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Mr. Basketball Ch. 02

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There was a light dusting of snow on the ground as I left for work early that morning. It was unusual for it to snow this early in November. My knee was stiff as hell when I rolled out of bed this morning so I should have known something was up.

Work drug by today. I had to catch up on paper work since I had been leaving early for the past couple of days to help Sam out. Thoughts of her and last night flashed fresh into my brain. That lethal little body wrapped around my cock had me flustered all day. I did what I could to take my mind off her and focus on my job. My next patient made that a whole lot easier. He could make the paint peel off the wall with is odor.

I rolled into the gym at 615 and watched the end of the JV game. They were getting blown out late in the third. Sam spotted me and made her way over to me.

“You want to come into the locker room with me for the pep talk?”

“I’m not a coach Sam, that’s your thing.”

“Be nice to have you add some pointers,” she begged.

I relented and followed her back into the locker room.

She started talking, going over the game plan and what she expected from the girls. They took the floor shortly after and started warming up. Sam convinced me to take a seat on the bench with her and help out if I could.

They played good in the first half. They took good shots, blocked out and grabbed the missed shots. They missed quite a few free throws but still they were in the game. Only down by 3 going into the locker room.

Sam started talking and going over what they needed to do in the second half. She asked me if I had anything.

“You just need to keep crashing the boards and get the rebounds,” I said. “Play hard and play for each other.”

With that they left and got ready for the third quarter. It didn’t start out so well. The other team went on a 10 zip run and quickly pushed the lead to 13.

“Take a timeout Sam and get them to settle down,” I ordered.

She quickly called timeout and gathered the girls around.

Sam started quickly barking orders. Sometimes she got ahead of herself and went off track. Her dad was the basketball coach for both of us back in high school so she knew what she needed the girls to do but she didn’t get it out in an orderly fashion.

“Sam, Sam,” I said stopping her. “Girls, just slow the pace down. Set up your plays, run them and get good shots. You won’t get this back all at once so don’t try and run with them. It’s clear they are going to out run you. Make two baskets for every one they make and it will slowly come back to even. Play this for the last two minutes of the game. If you get it to 4 points you are going to be fine.”

They saw the light. Understood that it wasn’t about roaring back and taking the lead in the next 3 minutes. They had the rest of the game to chip away at this.

“We can do this,” Teagan cried.

“That’s right, you girls can,” I said.

They took the floor. They didn’t get the two baskets for their every one but they chipped away at the lead. It was down to 7 by the end of the third.

The fourth started out slow. They started working the clock and pushing the ball into the post and working against Teagan. She couldn’t stop the girl and the lead started growing again. It was back up to 12 before I told Sam to take another time out.

Teagan slumped into the chair and panted.

“Head up,” I yelled. “Chin up and look like you’re in this. Don’t let them think they’ve beat you already.”

“I’m getting killed out there,” she whimpered.

“Rest her for a minute Sam and play zone,” I said.

They took the floor and played a zone. They didn’t have great shooters so it paid off to run the zone.

“Teagan listen,” I said.

“Yeah,” she smiled her pretty little smile.

“Don’t let that girl get in front of you when you go back out there. Guard her just like this. Like I do against you sometimes in practice.”

I pushed my fore arm into her tits and held my other in the air. “Deny her the ball and make someone else take a shot. You have to fight for the boards but I know you can do it. Play rough like we did yesterday in practice.”

She smiled a big smile.

“No grabbing,” I teased.

“They don’t have anything to grab,” she fired right back.

“That girl,” I joked. “She might.”

She laughed. The first time I had seen her laugh all night.

It was 7 points again when the starting five hit the floor again. Four and some change on the clock. Plenty of time to get this done.

“Switch them out of the zone and have the guards pressure the ball Sam,” I ordered.

Teagan did a good job denying the ball. They had to find other ways to take shots and had a hard time making them. The game was very close at the end.

It was under a minute to go and they were down by three now. Teagan was denying the ball and they went away and put up and shot. She started fighting for the ball. Her and the girl she was guarding both grabbed it and fought for it. They wrestled themselves to the floor and ataşehir escort it was a jump ball. The arrow was pointing our way. Teagan lay sprawled out on the floor and I found myself looking between her legs. Of course tonight she had on game shorts and tight under shorts so there was nothing to see but I was hopeful. She got up and was all smiles when she saw me looking.

