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Mother’s Helping Hand Ch. 07

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The usual disclaimers apply, the story contains incest and sexual scenes so if you are likely to be offended by this please don’t read any further.

The characters are over 18, the persons and events described are entirely fictional. The author reserves all rights to the story and its reproduction apart from on Literotica.

All feedback is appreciated and if you like the story please rate it in the comments section.


Alison rushed to the front door in a daze, the taste of her son’s sperm mingling with the wine in her mouth, the reality of what she had just done and what she was about to do seeming like a dream. She opened the door and found Dr Williams on the doorstep, aged in his early 50’s with slicked back dark hair he was in good shape for his age and was wearing a well tailored dinner jacket that made him look quite dashing.

“Good evening Aliso…My goodness! Wow, you look very, erm, well my what can I say?” His eyes roamed over her body and especially her breasts and she felt her self wanting to cover herself with her hands but resisted the urge.

“I hope I meet with your approval Dr Williams?” she asked archly.

“Please call me David, and yes you look absolutely stunning. I’m sure we will have the investors eating out of our hands tonight!” he tore his eyes back to her face and gestured towards his Mercedes. “Shall we?”

The reception was being held at a local hotel and during the journey Dr Williams prattled on about the clinic and the presentation he’d prepared in between stealing not so subtle looks at Alison’s cleavage. Alison payed him little attention, all she could think about was the fact that she’d just swallowed her son’s huge load of cum and was about to spend an evening semi naked in front of a room of horny old men. The prospect made her stomach churn with nerves, a condition not helped by the cocktail of wine and sperm currently filling it.

As the pulled in to the front of the hotel Dr Williams rushed round to open the door for Alison and took in the generous amount of leg she unwittingly displayed as she climbed from his car. The valet was so busy staring at Alison’s boobs that he hardly noticed the tip that Dr Williams pressed into his hand with an instruction to park his car carefully.

They walked together through the lobby and Alison regretted not having brought a jacket to wear, every step made her bra-less breasts jiggle and bounce in the tiny dress, the thin strips of fabric only seeming to emphasise the movements. Several guests turned to stare at her as she walked past, the men openly gawping and the women looking disapprovingly or glaring at their husbands.

They passed through to the ballroom where the reception was being held. Several men had gathered and were chatting in various groups but the conversation died down when Alison and Dr Williams entered.

Dr Williams waved to a few of the men and then took her arm and whispered in her ear.

“Do you see the man over there in the cream suit?”

Alison noted a short tubby man with a bald head and glasses who was holding court to a group of men.


“That’s William Petty, he’s worth an estimated $3 billion and heads a consortium that could put up more than half the funding we need. If he decides to buy in it’s a sure bet that the others will follow suit.”

Dr Williams greeted a few of the individuals and introduced Alison to them, several of them shook her hand the gesture making her boobs wobble about in her dress while the more gallant ones kissed her on the cheek or on her hand, at the same time making sure to get a good view down her top.

Dr Williams left her chatting with a few investors while he set up his laptop and prepared to give his presentation. Most of the men were content with getting an eyeful and Alison simply smiled and nodded pretending to take an interest in their conversation when she felt an arm around her waist.

She looked round to see a toad like face looking up at her and recognised it as the man Dr Williams had pointed out to her.

“Well my dear, Dr Williams told me you were beautiful as well as gifted, he didn’t say how beautiful though.”

“Mr Petty, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“William J Petty III, but you may call me Bill. I would like you to come and meet some of my colleagues, they are dying to make your acquaintance.” As he said this his hand slid down over her buttocks and lightly patted her bottom through the thin fabric. She flinched at the touch but maintained a fixed smile as he put his hand back on her waist and steered her towards the group of men he had been talking with earlier. Petty introduced her to them and she smiled pleasantly at each in turn but she was aware that the hand that was round her waist seemed to be sliding higher.

The side of the dress being completely open, she became aware of the touch of his clammy fingers on her side, his hand on her skin now.

“David tells me that you are a real team player and always go the extra mile to get halkalı bdsm escort the job done is that right?”

“That’s very kind of him to say so, I like to think I always do my best.”

“That’s good to know, because I want someone running the clinic who will be very hands on.” as he said this his hand slipped further inside her dress and was now touching her ribs.

