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Moving in with Daddy

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Chapter 1:

My parents split up when I was second grade. The judge awarded my mom full custody and Daddy was allowed visitation for a few weeks every year during summer break. Since Daddy really didn’t have a reason to stick around anymore, he moved to Florida. As a result, I rarely saw Daddy when I was growing up. He sent presents and cards and we communicated by e-mail, but it wasn’t the same thing. When I was eighteen, my mother remarried. I didn’t like her new husband, Jerry. He was always walking into my bedroom without knocking, touching me, and staring at my boobs.

Don’t get me wrong, I can understand why. I’m not vain, but I know I’m attractive. I’m 5’7 with long legs, a slender waist, and 34C breasts. I have long brown hair with natural auburn highlights, blue eyes, fair skin, and a small spattering of light freckles. Jerry looks at me the same way the boys in school look at me. I appreciate the attention from the boys at school, but Jerry is over sixty years old and in very poor shape. He is shorter than I am, with a gut that protrudes over the waistband of his pants and a hairline that disappeared years ago. I’m sure my mother married him for his money. That’s his only positive attribute.

Two months after Jerry moved in, I couldn’t take it anymore. One night, Jerry came in my room, without knocking of course, and I was in the middle of changing into my pajamas. “It’s like I got a two fer one when I married yer mama. I bet the boys line up to get between yer tight little thighs. You let me know if you get tired of those boys and want a real man.” I called Daddy as soon as I could get Jerry out of my room and asked if I could move in with him after I graduated from high school in a few weeks. He readily agreed, stating that he was excited about spending some real time with me for the first time since I was seven. I talked to Mom and explained that I would be moving to Florida in the summer and going to college there. Mom and I have never really gotten along, so she didn’t care.

Chapter 2:

I drove up to South Carolina for Samantha’s high school graduation. I missed so much of my little girl’s childhood, I was glad we were going to get some time to bond. I didn’t like Jerry and the fact that he was forcing my daughter to move out of her home because his lecherous behavior was enough to make me have very violent thoughts. But I knew that wouldn’t have helped anything. And I knew Samantha wasn’t just moving to Florida because of Jerry. She could have easily just moved in with one of her girlfriends or gotten an apartment in town.

Samantha and I loaded up my SUV with her things and headed out early the morning after her graduation. I didn’t want her to miss the graduation parties. The drive from South Carolina to Florida was a long one. We could have flown but she had an entire life that she didn’t want to just leave at her mom’s house. Samantha and I didn’t talk much on the trip. She spent most of the time catching up on the sleep she missed from the night before. I couldn’t help noticing what a beautiful woman my daughter had grown into.

We arrived home late that night. I had been driving for almost twelve hours and I beat. “Samantha, baby, do you mind if we just unload the car tomorrow? I’ve been driving all day and I am exhausted. I just want to fall into bed.” “Sure, Daddy. It’s not a problem. I stayed up late last night partying and we left early thing morning. I’m looking halkalı eve gelen escort forward to sleeping myself. Do you mind if I borrow a t-shirt to sleep in?” When we got inside, I went to my room, grabbed an old t-shirt, gave it to Samantha, and started getting ready for bed.

Chapter 3:

Daddy’s house isn’t huge; just a modest two-bedroom house. Real estate is expensive in Florida and even though he has a great job, he’s not a millionaire. Daddy had bought this house shortly after the divorce, so I had always had the same room at his house. I went to room, closed the door, stripped down to my panties, and pulled on my the shirt I had borrowed from Daddy. It was somehow comforting that it smelled just my daddy. I crawled into bed and under the covers. I tried going to sleep for a few minutes, but I guess all the sleeping on the ride down revved me up. I decided to masturbate since it usually helps me sleep. All my toys were still in the car so I decided to go take a shower and let the strong jets in the shower help me along.

