and i was starting to get wet.

Mum softly smiled and said “come and sit on mummy’s lap”. I walked over, more nervous than before and i was careful when i sat down that the wet spot on my shorts wasn’t pressed against mum’s leg. I sat down facing away from her, pushing my butt close to her. She held my hips and guided me onto her lap. Mum turned me on her lap, holding my legs.

My side was facing her. She bent her head down to me tits, I pushed out my chest, making it easier for her to get to my breasts with her mouth. She licked my tit and reached her left arm around my back and under my arm to squeeze my left tit. I put my hand on hers, squeezing my tit tighter. I sqirmed on her lap getting closer to her, trying not to moan or make a sound. Turning my body further to try to face her, i pushed my side against hher chest, feeling your breasts heaving against my side. Her’s were warm and soft. Not as firm as mine, but they were more comfortable than mine. Mum’s nipples poked my body as she licked and pinched mine. I couldnt stand it anymore. I had to moan. I moaned loudly, almost a scream. She asked if she was pinching too hard.

I just smiled. Pulling our hands away from my tit, she sat up straight with her head away from my nipple. I licked my lips, turning on her lap, curling my right leg up to my chest, i turned to face her and put one leg down on each side of her and the chair. Mum pulled her legs in more, forcing me higher in her lap. One of my boobs was getting cold from being wet from mum’s tongue. Her head was at the level of my tits now, and she grabbed them tightly in her hands. I remember they were nice and warm. She rubbed them lots and pushed them together. Then she licked her tongue slowly from my bellybutton, up inbetween my tits. Reaching my neck she went back down and licked between my breasts several more times. it felt amazing and i don’t know why. I pushed my chest out to her face, she right away squeezed my tits together and pushed her face against both of them. She squeezed really tightly! rubbing my nipples with her thumbs and licking my tits. My shorts were getting soaked and I could feel the juices leaking onto my mum’s lap.She was moaning into my tits and she moan made me moan, softly this time.

I put my hands on her neck and pulled her face away from my tits, I didn’t want to cum so soon. I said something like ” Mum, my shorts are getting sticky” She giggled which kind of embarrassed me. She saw me blush halkalı elit escort and asked if I would like to go on the couch where it was more comfortable. I said yes. I turned to face away from her so i could stand up. As I stood, i tried to arch my back and present my ass for her. I started towards the couch when she said ” I can see your shorts are soaked, it’s dripping down your leg” She quickly got down behind me, placing her hands on my hips, she pulled my shorts down slowly, sliding them down my legs. It made me sooo much more wet. I stepped out of my shorts and began to walk to the couch again, but mum stopped me by grabbing my hips once again. She slid her hands down my hips and around to my ass.

She squeezed my cheeks, saying “I love how firm and round your ass is. I bet you love having your ass fucked.” She rarely swore and saying it this way made me feel dirty. I loved it.

She moved her fingers to my crack now. sliding them up and down. One of her fingers found my hole, i think by accident. She gently rubbed my asshole with that finger while the others still slid in my crack. I arched my back again, sticking my ass out for her. I felt something soft and wet glide across my smooth round ass, moving quickly towards the finger that was playing with my hole. The finger left my hole and her tongue replaced it. Wetting my asshole and making me shake. She spread my ass cheeks with her fingers and started to lick wildly at my asshole. She pushed it in, but it couldn’t go far. My ass was soooo tight, but i wanted her in it, so I pushed my hips back towards her.

