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Mother , Son: A Love Story Pt. 08

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A lot of you have been waiting anxiously for this installment. Merry Christmas to you all – consider this your Christmas present! I hope it lives up to expectations. As always, please offer up your thoughts, comments and criticisms – it is what helps to inspire me.



“Hey, Hamilton! Tony and me are catching a beer — why don’t you come along?”

I was unlocking my truck in the company parking lot, heading home after a day’s work. I turned at the invitation and shook my head as I replied to one of my co-workers, Willis, “Naw, man — heading home. My lady’s waiting for me.” Willis and Tony worked in cubicles near my own — like me, they were fresh out of college, but unlike me, they were still looking for Miss Right or even better as far as they were concerned, Miss Right Now.

Tony rolled his eyes and said, “C’mon, John! Man, you’re not even married yet and you’re pussy whipped!”

I just grinned and shook my head again. “With what’s waiting for me at home, if that’s pussy whipped, then Lord, beat me all you can!”

Both guys guffawed and while Willis climbed into his beater of a car, Tony got a far away look on his face and I knew he was calling up the picture of my Mom that sat on my work desk. It wasn’t anything scandalous — just a picture of Mom sitting on a rock, the hills above our home in the background — she was wearing a short summer dress that showed off the heft and beauty of Mom’s heavy breasts and her shapely legs. “Yeah, man — I can dig that, I reckon.” He grinned at me and waved goodbye. “John, you and your lady have a great weekend!”

Of that there was no doubt. As I drove home, I thought that truthfully, life couldn’t get much better. It was now October and we’d been living on Mama Polly’s old property for the better part of five months now. My first real job was going well — my supervisor was pleased with the quality of my technical writing and although it was a little more than an hour’s commute each way, I generally left the house each morning with a smile and the memory of Mom on her knees sucking my cock before I was allowed out the door and I drove home each night keenly anticipating taking my mother in my arms again.

Each day seemed to bring new discoveries as I realized how incredibly deep a relationship can become when you are sharing your life so intimately with another. It wasn’t just the sex, although that became more intense as time passed, but also the simple things that make up everyday life. Holding hands as we strolled along the street, catching our reflections in a storefront window, marveling at seeing ourselves, hand in hand or arms around each other’s waists — just another couple in love out window shopping.

Reveling in the knowledge that this was my mother and soon to be my wife and that now, here in this time and place, I could kiss her like a man kisses his woman in public and that others saw us as only a couple — as “John and Carrie” whether or not they knew our incestuous secret. Simple things like sitting at Mama Polly’s kitchen table having supper and looking at my beautiful mother and knowing that we would be sharing thousands of suppers like this in the decades to come, filled me with wonder.

And of course, there was the sex. Everyone can debate whether the ever increasing pleasure of our lovemaking is because of us being mother and son — or simply the end result of the joining of true soul mates. It is both and neither and it is something more, this thing that Mom and I share, and although I have tried so many times to put what we are on paper — I, at best, can only create a pale echo of the love my mother and I have. Nevertheless, as Mom and I lie gasping in bed, naked and sweaty as we bask in the afterglow of our incestuous orgasms, we both agree that it just gets better and better each time we are joined — cock and pussy.

Now we were preparing to marry — to be joined as husband and wife under the eyes and blessing of God — a joyous event that we had both been anticipating for a long time. A long time ago, atop a tall building in Chicago on New Year’s Eve, I had promised Mom I would stand with her in front of a minister and before God and claim her as my wife and now that time was upon us.

As to who would perform the ceremony — well, Mom and I agreed that there was only one possibility…Reverend Simmons, the now retired preacher from Mom’s childhood church — the church we were now attending. As I tooled down Interstate 75, I felt my cock stirring as I recalled the day we had finally asked Reverend Simmons to officiate at our nuptials.

It had been back in August, a few weeks after returning from Molly and Deb’s wedding that we had invited Reverend Simmons and his daughter Melinda over for Sunday supper. Mom fixed a sumptuous pot roast and mountains of mashed potatoes and peach cobbler for dessert and I was amused to see that wiry little old man put away two heaping helpings of everything.

We all had a good time — the reverend was a great story teller, never really crossing bawdy, eve gelen escort but titillating us with his recollections and making us laugh till we were almost crying. The whole time he was talking, his eyes behind his thick lenses were roving over Mom’s delicious body while his hands always seemed to wandering about Melinda’s petite frame.

