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Mother is my Sexual Slave Ch. 04

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Nancy flashes while shopping for Helen’s sexy nightgown as her birthday gift.

The next day, Nancy picked up her boyfriend at his house and drove him to the mall.

“I was just thinking of having you do something,” he said.

“Oh, oh,” she looked at him with a sexy grin. “It’s always dangerous when you’re thinking and I’m doing. What are you thinking of having me do now?”

“Maybe you can try on and model the nightgowns for me and–” he said pausing in his thoughts to look at her as if she was sitting there naked.

She looked at him and smiled in the way she smiled when he asked her to answer the door naked for pizza delivery and in the way that she smiled when he asked her to accidentally on purpose lose her bikini top on a crowded beach.

“You want me to flash men my naked body while trying and modeling on sexy nightgowns on the pretense of buying one for your mother as her birthday gift?” She looked at him and laughed. “Is that it? Is that what you want me to do so that we can have hot pillow talk and even hotter sex later while discussing your mother’s seduction and my flashing?”

“Yes,” he said. “And, of course, you are free to flash women too,” he said.

“Of course,” she said. “Even though I more enjoy flashing women, flashing men is more fun. Men are more appreciative of my flashing them. Men are so easy to flash. Men give me more feedback with their stares and leers than do women. Women act as if they don’t want to be caught looking but men don’t care,” she said with a laugh.

“So, you agree to flash while undressing and trying on nightgowns,” he said looking at her with hopeful excitement.

“Actually flashing would be fun. We haven’t done any flashing in a while and flashing will alleviate your boredom,” she said with a sexy smile.

“I’m never bored when you’re flashing,” he said laughing.

“Being the exhibitionist that I am, I’ve never been bored while flashing my body either. Helping to make my flashing appear somewhat accident, it’s always easier to do that when flashing both men and women,” she said driving with one hand and curling her hair around her finger with her other hand. “Anything to make my man happy,” she said grabbing his cock through his pants while driving.

* * * * *

They found a store, their favorite store to flash, the only store in the mall that still had curtains on their dressing rooms. The store was a hangout for exhibitionist men and voyeuristic women. Hoping to see something they shouldn’t see of other women undressing and dressing, there were always a couple of men who casually positioned themselves in front of the dressing room curtains while their girlfriends and/or wives tried on clothes. Some of the men who frequented the store weren’t even waiting for their wives or girlfriends. They just went there to see what they could see.

Joshua went one way and Nancy went the other in search of a sexy nightgown for Helen. Ordinarily, Joshua wouldn’t be caught dead shopping for women’s clothes. No doubt thinking that he’d be deemed a transsexual man looking for a sexy outfit, he didn’t feel comfortable looking at sexy nightgowns. Converse to how he perceived himself when looking for nightgowns, female shoppers found him sexy and some even gave him the eye. Female shoppers continually jockeyed for position for him to notice them. Obviously, if ever he broke up with Nancy, instead of going to a bar or a club hoping to find a woman, instead he should go shopping in a women’s clothing store. After finding two that he liked, not much of a shopper, he found Nancy across the store and presented her with a red, sexy nightgown and a pretty, blue one.

“They’re nice but they’re not sexy enough. They don’t show anything,” she said taking one look at them and looking away to reject his selection with a look of disinterest and with wave of her hand. Then, as if she knew she had a winner, she looked at him and smiled. “How about this one?” Flashing him an even bigger smile, she pulled a black nightgown from out of the rack as if pulling a rabbit from out of a hat.

“Wow! That’s sexy. I like that one,” he said touching it and feeling it as if his mother was already wearing the nightgown.

“Low cut, short, sheer, and very revealing, I think this is the one that will show you the most of your mother’s body,” she said whispering the last part of what she obviously dared not say too loud for fear that someone might overhear her.

“Wow,” he said again, this time reaching his hand inside the nightgown. He held the nightgown and his hand up to the light. “I can see every line in my hand through this nightgown. I like it. I can see her modeling this and not knowing all that she’s showing. How much is it?”

“A hundred bucks,” she said.

“A hundred bucks? For a nightgown? Seriously? Are you kidding me? For this? Holy shit. There’s nothing to it.”

“I don’t think that’s a lot for this nightgown,” she said holding it up against her. “A good flannel nightgown will cost nearly the same.”