Her tongue licked and licked my hole making it drenched in her saliva. I was so turned on i started rubbing my tits forcefully. her fingers were sliding along the wet skin between my ass an d my clit, teasing me by not going in. Just when i thought she was going to stop licking and we would go to the couch, she pulled my hole open and slid two fingers in my asshole. My ass contracted immediately around her fingers, squeezing them inside me. She wiggled them around in me, opening my ass up a little. Just enough to pull her fingers out. She gradually pulled her two fingers out of my hole. While her other fingers tickled my crack and her other hand squeezed my cheek. I was furiously rubbing and squeezing my tits now, making my pussy soaking wet. Feeling my juice run down my leg turned me on, and knowing that my mum had her fingers in my wet ass had me incredibly horny. Her two fingers slowly coming out of my asshole near the edge was amazing, her fingers rubbed the inside of my asshole. Tightly pressing my tits together and rubbing them hard feeling my breathing get heavy, as she pulled her fingers from my ass I shuddered and felt my ass contract again. Pinching my nipples tight, I screamed and squirted!!

I couldn’t move. The orgasm just shook through my body. My ass and pussy contracted several times. Each time squirting a bit more. My feet were soaked and my body kept shaking, my heart was racing so fast. I tried to just breathe, but it came out in gasps of air. As soon as mum saw me cum, she started licking my legs getting as much halkalı escort of it as she could. When I was able to move again and catch my breath, I turned to face mum. I took a step and realized I had made a puddle all over the floor. Mum was on her knees and licked up my legs to my pussy. She licked the lips of my pussy, getting most of my cum off, before licking back down my other leg. I was still shaking from the orgasm. It was amazing!!

I sat down on the floor next to her, not caring for the mess I had made and kissed her. Filling her mouth with my tongue and placing my hands on the back of her neck and carressing her face. I pulled her into me, she kissed back, swirling her tongue with mine. I could taste myself in her mouth and it was spectacular. We moved closer, pressing her soft big tits against my firm round ones. Still in our kiss, I slid my hand down her neck and side, letting it rest on her hip. She broke off the kiss. I smirked and moved my hand from her hip, to her thigh, then to her pussy. I rubbed my fingers against her labia. It was hot against my cold fingers. Wet and dripping before I even touched it. Still kissing, I felt her labia was looser than mine. It was easier to slip my three fingers into her than it would be to put in myself. With my fingers inside her I could feel her heat and knew she needed to cum.

Sharply shoving my fingers deep into her, she moaned into my mouth. Rubbing my thumb around in the liquid on her labia my other fingers pushed deeper in her. Mum wiggled her hips, further onto my hand. Forcing my fingers far inside. I fiercely stirred my fingers around in her pussy, pushing harder and faster in her. She bit my lip and groaned into it. Releasing my lip she leaned her head back, thrust her chest out squeezing our breasts together, and screamed. It just drove me to push my hand into her with more force than before. Hearing the wet sound of her pussy accepting my fingers fuck it. Pushing deeper and harder, Faster and faster, I tilt my head to his her neck. Our bodies pressed together, Mum thrusting her hips along the wet floor onto my hand. her breathing was heavy and laboured now, driving me crazy to fuck her pussy with my hand more and more.

She arched her back and spread her legs more to let me jam more of my hand in her. Pressing my hand in up to my wrist. Moaning and moaning, mum bucked wildly on my arm, wriggling further on than I knew I could. I pressed it in faster and forcefully now, loving the feeling of her juices covering my arm and the slopping sounds of my arm sliding in and out of her. Faster and faster, she groaned and I panted. My tits pushed hard against hers, my legs pressing on hers keeping them apart as she squirmed while my hand fucked her juicy pussy. She let out a long raspy moan, her body becoming rigid. I pushed deeper and harder and faster, wanting mum to cum on me. Wanting to taste her. Thrusting my hand in and out between the lips of her pussy. Faster and stronger, wanting to feel her cum on me. My hand fucked her more and more. Her head snapped back, her legs twitched and I could feel her pussy contract around my hand. She shot her juice out around my hand and onto my bare smooth legs before collapsing with her back on the already soaked floor. I felt her cum mix with mine beneath us and I fell on top of my mum, putting my breasts again between us. Both of us panting and out of breath, I slid my drenched hand along her side then to my mouth where I licked it clean while she recovered.

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