I jumped out of bed, walked down the hallway, stopping at Daddy’s bedroom door to make sure the light was out and he was in bed. After the long drive, I was sure he was exhausted, so I didn’t think I had much to worry about. The thought of getting caught masturbating in the shower did get me a little aroused. I’ve always gotten turned on by the thought of someone else watching me play with myself. When I was in the bathroom, I shut the door, turned on the water, and pulled off the t-shirt and my panties. When the water was the right temperature, I stepped in the shower.

The warm water cascading over my body felt amazing. I palmed one of my tits. My fingers found one of my nipples and pinched. A shiver ran through me. I twisted the nipple and a moan escaped. I was a lot more aroused than I thought. I’m very sexually vocal, but I have to get very hot before I make noises. While I continued to pinch and twist my nipples, alternating between the two, I grabbed the shower head with the free hand and set it to ‘pulsating jet’. I propped one of my legs up on the soap shelf to give the jets free access to the sensitive parts of me that needed release. I set the shower head to ‘medium’ and aimed the jets right at my engorged clit. I let out a moan so loud, I knew my daddy would have heard it had he been awake. Luckily he was dead to the world; I hope. But just thinking of Daddy catching me playing with myself, I was getting hotter. I let my fantasies take over. After all, they’re just fantasies, nothing wrong with that. “Oh, Daddy. You like watching your little girl play with her nipples? You’re so dirty. But I know you can’t help it. Look at these hard little nipples.” I flicked one of my nipples roughly. “And you like seeing your little girl with warm jets of water aimed right at her clit, hitting it just right so it drives her wild.” I turned the jets to ‘high’ and screamed as the jets hit the sensitive little nub at full-speed.

Chapter 4:

How did she know I was here? I was almost asleep when a moan jarred me awake. I saw the light under the bathroom door and I thought Samantha had fallen in the bathtub. I opened the door, planning on announcing myself and asking if she was okay, but then I caught her reflection in the mirror through the transparent shower curtain. My little girl was masturbating. She was my daughter, halkalı grup yapan escort but I couldn’t tear my eyes away. I wanted to, God, I wanted to. But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t stop looking. She was so beautiful, with her long hair slicked down her back, one hand pinching a nipple hard enough that he knew it would be purple tomorrow, and her other hand holding the shower head inches away from a glorious cunt with just a dusting of hair above it. He knew it was wrong, but he would do anything to be able to take the shower head out of her hand and replace the jets with his tongue. He had never been attracted to his daughter before. Maybe it was because he hadn’t had a woman near his cock in months, but he was rock-hard watching his daughter bring herself to orgasm.

He was just about to answer Samantha when the familiar sounds of a orgasm ripped through the bathroom. “Daddy, oh, daddy! Ah, ah, ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” She moved her hands away from her now extra-sensitive nipples and genitals and leaned back against the shower wall.

Chapter 5:

“Baby, I’m sorry. I couldn’t help myself. I didn’t know you could see me. I heard you moan and came to see if you were hurt and needed help. You’re so beautiful and you were enjoying yourself so much. I know you’re my daughter and it’s wrong for me to be attracted to you. I swear it’s never happened before and if you want out, I understand.”

To say I was shocked when, right after an amazing orgasm in which I verbally fantasized about my daddy catching me, he began apologizing for watching would be an understatement. I mean, it was just a fantasy. I didn’t actually know he was there and I didn’t really want to get caught. I was torn between being revolted that my own daddy had watched me masturbate and being incredibly turned on that he had caught me and had a huge erection to prove he was turned on. I didn’t know what to do. Part of me wanted to yell that I was moving out and part of me wanted to yell “Impale me on giant cock, Daddy!”

As it was, neither side won. I couldn’t exactly punish Daddy for watching when I had fantasized about being caught by him. And I knew it was wrong for me to want to have hot, dirty sex with my daddy. I grabbed a towel to cover myself and stepped out of the shower.

“Oh, Daddy. I understand. I should have locked the door. I didn’t think. I was having trouble sleeping. I just assumed that since you were so exhausted, you would have already been asleep. I’m so sorry.”