I didn’t blame him, Mom was wearing a halter top that left little to the imagination, tit flesh overflowing the top and sides and which the seams appeared to be on the verge of unleashing Mom’s massive breasts. She also had on blue jean cutoffs, her ass cheeks jiggling enticingly as she moved around the kitchen and dining area bringing food to the table or bending over to check the cobbler in the oven.

And I confess to roaming an appreciative eye over his Melinda who, despite being at least fifteen years older than Mom, was a very attractive and sexy woman in her own right — wearing a light blue spaghetti strap summer dress that drew attention to her bare shoulders and slim figure.

We had finished dinner and were in the living room enjoying Reverend Simmons’s stories — him finishing up one about Mom’s daddy, Tom and how as a teenaged boy, he had dropped a skink (a salamander-like critter) down the front of the Reverend’s mother’s dress at a church picnic. “And Momma let out a yell to curl your hair and she was out of her dress in a flash and running across the field, her big ol boobs flopping this way and that and turns out she wasn’t wearing knickers that day.”

The old man smiled a bit sadly and said, “Now, Momma — she didn’t cotton to family loving like Daddy’s side of the family did and it wasn’t till that moment and I was in my late twenties, mind you, that I ever had my prayers answered and saw my mother naked as the day she was born, but I swear, I think about her fine body that God blessed her with every day of my life since…praise God. And I got your daddy, Carrie, to thank for that!”

Reverend Simmons was sitting in a big leather chair and Melinda was curled up next to him on the wide arm, her arm draped around her father’s shoulders. She snorted and said, “That’s true, but I doubt a day goes by that you don’t think about every woman you’ve seen naked your entire life, Papa!” We all laughed at that and then a moment of awkward silence set in as we all looked at each other expectantly.

Finally, the old man stepped into the void. “Now, while I know y’all enjoy our company, I reckon you’re wanting to ask me something, Carrie.”

Mom’s face reddened and she reached out and took my hand and said, “You always knew what was on my mind, Reverend Simmons. The fact of the matter is…” Mom paused and I understood why. True enough, we were reveling in our incestuous relationship and were unashamed that we were lovers, but it is still difficult to just say out loud…

“Reverend Simmons, Mom and I want to get married and we want you to perform the ceremony!” I blurted it out, both embarrassed and basking in Mom’s sudden loving stare.

Quiet followed as the old man studied us both for a moment, his daughter smiling mysteriously at us, a slight flush spreading out from the low neckline of her dress. Reverend Simmons scooted forward to the edge of the sweet, his thin, angular frame almost swimming in his white dress shirt and black slacks and then he flashed us a toothy grin and said, “Well, boy, it’s about time you made an honest woman out of your momma! It would be my pleasure to bind you to holy wedlock!”

We both jumped up and ran across the room, Mom hugging the reverend till I thought he might break while I accepted a congratulatory kiss on the corner of my mouth from Melinda. Then Reverend Simmons was shaking my hand in an iron grip while Mom and Melinda hugged and gave each other a less than quick kiss on the lips — a spectacle erotic enough to stop the reverend from talking and which had us both watching eagerly.

I felt a stirring inside my blue jeans as Mom strolled by me and I followed her back to the couch across from the reverend and his daughter. We spent a few minutes working out details — the reverend had Melinda use our phone and reserve the church for our chosen day in October, before we all settled in, expecting Reverend Simmons to resume his story-telling.

Instead, he fell silent for a few minutes, just studying Mom and me, his hand reaching out to rest on Melinda’s bare knee. “I swear, John, you are one of the luckiest boys on the planet. I believe I said it the first time we met and I’ll say it again, your mother is one of the finest cock suckers in the world!”

“Papa, behave yourself!” giggled Melinda, giving him a slap on the hand resting on your knees. I glanced at Mom to see her grinning devilishly, maybe embarrassed, maybe not.

“Well, its true, isn’t it, Carrie?” He pointed a long, bony finger at Mom. “This here girl never met a cock she didn’t like is the way I always heard it. I know she always sucked my cock like it was her favorite dick in the whole fatih escort world!”

Mom laughed and sighed. “Yes, that’s true, especially back then and Reverend Simmons, your cock was always one of my favorites!” She smacked her lips loudly and added, “I bet he still tastes delicious, doesn’t he, Melinda?”

It was the fair-skinned Melinda’s turn to blush — her reddening face drawing attention to her still mostly sandy-blonde hair — lightly shot through with gray. I reckoned that like us, she wasn’t ashamed of the relationship she had with her father, but it’s not something one gets to discuss with others on a regular basis. “Yes, Papa’s spunk is tasty.” She elbowed her father. “I reckon my little ol’ mouth suits him well enough.”

