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Mother’s Milk Ch. 03

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I found it hard to sleep that night knowing that the next morning I would be with my son and keeping this news from him. I really wanted to tell him the good news that I was pregnant with his child but at the same time I thought once he knew there would be no reason for him to keep up our sexual relationship.

I had already deceived him once by not telling him that I never actually used the turkey baster method to try and get pregnant and in fact I had just eaten all his cum he had left in my coffee cups.

I was going to lie to him again and I felt bad about it, but it seemed at the time the less painful of my two choices. I just wasn’t ready to give him up as my lover.

I was still in bed when Tom arrived the next morning. I had over slept due to having a bad night tossing and turning.

“Morning mum,” Tom called out as he walked in my house, using his own key and locking it again behind him.

The sound of his voice woke me from my restless slumber and I sat up in bed, rubbing the sleep from my eyes.

“Oh you’re not even up yet mum?” he said, mildly surprised as he walked into my bedroom.

“Oh is it that time already son?” I asked as I glanced over at the clock.

“Yes, come on sleepyhead. Rise and shine mum, you have a date with your son. Remember?” Tom said cheekily as he pulled back the bed covers, exposing my naked body.

I smiled at him and got out of bed, groggily walking towards my bathroom. I was still a bit dazed and didn’t even bother to shut the door as I sat on the toilet to pee. I glanced up at the door while I was urinating and noticed that my son was standing in the doorway watching me. He was always watching me these days and he didn’t even seem to have any intention of giving me any privacy.

I always stand up to wipe myself after I pee and I know I could have discreetly reached down between my legs and wiped myself but I thought if he likes to watch me, then let him watch. So I stood up and wiped my drips of pee from my pussy, discarded the toilet paper into the bowl and flushed.

Then I washed my hands and brushed my teeth, the things that I normally do before my son arrives for his daily fuck. I couldn’t help but think this all could be coming to an end soon, and the thought both saddened and scared me.

I was hoping none of my thoughts were obvious to Tom as I walked over to him and kissed my son passionately. I loved to kiss him, the way he would hold me in his strong arms, firm yet lovingly and kiss me as if I was his first and only love, just made my heart melt. I knew that Jen was his first and that he still loved her as well as me, but the way he kissed me made me feel like his one and only lover.

“Good Morning son,” I said when we pulled back from our embrace. I smiled at him lovingly, hoping my smile would cover my deceit.

I then began to undress him like I had every other day since we had been having sex. Tom really seemed to enjoy me taking his clothes off for him rather than do it himself, so it had become part of our regular sexual routine. The way he got excited by me ‘mothering’ him got me to wondering if he might enjoy a little bit of parental discipline and knowing that our time was limited now that I was pregnant made me think that perhaps I should try a few more things with my son before all of this wonderful sex came to an end.

“You’re a naughty boy peeking at your mummy while I was in the bathroom, aren’t you son?” I asked in a wickedly seductive tone as I discarded the last of his clothing onto the floor.

“Yes mummy,” replied Tom, blushing a little.

“Naughty boys need the occasional spanking to keep them in line,” I responded as I reached around behind him and gave his bare butt a playful smack.

“Oh yes mummy. You are right as always mummy,” answered Tom and then he surprised me by bending over and resting his hands on my bed with his bare ass sticking up in the air. He even wriggled it a little, almost begging for it to be smacked.

This was even better than the response I was expecting from him. I grinned in delight as I rubbed my hands on his cute bare ass. He has such a nice ass, it looked very spank-able indeed. My dominant streak suddenly getting the urge to smack his cheeks hard until they glowed a bright pink. But my sense came back just in time to remind me that I wanted to turn him on, not freak him out.

So I smacked his right butt cheek with my right hand. Firmly but not really hard. It made a great ‘smack!’ sound and made Tom jump a little. But it also made him gasp and it was most definitely a gasp of pleasure and not shock. So I slapped his left cheek too, resulting in another small gasp following by a slight moan. My boy seemed to be enjoying this.

“Naughty boy!” I scolded as I smacked his right and left cheeks again a little harder this time. It made my hand sting a little so I know it must have done the same to my son’s ass cheeks.

I could feel the beginning of a warm glow on his cheeks and I had to fight my urge to dominate him more as this was really exciting me. My pussy halkalı otele gelen escort was already very wet and wanting my son’s hard cock immersed in me. It seemed by the pleasurable moans coming from my son’s mouth that perhaps he would also enjoy some Dom/sub play but now was not the time but it was food for thought. Ideas to be filed away for later, for now a few firm smacks would suffice.

