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Mother’s Used Condom Ch. 02

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Please remember that this is a work of fiction and that there are no real people in my stories. The stories are for your enjoyment and if interracial sex, incest or homosexuality offends you in anyway please stop reading now. On the other hand if you like the idea of the darker side of what sex can bring read on. Thank you.


Judy didn’t know what to do; she was so upset she forgot to throw out the small trash bag she was carrying. Judy was sure of one thing, there was cum all over her rug next to her bathroom and when she had kissed her son Scott goodbye she was sure she had caught the odor of cum on his face. She had been married for 19 years and she knew that odor, there was no mistaking it. She stopped her car at the red light as her minded raced. Why would Scott have cum on his face? Why was there all that cum on the floor in her bedroom? She shuddered.

As a mother and a professional she had always tried to do what was best for Scott. So why did her son smell of cum? A honk from the car behind her brought her back to the real world. She pushed on the gas and drove the rest of the way to work.

She sat at her office in the social works department. One black man after the other would sit across from her and ask her to help them find work. They were all strong and willing, they just lacked and without that they had a hard time finding good jobs to support their families. If she could only find a way to really help them, she would. That’s why she had gone to college in the first place was to help these poor unfortunate people. Her parents had been hippies in the sixties and they had taught her that there was no different between black and white people.

She looked at her appointment book for her last client of the day and her mouth dropped open. It was Devon, she had forgotten all about his appointment today. She had not forgotten last night and all the great sex he had given her. A smile came to her full lips. She would have never done what she did until after her marriage had ended. She had gone out with her friends just to get out there and see what single life was like nowadays. She didn’t have any intention of meeting anyone. When she noticed Devon and he had come on to her so strong it frightened her. She knew he was married but in her half drunk state that just made it safer for her to have sex with him.

She hadn’t had sex in the last four months, that’s why she invited him back to her house. When he left she sure was satisfied. Devon had made a fuss about wearing a condom but he had gotten over it. She was not on the pill and there was no way she was going to complicate her life like that right now. She knew she shouldn’t have had sex with a man let alone a black man with Scott home but she couldn’t help it. She needed it so bad, but now she worried what if Scott had somehow found out?

Devon entered her office with a small knock on the door and a large smile on his face.

“Devon we need to talk about last night.” Judy started.

“You will not believe it Ms. Judy!” Devon went on like she hadn’t said anything.

“After last night, after we fucked, I felt really good and I called that guy again this morning. The one that didn’t give me that job you sent me to check on and I just asked him for that job again.” He was talking with his hands as he went on.

“Well, you see I just kind of told him, I deserved that job and guess what he did! He gave it to me!” He was grinning from ear to ear.

“That’s great.” She said.

“So, I just really wanted to thank you, you see after you let me in your paints last night. I figured that I was as good as the next guy for that job. I guess that guy could hear it in my voice or something.” She felt a warm rush in her face and between her legs as he talked so causally about getting into her pants.

“I wanted to stop by one last time and thank you for all you did.” He said opening the door again.

“Guess this is the last time you’ll have to see me unless you need anything.” With that he was gone.

She closed her papers and filed Devon’s file under closed. It made her feel really good inside to have helped him and his family, and all it took was some confidence. She had known it all the time but never knew how she could give all these black men the confidence that they needed. She looked back at her appointment book. She wondered how many black men she could help out. Surely it was not this simple.

“Put that idea out of your head girl.” She told herself out loud.

No way just having sex with someone would get them into a job. Not to mention how bad it would look if it got around that you were sleeping with your clients.

She went down to her car to eat lunch, as she ate she remembered what had happened with Scoot this morning. She remembered the spots she had found on the floor in her room and the smell on Scott’s face. She had cleaned her room that morning like she always did and she knew that cum one the rug was not from last night with Devon.