“If I add up all the beylikdüzü anal yapan escort clothes that I’m wearing, except for my sneakers, I don’t think they add up to a hundred bucks. Gees, Nance, that’s a lot of money just for a nightgown,” he said looking from the nightgown to look at her before examining the nightgown again. “Don’t you think?”

“I’ve been meaning to tell you that you need to be dressing better instead of dressing like a bum. You need to shop for some new clothes. You’re out of touch with how much everything costs,” she said with a laugh. “Besides,” she said with a dirty laugh and pausing to give him a sexy look while seductively holding the nightgown up to her sexy body. “Think of your mother wearing this. Think of all that you’d see of her.”

“Wow,” he said. “She’d look so hot in that.”

“Even with the lights turned down low,” she said purposely teasing him, “you’d definitely see her breasts, her areolas, her nipples, her pussy, and her ass. If this nightgown gets you a blowjob from your mother, it’s worth every penny,” she said moving closer to him to whisper her message.

“You’re right. Go try it on and model it for me,” he said returning her sexy smile with his and with a wink while looking over at the men standing by the dressing room. “I can’t wait to see how you look wearing it. If it looks good on you, I can only imagine how hot it will look on my mother.”

“Okay,” she said wrinkling her brow when he rejected her for his mother. “But you do realize that I have a better body than your mother. Right?”

“I know that Nance but she’s my Mom and it’s every son’s wicked desire to see his mother naked. Gees, don’t be so jealous. Don’t be so touchy,” he said grabbing at his crotch while whispering his words so as not to be overheard.

“Forgive me for being a bit jealous but you do realize that I’m helping you to buy a sexy nightgown for another woman, even if it is your mother, so that you can ogle her naked body,” she said with attitude.

* * * * *

Nancy disappeared behind the curtain in the dressing room and with a practiced hand and without appearing obvious that she left the curtain open on purpose, she left the curtain unclosed enough to give whomever was looking plenty to see. Even before she went behind the curtain, there were men watching her, lusting over her, and undressing her with their eyes. Why wouldn’t they? She was gorgeous.

As she slowly and seductively stripped off her clothes, two men aligned themselves for a better view of her through the opening of the curtain and a third man angled himself to watch her through the dressing room mirror. Slowly removing her top, her jeans, her bra, and her panty, teasing the men with her nudity by giving them an appetizer to the real show, she stood there naked longer to ponder the tags on the nightgown. When some men prematurely left with their wives or girlfriends, more men took their place. With men and women coming and going, she had a multitude of men and women to observe her ongoing peep show while acting obviously to their stares and leers. A real professional at flashing, no one would suspect that she was purposely flashing them.

Prolonging the time she was naked by taking her sweet time looking at herself in the mirror, turning one way before turning the other, she put the nightgown on over her head and looked at herself in the mirror again while staring at herself in the mirror. She looked sexy. She looked hot. With the nightgown so sheer and in the bright, fluorescent light of the women’s clothing store, she looked naked.

As if she was a stripper stepping on stage from behind the drape and as if she was revealingly dressed for her new husband on her Honeymoon, she pulled back the curtain. With her eyes only on Joshua, she stepped out from the dressing room to show him and whomever else was there looking how she looked. As further proof that this was the nightgown to buy, all eyes were upon her while she looked at herself in the full length mirror

“Wow,” said Joshua stepping closer to her whisper his lust for her in her ear. “I can see everything. You look so hot. You look so sexy that I wish I could fuck you right here in the store.”

Ignoring his comments but beaming with an unembarrassed smile, she paraded back and forth in front of the men and women who were standing there watching her from a distance while she looked at herself in the mirror as if she was alone in her bedroom.

“What do you think?” With all eyes upon her, the women’s shocked and jealous looks and the men’s horny and lustful stares, she gave every voyeur an exhibitionism clinic on how to deliberately flash while making it appear accidental. She twirled around as if she was a model on a runway. “Do you like it?”

With the nightgown moving high enough to show her naked ass checks and the bottom of her trimmed pussy when suddenly twirling the other way, she twirled around again before holding the nightgown closer to her body to show even beylikdüzü balıketli escort more of herself. As if she was wearing black Saran wrap, now drawing even more of an all-male crowd, the men stared at her as if she was a stripper on stage. And as if she was a stripper on stage, ready to give them another show, she was about to get naked again when removing the nightgown to change back in her clothes.