I stopped smacking him and turned him around to check to see if the spanking had aroused him.

Not only was my son hard as a rock but his beautiful cock was seeping so much precum that I really didn’t need to ask if he liked that or not. Tom also looked a little flushed; he was definitely very excited from being spanked by his mother. I have him a wicked grin.

“Oh poor baby. Mummy didn’t mean to smack you so hard. Turn around again son, let mummy kiss it better for you,” I said lustfully.

Tom turned back to his position of leaning on the bed. I bent down and kissed both cheeks where it looked all pink from my hand slapping him. Then I licked where it looked tender and continued to lick and kiss his cheeks, my lips and tongue going from one cheek to the other. Then I grabbed hold of those pink cheeks and pried them open with both my hands, exposing my son’s puckered hole and I licked from the top of his crack down over his hole to his ball sack and back up again.

This resulted in a low groan of pleasure, which inspired me to continue. I licked up and down his crack from the top of his crack to the back of his balls a few times, causing my son to begin to pant. I then licked all around his hole giving my boy his first rim job. Tom loved it, he was moaning in pleasure and panting with desire and then he began to push back against me slightly. I took that as a ‘yes please’ and pushed the tip of my tongue right inside his tight little hole and darted it in and out.

I enjoyed tongue-fucking my son, mostly as I could tell by his reactions and sounds of pleasure he was making that he loved this so much.

“Oh God! Oh fuck that’s so good mum. Oh yesss!” he moaned, “Oh fuck! Mum, you had better stop or you are gonna make me cum.”

Not wanting to waste my sons cum by letting him cum onto my bed, I stopped tongue-fucking his hole and quickly moved from behind him to kneel in front of him. I grabbed his hard twitching cock and engulfed it into my warm mouth and sucked up all his delicious precum. There was so much of it, no mistaking that Tom loved the anal stimulation I had just given him. I knew he would want to cum inside me as he didn’t know I was already pregnant but I also knew he was so close to cumming it wouldn’t take much to push him over the edge.

I sucked on his cock deep and hard, making cooing sounds of delight as I enjoyed his flavor.

“Mum! Oh fuck! You have to stop mum, I can’t hold back much longer,” Tom exclaimed.

I looked up at him and I could see the strain on his face, he was using all his will power to prevent from cumming. But I wanted him to cum in my mouth. I loved the taste of his cum and I knew I didn’t have to try to get pregnant anymore. I just wanted to fuck my son for the sheer taboo pleasure of it.

My devious mind clicked on my ‘wicked’ button and I stopped sucking for a moment, looking up at my son, who had sweat on his brow from concentrating so hard not to cum.

“Aww but I don’t want to stop son,” I said pleadingly, “Mummy is so hungry baby. Please Tommy, feed your mummy your cum.”

I had looked him in the eyes when I begged him for his cum while still holding onto his cock. I knew my pleading would excite him too much, so I quickly went back to my oral assault and it only took a few more deep hard sucks when I was rewarded with a mouthful of my son’s warm essence as he spurted a load of cum onto my waiting tongue.

“Ohhhh fuck!” Tom groaned as he climaxed.

“Mmmm so nice,” I said in pleasure after swallowing my reward for my oral efforts.

Tom sat down on my bed, and then lay down. He looked like he needed to catch his breath. He was still panting a little when I got on top of him and leant down and kissed him.

“That was so intense mum. Damn that was good. But aren’t I supposed to be cumming somewhere else?” Tom said with a touch of cheekiness in his voice. “Or have you got your period again mum?”

“No I haven’t yet son. I’m sorry baby; I just needed to taste you again. I couldn’t help myself,” I replied a little guiltily.

Tom smiled at me. I knew he wouldn’t really be mad at me. It’s kind of hard to be upset with someone who has just made you cum so good.

“That’s ok mum. I don’t have to be at work until ten this morning mum. I have a meeting at ten o’clock, maybe we could go again,” Tom suggested with a grin on his face, “I like it better when you get to cum too mum.”

I was way past worrying about being late for work and I wasn’t sure how long I was going to be able to keep my secret from my son. Also I still had something I had wanted to do with him, so perhaps halkalı rus escort today was the day.

“I would love to make love to you again son. Do you want me to suck on you now to get you hard again Tom?” I asked. Then before he could answer, I lent down and whispered in his ear, “Or would you like to lick your mummy today?” I said quietly and seductively in his right ear.