“I see.”

“You see I always like to examine my investments very thoroughly before I commit myself.” his hand sliding up inside her dress now, she realised to her horror that with no bra there were only a few inches separating his clammy flingers from the naked undersides of her breasts.

“Yes.” she wanted to tear herself away but remembering Dr William’s words instead maintained a fixed smile.

“Mmmmm, for instance I want to know what size assets are involved, and how firm they are.” he slid his hand up further and cupped the naked underside of her right breast.

She couldn’t believe he was openly groping her in front of a group of men, she searched their faces to see if one of them might help but they were all too busy leering at her.

“You see some people might feel a job like this was more than a handful,” he now squeezed her breast which overflowed his his clammy flingers and gently bounced it inside her dress. “Does that concern you my dear?”

“I’m sure it’s nothing I can’t handle quite easily.” she said pointedly.

He ignored her implied jibe and continued groping her breast.

“Good my dear, as I say I like to inspect my investment assets very thoroughly.”

“I hope they meet with your approval?” she smiled fixedly at him.

“Oh they certainly do, they certainly do. They are quite outstanding Ms Stevens.” he jiggled her breast in case anyone could have missed the significance of what he was hinting at. The courtesy of addressing her as “Ms Stevens” struck her as particularly absurd given he was openly groping her breast in front his leering friends.

It was all Alison could do to avoid tearing his hands off her and kneeing the creep in the balls but instead she forced herself to smile.

“Well it’s been delightful meeting you Bill, now if you’re satisfied that I meet your standards perhaps you’ll excuse me? I had better go and help Dr Williams.”

She slipped away feeling his hand slide reluctantly off her breast as she made her way back to the relative safely of Dr Williams. He might be a creep but at least he did his groping with his eyes, Alison grabbed a glass of wine on the way and quaffed half of it. Dr Williams was fiddling with a projector and making some adjustments to his laptop.

“Ah, Alison. I see Mr Petty was speaking to you, I hope you turned on the charm!”

“I think he got what he wanted, David.” she said icily.

He looked at her a little bemused but made no comment.

“Right, well I think we’re ready for the presentation, if you could get the lights for me Alison.”

She turned the lights down and took her place by Dr Williams side as he began a powerpoint presentation on the new clinic and the returns the investors cold expect. No one seemed to be paying much attention and she could feel eyes moving over her, she felt like suggesting he should have projected the images onto her tits since that’s where most of the gazes seemed to be directed.

Eventually the lecture finished and Dr Williams and Alison said goodbye to the investors, as they left he shook their hands and wished them well but it was Alison they all clearly wanted to get near to. The drinks had obviously given them some dutch courage and there were a few pats on the bottom and a couple of gropes, Petty was one of the last to leave and as he bid his farewell his piggy little eyes remained fixed on Alison’s boobs.

“Thank you David, most edifying speech, but I think Ms Stevens’ charms are what we were all interested in tonight. It was a pleasure to get to know you my dear.’ he leant in to kiss her on the cheek and as he did so took the opportunity to slide his hand onto her bottom caressing her butt cheeks.

“Remember my dear, if there’s something you want in life don’t be afraid to grab it.’ With that he slipped his hand into her dress and gave one heavy breast a firm squeeze, she was so shocked by his brazenness she didn’t react and Petty was on his way with his coterie.

“That Bill, he certainly is a character.” chuckled Dr Williams.

Alison figured there were plenty of other names she could think of but character wasn’t one of them. She finished her wine and helped Dr Williams pack before they made their way out, the lobby was pretty deserted by now and Alison was so tired she no longer cared if she was being started at.

On the short drive home Dr Williams chatted about how well things had gone.

“I can’t say anything officially but I think it’s fair to say the investors were very happy tonight, clearly my presentation must have worked well.”

She gave him an arch look.

“Although halkalı elit escort I’m sure your presence helped to sweeten the deal.” he smiled.

Her flesh crawled at the thought of those clammy hands pawing her and she shuddered.

“Are you cold my dear, we could stop for a nightcap?”

“No thank you David, I’d rather get home, it’s been a long day.”

“Yes of course.”

They pulled up by her house.