“Focus,” I yelled. “Run a post play, get the ball and score.”

“You don’t need a three right now,” I yelled at Mandy. She nodded in understanding as she brought the ball up the floor.

They worked the ball around and got it into Teagan. She hadn’t made a basket yet but had been fouled a few times. She was 4 of 6. She felt her defender back off so she squared up and took the short jumper and banked it off the glass.

“Pressure the guards,” I yelled as Sam tried to get them to trap.

“Don’t trap,” I yelled. “Pressure the ball.”

“What are you fucking crazy?” Sam hollered at me. “We need the ball.”

“No Sam, not yet,” I snapped back. “Keep the pressure on the ball and they can’t dribble it around, they will get a five second call. They have to pass it. They’re going to make a mistake.”

They didn’t make a mistake but they took a bad shot and missed everything. In the end it was what we needed.

“Take a time out,” I called.

Sam called time out and the team huddled up.

“How many do we have left?” I asked the score official.

“Just a 20 second one left,” she replied.

“Ok, you have one time out left and 12 on the clock,” I started. “You’re down by one so you can take any shot.”

I grabbed the board from Sam and started drawing a play quickly. “Who wants to take the shot?”

“Me,” Teagan piped in quickly.

I looked back at Sam. She had this ‘see I told you she wants your cock’ look on her face. “You’re call there Mr. Basketball, I’m just the coach.”

I brushed her off. I didn’t want to fight with her here and now.

“Ok, here, double pick, swing and roll it to the hoop. Make the shot, you can do it. If it’s not there Mandy will swing out and should be open. If it’s not there we have one time out left. We will call it from the bench and draw up another play.”

“They still have one left too,” Sam added.

“Ok, good to know,” I said.

“Set up like you’re going to run play one. They are going to see what you girls are set up in. They may call time and they may not. If they don’t call time, quickly get into this all run it. You got this.”

They broke and set up. The other team let it go. The girls hustled into the drawn play and inbounded the ball. Teagan got caught up trying to shuffle through the double pick. She got out of it a little late but was still open. The ball got dropped into her as the defense figured it out and tried to stop it. She was fouled hard. I immediately left the bench and protested for a flagrant foul.

“That was an awful hard foul ref,” I calmly said.

“It was but not hard enough to warrant the flagrant,” he replied.

“Ok, ok,” I said coming back to the bench. “Hey, time out.”

He granted up the time out.

“Use your legs Teagan,” I reminded her.

“Yes sir,” she chirped.

“Listen, when she makes the first one, I want all the rest of you off the key and back to half court. There’s five seconds left, if Teagan misses the second one I want all of you to be ready. They are going to push it up the floor and try to win the game. Be ready. At worse this games going to over time.”

They lined up and Teagan did just like she was coached. Set, knees bent, smooth release. It clanked off the front of the rim but had just enough to roll in. Game tied at 53 each. The rest of her teammates vacated the key and went to half court.

It was just Teagan by herself with the other team looking on as she shot number two. It went right on in. They called time out.

“Don’t foul,” I reminded them.

Sam now got back into the mix. She barked orders to play tight and don’t stop until the horn sounded.

“Don’t foul,” I said one last time.

They worked the ball in and made a looping run at it. The shot went up and bounced around as the horn sounded. It rolled off the rim and the game was over.

I ran and pick Sam up in a hug as I spun her around. She kissed me on the mouth and let it linger just a second too long before looking at me.

“Thank you, for everything. I needed this win.”

We found ourselves surrounded by the team as they jumped for joy.

“Ok, ok,” I yelled. “Line up and shake hands.”

We walked the line and said good game to our opponents.

“Congratulations on your first win of the season,” the opposing coach said to Sam.

“First win?” I asked her as we headed to the locker room.

“Yeah, the one win we got was because they didn’t schedule the bus and we won by forfeit.”

Inside the locker room it was cheers and excitement as they celebrated. Sam talked to them for a while before she released them to get cleaned up. Teagan caught kadıköy escort bayan my gaze as she quickly shimmied out of her shorts. Took everything off in one quick tug showing me her tanned ass as she did. Looked over her shoulder as me with a smoldering look.

“I better go,” I said to Sam as I hugged her again.