Tom gasped and then grinned at me.

“Oh God yes mum. I’ve wanted to taste you for so long now. I just didn’t know if I should,” Tom replied keenly, “You already give me so much mum. I didn’t like to ask for more.”

I smiled at my son and then leant down and kissed him passionately. He didn’t mind anymore if my tongue tasted of his own cum and he didn’t seem to care that the tongue he had in his mouth had recently been tongue-fucking his ass. Maybe the idea of it even turned him on because he kissed me like he was wild with passion. Or perhaps he was just excited at the thought of getting to go down on his mother, to lick the pussy that gave birth to him many years ago.

I pulled back from the wild excited kisses reluctantly and then lay beside Tom on my bed with my legs apart. Tom eagerly moved from his position and got between my legs, prying my legs open even wider as he stared at my moist pussy. He had seen it many times of course since we started our incestuous affair but he had never actually examined it closely. But now that he had my permission, my son was giving my pussy a very close inspection.

Tom used his fingers first pulling back my folds to expose my pink flesh, then rubbing my clit lightly with the tip of his index finger. He seemed fascinated by the intricacies of my vagina. I had never felt so much like my body was under scrutiny before. I watched him intently as he took his time to discover his birth place.

“I really came out of here mummy?” he asked rhetorically, putting on an innocent tone knowing it would excite me.

It worked and I moaned and clenched my pussy which Tom saw as his attention was fixated on it.

My son then pushed a finger up inside me, causing me to moan more. I was already very wet with my own pussy juice and so one finger slid in easily. Tom made it two fingers and then three, moving them in and out of me very slowly, coating his fingers in my natural lubricant.

“Mmm so nice and wet inside you mum. I can easily get three fingers in you, but I still don’t know how a baby is could fit through here,” Tom said as he finger-fucked me slowly.

“Oh it will stretch son, it did for you,” I replied in between my moans of pleasure.

“Mmm yes, I guess it does mum. Oh I want to stretch you now mummy,” he said with lust as he put yet another finger inside me.

I gasped and began to pant as he stretched me with his intrusive fingers. In and out, over and over he moved his fingers, getting a little faster.

I could feel myself close to cumming, my pussy was soaking wet, and the sloshing sound his fingers made as they fucked me added to my excitement. I was moaning and panting and about to climax.

“Oh fuck mum! This looks so hot to see your pussy stretch to take all my fingers. I think you could take my whole hand now, you are so fucking wet mum!” Tom exclaimed.

His words triggered my orgasm and I gushed my cum all over his hand. The pleasure wave I got from whenever I had sex with my sex was always intense. I moaned and groaned, then held my breath for a moment when it hit me. I loved this sensation, so much more powerful than from masturbation.

“Oh fuck! Oh yess! Oh Tom!” I moaned.

My sons hand was now drenched in my cum and I half expected him to lick his hand or lick my cum from my pussy but it seemed he hadn’t had enough of his hand up my cunt yet.

“Oh God mum, you’re so fucking wet!” Tom called out and then he closed his hand into a fist and I felt him try to grind it into me.

It hurt and I instinctively tried to resist this big invasion but it also excited me so much, I willed myself to open up and let him stretch me as much as he wanted.

“Oh fuck!” I cried out in both pain and pleasure as he pulled out his fist and then shoved it back into me several times.

“Take that my slutty mother!” he exclaimed, “Cum on my fucking fist!”

I screamed and my whole body shook as I gushed my cum all over his hand. My pussy contracted and pushed his fist from me. I felt like I was on fire, although the amount of fluid expelled from my body seemed like it was enough to put out a fire. I came so hard that I felt light-headed; my pussy muscles kept contracting as they squirted my juice onto my sons face as he watched attentively.

Then I trembled as the orgasm wave subsided and small sob escaped my lips as my eyes filled with emotional tears.

Tom looked up from between my legs, looking concerned. Then he moved up over me, supporting himself above me on his hands, looking into my watery eyes.

“Are you ok mum? Did I hurt you? I’m so sorry mum,” he apologized.

“No son you didn’t halkalı türbanlı escort hurt me. I’m fine baby. It was just so good that it overwhelmed me,” I said looking up at him through blurry eyes, “I love you Tom.”

Tom responded by leaning down and kissing me with love and passion. I put my arms around his neck and kissed back returning the love and passion, still feeling the afterglow of my orgasm.