Joshua was right, albeit under the bright fluorescent lights of the department store, her mirrored reflection showed all who looked, and they were all looking, every part of her sexy body beneath the nightgown. In the way that he was staring at his girlfriend, obviously, he couldn’t wait to see his mother wearing the nightgown. In the way that he was staring at his girlfriend, as if he was staring at his mother, obviously, he couldn’t wait to see his mother modeling the nightgown and obliviously flashing him her naked body. Having never seen his mother naked, hopefully, he’d see her practically naked tonight.

“It’s perfect,” he said. “I’ll buy it. Let’s have them gift wrap it.”

Nancy disappeared behind the dressing room curtain again to seductively remove the nightgown. When she removed the nightgown, taking her sweet time to get dressed while standing there naked, she gave the men another show of her naked body before giving them a reverse slow, striptease show while getting dressed. A practiced art that she had mastered, flashing men and women while making it appear accident, when done correctly, was so sexy. She was such tease.

* * * * *

That night, after dinner, with the nightgown wrapped and hidden beneath the couch, Joshua opened the two bottles of wine that he had purchased on the way home from the mall. So as not to embarrass her and to encourage her to model the nightgown for him, he turned the lights down low, lit some candles, and turned on some soft music. When his mother emerged from the kitchen, as if they had planned a human sacrifice and she was the victim, everything was ready for her seduction.

“What’s all this?” Helen looked from her son to his girlfriend and back to her son again. “Are you two having a romantic evening because I can go read a book in my room?”

“No, being that you won’t be here for the occasion, although two days early, this is your surprise birthday party,” said Joshua. “Happy birthday Mom,” said Joshua moving towards his mother to kiss her on the lips.

As if they both knew what was happening and surely they did, they kissed with eyes wide open.

“Happy birthday Helen,” said Nancy kissing her on the lips too.

Appearing a bit surprised by their kisses, Helen looked from her son to study his girlfriend. Was this it? Were they going to seduce her tonight? Did they buy her the sexy nightgown they said they would? If they did buy her a sexy nightgown, she couldn’t wait to see what they bought her. She couldn’t wait to model the nightgown for them. A long time since anyone has lusted over her, she hoped that it was sheer enough that they’d see her naked body.

“I had planned on celebrating your birthday on your birthday, Monday, but with you out of town, I thought we’d celebrate your birthday tonight,” said Joshua.

“Oh, how wonderful,” she said beaming and excitedly clapping as if she was a school girl. “You’re the best son a mother could ever have.”

She walked to her son, took his face in her hands, and gave him a peck on the lips. Then, she did the same to Nancy.

“Here, have a glass of wine Mom,” said Joshua filling her wine glass nearly to the brim and handing it to her.

“Okay, just one, you know how I get,” she said feigning embarrassment when looking to Nancy.

“Nonsense, you can have more than one glass of wine tonight. It’s your birthday. Besides, you’re not driving anywhere,” he said sitting on one side of his mother on the couch with Nancy sitting on the other side of her.

Eager to be seduced by her handsome son and his sexy girlfriend, Helen finished her wine and her son poured her a second glass.

“A toast to my mother on her birthday,” he said standing and raising his wine glass with Nancy standing too.

Helen had another sip of wine and Joshua refilled her glass after every sip she took. So very romantic, the Everly Brother’s sang Unchained Melody in the background.

“May I have this dance?” Joshua took his mother’s hand in his as if he was a prince and she was a princess at a ball.

Pressing his body against hers, he held his mother close. With his hand resting at the top of her buttocks, his erect cock rubbing against her soft belly, and with her big breasts pressed against his chest, he danced with his mother in the way that he usually dances with his girlfriend. In constant contact of her, rubbing against her and softly humping her as if she was a woman on a crowded subway and he was a masher, his erection was obvious in his pants but his mother showed no signs of pulling away. Becoming more brazen with beylikdüzü bayan arkadaş his horniness, lower and lower crept his hand until he was not just feeling and squeezing his mother’s ass but also cupping his mother’s buttocks through her short skirt and panty.

“Joshua,” she said with a laugh while reaching around herself to move his hand higher. “You’re groping me.”

“Sorry Mom,” he said moving his hand right back where it was after waiting only a few seconds.

