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Mother-in Law Lust Ch. 02

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Martha woke up Saturday morning and thought about what a wonderful time she had with Peter yesterday afternoon. She couldn’t wait to meet with him again. She would have to think of a way to be alone with him.

She started to get ready for the wedding. She knew she would be dressing for Peter. She brought a beautiful beige dress with spaghetti straps. She would wear a pair of beige silky panties and a matching see-thru bra and taupe pantyhose. The length of the dress came to just at her needs. She thought it wasn’t real revealing but she thought Peter would love it.

She met Anne and Peter and went to the wedding with them. After the wedding the reception was being held in the same hotel where they were staying.

On the way back to the reception Martha sat in the front and Anne sat in the back seat. While Peter was driving he kept making quick glances at Martha’s legs. He could feel his cock twitching every time he looked at them. Martha realized what he was doing and she would tease him by crossing her legs or rubbing them.

They finally arrived at the reception and everybody had assigned seating with ten people at a table. They were all at the same table along with Anne’s sister and husband and with other relatives. Martha sat next to Anne with Peter on the other side of her.

Paul went and got drinks for Anne and Martha. Anne and Martha decided to go mingle and talk with some relatives they had not seen for a long time. Peter stayed at the table and was talking with his brother-in-law. Every so often he was glance over at Martha, and think how beautiful she looked. Martha would catch him beylikdüzü ucuz escort looking and smile back. His brother-in-law saw someone he knew and went over to talk to that person. Peter was sitting by himself when Martha came over.

“I thought I would come over give you company, babe” Martha said.

Peter responded “You look stunning Martha!”

“Thank you, I just want to tell that yesterday afternoon was one of the best times of my life.”

“Me too, Martha.” Peter put his hand under the table and started rubbing her leg.

Martha stopped his hand and said “not here Peter, maybe later tonight, but definitely tomorrow when we go home.”

“I only hope it happens.” Said Peter.

They all ate dinner and the band started playing. Peter would alternate dancing with Anne and Martha. As Peter and Martha danced, Peter said “I am having a hard time keeping my hands off of you. I don’t know if I could wait until tomorrow. It is almost impossible for us to get away tonight.”

“I feel the same way Peter.”

Everybody was sitting at the table when Anne’s phone rang. It was the babysitter telling her that her boy wasn’t feeling well. Anne said “I’ll be home it’s only an hour away.” Peter said “I can go home, why don’t you stay?”

“No no, I would feel more comfortable if I went. If I stayed I would just worry about him.”

Anne gathered her things and kissed Peter goodbye.

Peter thought this could not have been better twist of fate.

The reception was about over and Peter whispered in Martha’s ear “I would love to meet beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort you in your room in about a half hour. Do not take your clothes off.”

“Great I’ll see you there. I’ll go up first and you can come up later. I am wet just thinking about it.”

Peter went to the bar on the other side of the lobby and bought a bottle of champagne to bring to the room. He got to the room and knocked on the door. Martha opened the door and Peter immediately shut and pulled her into his arms.

He kissed her passionately. Their tongues were darting inside each other’s mouth. Martha was so happy she said “I love this and I haven’t felt like this for someone for many years.”

Peter responded, “I want to please you all night long.”

Peter took her by the hand and led her to love seat in the room. He sat down and she sat on his lap. They kept kissing harder and harder. Peter placed his hands on her right breast and gently rubbed it through her dress. “I can feel how hard your nipple is.”

Martha reached down started fondling his cock through his pants. “And I feel how hard your cock is. Is this for me?” “It’s only for you Martha.”

Peter put his hand on her knee and slowly moved it up her thigh and said “these stockings feel so good and they look great on you.” He finally reached her pussy and started rubbing it through the crotch of her pantyhose. Martha moaned loudly “Yes! Yes! Please keep doing that. I am going to cum.”

Peter kept rubbing harder and harder and Martha screamed “I’m cummmmmmming babe. Oh my God Peter beyoğlu escort your really get me so wet.”

Peter loved to make her happy and see her climax.

Peter got up and pulled Martha toward him kissed her on the lips long and hard. He said “Please take my clothes off slowly.” Martha undid his tie and threw it on the floor. She slowly unbuttoned each button of his shirt. After each on she would rub his hard chest. “Your chest is beautiful.” She finally pulled his shirt out and put her hand down inside his pants and rubbed his cock. Peter moaned and said “I love it.”

She unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants down and Peter lifted his legs to get out of them. He was now just standing there in just a pair of blue silk boxers. Martha got down on her knees and started licking his boxers and rubbing her face all over them. “I love the feel of silk also Peter.” Peter’s cock was pushing on the material and sticking straight out. Martha began sucking it through the boxers.

“I love it.” screamed Peter.

Martha pulled his boxers down and began licking up and down the shaft of his cock. “You taste so good Peter.” She finally put it all in her mouth.

Peter said “Oh Martha you are such a great cocksucker. I never dreamed I would have experienced this with such a mature woman. You have made my dream come true.”

“I have always wanted a hunk of man like you, Peter. You have a magnificent body. I just can’t believe you find me attractive. I want you to cum in my mouth, it’s so long.” She started sucking harder and harder. She could feel the cum building up in Peter’s balls.

Peter moaned, “I going to cum sweetheart.” Peter exploded a big stream of cum into Martha’s mouth. She couldn’t get enough. It was dripping down her chin and licked with her tongue and swallowed every bit of cum.

Martha got up off her knees and kissed Peter and said, “That was incredible my handsome lover.”

Peter responded, “That’s only the beginning Martha.”

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