Daddy came over to hug me at the same time I stepped off the bathmat. I slipped on the tile floor. Daddy and I ended up on the floor, with him on top of me and the towel nowhere to be found. Daddy’s erection was pressed right at the entrance to my cunt. The heat was suddenly too much. I reached up, grabbed Daddy’s head, pulled him down to me, and kissed him.

Chapter 6:

I didn’t know how to react when my daughter’s soft, slippery lips hit mine. But my mind didn’t have to worry about making any decisions; my body took over. I returned the kiss. With one hand propped up behind her head for leverage, my other hand claimed that perky little tit. I broke away from the kiss and my lips claimed a nipple with my hand found another nipple. A moan slipped between her lips much like the one that had originally gotten me out of bed. Licked and sucked and nibbled that halkalı masöz escort little nub until she was writhing on the floor. Then I released the nipple. Just as she started to protest, I turned my attention to the other nipple. But I my teeth were a little rougher on this one, and as I thought, Samantha arched her back and screamed. But it wasn’t a scream of pain; it was a scream of pleasure. “More, Daddy! More!” While my teeth bit into the tender little bit of pink flesh, my other hand was pinching and twisting her nipple. I put my hand over her mouth and simultaneously pinched as hard as I could and bit down on my daughter’s sensitive little nip. Samantha tried to let out a piercing scream, but was blocked by my hand clamped down over her mouth, as the waves of an orgasm washed over her. “Wow, I’ve never had an orgasm simply from nipple play before.”

“I’m sorry, baby. That never should have happened. Even if we both enjoyed it, we’ve stepped over the line. Having sex with you is wrong and illegal, no matter how amazing it was.” Even though I hadn’t had my release, my brain was kicked on again by her orgasm.

“Oh, Daddy. Shut up and fuck me.”

I didn’t expect those words to come out of the mouth of my sweet little daughter and while I may have wanted to resist, I couldn’t. Samantha was more than wet and ready for me and my dick was aching for release. While I wanted to be gentle with her, the need to bury myself deep within her was overwhelming. I pulled my engorged cock out of my boxers, placed it at her hot, wet cunt and rammed it deep inside.

“Dammit, Samantha!” I yelled as I felt my cock rip through the barrier that proved my cock to be the first inside of her. “Why didn’t you tell me you were a virgin?”

“Would you still have fucked me if you had known?” she asked. “Of course I wouldn’t have.” I replied. “Your first time should be special and gentle. Not like this. Not with your own father.” Samantha started moving against me. “I can’t imagine anything more special than my first time being with you. There are plenty of boys who would have been willing to oblige if I wanted my first time to be gentle, but that’s not what I want. I love you. Now, fuck me.”

It was too late for me to go back. The feeling of her tight, virgin cunt wrapped around my cock was almost more than I could stand. But I wanted her first time to be worth it. I eased my cock out and pushed it back in, pumping into her slowly to avoid blowing my load before she had a chance to cum again.

“I said fuck me.” Samantha said. And with that she flipped us over so that she was on top. She impaled herself on my rod and started riding me hard. The sight of those perky tits bouncing while she fucked herself on me was more than I could take. Right as she started cumming, I felt my own release coming. I grabbed her hips and rammed myself to the hilt, exploding inside her womb. Exhausted, she fell on top of me.

Chapter 7:

“Daddy, that was amazing. I never expected my first time to be like that. I’m definitely tired now. I’m going to bed. I’ll see you in the morning.”

I got up and walked down the hall, to my daddy’s bedroom. I’m sure he expected me to go to my own bedroom but I while I was tired tonight, I wanted an encore of that wonderful experience in the morning. I didn’t worry about putting on anything to sleep in, and crawled under the covers in my Daddy’s bed.

When Daddy walked past his bedroom, on his way to say goodnight to me, I’m sure, he saw me in his bed. “I guess I could protest, but I don’t think I’m very good at refusing you.”

“Come get in bed, Daddy. You need your rest if you’re going to be ready for round two tomorrow morning.”

ope you’ve enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing.

To be continued?

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