“Allow me to walk you to your door.”

“It’s quite alright thank you.”

“It’s no trouble, I’d like to make sure you get home safely, and perhaps we could celebrate our success, um with a coffee?”

“Thank you David, but it’s fine. Besides I expect your wife will be worrying about you.” she remarked pointedly.

“Oh um, yes. Well I’ll see you on Monday then!”

She made her way unsteadily to the house feeling drunk, cheap and used. She let herself in and made her way to the kitchen to fix another drink.

“Mom are you home.”

“Yes Bobby, I’m downstairs. It’s fine I’m alone.”

He came padding down the stairs, as usual he was naked and as usual he was sporting a hard on. Every time she saw him like this she couldn’t help but be reminded of her husband, his good looks, his athletic build and not least his big cock. When she and Richard first moved in together they hardly ever wore clothes at home, he loved looking at her as much as she loved watching him.

He looked at her expectantly, trying to gauge her mood.

“So how did it go?”

“Oh Bobby, it was horrible! This disgusting old pig felt me up, in front of everyone. I felt like I was just a piece of meat.” she broke down and began crying.

“Mom… I’m sorry, I never, I mean I didn’t think it would be like that. Didn’t Dr Williams say anything?”

“Him? He virtually told me to flash my tits at them to make sure we got the money. Bobby, I feel so cheap!”

He went to her and put his arm round her to comfort her as best he could, the fact that his hard cock was pressing up against her naked belly spoilt the effect somewhat but eventually her tears subsided and she fixed herself another drink in the kitchen before returning and sitting next to him on the sofa.

“This damn tape is almost pulling my nipples off.” She reached under the dress and peeled the tape off before rubbing her sore nipples which became instantly erect at the stimulation, as would Bobby if he wasn’t already.

“I’m so sorry mom, I would never have suggested this if I’d known. I can’t believe those creeps treating you like that, and Dr Williams letting them!”

“I know sweetie. Well what’s done is done and I suppose at the end of the day some old man copping a feel isn’t such a high price to pay if I’m the Assistant Director of the new clinic.”

“You mean you got it?”

“Dr Williams seemed to think so, and I figure I earned it tonight.”

“Mom, that’s great, I mean not what happened, but now you’ve got the job you can really show them.”

He noticed one of her boobs had slipped out of her dress but didn’t comment, she sure was getting toasted all right. She finished her drink before getting another making her way unsteadily back to the sofa, one breast exposed the other still party hidden in the dress.

“You ok mom?”

“II’m fine, guess I shouldn’t be drinking this much on an empty stomach.”

“Well it wasn’t exactly empty mom!”

“What do you… Oh my god Bobby! That’s not funny!”

“Sorry mom, it caught me by surprise as well, especially when you downed it.”

“Well that wasn’t my plan, I was intending to spit it out in the bathroom, before the doorbell went. I’ve never had to swallow so much of it in my life!”

So she had swallowed before! His cock lurched at the memory, and the future possibilities.

“Well you certainly saved me from a bad case of blue balls.”

“I’m not surprised if that was how much you had saved up. You seem to have recovered quite quickly though.” she eyed his erection.

“Um yeah sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry, I’m sure you’ll make some young lady very happy one day.” she reached out and idly stroked his cock as she said it.

He groaned at the feel of her cool fingers caressing his hard cock. I wish I was making you happy with it tonight he thought, imagining his mom riding his cock, feeling it buried to the hilt in her pussy and watching her big tits bouncing as she rode him to orgasm after orgasm. His cock lurched and dribbled at the thought.

“Are you enjoying that?”

“Um… yes it feels really nice.”

“Well after what you talked me into tonight I don’t know why I should be doing this.”

His cock lurched at the image of his beautiful mom being felt up by a bunch of creepy old guys, he was angry but excited as well.

“I’m sorry mom, I swear…”

“I know sweetie, I’m only kidding. It’s alright, it wasn’t your fault.”