This time, she didn’t pull away from his grope. This time, she allowed him to grope her ass. Acting as if the wine was already getting to her, she even allowed him to feel the side of her breast through her blouse and bra with his other hand. After the dance, as if he was her date instead of her son, he kissed her. This time, instead of a peck on the lips and with both of their eyes closed, it was more of a romantic kiss but without tongues. Obviously swooning from dancing with and being felt up by her son, Helen sat on the couch to take another sip of her wine as if dazed. Already her game to play, Joshua was trying his best to seduce his mother but it was his mother who was allowing him to seduce her.

“Happy birthday Mom,” said Joshua again as his excuse to give her another kiss.

“Happy birthday Helen,” said Nancy kissing her on the lips again too.

“I bought you a gift,” said Joshua reaching beneath the sofa to pull out his present.

“Oh my. I never expected all of this,” she said putting her wine down to accept the gift and rest it on her lap.

“Open it,” he said.

Quickly she tore through the gift wrap to open the box.

“It’s so beautiful,” she said when moving the tissue paper away. She removed the nightgown from the box and stood to hold it up to herself. Then, she smiled at her son with a feigned, sad look of disappointment. “It’s so sheer,” she said putting her hand beneath the thin material in the way that her son had done at the store. “It’s beautiful, but it’s so sexy, too sexy for me to wear anywhere. I have no one to wear this for,” she said.

“Nonsense. Maybe you’ll meet a rich oilman in Texas,” said Nancy, “a billionaire.”

“Go try it on Mom. I want to see how it looks on you,” said Joshua goading his mother to model the nightgown.

“I can’t do that honey,” she looked at him with feigned shock that hid her sexual excitement.

Truth be known, she couldn’t wait to strip naked to show her son what she looked like beneath the nightgown. Hoping some hanky-panky would happen in her bedroom, she couldn’t wait to enlist Nancy’s help in helping her to undress.

“Please Mom?” Joshua goaded his mother to model the nightgown. “I wasn’t sure about the size. I need to know if it fits,” he said making every pathetic excuse to get her to model the nightgown.

“Wearing this in front of you,” she said with a pause that made her swoon, “I may as well walk out naked. I can’t try this on in front of you two. It’s too revealing,” she said looking from her son to his girlfriend. “I’d be so embarrassed,” she said biting her lip as if she was contemplating trying on his gift.

“We’ll keep the lights down low,” said Nancy with a reassuring pat of her hand.

She looked from Nancy to her son and back to her son’s girlfriend before making a move to stand.

“Well okay,” said Helen taking another sip of her wine for feigned courage before heading off to her bedroom. “I don’t want to be rude and not try on your gift.”

“I can’t wait to see how it looks on you,” said Joshua.

* * * * *

“I may need some help getting undressed Nancy,” said Helen goading Nancy to follow her in her bedroom. “I’m a little dizzy,” she said standing and putting the back of her hand to her forehead as if she was in a bad B movie. “I think I had a little too much to drink. Two glasses of wine is one glass too much for me.”

Curious to see Nancy’s reaction to seeing her naked, Helen looked at her son’s girlfriend again before looking to her son. Helen figured that she’d tease her son’s sexy girlfriend in the privacy of her bedroom first before toying with her son.

“Sure,” said Nancy standing. “I can help undress you.”

Only, the bold, brazen slut that Nancy was, she had no inclination to give Helen the privacy of undressing in her bedroom. She started undressing her right there in the living room in front of her son. Nancy walked to Helen and standing in front of her while looking in her big, blue eyes, she started unbuttoning her blouse. Stunned by her forwardness, more sexually excited than she was embarrassed, Helen stared down at Nancy’s fingers unbuttoning her buttons.

“Wait,” said Helen putting a hand to her opened blouse. “Not here. Not in front of my son,” she said looking to Joshua to see what he could see of her before looking down at herself to see what she was already showing and before looking up at Nancy.

Nancy had unbuttoned two buttons of her blouse, enough to expose her long, line of cleavage and the top of her sexy bra.

“Avert your eyes Joshua,” said Nancy. “Turn your head away. Now,” said Nancy laughing when Joshua didn’t immediately obey.

“Okay,” said Joshua turning his head yet, no doubt, still able to see his mother with his peripheral vision. Then, when he turned his head more and moved his body away with his back to them, he was still able to see all the sexy action through the living room mirror.

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