Scott had been in her beylikdüzü otele gelen escort room this morning and must have been masturbating. She stopped, that was not that strange, and a lot of young men his age would sneak into their mother’s rooms to explore. Why were there cum spots by the bathroom door? That’s what she couldn’t figure out. Why would Scott have the smell of cum on his face then? Where did that come from?

Her son had been in her room masturbating and didn’t clean up the spots that he left. So was he, she gulped, eating his own cum? She wrinkled her nose in disgust. No one else had been there with him? It came to her in a flash, Devon had been there and he had worn a condom when they had sex.

She put things together and looked into the back seat where she had left the trash bag. She opened it, she throw out the trash every other day so there was not much inside. She opened it and searched, there was no condom to be found inside the small bag. She gasped, Devon condom was missing. The one he had used last night was gone.

Scott must have heard them last night. Her son must have gone into her room to find Devon’s used condom and she didn’t want to think about the rest of it.

Surly this was to far out there to be true. She shook her head as she put the bag down. This was just too fantastic to be true. She had to be sure and there was one way she could find out, and only one way.

She went back to her office and opened her appointment book, she could find out if she really helped Devon get a job, she would test her new theory and also find out the truth about Scott at the same time. She picked up the phone and made a call, when she hung it up again her hand was shaking. Her face was flush and her heart was beating fast, was she right?

That night she went to her room and looked at it hard for the first time since her husband had left. The room had two windows one on either side of the bed. There was a large mirror on the far wall to help her dress. She looked at the curtains and when she got down on her knees, she noticed that if someone wanted to see into her room they could from a very small opening at the bottom.

She wondered if Scott had been outside her window last night. She opened the window and saw tennis shoe prints in the dirt right under her window. Scott had been there and she realized that he would have been able to see a lot of what had happened in the mirror on the wall.

She started to have a small tingling down between her legs when she thought of her son Scott outside her window watching her. Sitting down on the bed thinking on what she should do next, she found herself getting excited. It was wrong what she had done to her son. Something like this could mess him up for the rest of his life. She knew that from all of her psychology classes she had taken in college. Maybe it wasn’t Scott at all outside; she had to know for sure.

She opened the curtains more at the bottom. Instead of a two inch opening she made sure it was opened a good foot or more at the bottom. She would find out tonight who was outside her window watching her and she hoped that it wasn’t her son.

She made dinner and as Scott went off to bed at ten p.m. she noticed that they didn’t’ say more than a handful of word to each other. She found herself getting excited as eleven O’clock come around. She jumped a bit when she heard a knock on the door. Running down the hallways she let the man she had called inside.

His name was Leon; he was a nice looking black man around 57 years old. She knew all about him, he was married to the same women for thirty years, had five kids, two of which were in college and was for the last eight months unemployed.

“Miss Judy, you said you found some work for me.” He asked slowly looking around her living room.

She swallowed hard as she thought about was she was going to do. This was crazy. Sleeping with someone couldn’t help them find a job or get work. She walked up to him and forced a nervous smile.

“I have some papers inside here Leon, Please follow Me.” she had him here and the excitement was gripping her stomach as she led him down the hallway and into her bedroom.

“The papers are in her.” She reassured him as he slowed at the door.

Leon stopped just outside the doorway to her bedroom a strange look came to his face.

“Miss Judy, you called me about that work?” He stammered.

“Look Leon you know I’m devoiced and I have needs. I was hoping you could help me with them.” She became very forward because she was afraid he might leave.

For just a second he looked like him might go then he walked boldly into the room and grabbed her with his large black hands.

“I have heard of this kind of thing but never thought it would happen to me.” He pulled her robe open exposing her breast. He pulled her to him and starting kissing her tits and neck, just his touch was enough to set her on fire.

“I want to help beylikdüzü rus escort you Leon, and I want you to help me.”

He never stopped kissing her he lifted her into his powerful arms and headed for the bed; she pushed the door closed with her foot.

“Your one fine woman.” he told her as he looked down and pulled the robe open all the way. She could feel him changing as he touched her. He reached down and slipped a long black finger into her already wet pussy.

