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Movie Night with Dad

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None of these events are real, they are simply for story purposes.

All characters are over the age of 18.


I had just started my second year in college. I decided to stay in my hometown and do two years of community college before transferring to a university. I knew I would save money, and I loved living at home. My dad and I were best friends, and we loved just spending time with each other.

I was coming home from a late class one night extremely exhausted from a long day at school. My dad was home on the couch watching soccer, and it smelled like he had just cooked dinner. He yelled “Hi!” as I walked through the door. I gave him a wave and went into my bedroom to take off my heels and my tight jeans that I had been wearing all day.

I came back out into the living room in a loose tank top, and some little shorts that had shooting stars on them. I sat on the couch with my dad and he started flipping through channels because he knew I hated soccer.

Oceans Eleven came on, and we both nodded in agreement that we would watch it. As always, he grabbed a pillow and put it on his lap for my head to lie on. He always let me lay across the whole couch. He just wanted his little girl to feel comfortable.

He put his right arm around my waist and we watched the movie like any ordinary night.

I could tell he was drifting into a sleep because he would snore a little and wake himself up. He always did this. I always knew it was because he had worked a long day. I didn’t want to disturb him because I knew he was probably super tired. He twitched a little while dreaming and accidently tugged down my shirt. My nipple was exposed, but not my entire breast. I didn’t think anything of it because I knew he was asleep. So instead of trying to fix it and waking him, I just let it be.

I guess I must’ve closed my eyes and started drifting off too because the next thing I know my dad let out his biggest snore yet. It startled both of us up from our dreams. He said, “What did I miss in the movie? I was falling asleep.”

I told him, “I’m not sure I missed some of it too.”

I reached for the remote to try and rewind the movie; not even realizing my nipple was still exposed. My dad gestured to me to move my shirt. I was so embarrassed! My own father had just seen my nipple!

I laid back down and tried to forget about it; he seemed to also. We were both enjoying the movie again when I could hear his little snoring happening again.

He must have moved my shirt again in his sleep because this time my entire breast was exposed. He kept twitching and his thumb kept accidently touching eve gelen escort my nipple. This was arousing me for some reason. I placed his hand around my exposed breast and just let it cup my boob. His hands were so manly and my boob was sitting so perfectly in his hand. I was hoping he would squeeze or play with my nipple. But I guess me moving his hand to cup my boob must have caused him to wake a little.

He yanked his hand off of my boob and started to apologize to me saying it must have happened in his sleep. I pretended to be asleep so that I didn’t have to deal with the awkwardness of it all. He placed his hand on the outside of my waist, and pulled my shirt up for me, thinking I was asleep.

I was lying there completely awake and oddly aroused. I could feel his hand slipping down my waist as he started to fall asleep again. I took the tips of his fingers and put it underneath the elastic waistband of my shorts. I didn’t want him to wake up, and I felt satisfied with where his fingers were. I think he was having some kind of sexual dream though because his fingers started making their way to the opening of my slit.

I was feeling so good; I guess I must have twitched, which woke him up. He never reached my slit. But I guess he thought I was still asleep.

Instead of yanking his hand away like he did the first time, he just left it there. Not touching me, just his fingers underneath the elastic. I think he thought moving his hand would wake me up and I would have serious questions for him. Little did he know I was wide-awake and wanting to know what his manly hands would feel like in me.

The movie finished and the credits had roaring load music, which made me sit up. He had managed to move his hand without me even noticing. I told him I was tired and wanted to go to bed. He always tucked me in. Even at 19 years old.

He came into my room with me and we sat on the bed. He started tickling me like he always did. That was always a contest for us. Who could tickle the other one the most. He pinned my arms down. He had one knee on my left arm, and one of his hands on my right arm so he had one hand loose to tickle me. I was wiggling around trying to break his grip, when one of my boobs came out of the side of my tank top again.

This time we were both very aware that it happened. I shouted “Dad! Let me move my shirt!” giggling so hard. Instead of letting me, he blew a raspberry on my breast and started laughing like it was a big joke. I kept shouting “Dad! Dad! Dad!” And every time I shouted, he blew another raspberry and laughed.

My tank kept rising because I kept wiggling trying to get out of his hold. fatih escort I shouted his name again, and this time instead of giving me a raspberry, he sucked my nipple. He was doing it because he thought it was funny, but it was turning me on so much. I started laughing and shouting his name more just so he would keep sucking. My shirt finally rose all the way and my other breast was now showing. He said, “I’ve got to make it even!” and started sucking that nipple too. We were both laughing and he kept tickling me.