She continued her gentle caressing of his cock, tenderly stroking the rock hard column halkalı escort of meat, her feathery touch at the same time exciting and teasing. His cock bucked and lurched under her caresses, becoming so swollen the foreskin drew back and pre cum drooled from his cock head. She would lightly tease the head with her finger tips, smearing the viscous clear liquid over his purple glans before running them down the head and onto the shaft, lightly stroking the teasing lurching monster that was totally under her power. His balls began to tighten and he could feel his orgasm mounting but his mother sensed it and loosened her already feathery touch, simply tracing the underside of his cock with her finger tips.

She leant over him to place her glass on the coffee table and as she did so her breasts slipped completely out of her dress but she either didn’t notice or didn’t care. As she leant further her boobs hung down over his cock, the heavy orbs swaying over his swollen rod. His dick lurched at the sight, the purple head bumping her boob, he could feel the cool smooth skin and the heavy firmness of her breast on his cock and it made him lurch again. As her breast swayed he felt the hard rubbery nipple against his cock and lurched again. He moved slightly so his cock was in now between her breasts and raised his hips so that it stood up between her hanging boobs. As they swayed they bumped into his cock causing it to bounce from side to side. Fuck this was so hot, his cock was lurching and pre-cum drooled from his cock.

“Bobby what are you doing?” she asked sitting up.

“Nothing mom, you were leaning over me.”

“Were you trying to put your…, it between my breasts?”

“Um, well it sort of ended up there, I mean they were touching my dick, I couldn’t help it.”

“You couldn’t help it?”

“No, I mean, well it looked really hot and felt really nice.”

“Did it now?”

“Um yes.”

“Bobby I told you there were limits to how far things would go didn’t I? You understand that don’t you?”

“Um yes.”

Except earlier she’d decided sucking his cock and chugging a big load was ok, and now rubbing his cock on her tits when they were practically in his lap wasn’t?

“I’m sorry mom, I didn’t mean to do something wrong, it’s just they, you are so beautiful and I…”

She could see his remorse and her mood softened once again.

“Bobby, you didn’t. I’ve just had an evening of being stared at as if I’m just a pair of tits, I didn’t mean to take it out on you.”

She looked down seeing she was entirely exposed now.

“Oh dear, well I suppose I can see why now. I guess it was my fault really.”

“It was just an accident mom. And I don’t see you like that, you’re beautiful, intelligent, sexy, funny and you just happen to have the most beautiful, luscious pair of breasts in the world to boot!”

“Alright Bobby, enough compliments..” she smiled.

She began gently stroking his cock again and he noticed she hadn’t bothered covering her boobs again.

She looked thoughtful then looked at him and smiled.

“I suppose I do owe you a thank you for all your help today. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be getting this promotion.”

She leant forward and let her boobs sway over his cock, the heavy cool flesh bumping against his diamond hard cock teasing him.

Shit she was going to do it? She was going to let him fuck her tits?

She lightly caressed his cock with her boobs, letting the hard nipples brush his cock and the heavy orbs bump against his hard cock teasing him with her beautiful tits for several minutes, driving him crazy.

She then reached under them with her hands and gently squeezing them together, enveloped his iron bar of a cock a velvety soft fleshy canyon.

Even with her huge boobs wrapped round him a few inches of the shaft and the bloated head of his cock stuck out from between her boobs. She began slowly lifting them, sliding them up his cock, enveloping the head completely, before agonisingly slowly sliding them down again.

Oh my jeesus christ! If she hadn’t sucked him off earlier he’d have blown his load straight away.

She maintained her slow pace, knowing he couldn’t take too much in his present condition.

She used her hands to vary the pressure and speed as she massaged his cock with her luscious boobs. He looked down at his mom, a picture of elegance and sophistication in her black dress, the image ruined only by the huge cock emerging and disappearing from between her beautiful creamy breasts.

Pre cum drooled from his cock providing lubrication and adding to the sensations, he could feel the undersides of her tits brushing his thighs on the downstrokes and on the up strokes his cock head was enveloped but a wonderful soft canyon of boobs.

She said nothing but simply watched his face as his arousal increased, as he neared the point of no return she slowed her movements gradually and reduced the pressure letting his orgasm subside before slowly increasing it and and then gently edging him towards a climax again. She repeating the process ,several times till his cock was drooling with desire and a froth of precum had formed between her boobs. She could see he could take no more and so the slowly increased the pace again sliding her tits up and milking his cock as his orgasm mounted.

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