“Your cunt is already hot Miss Judy.”

She bit her lower lip to keep from crying out as he drove his finger into her tight pussy. Without a word her laid her on the bed and unzipped his paints. She laid on the bed before him her robe open, her legs open inviting him to her.

“I’m not on the pill Leon if you want me I need you to wear a condom.” “Bullshit!” he snapped and started to push in between her legs.

“You’ve got to wear a rubber.” She reached into the drawer of her night stand and pulled out a condom. Leon cursed, but he took it from her and rolled it over his already swollen member.

She saw his manhood then for the first time. The head looked to be the size of an apple, and she shuddered as he finished rolling on the rubber. Leon crawled between her opened legs, she was on fire. Her pussy was gushing and her legs quivered. Leon grabbed her by the ankles and pushed his cock inside of her. She grabbed his ass hard, his cock was huge and as the head pushed her soft pussy lips apart, she gasped. Judy’s cunt opened around his cock until she felt she it would tear her apart. Leon never slowed he pushed harder into her and his cock suddenly slipped past the opening of her cunt and disappeared from sight.

“Oh. That’s so tight; I was thing I would need a shoe horn to get inside of your cunt girl.” Leon said.

She tried to relax but couldn’t really hear what he was saying, her pussy was stretch to far, and she tried to relax to let him in. The shaft of Leon’s cock was much smaller than the massive head and once it had worked its way into her pussy the rest of it slipped right in. She had never had a cock this fat in her before. Leon didn’t waste much time as he started working his cock in and out balls deep into her tight hole. Soon he was building up speed and his nut sack slapped her ass with each stroke. She saw a different in him already. This man had been meek just a moment before, now that meek man was gone and he had been replace with a large powerful black bull.

She was so hot her cunt was flowing, her juices we already all over the place. She could feel how wet Leon’s balls were as they slapped down over and over onto her ass. She ran her long red finger nails down his back. She loves having sex with black men. She would have never thought there was so much different between black and white men until now. The smell of them was sweet, the fullness of their lips on hers. Her mother and father were wrong there were differences between the black and white men.

She just hoped that this would help Leon and the fact that this black man was balls deep in her cunt didn’t really matter. It was giving him the confidence that he needed, and right now Leon had all the confidence in the world. He was fucking Judy so hard that her head was banging into the headboard of the bed. That’s when the first orgasm raddled thought her body. It started deep in her back and ended in her toes. Her pussy had never been this wet and full. Not even Deon with his large dick was this deep in her. When the orgasm faded she looked up into Leon’s sweating face.

She remembered that there was something else she was doing, she remembered Scott. Was he out there watching Leon fuck her?

“Do me from behind, Leon.” she whispered in his ear.

“Now that’s no way to ask me women! Tell me you want me to fuck you like a dog.” He said looking down on her.

“Fuck me like a dog Leon! Yes do me, fuck me Leon.” She found herself saying.

He just grinned and rolled her over. When he pulled his huge cock from her pussy, it rushed out and she again felt just how huge his cock was. It was like her inside were hanging out but before she really had time to feel the sensation he was in her again. On her hands and knees she had a better view out the window. She didn’t see anything and a rush of relief flooded her. Then she saw what she feared. She could see someone from about the top of the head down looking into her window. It was Scott.

He was on his knees and even thou she couldn’t see him masturbating; she could see his arm working up and down. For a moment she was socked, and then another orgasm hit her as she understood what was happing. A large black man was fucking her from behind like a dog and her own son was beating off his dick watching it happen. Her face twisted as Leon with his new confidence keep pumping hard into her open cunt. Her own son was not two feet away from the edge of the bed watching his lewd mother take it from this black man he didn’t beylikdüzü türbanlı escort know. The bliss of her orgasm faded and she found it exciting watching Scott looking in. Leon worked his cock in and out of her cunt and she saw that Scott was matching him stroke for stroke. The wickedness of what was happing to her made her have another earth shaking orgasm this one was so intense that she never heard Leon yelling.