I was kicking my legs a little trying to get him off of me. He pinned my legs down and wide open with his knees, and kept my arms pinned on the bed. I was on my back looking up at my father with both of my breasts dripping in his saliva.

He had no idea because he hadn’t looked, but my pussy was showing because of the way my shorts were positioned. I wasn’t wearing underwear.

I finally freed my hands and reached up and grabbed his nipples to twist them. He fell to his back on the bed and I quickly sat up and got on top of him. He was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. His gorgeous muscles were peaking through the tight shirt. The way I was sitting on him, my pussy was exposed to his thigh. Flesh on flesh and he didn’t even know. He was pinching my nipples as I was pinching his, and finally he shouted “Ok! I give in!”

I rolled over on my back and we were lying next to each other staring at the ceiling. I was still so confused as to what had just transpired. I think he was too. We both just started falling asleep.

I woke up and knew he was knocked out. It was really hot in my room, and I figured at this point why would he care if I just took off my shirt. So I completely removed my shirts, my boobs flopping out. I started rubbing my nipples and cupping my breasts. I knew my dad’s mouth had been on them, so I started sucking my own nipple, trying to taste him. I rubbed my tongue in circles pretending it was him.

I took off my shorts and was lying completely naked on my side with my dad. I made sure my boobs were right in his face incase he woke up. I wanted him to see them. I started rubbing my clit and playing with my nipples just staring at him. But it wasn’t enough. I needed him to touch me. I took his hand and placed it on my pulsing opening, and waited for him to do the rest. I pretended I was asleep again when he woke up with his fingers touching my clit. Instead of removing them like I thought he was going to, he kind of fidgeted not knowing what to do. All of a sudden he slowly started rubbing my clit back and forth trying so desperately not to wake me. He was rubbing and circling my clit, god it felt so good! halkalı anal yapan escort He was rubbing and rubbing gently and finally his finger entered me. I was so wet, and his hands were so big it felt amazing. I almost gave in and pretended I was awake when he did that.

He got off the bed and very softly turned my body so I was lying flat on my back. He came around the side of me and removed his shorts and boxers. He was rubbing my clit and fingering me while he started jerking his cock. He must have really loved my juices because he tasted his fingers and kept rubbing his cock. He was so lost in the moment that he looked up to the ceiling with his eyes closed and started moaning. He no longer had any hands on me, he was just pleasing himself looking at the ceiling. He was so lost in the moment, he hadn’t even realized I went spread eagle for him. I was just watching him rub the shaft of his huge dick and I had my legs spread wide open. I was just going to look at him until he noticed I was awake.

He finally looked back down and we locked eyes. He paused what he was doing and tried to cover himself until he saw my dripping pussy welcoming him. I told him “Tickle me here dad, give me a raspberry here too.”

Instead, he got back into bed with me, took my thighs and pulled me in close to him. He took the head of his dick and softly started rubbing my clit with it. He kept going a little lower, and coming back to keep rubbing my clit with it, until he finally shoved it inside me. I let out a huge gasp. It was so big. I had never felt a dick that size in me before. He took it out completely. He shoved it in again, this time me gasping louder.

He started thrusting into me slowly, making sure I felt every inch of his dick. I couldn’t help gasping every time the tip hit my g-spot. He began playing and sucking my nipples again. Every time I gasped when he hit my perfect spot, he bit down on my nipple til I moaned.

We found the most perfect rhythm. He flipped me over and started slapping my ass and fucking my pussy. I was rubbing my clit in circles and he was thrusting his massive dick inside me. He was hitting my g-spot and I was circling my clit at the same time. The more I played with my clit the harder I moaned. He wanted to play with it. He turned me back over and put my thighs over his shoulder. He started eating my pussy and fingering me with my thighs around his muscular neck. I was so wet for my dad.

He grabbed my waist and shoved me back onto the bed. He put his dick in me once again, slamming me hard into the mattress. He put himself so far in me that I lost my breath. He held me there for a few seconds. I still wasn’t breathing. That was the farthest he had been in me yet. I had no words it felt so damn good. I came instantly.

This was the best and only orgasm I had ever had. He came inside me and rolled over and tried to slow his breathing back to normal.

He looked me in the eyes and said, “What about Oceans Twelve tomorrow night?”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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