Reverend Simmons sighed and he idly ran his fingers over his daughter’s leg above just above her knee. “Ain’t nothing finer than your mouth on my old pecker, sweetie.” She smiled and leaned over and gave him a quick kiss. “I reckon you’re in a league with Carrie here.” He sighed. “Lordy, I can still remember the first time with little Carrie there — she was a fine figure of a young girl — lean with those big, upstanding titties. We was in the sanctuary of the Church — she was helping me with the cleaning a month or two after she lost her daddy.” Mom nodded, a smile, both sad and pleased on her face.

“We were polishing the wood on the alter, me on the top step and her kneeling below me and doggone if that sweet girl just didn’t reach out with her hand and start rubbing my crotch! And when I asked her what she thought she was doing, Carrie said to me, ‘I miss my daddy, Reverend. I miss his cock something awful and I was thinking, if you don’t mind, I’d love to suck your big peter for you!'”

“And I did, didn’t I, Reverend,” said Momma, her voice soft and breathless. “I fished your big peter out and on my knees gave you the best blowjob you’d ever had!” Mom sighed, her hand squeezing my hand a little tighter. “I was so surprised. I figured you’d taste just like Daddy, but you didn’t. It was gooood, but different.” Mom giggled. “And you were shocked that first time that I would swallow.” She shook her head. “All these silly girls that refuse to let a man cum in their mouths — all that good jizz going to waste!”

“Amen,” breathed Melinda in response. Mom’s and her father’s reminiscing was getting her aroused. I could see her smallish breasts rising and falling under her light cotton dress. Hell, I was getting aroused. I could absolutely envision my mother — young cock slut that she was, going down on the reverend and the image made me stiffening up. I squirmed a bit on the couch, trying to adjust for my growing erection.

“Yessir, your Mom sucking cock was quite a sight…a sight I’ll never forget!” said Reverend Simmons in a voice I think was mostly used to praise awe inspiring miracles.

Mom looked over at me, winking and giving me that, “I want to be bad” grin of hers and then turned back to face the reverend and his daughter and said, “Well, if you and Melinda don’t mind, I’m more than happy to put on a show and let you relive those good old days!” Mom’s hand suddenly was on the bulge in my crotch, her fingers seeking out my zipper. She looked expectantly at the family Simmons across the room.

Melinda’s hand went to her mouth and she said, “Oh my!” and fell silent.

Her father grinned, his furry eyebrows waggling and he produced a handkerchief and was busily cleaning his glasses. “Thanks be to God for his many blessings,” he said aloud and then added under his breath. “Lord, don’t strike me blind!”

“Melinda, do you mind? I don’t want to offend you.” Mom said softly.

Melinda was silent for a moment, her tongue peeking out and running slowly over her lower lip. Finally, she answered, “No, I don’t mind at all. I gotta confess, I’ve been hearing about how good you suck cock for years, Carrie and I reckon I’ve also been wondering about the kinda of cock a son must have that would make his mother want to marry him.”

Mom giggled and replied, “Well, let me show you!” The room was very still and quiet and the sound of my zipper being pulled down seemed so loud. Mom looked up at me, a naughty grin etched on her face and she raised an eyebrow as if to ask me, “Oh, do you mind, son, if Momma sucks your cock in front of these folks?” I reached out and stroked Mom’s face and then entwined my fingers in her dark hair and said, “God, I love you, Mom!”

“I love you too, son,” Mom said breathily. “And I love this big dick of yours,” she added as she worked my erection out of my jeans. I was hard as I could be, swollen and large and as Mom slowly stroked my cock, she turned and said to Melinda, “Well, hon — what do you think?”

Melinda was looking at me with definite interest — studying my long, thick cock intensely. “That’s…um, that’s real nice and big, Carrie.” She licked her lips and continued, “Well, that explains a lot now, especially why you’re always smiling, Carrie!” She shivered as her father continued halkalı anal yapan escort to rub his palm against her thigh.

“Go ahead, Carrie,” urged Reverend Simmons. “You don’t need to make an old man wait…nor your son either! Get to sucking, girl!”

