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Mother’s Shoe Mystery Pt. 14

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On his way home from his “date” with Mrs.DiNucci, Billy couldn’t take his mind off of her. Her gorgeous face, with bright red, luscious lips. They felt amazing wrapped around his cock. Her thick sexy legs, she used to do squat thrusts onto his meat, forcing it so far deep into her, the head hit her cervix. Her beautiful, 48DDD breasts that bounced heavily with each of her bounces onto his dick. The way she rocked herself back and forth on him, grinding her pussy. Her guttural screams of ecstasy as she rode him. Mrs.DiNucci had made Billy feel as horny as he ever had been. It was their first time together, and Billy already knew he was addicted to her. She was far better than even his fantasies told him she would be. The whole way home, Billy rode his bike with a hard on, which made the trip uncomfortable.

Billy got home about 5pm. He called out to his mom, but didn’t get an answer, Her car was out front so he figured she was home. Billy made his way up the stairs, and saw his mom’s bedroom door open. He walked in and Peggy was sitting on the bed, lost in thought.

“Hi mom. How did your date with Luke go?” Billy asked, hoping to hear she backed out of fucking Luke, for some reason. The thought of anyone else fucking his mommy pissed him off. He wanted her to himself, but it was fair since he got to fuck Mrs.DiNucci.

“It went fine. Luke kind of rushed through it.”

“Did you…suck his cock?”

“No, I didn’t get to. I really wanted to. I mean so many times over the years, he has come over, and you two would play in the living room, I fantasized about pulling his underwear down and sucking his young boy cock. I’ve thought about fucking him so many times, and him being amazing, I guess I built him up too much in my mind. He was bit of a disappointment.”

Billy tried hard not to smile. He didn’t want his mother to have a bad time, but he as happy to hear she didn’t enjoy Luke more than himself. At least it didn’t sound like it.

“Am I better than Luke mommy? I mean…in bed?”

Peggy looked up at her son and smiled. “Oh God yes you are Billy. Nobody can ever come close to you. You are mommy’s perfect lover.”

Billy sat next to his mother on the bed and gave her a passionate kiss. A kiss only those intensely in love share. Their tongues entwined, and Billy wrapped his arms around his mother, pulling her in close. After a minute she broke their kiss.

“How did it go with Sandra? Did you have a good time?”

Billy was afraid to tell his mother the truth, that he had one of the best times he had in his life. That sex with Mrs.DiNucci had blown his mind. That he was having feelings for Mrs.DiNucci already.

“It was OK mommy. Nothing much to talk about.”

“Don’t lie to me Billy. I know how sexy Sandra is, and I know how much she loves sex,especially with young, hung, boys. Be honest. You beylikdüzü escort loved it didn’t you?”

Billy knew then it was no use lying to her, or playing it down, because she could tell.

“I did mommy. She was amazing. She did some things with me that we haven’t even tried yet.”

Peggy burst into tears. She wanted honesty and she got it. But her insecurities, and fear over losing Billy to another woman, overwhelmed her. Billy was surprised by her reaction.

“Don’t cry mommy! I’m sorry. It wasn’t as good as with you!”

Peggy looked up at her son and gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

“Just promise me baby, you won’t leave me for anyone else.” Peggy said pleadingly.

“I could never leave you mommy! You are my dreamgirl! You always will be.”

Peggy wiped away her tears. “Do you belong to me Billy?”

“Of course mommy. I’ll always belong to you.”

Peggy gave a little smile.

“Do you mean all of you belongs to me?”

“Of course mommy, all of me.”

Peggy reached down, unzipped Billy’s pants, and pulled his cock out.

“Does your cock belong to me too Billy?”

Billy was surprised by his mother’s sudden move, but he started getting hard immediately, with his mother holding his cock.

“Fuck yes mommy. My cock is yours. You can do whatever you want with it.”

“What I want is to suck my little boy’s fat cock.”

Peggy lowered her head and took his cock-head into her mouth. She could smell Sandra’s pussy on Billy’s cock. It was obvious Sandra had taken her advise, and not showered for a few days, knowing Billy loved the smell of stinky pussy and ass. Smelling another woman’s pussy, especially her best friend’s, on her son’s cock, turned on Peggy. She was also turned on that she could taste Sandra on him as well. Peggy ran her tongue up and down Billy’s cock, cleaning up Sandra’s dry juices from it.

“Do you think you have one more cum in you for mommy Billy, or did Sandra drain all you had?”

“I think I have enough for you mommy.”

Peggy started sucking his cock quickly, and vigorously, a couple times hurting Billy with how hard she was bobbing onto his dick with her mouth. She wanted his cum quickly.

Billy knew he was living a dream life. In the last month he had fucked 3 of the women he had fantasized about for years; his mother, his grandmother, and Mrs.DiNucci. Earlier he had sex with Mrs.DiNucci, and now his mother was sucking his cock. It didn’t take long for his mother’s expert mouth to make him cum. He let his mother know he was about to shoot his load, and she quckly reached to the nightstand where she had a mason jar ready. She aimed his cock in it and he filled it a quarter of the way.

Peggy smiled at her son. “I’m saving this for dinner.”