“Thank you again,” she said hugging me.

Teagan teased me in the background as she arched her back and pulled her jersey off. Thin white sports bra met my eyes, her nipples hard as a rock as she crossed her arms and started to remove that too. I saw just the bottom of her tits as I released Sam and turned away.

“Wait up for me,” Sam said. “I need to ask you something.”

“Sure,” I said turning back to see Teagan walking towards the showers. Her perfect ass disappeared around the corner.

I quickly left the locker room and waited in the gym. I watched the girls file out of the locker room and either meet their parents or friends before leaving the gym. I never did see Teagan come out but maybe I missed her. Sam came ten minutes after the gym had cleared and only the small overhead light was on.

She was on the phone in a heated argument. I figured it was a continuation of last night so I waited patiently for her to end the call.

“Can I stay with you tonight?” she asked. “I can’t go home right now. I’m so mad at him right now.”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“I’m way out in the staff lot so I guess I will meet you there,” she said.


I bundled up and headed for the door. The cold brisk wind hit me as I stepped out the thresh hold. Early season cold front took a lot of us by surprise. The snow had begun to fall again. It left everything with a thin white dusting as I hustled along to my car. This was going to be a cold winter judging by how early the snow was falling.

I hit the unlock button and quickly got in. I turned the car on and blasted the heat. I rubbed my hands together and waited for the car to warm up a little before I tossed my coat into the back seat. I flipped the lights on and started to leave.

I noticed a car at the end of the row I was traveling down. There was someone standing beside it. I couldn’t tell who it was as I could only see the silhouette against the dim amber light. As I got closer the shadow tried to make itself less noticeable as I drove by. I did a double take as I noticed it was Teagan. She didn’t try to flag me down but I assumed she was in some kind of distress by the way she was standing in the cold parking lot alone.

I spun the wheel around and drove back to her car. I rolled the window down to see what the problem was. She tried to pretend everything was cool until she saw it was me.

“Everything ok?” I asked.

“No,” she shivered. “I fucking locked my keys in the car. I hate this fucking thing.”

“How did you do that?” I asked.

“I put my bag in the trunk and closed the lid and the dam thing locked,” she scowled.

“Can you give me a ride home?” Sweet little smile on her face as her teeth chattered.

“How about I call your dad instead,” I suggested.

“Don’t waste your time,” she hissed. “He’s not home. He don’t give a flying shit about me.”

“Sure he does,” I said. “A father always looks after his daughter.”

“Yeah, you don’t know the half of it. He don’t give a shit about anything I do. He pushed me to play basketball because that’s what he did when he was in high school. He hasn’t made it one game in two years.”

I unlocked the doors. “Get in the car so you don’t freeze to death.”

She climbed into the warmth of the car. She was wearing a long sleeved shirt and some tight lycra pants, hardly dressed for how cold it was.

“I’m sorry about him not being here,” I said. “He missed a good game from you tonight.”

“Yeah, I bet he’s sorry,” she cried. “Always next game isn’t there?”

“He’ll come around,” I offered.

“You know you’re the first guy who has actually tried to help me for once,” she said. “Everyone tries to get to my dad through me, I’m so tired of it.”

“I’m trying to help Sam out, if that means you are a product of that then that’s how it is,” I said.

“I know, but it’s nice to have someone who cares.”

“So, do you want me to call a lock smith or someone?” I asked.

“Can you just drive me home?” she begged.

“What about your car?” I asked.

“It will still be here tomorrow,” she huffed. “It isn’t going to unlock on its own.”

I sighed.

“What are you afraid of?” she suddenly asked.

“I’m not afraid of anything, it’s just….. Nothing. Where do you live?”

“You’re afraid something might happen aren’t you?”

“Well, that’s part of it,” I said honestly.

“So what if something does?” she asked coyly.

I scratched my head and looked straight ahead at the road in front of me. “Because…..”

Her cold hands hit my face as she pulled my head around. Her cherry lips hit mine in a soft and uncertain kiss. What that hell is happening I asked myself escort maltepe but I didn’t stop it. In fact I kissed her back. Opened my mouth and found her tongue with mine as my hand found her breast. Palmed her nipple as I kissed her with more force now.