Mom obliged him, lowering her head into my lap and taking me in her mouth. I sighed as only a man can when he feels his mother’s satiny wet tongue flattening out and rolling over his sensitive cock head, the warmth of her mouth — of her saliva making me shiver with delight. Mom’s lips slid down my shaft, her dancing tongue accompanying them as she began to suck me. With little effort, Mom took me deep until her lips were brushing my wiry pubic hair. Then slowly, Mom moved back up the length of my cock, sucking fiercely as her tongue swirled and pleasured me as only she could do.

“Oh my Lord,” gasped Melinda, her eyes wide as she watched Mom suck me. Her hand came down on her father’s hand and squeezed as she watched Mom demonstrate the agility and inventiveness of her tongue, rolling and licking it around and over the head of my cock. Minutes began to pass as Mom sucked and licked me, her gaze traveling from my face to the reverend and his daughter and then back to me — Mom’s beautiful hazel eyes gleaming with pleased desire.

I know this was making Mom more excited by the moment — allowed to take her exhibitionist streak to a new level — moving way beyond her normal practice of wearing scanty and sexy clothes to actually sucking her son’s cock in front of non family members. I began to catch whiffs of Mom’s scents — that unique jasmine scent mixed in with the aroma of her sweet cunt and felt myself swell even more in her mouth.

“Praise Jesus, Carrie!” cried out Reverend Simmons, fumbling with his own zipper. “Would you look at what Carrie has done inspired, Melinda!” The old man fished his own cock out of his pants and I was shocked to see that this eighty-five or six year old man was sprouting an erection to rival my own. Now, I don’t imagine that Reverend Simmons weighed one hundred-twenty pounds soaking wet, but he was certainly well endowed. A snatch of memory came back to me — Mom looking slyly at me after I first met the Reverend and saying, “Reverend Simmons — that man had a nice cock on him!”

“Oh Papa, look at you!” Melinda cooed, staring down at her father’s hard-on. Her hand quickly made its way down to his crotch and she urged his erection on, stroking and squeezing his dick gently. She leaned over and gave Reverend Simmons a long, loving kiss, her tongue spearing in and out of his mouth. Slowly she slid off the big, overstuffed chair, easing down on her knees, surprisingly nimble for a woman of fifty-seven. “Papa, you don’t mind if I get a taste, do you?” she sighed as she took him in her mouth and began sucking him.

Minutes passed, the room silent except for the slurping wet sounds of Mom and Melinda sucking cocks and the steady groans that Reverend Simmons and I produced as a mother and a daughter pleased their men. My gaze moved back and forth, watching Mom suck me and watching the talented Melinda giving her father a lavish blowjob.

At one point, Melinda let her father’s erect cock slip from her lips, a long blobby string of saliva connecting her mouth and his cock and she whispered, “Well, Papa, tell me — who’s better, Carrie or me?” Her voice was full of devilish glee as she teased her father.

“Well,” gasped the old man. “It’s hard to say — daughter, you have the sweetest mouth I know, but I remember Carrie being quite the cocksucker — albeit, its been a long time since I had that pleasure.” Reverend Simmons was leaning back into the chair, breathing hard and enjoying both his daughter’s efforts and the sight of my mother sucking hungrily on my dick.

Mom snorted around my dick and looked up at me, the question in her eyes easy to read. I knew that Mom would honor my decision, even if the answer was no, but I would never deny Mom her pleasures…never. “Go ahead, Mom — its okay. He’s like family anyway, isn’t he?”

Mom’s eyes glowed with pleasure and she whispered, “Thank you, John,” as she let me slip from her lips, giving the head of my cock a gentle, loving kiss before she turned and walked on hands and knees to Reverend Simmons and his daughter. My cock throbbed at the sight of Mom crawling, the crotch of her cut-off shorts wetly dark with her arousal and breasts swaying hypnotically as she moved.

Melinda, busy with pleasuring her father, gave a little start as Mom reached her, placing a hand on the older woman’s shoulder. Melinda let her father’s cock slide from her mouth and she and Mom stared into each other’s eyes for several seconds before Melinda began to grin and leaned over and kissed Mom, their tongues dancing briefly together before Mom ducked her head and began to suck on Reverend Simmon’s cock.

“Oh yes, yes, yes — I love this mouth!” groaned the old man, throwing his head back, an expression of extreme pleasure dominating his face. Mom, on her knees before the minister, was busy loving up his cock, her tongue working feverishly as she sucked him. I couldn’t see Mom’s face, but I knew that as she worshipped his cock with her mouth and tongue, she was worshipping Reverend Simmons with her eyes and I was impressed with his self control under her carnal gaze.

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