“Sorry it’s not as much as usual beylikdüzü eve gelen escort mommy, I…”

“It’s OK Billy. I know this isn’t your first cum today. Now if you’ll excuse me baby, I need to go pee.”

Billy’s eyes lit up, and he looked at his mother excitedly as she started walking to her bathroom.


Peggy stopped just at the bathroom door and turned around. “What is it baby?”

“Can I come and…”

Billy was having a hard time asking his question.

“Would it be OK if I came in…and watched you pee?”

Peggy gave Billy a quizzical look.

“You want to watch me pee baby?”

“I do mommy. After you sent me that video of you pissing in the toilet at work, I’ve been thinking about it.”

“I sent that as a joke Billy. I thought it would make you laugh. Did you…get turned on by it?”

“I’m sorry mommy, I know it’s weird. Never-mind.”

Peggy walked over to Billy to assure him it was fine. “No baby it’s not weird, i just wasn’t expecting it. I’ll be happy to pee in front of you.” She said with a loving smile.

Billy smiled back. “Thanks mommy!”

Mother and son walked into the bathroom.

“Hmm. How can we do this so you get the best view. OK how about you sit down against the wall facing the toilet. I’ll squat over the toilet when I piss so you can see it coming out, just like in the video.”

Billy wasted no time getting into position in his front row seat. Peggy was completely naked as she squatted over her toilet. The sight of his nude mother, with her sexy mature body, squatting over the toilet, made Billy’s thrice ejaculated cock stir once more. Peggy smiled at her son one more time. Peggy started with a little piss dribble, that soon turned into a golden stream. Billy watched, fascinated, and turned on at the sight of his mother sharing this natural act with him. Billy didn’t know exactly why it turned him on so much, but he didn’t care why. Watching his mother piss was hot, and he was going to enjoy it without shame. Peggy was also turned on that her son had another depravity involving her. She continued smiling at Billy as her warm piss streamed into the toilet. After 20 seconds the stream turned to a dribble once again, and finally stopped with a couple more drops. Peggy reached for the toilet paper, but billy interrupted her.

“Wait mommy. Don’t wipe yet.”

Peggy was confused why Billy would want her to not wipe yet.

“What is it Billy? I’m still dripping a little.”

Billy looked at his mother with hesitation in his eyes.

“Mommy, I was wondering if I could…If you would maybe let me…If it’s not too freaky for you…instead of wiping, can I lick you clean?”

Peggy’s body got warm. Part of it was disgust, and part of it was her getting turned on. beylikdüzü masöz escort Her son wanted to lick the piss from her pussy. He wanted her to use his tongue as her toilet paper. She thought it was bizarre and a little gross at first. But then she wondered why was it gross? Why the stigma? She had been OK with Billy licking her unwashed, dirty ass and pussy. She had ejaculated into a jar so Billy could drink it at school. Why not let him lick her piss away from her pussy. Peggy wanted to satisfy Billy in as many ways as she could, and this was no exception.

“Come over here baby. Get on your knees.”

Billy we over to the toilet and got on his knees. Peggy lifted her left leg and put it onto to the bathtub ledge that was right next to the toilet.

“Go ahead baby, lick the piss from mommy’s pussy. Lick mommy clean.”

Billy reached behind his mother with both hands and cupped her magnificent ass to steady her and make sure she didn’t slip. Billy extended his tongue and licked his mommy’s pussy from bottom to top, taking in her salty and bitter urine. Billy’s cock sprang to full life at first taste. He continued wiping her pussy with his tongue until he could taste no more piss. Peggy looked down at her perverted son, and knew she loved every part of his perverted brain.

“How did mommy’s piss taste baby? Did you enjoy licking me clean?”

“I loved it so much mommy. I hope you let me do that again.”

“Of course! Anything for my baby boy.” Peggy smiled while she ran her hand through Billy’s hair as he still remained kneeling before her.

“Well mommy, do you think nest time you can piss on my cock? I want to feel your warm piss stream on it.”

Peggy purred at her son. “Oh my little boy is such a pervert, and mommy loves it.”

Billy smiled big at his mom, and then stood up, losing his balance a little from his legs being asleep. Peggy grabbed his shoulders and steadied him.

“Before you go Billy, I want to ask you for a favor. It’s actually a request. It has to do with something I’ve always been curious about. Be honest if you don’t want to co it. Actually, I never should have…”

Billy had to interupt her rambling.

“Just ask me mommy. Remember, no judging.”

Peggy felt reassured.

“Well Billy, I was wondering if you would let me…toss your salad?”

Billy wasn’t sure if he heard right.

“Wait, mom, are you…? Are you asking if you can lick my asshole?”

“Yes, Billy. But if you…”

Billy cut her off.

“Of course you can lick my asshole mommy.

My friend Charles’ mommy licks his ass sometimes, and he said it feels incredible.”

Peggy was excited to enter into more perversions with her son. Just as Billy was about to leave Peggy called out to him.

“One more thing Billy. Your grandma’s car will be in the shop tomorrow, so she wants you to drive her to her bridge club. She wants to introduce you to all her girlfriends there.”

Billy’s cock began to stir. The thought of a bunch of hot grannies, all together in one place, made Billy incredibly horny. Tomorrow couldn’t come fast enough.

Thank you for reading.

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