She spun out of her seat and into my lap. One knee on the center console, the other right between my legs. Knee dug into my cock as she used her hand to find the lever on the seat. Like she had practiced this move before I reclined back and she repositioned herself so she was now straddling me. She pressed her ass onto my now hard cock and ground it around.

Moaned into my mouth as I pulled her shirt up over her chest. Only paused long enough to let it clear her face. Hands worked to find her bra but only felt the bare skin of her back. Circled around her body to find her nipples. Tweaked them in my fingers before I broke away from her kiss. I sucked a nipple into my mouth. They were much smaller than any I had seen before but my tongue and teeth still had the desired effect on her. She gasped and undulated her hips against my cock.

I gave the other one some attention and got the same response. Her nails dug into my hair and lightly scratched my skill. Her hips rocked on my cock and stimulated it through my sweat pants and her thin pants. I wanted to get them off but I didn’t want to rush things. I released her nipple and kissed her collar bone up to her neck right along her jaw line.

“Hmmm, fuck,” she cooed.

My hands grabbed her ass as I kissed her neck. Felt the soft flesh for the first time without having to pretend I was playing ball. It felt better than I could remember. Felt the soft lines of a tiny thong as I used my hands to guide her movements on my cock.

My fingers hooked the waist band and I started to roll the material down her hips and over her ass. We started kissing again. She had a hunger in her kiss as our tongues fought again. It had been a long time since I kissed anyone like this. My cock strained even more as I continued to taste her cherry lip gloss.

Got her pants down over her ass and down to mid-thigh. She eased her legs around and allowed me to get them down past her knees where I couldn’t reach them anymore. She slipped one leg free with ease and planted her cunny over my cock again. My hands found the supple flesh of her ass cheeks again. They were warm and tight as an 18 year should be. My fingers traced the thin piece of fabric that split her ass. Something about a woman in a thong always got me. Traced her back all the way up to her tits again.

I cupped them and palmed her nipples again. Felt the weight of them as I took them fully in my grasp. She moaned a deep moan into my mouth again as her hips rocked and dug my restrained cock into her warm center. That reminded me of where I wanted to get.

My hands tickled the flesh of her sides all the way down to her hip. I found the triangle of material of her thong on her back and dug my finger under it. I traced it down her crack to her asshole. I didn’t know what her reaction would be if I tried her there so I continued down. Felt the heat as my fingers traced her slit. Dipped my finger into her hole. She was hot and soaked as I pressed into her.

She moaned her approval as I pressed in deeply. My fingers spread her sticky wetness around her lips as she rocked her hips in pleasure.

“You got a rubber,” she panted in my ear. Hot breath sent shivers up my spine.

“What?” I asked. Couldn’t believe she asked me that. And no, I didn’t have a rubber, shit!

“Condom,” she hissed.

“No,” I sighed. I figured it was over.

She pushed her cunny back onto my fingers forcing them deep into her hole again. “What guy doesn’t have a rubber with him?” she asked.

“One who didn’t expect to be messing around with a girl tonight,” I moaned as she kissed me again. “I haven’t carried a rubber with me since high school.”

She giggled and undulated her hips on my fingers. My other hand caught her nipple again.

“Fuck it,” she panted.

She reached for my waist band and started to push it down. I lifted and let her push them down. My jockeys went with them. She got them to my knees and stopped. Sat back on my lap and moaned when she felt my cock press into her cunny. Her little thong keeping me from slipping into her hole. Felt my cock pressing the fabric into her cunny as she gasped.

My hand caught the string and pulled it clear of her center. My dick had the perfect angle and slipped into her cunt as she pressed back. Couldn’t describe the feeling as I entered her. She was tight and wet. Tightest pussy I had been in in a very long time. Sam was tight but she had her beat.

Shit, Sam I thought. She was probably just getting to the house now. Shit, what would I tell her? The sliding of my cock out of her cunt brought me back to the car and Teagan riding me. Sam could wait, this was more important.

“Fuck, you’re big,” she yelped.

“No, you’re just tight.”

“Hmmm,” she growled.

Worked her hips sliding me in and out in a slow fuck. Wetness seeping from her with each stroke. Her body shaking with pleasure as she moaned. My teeth caught her nipple as she sank deep and undulated her hips hard on my cock. The tip pressing hard into her cervix. Cunt gripping my cock like a vise.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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