“I’m Cumming.”

She felt spasm after spasm from his huge fat black cock. Leon pumped his black seed into the condom covering his cock. Leong stood up and pulled his condom off throwing it away in the same small trash can that Devon had picked.

“Judy, I had no idea that you would be so hot in bed.” He smiled.

She just smiled and stood up her legs were shaking and her inside felt like they were going to fall out of her. She put a shaking hand on her stomach. She handed him some job listing from the bed stand and told him.

“Call these in the morning; I think you’ll have some luck.”

Leon took the paper and she asked him to call her if he had any luck getting a position and to leave as quietly as he could because of her son. Judy pulled her robe back around her and looked over at the window. There was no one there Scott was gone.

She waited until Leon had left, then she quickly dressed in some sports sweats and walked down the hallway towards Scott’s room. It was almost midnight when she opened his door and looked inside, he was in his bed and he looked up when she entered.

“Scott, I’m sorry to wake you but I have to run to the drug store really quick. I’ll be home as fast as I can.” She said in a half whisper.

He nodded and she turned and went to the car. She started it up and drove about half a block from her home. She locked the door and headed back towards her house. She thought about going in but then had a better idea. She opened the gate to the back yard and slowly worked her way around the back yard towards her own bedroom window that she had left open.

She looked in and from her vantage point she could see Scott. He was standing right next to her bathroom door. He was standing with his back to her but she could tell that he was jacking off because of how his arm was working. She looked in the mirror on the far way and could see that Scott had slipped Leon’s used condom onto his own penis and was jacking off inside of it.

At first she didn’t know what she should do. She watched as her son jacked off his dick inside of the used condom. He kept moving his hand faster and faster on his rubber covered dick and she found herself looking closer at his manhood.

His Penis was not small at all it was bigger than his fathers and that was saying something. It was in no way the size of the black mans who had just fucked her. She watched and found herself getting that now familiar feeling in between her legs as she watched her son beat off in her own bedroom. She reached down and slipped her hand into her sweats. Gently she pressed her small fingers onto her pussy. It was sore to the touch after the fucking Leon had just given her. She couldn’t help herself and she started to rub ever so softly while watching her son jack off.

It must have felt really good to Scott because she could hear him moaning as he masturbated. Then without warning Scott did something she knew that he might. He pulled the rubber off his cock. She could see Scotts hard cum covered dick as he pulled the condom off. It was the first time she could really see his cock and it was wet with her last black lovers cum. She pressed harder against her pussy with her hand.

Scott raised the condom to his face and she was sure he was going to pour the contents into his mouth. To her surprise Scott licked all over the outside of the condom, she knew that he was licking up her pussy juices. This sent a shiver down her spine and she was not prepared for the orgasm that ripped through her. Her son was not just after the contents of the condom. He was licking and smelling his mother’s pussy juices.

She looked at the lust that was on her sons face and knew that he had been where she was now. Kneeling and looking into her bedroom window. She knew that he was jacking off as a result of what she had let him see. The poor kid had seen her in bed with two different black men in two days. At his age he was full of sexual tension and after what he had seen this is how he had found to express it. She also knew that she had to help him get back to a normal sex drive, but how?

Scott stiffened as he jerked harder; she knew he was about to cum. Scott’s seed erupted out of the end of his dick with such force it shocked her, large spurts went everywhere. She wondered if he had cum out here watching her. She watched as he disappeared from the room with the condom in his hand.

She made her way back to her car and drove back to the house she would have to find a way to help her son. She just had no idea how she was going to do it. If she didn’t do something he might end up screwed up for life and unable to have relationships of his own. She didn’t want that.

In the morning she got up and made them both breakfast, she left for work after given Scott a goodbye kiss like she always did. This time it was different, she knew that Scott had tasted her pussy juices and had seen her having sex with two different black men.

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