“I love you too mum,” Tom said when he pulled back from our kiss, “I’m sorry if I got a bit carried away, being too rough and my bad language and all. Its just you excite me so much mum, I just can’t seem to help myself. You drive me crazy.”

“That’s ok babe. I loved it and you drive me crazy too son. I’ve never cum so much as I do with you,” I replied.

“Yes its amazing mum. Just look at my hand,” he said, holding up his hand to show me. It was covered in my cum, all wet and glistening. “And as for down here,” Tom continued as he moved back down between my legs, “It’s totally soaking wet! Your bed is drenched mum.”

I giggled at what he said. “Oh well I’m not worried son. It will clean up fine.”

“I think I might just give you a hand with cleaning up mum,” Tom said cheekily, and then he licked my juicy pussy, causing me to moan.

“Mmm tasty,” he said and then he began to lick my pussy all over, slurping up as much of my juices as he could get.

“Oh fuck!” I moaned pleasurably, my pussy a little sore and sensitive from the fisting, but his tongue felt fantastic as it brushed over my clit and darted into my wet slit.

Then Tom reached his hand up towards me. It was still wet and sticky with my cum, I took his hand and sucked on his fingers. I licked and slurped up the remnants of my last climax as Tom was licking and slurping on my pussy preparing me for my next one.

It didn’t take long as my pussy was super sensitive and still recovering from my last orgasm. I came hard and squirted more cum into my horny son’s mouth. I moaned and panted as I climaxed. I felt Tom’s mouth clamp down on my cunt and he held his mouth there as my orgasm wave pulsed through me.

“Oh God yesss!” I moaned.

My son was making slurping noises and sounds of pleasure as he licked and sucked up more of my juices. Then he flicked my clit with his tongue playfully before issuing lots of little kisses all over my pussy, on my clit, my pussy lips, he even pried me open again to land a kiss on the inside of me and then just for good measure while he held me open and exposed, he licked and then kissed my rosebud as well.

“Mmm mum you taste so fucking delicious,” Tom said with lust as he rose up again to hover above me, supporting himself on his arms once more.

“Oh thank you son,” I said with a smile, “Yeah your fingers didn’t taste too bad either.”

Tom grinned at me. He looked so sexy looking down at me, his face all wet with my juices.

“You taste so good mum that you got me all hard again and I’m just going to have to fuck you now mummy,” Tom spoke with such confidence fueled by lust. I loved it when he talked to me like that.

“Oh yes please son. I need your cum in me again Tom. Fuck mummy hard and fast or you will be late for your meeting,” I pleaded.

He didn’t have to be asked twice. Tom just shoved his hard cock into my tender pussy with one big thrust.

I gasped as it hurt my still sensitive cunt, and then he began to move in and out of me. My son didn’t do what he usually does, starting out slowly then building up momentum and increasing speed and force. Tom just went wild, pounding hard and fast like a madman. Thrust after thrust, hard and deep as he plunged his cock into me. I almost forgot to breathe. I held my breath in a stunned silence as he attacked my cunt with his hard rod mercilessly. Thankfully it didn’t take long for him to cum as I wasn’t sure how much longer I could take this assault. My pussy was stinging, burning with each thrust.

“Ohhhhh fuck yessss!” Tom screamed as he came, filling up my sore and well used cunt with his seed.

He collapsed on top of me; panting and I held him close and felt his body shudder as his orgasm took him.

I kissed his forehead as I held him while he recovered from his climax.

“Oh wow mum!” exclaimed Tom once he got his breath back, “It just keeps getting better mum. You are amazing.”

“Thank you son. You are amazing too babe. You’re the best lover I ever had Tom,” I replied honestly and with love.

We kissed and then Tom got off me and out of my bed to go shower. He told me to stay there for awhile as I had told him before that it’s best for me to stay still for awhile after sex to give his sperm a chance to swim to their target.

As I lay there listening to the shower and Tom singing in the shower, I realized that Tom was so happy. Perhaps even as happy as I was with our relationship. I decided that even though I didn’t want to risk losing the best lover I ever had, I also loved Tom so much that I didn’t want to keep my news from him anymore. I made up my mind that I would tell him tomorrow that I was pregnant.

We had done all the things I had fantasized about now and although I wanted to keep doing them again and again, it was time I took the risk and told my son the truth. I desperately hoped that Tom would still want to carry on our sexual relationship, but I couldn’t be sure he felt the same way as I did about us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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