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Movie Night Pt. 01

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It HAD been a long day.

Work stress, combined with quarantine stress, combined with family stress had done a number on both of us. It was still too early to head to bed though, so I put on a movie, ordered food to be delivered, and settled down on the couch. You sigh as you plop down next to me.

“What did you end up ordering for food?”

“Pizza. Should be here by the time we get to the FireSwamp.”

I look over at you as you finish up putting your work for the day away. Your slender silhouette is framed against the light from the hallway creating a halo around your long dark hair, accenting your slender frame filled out with the curves from your magnificently full, pert, breasts. You snuggle your five foot three and three-quarter inch (every little bit counts when you only have so much) body against my much larger form as the movie starts. We watch as young adorable Fred Savage chats with his grandfather. As he begins to read the story to his grandson, you rest your head on my arm and slowly trace a line on my thigh. You see my pants begin to tighten as my cock starts to grow. Your fingers wander lower and you run your nails along my cock, feeling it grow hard as you tease it in my pants. I grab a handful of your shirt and pull it over your head, flinging it to the center of the room.

As Westley left to go seeking his fortune, your bra followed your shirt, and as Buttercup sheds a tear saying she will never love again, my warm, large hand starts sliding up your side. You feel my fingers graze under the soft curve of your breast. Your nipples stiffen at my touch and I hear you draw in a deep breath. I let the moment linger. Still plenty of movie left to go.

Buttercup is taken prisoner. Buttercup tries to swim away. The shrieking eels approach. As the monster leaps escort kartal from the water to scare the audience, I pinch your nipple, making you gasp as it instantly stiffens under my fingers and I tease you, rolling it between my fingertips. You slink off the couch, slip off the rest of your clothes and instead of sitting next to me, you press your ass into my crotch as you come and sit on my lap. You feel my hard cock press against you through my pants as I wrap my arms around your waist and we continue watching the film.

As the group climbs the Cliffs of Insanity, I slide my hands up your stomach and clasp your breasts firmly. I love feeling your soft, succulent flesh rolling in my hands. I trace small circles spiraling from your outermost sideboob, slowly round and round until my fingertips brush the edges of your nipples and I feel them stiffen again. I slowly draw my nails along the sensitive tips of your nipples, and you reach under you to find my straining cock bulging in my pants and give it a nice squeeze.

Just as the most epic sword battle in cinema history begins, the doorbell rings. I pause the movie as you look at me puzzled for half a second before you remember I had ordered pizza. With an impish grin you asked if I paid in advance, and I affirm that I had. So you saunter over to the door, give your hair a quick flip, and naked as the day you were born you fling the door wide. The flabbergasted teenager takes in an eyeful as he stammers his way through handing you our pizza, then you turn, grace him with a booty wiggle, and shut the door on him. Looking QUITE pleased with yourself, and rightfully so, you put the pizza on the coffee table, and we eat as Westley bests Inigo, then Fezzik, and as Vizzini keels over proving one CAN successfully go against a Sicilian maltepe escort when death is on the line, we are full and happy.

As our lovers enter the FireSwamp I wrap my arms around you once more. As the first burst of flame sets Buttercups dress afire I grip your tits in my hands. As they fall into the lightning sand, I squeeze your full pert cups and play with the bouncy delight of boobs, shifting them up and down, left and right, generally acting as a child with their favorite toys…which one could say was true. As Westley battles the ROUS’s your nipples are hard and SO sensitive from my teasing and pinching, and I reach up to brush your hair away from your neck, and I lean over and kiss you there. Not a peck, a full deep sucking of your throat and neck, then a quick nibble on your ear.

The vibe has changed now. Before, my attentions paid on you were subtle…almost absent minded…just some light teasing to set a mood for the night. The kiss on your neck announced that things were going to step up a notch, and you feel my cock pulse and twitch in my pants. The impish smile creeps back on your face, and had I been able to see it, I might have been ready as you slid down off of me to the floor, spun round, pulled me to my feet so you could have full access to take off my clothes, and strip me down as naked as you. With a playful shove you put me back down onto the couch, and as Buttercup has her nightmare and is booed, my dream comes alive and I want to cheer as you crawl back up on the couch and slink next to me, sidling up beside me as I ease one hand back onto your breast and you wrap a hand around my cock and start stroking it gently up and down.

Now we engage in a subtle back-and-forth as Westley is found and taken to Miracle Max. I’ll squeeze your nip and your pendik escort bayan stroking of my cock gets slower…or you’ll speed up and my focus on pleasuring your breasts drifts a bit. By now the movie is secondary entertainment to seeing which one of us is going to make the other too stimulated to keep watching and we just collapse into each other in a flurry of kisses and caresses. I pinch your nipple hard making you gasp in pleasure and you tease my cockhead with the tips of your fingers. I slide my hand down your body and grab a firm handful of your delightful booty and you shift to give me better access, but also lean in close to my cock, and I moan aloud as your tongue darts out and swabs the super sensitive tip of my shaft.

The trio of heroes are storming the castle as you start really going to town on my cock. I make sure your tits get plenty of attention, but I also grab your ass, then spread your thighs, and run a finger along your slick slit, teasing your pussy and clit for a bit before reaching back up for more nipple play. Your body is quivering atop me as Inigo finishes his quest to kill Count Rugen. My thighs are shaking as Westley draws his sword and defeats Prince Humperdink with an epic bluff. And as Grandpa starts the final lines about the five most passionate, most pure kisses in the history of the world, we are both working each other over as hard as we can, and we are both holding on as hard as we can, the unspoken contest supercharging our competitive spirit, and as the credits start to roll we both tense, and then you arch your head back and cry aloud as one hard pinch of your breast triggers a powerful orgasm that courses through you, and I roar along, my cock exploding in your hand as you jerk me off.

Spent, we recover for a minute or two on the couch, and then our eyes meet and we can each see that there is hunger there that has not yet been filled, so we fling our arms around each other in a flurry of kisses and make our way to the bedroom to continue tantalizing each other until one of us finally throws in the towel.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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